Britney Gets Her Own ‘Homepage’

I know I said my next blog entry would be about interviewing Cheryl and Kimberley from Girls Aloud, but I’m still finishing off transcribing our chat, so I’ll fill you in on that tomorrow, including my close-up look at Cheryl’s ENORMOUS (and, dare I say it, bad taste) wedding ring.
But first, I wanted to let you know of a new ‘hub’ page I’ve created for Britney Spears. Looking at the amount of content (features, galleries, message boards) I’ve created about her in the last few months, I decided she warranted her very own Britney ‘homepage’, with links to all of MSN’s Britney content. Otherwise, it can be hard to keep up with her latest news, especially in light of recent events. It’s here, and it will be added to each time Britney’s situation changes: MSN’s Britney Special
Hope you like!

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