Amy and Pete’s disturbing new video

Pete Doherty uploaded a video to YouTube last night, showing him and new best friend Amy Winehouse obviously under the influence.

In the bizarre video, Amy, dressed in her trademark bra and shorts, displays a box of newborn mice to the camera. Pete can be heard singing a few lines from songs, before joking that one of the mice looks like Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell after he’s taken a bath.

Amy then manhandles a couple of the tiny rodents while sending a message to her husband in jail: “Blake, please don’t divorce mummy, she loves you ever so.” Her plea follows reports this week that Blake plans to leave the singer once he gets out of jail, unless she gets clean. Mimicking the mouse, Amy says: “I’m only a day old but I know what love is.”

Watch Pete and Amy’s video message

Battle: Who is the most out-of-control celebrity?

Do celeb drug-takers get off too lightly?



70 thoughts on “Amy and Pete’s disturbing new video

  1. I wish someone would help Amy, Pete isnt good for her at all – she has so much talent and he is gonna drag her down even more. Its such a shame.  

  2. oh dear. how sad their little lives must be. i\’m so heartily sick of hearing about, seeing pictures of and watching down and out celebrities. where are the real news stories and the real role models? where are the people who are famous because they\’ve acheived something worthwhile or done something amazing? or indeed the people who have acheived something and want to keep it quiet? why is it only morons who make the front page anymore? the pair of them are pathetic, and i feel incredibly angry at them both for abusing baby mice in such a fashion – i hope none of them died after being handled by a pair of out of control drug addicted alchoholics.

  3. Why is there so much interest in 2 "waste of space" drug addicts, this country is full of them…so what… she can sing, there are plenty of young people that are equally as talented as her and would not abuse the priveleges she has been given.  As for Pete Docherty those baby mice have got more talent in their tails than that idiot has got in his whole drug ridden body.
    Maybe these 2 new best friends  may crawl off and overdose happily somewhere together. 

  4. Nobody is forcing you to read these comments… The only thing that\’s vile and horrid is the way Pete Docherty and Amy Winehouse glamourise drug abuse and make it look "celebrity"… Not good to young, impressionable teenagers, so roll your eyes at that!!

  5.  Thirty years ago there was Sid and Nancy and look what happened to us after them, so its only a matter of time until the media get their wish and the government come out to play on the back end of it, and yet again we all begin to suffer for four of the biggest mistakes that as much as we can see through, we are not allowed to learn from unless its from the voice of some ex-public schoolboy, who doesn\’t understand the difference between reality and mentality.

  6. do we really want our kids watchin/ seeing these two freaks of there heads on coke. no we dont. someone should lock them up n throw away the key. as for pete please someone just shoot the sick w***er, they should of locked him away when they had the chance.

  7. Lou, I think you should teach your kids (and yourself) basic grammar and spelling before you worry about anything else. It\’s people like you that are contributing to declining standards of intelligence in this country. As for Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse, they should stop being treated as news. I really couldn\’t give a rat\’s ass what they\’ve been doing. I only ended up on here because I clicked the wrong link by accident. And the only reason I\’m commenting is because I took offence to your stupidity. Either way, just because you live in your own fluffy world of poorly constructed sentences, it doesn\’t mean you have the right to pass judgement on two people who clearly have problems. If we ignore them, they\’ll go away. Or die. Either is fine by me.

  8. Personally I think that the newspapers and "celebrity magazines" should avoid both Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty.If they ignore them and do not give them the publicity maybe something can be done.She needs help, but you cannot help someone who does not want help or who does not admit they have a problem.I agree with no nameqho posted on the 20th May at 12:53, they  are poor role models for todays young people by making drug taking look glamourousYouTube should take the video down as well

  9. papers are for this u know, an they are both interesting people to look at. U shud never say u wished someone would die that is the single most horrible thing about this whole thing, u must be evil evil. it\’s just a few drugs, if you ask me people who dont take drugs are pussy\’s , in these times, just don\’t overdo them, or , do…if u like, you know, just don\’t anyone be so horrible as to say you wished they would die your really horrible…an so where\’s your music video

  10. I know the papers are all for this, but that is the kind of society we live in… Neither deserve to die, and I agree with you about that. But I do not agree with the rest of your statement at all. Drugs are bad, full stop.

  11. anyways i think ur all just jealous, of their fame, looks, talent and the fact ur too pussy to get f**ked on a wee bit kit an kaboodle yourselves, get a life, get some green ya f**kin\’ losers, an start makin some better music than them yourselves (not difficult) to uplift the cognitive awareness of your kindred fellow human species, time is of the essence!….PS if ur so against celebrity capatalism why not check out my tunes on my brandnew myspace / dischordtunes  , an show some support for an underdog who actually puts time and effort into making music, thankyou,  \’hitme\’…

  12. ha ha i rule the page eh not difficult…. myspace / dischordtunes   ,   oh i\’m waitin to score some weed carrying on like a twat

  13. an anyway, u cant say drugs are bad full stop its like evryone is becoming racist towards drug users now, when will it all end, an drug users dont really get to claim rights cos they made it illegal, and how the fuck does \’lou\’ know theyr on coke, mayby theyre on ketamine or poppers or something… an if this makes drug use look good why arent you out getting drugs, i think uv forgotten to listen to yourself like me, my account number is 08182238 sort code 608918  , my phone banking security number is 277599. thankyou….

  14. ah the sweet taste of spliff blah, ah pete and amy and theyr wee mice, \’n all the idiots so against everything an me talkin to myself again,  if ur so bored y don\’t you go an listen to my tunes, think urself lucky im even putting rthem up… m/dischordtunes

  15. nobody wants 2 listen 2 ur tunes so gona stop goin on about it!! as for amy an pete – they r a match made in heaven – both r a waste o our time, space an effort. so why tok about them an give them the attention that they so clearly want! we shud be more focused on the real things that happen, like the wee girl that died of neglect and the people that helped her to her death by neglectin her, or wots hapenin in jersey – lives lost years ago and just now only bein found….i think amy an pete should get the feck off our screens – he to prison (prob for a day or so!!) an blake to divorce her an she to use all the cash that she has made from us buyin her tunes to get the help she needs – or burger off to an island where nobody knows or cares for her…

  16. anon (19 May 16:08); there are real role models everywhere, talented sportsmen and women, charity ambassadors, real-life heroes, etc. do I really need to start listing their names? It\’s your fault if you don\’t know/haven\’t heard of any, and obviously those who have "acheived something and want to keep it quiet" are.. keeping it quiet!; the last place you\’re going to find them is on the front pages of tabloids. Why blame Pete/Amy for the incompetence of tabloid editors and reporters? Yes, they were handling baby mice, but I didn\’t see any abuse. Otherwise I\’m pretty sure the RSPCA/animal welfare societies would be on their case straightaway.
    no name (19 May 21:46); unfortunately, criticism counts as attention so you\’re complaining about something which you\’re doing yourself. This is exactly why this kind of \’news\’ will always be reported; they know that this type of reaction will be garnered from people like you, and hence create interest/page views/increase sales, etc. Having said that, there has always been a morbid fascination amongst the masses for downfall of "celebrities", much like the popularity of \’car crash TV\’.
    You\’re right though, the country is full of drug addicts, and I see no reason why they are constantly being reported on, but once again I don\’t see why you\’re directing your anger at them for simply uploading a video on youtube, it\’s a free country isn\’t it? And needless to say, you sign off with the ubiquitous and rather tiresome "talentless" quip. I can\’t be bothered to explain the notion of differing taste in genre/music, his songwriting and musicianship with the Libertines, their importance and influence with countless bands today, and reverence from fans and music critics alike worldwide, but all I\’ll say is this; try and think of funnier similes 🙂

  17. Louise (21 May 18:11); "so why tok about them an give them the attention that they so clearly want!" I think you may want to ask yourself that. Anyway, I *really* don\’t think they want/need attention from the type of people posting comments on these articles. In fact, I\’m pretty sure they don\’t want tabloids reporting about themselves whatsoever, like they\’ve repeatedly stated in the past. They can\’t help it if they are being constantly chased by paparazzi and reporters, and "on your screens". If you want to avoid it, the best thing to do is ignore it! By the way, if you look around I think you\’ll find real stories like the ones you mentioned are being reported on too, otherwise how would you have heard about it?

    Lou (21 May 11:31); if you don\’t your kids seeing them then that\’s your problem, tell them not to, it\’s up to you to control your kids. I have a younger brother and sister, and if anything, seeing those kinds of images educates them about the dangers of, and makes them stay away from drugs. As for your parting comment,
    "someone should lock them up n throw away the key. as for pete please someone just shoot the sick w***er, they should of locked him away when they had the chance."
    Unfortunately for you, the police follow this thing called the Law.
    (no name) 20 May 12:53; yes, no one is forcing me to read these, I never said that nor was I complaining about this fact, but merely commenting on the predictabilty of it all; the knee-jerk reactions, the foaming-at-the-mouth, nasty, vile nature of the comments (see above), the nonsencial and at times incoherent ramblings of people blinded by rage from all those tabloids and "news stories" they take as Gospel, each time an article like this is posted. Just like the fact that you think they "glamorise drugs abuse and make it look celebrity".
    Sarah, I agree with most of your sentiments, regarding tabloids and "celebrity newspapers". However, regarding your comment about role models, the way I see it is that they never asked to be, nor wanted to be one in the first place, so why complain/criticise them about that? I\’ve always been of the opinion that parents should teach their kids about role models and who they should look up to, and once they\’re 16-18, they should be able to make their own minds up anyway. If they\’re going to take drugs cos of someone they see in the newspaper, then they clearly have deep-seated issues that need resolving, and should seek mental help anyway. It\’s so easy to blame others or supposed "role models", what about the parents/friends/family who should be looking after them in the first place? They should start taking some responsibility instead of taking the easy route, passing the buck and blaming other people.

  18. I find it really hard to think that alot of you are commenting and slagging Amy and Pete off just for being drug addicts. Both my brother s are heroin addicts and yes it horrible but they are all human beings at the end of the day. You cant tell me that none you smoke or drink (thats just as addictive and kills you in the end just like recreational drugs).
    You have all had a problem in life and nobody is perfect

  19. Nice to read Greg\’s comment (May 21st. 15.13) Absolutely agree that the pathetic standard of grammar and spelling is quite sad in many of these comments. I am also amazed at the level of interest in the sad lives of Amy and Pete. Why not just let them be and hope they will sort themselves out and get back to making good music again?

  20. Completely agree (no name) 22 may 18:26. And vacant-op, I agree with everything you said, except \’I\’m pretty sure they don\’t want tabloids reporting about themselves whatsoever, like they\’ve repeatedly stated in the past.\’    Why would they put a video of them high online if they didn\’t want attention. I don\’t think either of them are completely stupid, they have to know that that will get them a lot of attention in the press. I think they do crave the attention, although they sometimes hate it to, almost like it\’s an addiction, just like the problem that gets them put in newspapers so often.

  21. I\’d just like to point out that everyone writing on here, myself included, clearly wants the same attention as pete and amy do, we obviously just aren\’t as good at getting it.
    Also, most of you need English lessons.
    If you don\’t want to see this kind of thing you don\’t have to, just don\’t follow links to things like this and don\’t buy their music. Simple!

  22. I agree Gembo and (no name) who posted on 22 May 18:26. It\’s funny how there\’s a pattern emerging in terms of the opinions of those with embarrassing levels of grammar and spellings. Not that I mean to be condescendng, but I\’d be ashamed if my 9 year old sister posted in such a manner.
    Tia, the videos were posted for the attention of friends/fans, ie those who are interested in their music/lifestyle/lives in general. It was uploaded to youtube, and no publicity given, nor mentioned by them or their agents. I\’m pretty sure they honestly couldn\’t care less about public opinion/attention, nor even the media\’s, the press hardly need to be notified about their comings and goings now do they? It was only after NME and various other websites posted it that it has received as much attention as it is getting now.

  23. Vacant_op, I suppose you are right, we do live in a society that is obsessed with celebrities. But I still think that they do want attention, even if it is from friends/fans.
    But Gembo, I\’m not sure about your comment. We don\’t all want attention, in fact most of us commenting, leave our opinions because we are opinionated people, wishing to discuss with other opinionated people the topics left up. And isn\’t this a blog, if people see a link, naming a person they have a certain opinion about, aren\’t they, as long as it is not mean, entitled to give it?

    Hey, don\’t worry about spelling and grammer, there is a much more seroius thing going on here! It is not only the mice that are in danger, so is poor Amy and Pete, i wish i could help them!

  25. Damn–Get straight you pair of morons! you two are a train crash waitin to happen-if ya don\’t clean yer act up you\’ll be playin a gig with Elvis and Hendrix.


  27. She sings and looks like a flippin banshee, and he is a complete waste of space. Stop giving them publicity-why dont the people who do good things ever get the headlines? Get these wasters off.

  28. both legends! wudnt u take drugs if just because u have a wee laugh with some baby rats u get persecuted lol i mean for fuk sake 45 comments on this video on this alone wat aload of rubbish

  29. you people crack me up. does anyone here actually know anything about drugs or addictions? drug addiction, like any addiction is a disease and takes years of therapy and teatment to \’sort it\’. fair enough you can say they were stupid enough to start in the 1st place but you don\’t know anything about these peoples history and private lives. you would be surprised at how many people stumble into a life of drugs through no fault of their own. and as for their bizarre behavour, er hello? they\’re on mind altering drugs. they have no idea what they\’re doing and i wouldn\’t be surprised if they didn\’t remember it. im not saying amy and pete are innocent, but just dont judge people on their actions when you know fu*k all about their situation. and dont forget how much power the media have and how well they mould public opinion about people WE DONT KNOW

    Firstly the person who said Amy can\’t sing YOu obviously do not know a great  deal about music if anything at all, and probaly think Girls Aloud are talented ! that says it all. Amy Whinhouse is one of the best thign England has produced in years, it is just so unfortunate that she has so many personal and drug issues. Drugs are not that easy to get of, especially if u have very low self esteem, confidence like Amy. I don\’t why people don\’t just leave her alone, i hope she gets her life together so that we can have another great album. Amy come on now u need to drop that idiot doherty, he is a bad influence. xx

  31. I agree with (no name) 29 May 13:06. We don\’t even know them. I think they need help, and those people who say they wish that Amy and Pete died, well you are just cruel, evil people, and wishing death on someone can be as bad as killing someone yourself!

  32. She\’s awful. It\’s just rich-kid faux jazz, Billie Holiday completely wipes the floor with Winehouse fifty years earlier. Anyone else tired of the current private school rich kid brats trend in British music? Nothing of worth- but money and connections in the industry. And people feeling sorry for her- what the hell? Spoiled rich kid, doesn\’t have to work, she\’s got the opportunity to kick the drugs should she want, she\’s got immunity from the law. Poor girl? Why do people feel sorry for some self-indulgent brat yet would see the "average" drug addict, without the opportunity of rehab and free holidays to wherever she wants to recuperate and all this, thrown in jail? You can say celebrity status has addled her mind, but it\’s her own fault- these people who desperately seek celebrity status at all costs (people on Big Brother, bored rich a la Razorlight getting mother and father to buy them Gibsons) know what they\’re doing. Celebrity is just a goal of the self-obsessed.

  33. I dont know why but something makes me feel sorry for Pete, i dont think he is "a waste of space" but he does need help, same goes for Amy.

  34. I agree with most of you… I don\’t however agree with Nadeen, who seems to be making excuses for Amy\’s disgusting behavier…
    She should get her act together and stop making a foul out of herself…
    A lot of people have hang ups, but don\’t turn to drugs when things don\’t go their way… Grow up Amy!!!!!!

  35. i think that they put in jail for there own good because the way things are heading between the pair of them one is going to a very early grave and how sad would that be?

  36. John, i disagree. I believe that both of them need help, but jail is NOT the answer. Jails are drug addict breeding grounds. You can go into a jail clean as a whistle and come out a desperate addict. I\’ve seen it happen myself. Jails, in my opinion, cause more problems than they solve – it\’s an opportunity for criminals to share tips and tricks on how to become a better criminal – hence the reason that a very large proportion of ex-prisoners reoffend on release. As for Amy and Pete, a good rehab and counselling is what they need.

  37. they are both a waste of space, they have it all but deserve nothing! Why because they don\’t appreciate what they have. What baffles me the most is why are these 2 obnoxious junkies held in such high regard?  IS the public really that brain washed by the media that they think it\’s ok for people to act like this are morals now totally a thing of the past?  Well if these are the role models for this generation god help us all!

  38. I personally am a fan of Amy Winehouse\’s music and I quite liked her.. although on the other hand I\’ve always hated Pete Docherty and thought he was a complete waste of space. I think it\’s a shame that Amy has more or less ruined her life by use of drugs etc and that video clearly shows how out of it they both are. Pete Docherty is way beyond the point of getting help in my opinion as he\’s been like this ever since he became famous.. but Amy wasn\’t always like this and I don\’t think she\’s beyond the point of getting better yet. I think she needs help now, otherwise it\’s never going to happen.

  39. No name at 1306 – To quote you  "you people crack me up. does anyone here actually know anything about drugs or addictions? drug addiction, like any addiction is a disease and takes years of therapy and teatment to \’sort it\’. fair enough you can say they were stupid enough to start in the 1st place but you don\’t know anything about these peoples history and private lives. you would be surprised at how many people stumble into a life of drugs through no fault of their own."
    OF COURSE PEOPLE DONT STUMBLE INTO A LIFE OF DRUGS THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN! Everyone knows their own mind and is capable of saying NO! That is irrespective of where they come from or what role life leads them into.  And YES I do know about drug addiction as my work comes into contact on a daily basis with addicts of all kinds.  I agree it takes years of therapy and treatment to sort it out. These two idiots have the money to pay for it themselves but choose not to carry it through.  I think AMY only went through with her recent treatment so she could try and get a visa for the US.  These people, just because they are famous, should not get treated more leniently that any other drug addict on the street, who would have to serve a fair sentence for doing what these two idiots get away with. They both have a great talent and have just wasted it. Without getting their acts together, the only thing in their futures is an early grave.

  40. These 2 are definitely out of it in this video, I know because 3 years ago i was a drug addict myself, I am now a recovered drug addict!!! I tried numourous times to come off heroine with no success. then 4 and half years after i started i hit rock bottom, I then decided on 30/05/05 i would leave and would come off drugs and that is wat i did, I walked out with only my clothes on my back and some suitcases. I left my flat, my partner, my cicle of friend and the area i lived and have never looked back. In January 2006 i became pregnant with my now 20 month old daughter and i have also got a 5 month old daughter and i have a lovely life with my kids and their dad. I do not take any drugs of any kind, I have a drink once in a blue moon. My kids are wat makes me high, watching them thrive is a constant high. What I am trying to say is that Amy and Pete will not come off drugs or anything else untill they find themselves at rock bottom. No amount of rehab or prision will change them untill they want to really change themselves. There is always reasons behind why you want to get high and until you face your demonds you will always go back to your routine of drugs etc. I went to rehab numourous times and stopped using with the help of subutex but always went back to using then when i actually did stop i didnt take any medication or anything like that, i knew myself enough was enough, i hated myself for wat i had put myself and my family through. DRUGS IS NOT A FRIEND ITS YOUR WORST ENEMY, YOU TURN INTO A TOTALLY DIFFERENT YOU.

  41. I don\’t know about condemning these 2 people – who deserve some common decency because, regardless of how much money, things, talents, friends, etc that they have, they\’re still human beings – but what this discussion underlines for me is how nasty our society is becoming.  I\’m not sure whether it\’s jealousy because people think they would make a better go of things if they had that much money, talent, etc.  Or maybe these people just think they\’re better than them?  Well there but for the grace of God go you.  The American Native tribes have a saying along the lines of "don\’t condemn a man until you\’ve walked a mile in his mocassins".  The same goes for these two.  If you don\’t personally know them and you don\’t know what has brought them to this state, how can you condemn them?  How many of us make the "right choice" every time?  We\’ve all made a few wrong turns, but usually we can get out of them.  Drugs is one wrong turn that is amazingly easy to get into and devastatingly difficult to leave.  You may think "that would never happen to me", but so do most addicts while they\’re getting into it.  I wish people would engage the grey matter before they let loose with the fingers.

  42. as much i hate them as drug addicts, i find them thoroughly entertaining. the videos are clever and always worth watching, they are funny totally surreal. Its a way for them to connect with ordinary people as part of the online community. you wouldn\’t see many other celebs on connecting with viewers. you should be grateful they\’re giving you the time of day. people say really nasty things, he still takes it, i delete most of the nasty comments I receive, pete leaves them on there.

  43. there both a desrace to the music industry pete is a rubbish musition and  should of been locked up the first time he was caught with drugs n not alowwed to just pay the courts off. i have no sympathy for the pair of them they put the drugs in themselfs no one held them down n forced makes me laugh how much there praised by the fans n media for what they do when there just 2 junkies with money.

  44. Where on earth do you find day old baby mice and why? these two are complete wombles and are clearly desperatly in neeed of help. i feel sorry for the mice…………….

  45. Wow, firstly most of you can\’t spell to save your lives!! Secondly you people wishing them dead, that is just plain nasty. Ok they might be waisters for the moment but everyone has potential, People get clean and change their lives everyday, whoever said a leopard never changes its spots was talking rubbish! I agree they get away with far too much it\’s almost as if they have diplomatic immunity, they need to wake up and stop waitsing every opportunity that comes their way, didn\’t pete write some song called \’what a waister\’! Maybe they should both re-read the lyrics to that!!!

  46. Andthey wonder why the amount of people taking drugs have gone up.
    Oh and if your wondering where the mice were from, they found them in Amy\’s hair.

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