Heather Mills’s novel idea

Heather Mills is reportedly writing a novel about a model who marries a rock star… sound familiar? 

The ex-wife of Sir Paul McCartney was banned from writing a tell-all book about life with the Beatle, as part of their divorce settlement, but that hasn’t stopped the charity campaigner from starting work on a novel.

According to reports, Heather is asking publishing houses for £1 million in order to complete the book, which she insists is a work of fiction.

A source close to Mills told the Daily Mail: “Heather has written the treatment for a novel about a model and campaigner who marries the most famous rock star in the world… It’s a rags-to-riches tale taking in her tough childhood, how she struggled to make it as a model and then how this famous rock star met her at an awards ceremony and how they fell in love.

The rock star’s first wife had passed away and his children can never get over that fact, so they gang up against the model, who they see as money-grabbing and an opportunist. The pair start rowing and the fights often end violently. The rock star is painted as a deeply flawed character whose mind has been warped by years of being treated like a god. He finds solace in drinking and smoking cannabis which gives him mood swings.”


100 thoughts on “Heather Mills’s novel idea

  1. This story sounds very much like her life and she has signed legal papers which amount to a gagging order. If I was Paul McCartney i\’d take her straight to a civil court. She wouldn\’t have a leg to stand on and I think she\’d be hopping mad … 🙂

  2. heather mills you refurring to yourself because you really were not a model. you did a couple of nude photo shoots for 40 pound for each shoot. beacause i got paid exactly the same i shared a flat with you in london remember there was six of us. and we worked as full time call girls . some are lead to beleive we were high class thats a joke we together been out on jobs and got paid 50 quid for an hour plus taxi fare. and in the early days we had to work hard for that,remember to keep our clients happy we would have to swallow . it was normal back then. and when we had arab clients my arse hurt and yours was no different my mines babs. do you still have those massive lips that kind of hung after a session. truth always comes out hun

  3. Heather you are a bitter, twisted, snake with tits. Get over your own trauma\’s and stop creating hell for people. I truly hope he sues your sorry ass, and you get what you deserve. Paul brought music, love and happiness to millions of people. What have you done ? Become a campaigner to try and convince people you are actually all good ? How transparent are you.

  4. i dont have time for either macca or mills ,but i dont think she should profit from writing fairy stories i suppose she thinks she is going to be the next jk rowlings

  5. They have re-directed us here instead of the Minogue, story because they know the Minogue one will get lots of hits, and Heather Mills won\’t, I hate Mills and all she stands for not just because it is Paul she is doing down, but look at her smile it is so so false, good on you Chloe well done girl . 

  6. how low can this goldigger go….do us all a favour and go as far away as poss. sick of seeing her face ..sick of hearing her stories sick sick sick ………..

  7. You sick,sick,sick puppy. I will admit though I would for 50 quid…50???? she must have been really cheap and nasty?? No offense Chloe but 50 quid. Oddly enough if you look at the picture it looks like shes trying to get something out of her mouth now..

  8. You would think with all her money she would be able to stop looking like a scrubber from the street….I mean that is a hard face??

  9. minogue story???????????????????????????? i can to look at that..but ive read the story and i say goodluck to her,,any who has only one leg maried a rich bloke and walks away with 20mill plus gets a pat on her back,,end of day you lot fucking love it

  10. They\’re both grotesque. He had the cheek to sell off the rights to the only decent songs he ever wrote to Michael Bloody Jackson, then change the song writing credits to \’McCartney & Lennon\’ after the other one was in the ground.
    They should stick both of them in the LHC next month.

  11. Heather lives about a mile from me and paul about 10 i have heard local tittle tattle about both and paul isnt the saint he is made out to be so what if she was a working girl needs must sometimes good for her that she is a rags to riches woman…..

  12. This woman deserves nothing.She is manipulative and greedy,and Sir Paul is so lucky to be rid of her.Hope no-body spends their hard earned cash on trivia that Heather Mills calls a book!

  13. Well its obvious this woman has not  got over it and needs to get over it fast and get on with her life especially for her daughters sake.

  14. It\’s all about the money… she doesn\’t care for her child as much as she likes to make out. Rewriting a tell-all book as a novel leaves even more room for fiction to creep in, what\’s the point? I didn\’t really care what she was saying with the first dose of whinging in the press… and now a book? Spare us and stfu. Macca might be a twat, but he\’s a rich one, with talent… i\’d probably have resorted to drink and Jamaican woodbines if i had to put up with Heather Mills\’s whining 24/7. If i knew the link was to Mills & Macca bs instead of Kylie, i wouldn\’t have even read it…

  15. the novel a work of fiction, all she is doing is altering it. good luck on trying to sell it. just like adele said: money grabbin sour faced runt! totally in agreement

  16. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!   Chloe\’s comment…….   sooooo funny!!!!!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Absolute class!!!

  17. Has`nt this silly woman already taken enough from Sir. Paul McCartney?  Will she ever grow up,  or will she just carry on
    bleeting as usual.
    The woman is just greedy.

  18. Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors and perhaps Macca is not a Saint. However, Heather really should never have gone so public with her private life. Maybe then she wouldn’t have gotten so much bad publicity and nasty comments (see comments from other people below). She thinks she is one massive sob story but we can all see through it.
    Unfortunately, Heather seems oblivious to all of this and is now writing this so-called fictional story. Too much rings true to her life and Macca should definitely sue her ass.
    writing this so-called fictional story. Too much rings true to her life and Macca should definitely sue her ass.

  19. oh for the love of God! this tramp is unstoppable, she\’s full of so much self importance.  I don\’t think anyone gives a fuck about a gold digging hooker like her.  Sure Macca may not be a saint, but, why did we never hear any of this from Linda in 30 years?
    Oh and Heather…FOAD

  20. not being funny or anything like but how can one woman be so full of shit? whats is it to heather? she\’d just playing the feel sorry for me card and from what i can see, it ain\’t working!

  21. Heather Mills
    Now isnt this weird, Ive just read this in the net and it appears to describe her completely…..pity no one has told her to get psych counselling!
    Psychopaths are social predators who charm, manipulate, and ruthlessly plow their way through life, leaving a broad trail of broken hearts, shattered expectations, and empty wallets. Completely lacking in conscience and in feelings for others, they selfishly take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without the slightest sense of guilt or regret\’.

  22. lol well said Maggie!
    Why did MSN have to disguise this as a story about someone people actually like?
    I hope no publisher is stupid enough to buy this, and that she does indeed get sued for breaking the terms of the divorce settlement, she may claim its fiction and technically yeah, it probably is, chances are about 90% of it is bull****, but its base came from her life. Plus we all know its basically being written to try and pass it off as the truth, just to get sympathy. Newsflash – Its not working!

  23. Disgrace of a woman. What a role model of a mother, Porn Star, Gold Digger, Twisted, and a Slut. She should crwl under whatever hole it was she came from and never return.

  24. The only fiction she lives is in her warped tiny mind. She hasn\’t still learn\’t that the paparazzi can totally tear her to shreds. Go on Heather go and make a complete ass of yourself once again!

  25. This sad tale of a northern trallop and an over indulged, rich,  ageing, but fading pop star highlights the greed of one and the vanity of the other. They deserved each other and got exactly what they deserved.

  26. What the hell does this have to do with Kylie….? If I wanted to read about this woman, I wouldn\’t have clicked on a link supposedly relating to Kylie. WTF?!

  27. Come on, leave her alone! Maybe she is a lieing cow, i dont care what you think, she has had a good career, she has done well for herself, i dont care if you think thats because of her ex-husband, but she did have a job before meeting him so she did have her own money, and i think it is good she is writing a book. i will defo read it, if it does come out! so stop bullying her on here.

  28. god, as if she couldn\’t give Paul any more trouble. she\’s just hungry for attention and it think it\’s so petty that she\’s going to write a novel "based" on her relationship with Paul. does she think we\’re stupid enough to read the summary and not notice that she\’s just writing about herself?
    and of course she\’s going to make Paul look bad. it\’s what women do to their famous ex-husbands. it\’s pathetic.
    (and this is coming from a Beatle fan who likes Paul the least. i like him but not as much as the others.)

  29. what a load of fucking shit. she is just a money grabbing whore. she was engaged to someone else wen she met paul and all of a sudden she dumps that bloke and goes and marries paul, personnally she saw the pound signs.  and she only had that baby to have a hold paul its her daughter bea i feel sorry for haveing a mother like that who cant keep her dirty mouth shut. just shut up heather nobody cares about you you doing this is the only way you can stay in the limelight.

  30. This woman is living in a fantasy world, anything she says, to be frank, shouldn\’t be taken seriously. Macca deserves to be treated well, he has more creativity in his little finger than she does in her entire body.

  31. Who is going to pay her £1million? No one wants to read her book, she won\’t even be writing it herself and no one wants to be associated, surely, with this grubby gold digging tramp.

  32. hahahahahahahahaha…….bloody hilarious….. Fiction should suit that lying greedy witch because she lives in a fictional world……. get real Mills ur a boring Tart and a ugly one at that be happy with your lot and be lucky you got that!!!! Take a look at real people who are genuine and struggling your a joke . Jo Manchester

  33. Will the novel also include some additional fiction such as how the model told lies about her background and ruthlessly set about making herself famous and wealthy by exploiting the people around her?
    I don\’t know anyone who has any time or sympathy for this woman at all. I certainly will not be reading the book.
    Heather, you have had a "result", you have enough money now for the rest of your life, just let it go now. You do yourself no favours with stunts like this, it just makes people think even worse of you than they already do.

  34. no human being would be romotely interested in what heather has to publish, i am not interesred about the seperation with Paul as Paul is big enough to make his own mistakes, but heather has used everyone she has come into contact with and left a trail of distruction.

  35. I WOULD BUY THIS BOOK! If I see it in a charity shop in a years time I would buy it,as I would be doing my bit for charity.(what a nice bloke I am).I would then take it home & wipe my ass with it. (burn the evil witch).

  36. Let her write it, but nobody publish it, and if you do shame on you!…If it ever does hit the sheleves boycott the stores….Get a life Heather you really are a pathetic human being. I\’m sorry for your leg etc, but you have to admitt you took the mickey with Sir Paul, and have had more than enough of your sahre of 15mins of fame. Go and live out your life on his wealth and try and raise your daughter to be like him, or anyone else but you.

  37. can\’t she just start living her life like normal people, all that bitterness will only add wrinkles and age her fast, she has always been jealous of Linda and the fact that everyone liked Linda better than her, you really have to feel sorry for her and pity her. But I think she is a little unstable and sir Mac should think about getting full custdy of his daughter on moral grounds.
    as for myself I dislike her and her kind, no amount of money is enough.

  38.  This woman has got her head so far up her own ass that its a wonder she hasnt suffocated!  It just shows how dull and boring she actually is if she has to write a book on her ex husband. It amazes me that even after the divorce she still evidently cannot fend for herself. i think this book is not even fit to wipe my ass with. if she should make any money from it she should use it to get a head transplant. 1. maybe she will look a tad prettier as her old head looks like that of a doberman
                    2.maybe the replacement will have a brain in it as the old head clearly doesnt

  39. Women like this specimen give us all a bad name….she\’s clearly got mental health issues and a huge gaping wound where any kind of real self esteem should be…..however – attack and bad mouth a national icon like macca lady, and you really are setting yourself up for a lifetime of being reviled and hated by the public. It\’s a bit like watching a kid so provoke it\’s parents that they slap it – any attention better than none is it love?? She should crawl under the nearest rock and consider her daughter in all this for once. She\’s a poisonous, malignant, spiteful and inadequate woman who probably has a personality disorder. She\’ll be in our faces for a long time to come I suspect, but that doesn\’t mean we have to buy the bloody book if it ever comes out. Go take a runnig jump Heather, cos we\’re all on Paul\’s side whichever side of the continent you trail your sorry shabby life and stories around!!

  40. can someone not put a gag over that bitch?
    she got 25 mill for god sake plus whatever else all for what lying on her back for a few years and putting her leg up,
    heather your divorced for crying out loud, GET OVER IT AND LEAVE THE BOY ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Heather is great,I really like her .Why shouldnt she express an opinion ,tell her side of the story? There are two sides to every story ,let her have her say.Dont believe anything you read in the newspaper mentioned .The Daiily Mail is read by people with closed minds.The amount of money Heather Mills got from her divorce settlement was relative to the size of Paul Mcartneys wealth.She was entitled to her settlement.Paul Mcartney was part of one of the best song writing teams ever with John Lennon.I wish people would listen to Paul Mcartney when he says that eating meat ,causes more damage to the environment than anything else He is right! For example the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere as a result of intensve farming ,(cattle for beef for example )exceeds that of all transport combined thats:planes cars ,trains etc.Thats a fact ask Paul Mcartney or Heather Mills if you dont believe me I just hope that both Paul and Heather can now be happy.If any one out there has a lower carbon footprint than Paul or Heather ,please let us hear your comments.

  42. Heather had her chance in court and got called a fantasist by the judge.  She was given 25 million for being married to a man who made all of his money before she was even born!  Pretty good wages for lying on your back for 4 years.  How can she still think she is entitled to even more?
    She needs to very quickly move on and hope that people forget that she even exists.  Of course she won\’t, as the demand for 1 million prepayment for the book shows.

  43. Most of the comments seem to be the usual rubbish from people who dont like Heather Mills ,because they have been brain washed by the tabloid newspapers.Can no one see the funny side of what she is doing?
    May I suggest if you dont like her either dont read her forthcoming book (you would be fool not  to!) or get a copy out of your local Library so it doesnt cost you anything.Mind you if you all read and believe the lies printed in the tabloids about Heather Mills ,I dont suppose you know what a Library is.


  45. Will her book also include the fact she was willing to sign up for the American version of Celebrity Apprentice, providing the fee was big enough and she was gauranteed a place in the final?

  46. Why have you all assumed she is asking for 1 million up front to keep for herself? None of you actually know what she plans to do with the money. It might be for her daughter it might be donated to charity who knows. It\’s a pity you can\’t all save your scathing comments for the truly evil vile characters in this world. If you\’ve got something nasty to say, say it to MEAT EATERS, the prohunt lobby, The Countryside Alliance, Scientists who test on animals, abbattoir workers, cattle sheep and pig farmers, intensively reared chicken farmers, long line fisheries murdering fish, cetaceans and seabirds in their thousands every day, loggers destroying the rainforests, directors of multi national companies, the bank executives who have all gambled with our money and created the credit crunch, President Mugabe, George Bush, Gordon Brown,  the list goes on………………

  47. i thik that if she writes this so called piece of fiction  paul would take her back to court. its bviosly about her and paul.shes mad mad mad

  48. I dont see why she cant call her "story" fiction….its exactly the same as James Frey calling his memoirs "factual".
    I suggest that both books include the clause "based on a true story…"

  49. People who eat meat are vile evil creatures??? I loooooove bacon!! Who the hell do you veggies think you are forcing your views on people. Now Heather Mills is another story. She\’s an evil cow and in obvious need of electro shock therapy. I\’m shocked that someone said that she deserved the payout she got as it was a reflection of Pauls wealth. Erm, Paul made all his money before he met her, so how is she entitled to it. Why does she need £25,000,000 to live on? Some of us manage on £200 a week and we have two legs!!! She only has one so should in reality only need a smaller house and also spend less on heating and food!! lol God I hate that woman so much! Po faced cow!

  50. Who let  Heather Mills add a comment ( No Name 12 SEP 17.42) – Quote
     \’Why have you all assumed she (I) is asking for 1 million up front to keep for herself (MYSELF)? None of you actually know what she (I) plans to do with the money. It might be for her (MY) daughter it might be donated to (MY) charity who knows.
    I think Heather Mills should let it go as bitterness has got the better of her me-thinks!!

  51. After years of thinking she was a money grabber – I now think she was taken to task because she opposed landmines.
    Priness of Wales had the same Press treatment.
    Amy Winehouse has too!.
    All three have supported MAG – The anti-landmine group Charity.
    Here is a kiss Heather x and thanks for having human faults.
    It must be hard fighting a money retainer at all costs!
    Some believe in you – one here whom knew too much about a red haired Welsh politician.
    I believe in you!

  52. The BITCH is in heat again………Wants more money…….So what does that tell everyone????So simple the answer…………A money-grabbing BITCH !!

  53. I do not understand why people are even looking at what this women is saying or bothering about her. She is writing a novel? just put it in the trash. Heather Mills name should be assossiated with someone that is not a model but a slut.I do not want to see her face on my TV ,papers ,or even hear her voice.She is a grabbing opportunist. Just a few month before she got engaged withPaul, she was on Tv. anouncing her engagement with this other guy, that she suposed to be so much in love! What a joke of a women. I do not know what Sir Paul saw on her, maibe she does a good BJ.

  54. heather mills is a sadistic money grabbin,compulsive liar who needs to sit down and think of wat she is doing to her poor little daughter. how many more lie\’s is she gonna say to try and make ppl feel sorry 4 her???

    Hmm – bit of a tricky one. I don\’t really want to pass a comment on her or what she\’s doing – it\’s really nothing to do with the public eye and I don\’t really have an interest inwhat she wants the extra £1 million for … what I don\’t understand is that she\’s (quote) \’asking publishing houses for £1 million in order to complete the book.\’ (unquote) Why???? She probably already has a computer and printer complete with ink, all she needs after that is the determination to sit down and write it, a list of addresses of possible publishers and a hell of a lot of perceverance in case it gets rejected for the first few times. I\’m sorry, but if every writer needed £1 million to complete a book, there wouldn\’t be any books sitting on the shelves. That\’s just a silly excuse to get £1 million.

  56. Sounds like a formula for Mills & Boon! GIve up Heather, concentrate on your daughter instead. Let\’s pray she never pays for your sins. It would  make a good title though,\’My Mother\’s Sins\’!?!

  57. A woman scorned……please save us from yet more egocentric stupid and money-grabbing antics of this poor soul! Although I appreciate she still adds to your and the tabloids koffers, it\’s about time your draw a line and refrain from splashing her all over your news items! Surely, there must be far more interesting and important subjects to report about than HER?!

  58. i watched a programme on heather  mills before she  married paul. she was  interviewed and openly admitted that  she   wantd money and fame. her  previous husband had loads of money adn he  didnt like her  either. after a while  she  cheated on him. These are her  words  nobody elses. she claimed to have been a  model for  vogue… now you have to  be  pretty stupid to make such an announcement , knowing that it could all be  checked out, and it was.. they had never heard of her adn said that   her  portfolio was not to the standard that they would expect…She attended a party with  dignitaries after breast enlargement..nad  proceeded to strip naked to show everybody. she  could  have  shown  teh interested women, descretely in teh powder room but no… a  full on strip for everybody.. not necessary and   so OTT.  She also  claimed that she was not old enought to know who paul or even the  beatles were.. Rubbish .. even my  kids  know  who they were… she even told lies abut her mom n dad. howe  they locked her ina  cupboard and that shed  had to  run away  from their  abuse..they had no idea what she was  talking about when tthey were told. they were a decent family.  If  i had  given birth to  deceiptful lying manipulating attention seeking money grabbing self obsessed bitch like her,, id have s hoved her in a cupboard locked it and  chucked the  key… I  think paul was md not to  have a  pre nup agreement..  the public warned him .. but he didnt listen..shes lucky she got  £20m id have   given her £20 and told her to **** off

  59. Blog mentions she has tits?bought ones I might add….
    She would rather spend money on herself and followers than give all, yes her own words all to charity.She is looking very ugly .Too many ugly thoughts cause this…Lets look at how well Paul is looking since he has been free of her.
    She will only be able to trust Paul .As her followers are there for her money,as she was ,with the Rich Arabs.
    Please Heather think of your daughter……..

  60. I really do wish this woman would disappear! She got money and fame (ok so not quite in the manner she would have liked heh) now go and live on some remote island in the middle of knowhere, so we dont have to listen to your whining any longer! I wouldnt buy that book unless i was extremely cold and in need of fuel! As for them saying its based on her life, I quite agree it is fiction, because like most things that seem to spill from her rather sour looking mouth, its all very much in her head.

  61. I actually hate this haggard old bitter slag, trouble causing, lying, vindictive, mallicious, obnoxious, scheming, nasty self obsessed, paggered old shit whore, I have purposely gone without a newspaper if I see the greasy witches face on the front, I would quite happily burn the bitch, I cant even stand seeing her face and then when I hear the ex prostitute speak it makes me wanna shit! honestly when I think of her it is the only time I can actually condone gang rape!

  62. I actually hate this haggard old bitter slag, trouble causing, lying, vindictive, mallicious, obnoxious, scheming, nasty self obsessed, paggered old shit whore, I have purposely gone without a newspaper if I see the greasy witches face on the front, I would quite happily burn the bitch, I cant even stand seeing her face and then when I hear the ex prostitute speak it makes me wanna shit! honestly when I think of her it is the only time I can actually condone gang rape!

  63. Oooh I hope there\’s a chapter in which the models leg falls off during a dance competition..
    Now that would be good reading!
    Are all these people who have (no name) as there title Heather Mills?
    Only she could write positive things about herself!!


  65. As an avid Beatles fan since the 60s I watched Heather Mills interview when she broke down and was a bit confused with the comments she was making. The same evening on the news, yet another interview but when she broke down on exactly the same word it all seeemed a bit fishy and rehearsed. Perhaps someone should nominate her for a best actress award!!

  66. I hate this woman so much hasn\’t her old PR just come out and said heather made her tell lies about Paul?she wants £1 mil for the book…more money grabbing here on top of the £25mil she got off Paul…if anyone thinks that she deserved any of that they are mistaken. Any money from Paul should go to their daughter never to heather and am sure Paul can buy his daughter anything she needs for the rest of her life. I hope she doesn\’t take after her mother. Do a heather mills image search and just take a look….it screams out attention seeking money grabbing slut.  If she can live with TOTAL FICTION like that book in her head maybe she actually thinks we all love her so maybe we should all ignore her like someone said

  67. She is hideously ugly – what\’s with that crazed crooked mouth? – what was Paul thinking? – OK so I haven\’t got a lot of time for him, but surely he could have done better than this one-legged mutant – Serves him right I guess – he was gonna get screwed whoever he married – he might aswell have made it someone pretty!!!

  68. Oh my god!! When will this low life media hungry attention seeking gold digger fade away into obscurity? Just looking at it gives me the shivers!!!

  69. I wish she would clear off, i\’m sick of reading about her and who would really want to buy a book to line her pockets with even more cash? She is a nobody who married a popstar to get fame and money.

  70. Mills & Boon would be an understatement really – why do we need more of this, her, shit? I hope that stupid old Macca is gonna sue her over this \’novel\’, it\’s just too obvious what it\’s about. Or that no one\’s gonna print it in the first place. There should be a law against wrapping a slumming biography into a respectable \’novel\’ form with only changed names etc., after she agreed not to chart her loser life that way – sad Heather, sad.

  71. novel about a model who marries a rock star… sound familiar?  Heather Mills You mesn she sor a good hing and jumpet on it.She was a monye graber then still is She should be put downa peg or 2 .It was the best thing that paul did when he divorest her.

  72. dont know why everyone is having a go at heather mills for, she needs as much money as she can get, treating the woodworm on her wooden leg costs a bloody fortune nowadays dont you know, although i never thought a cockroach could have a wooden leg.
    have a nice day heather, clip clop,clip clop.
                                                                        regards Tony.

  73. Hey tony – good one !!!
    I remember reading in the divorce proceedings how Paul had assaulted her – shit, assault her???? – that grimace coupled with those big mad teeth would scare a grizzly bear off from 400 yards – I also read that she said he was getting annoyed with her pissing in a bed pan because she didn\’t want to attached her peg-leg to walk to the shitter in the night – his daughter Stella (what a name – makes you want a drink!!!) said that\’s bullshit, she didn\’t need her woody as she had seen her, and I quote, "Hopping around like a f*cking gazelle" around the house.
    Quite why Sir Paul decided to marry this mutation is beyond me. I wouldn\’t say I "LOVE" people with disabilities, as this would imply that I\’m biased towards them – I just think everyone deserves an equal chance in life, and rewards should be given on merit.
    Let\’s not forget this former \’high class\’ (LOL as if!!!) hooker was interested in nothing else but shagging arabs before a cop on a bike crashed into her (nobody mentions the teeth marks left in the poor copper\’s crash helmet !!!) – anyway, as I was saying, it\’s only after she stumbled across the road pissed leaving a "client\’s" hotel room and got her leg hacked off that she started with her \’charity\’ work – she suddenly realised that there weren\’t too many clients fancied \’stumpie\’ any more.
    So what next for a shameless self-publicist? she made up her own Walter Mitty life story, that Paul McCartney fell for (despite his kids telling him she was a complete slag) – but after a life of debauchery matched only by this Mills mutant, maybe Paul\’s mind wasn\’t on the game.
    The rest is history – and we need say nothing else – apart from to point out to the whingers and sympathisers, her words at the press conference after the wedding "We love and trust eachother, it\’s pure love – we don\’t feel there is any need for a prenuptial contract" – LOL – from the horses mouth (horse – yes – she makes Camilla look pretty – this Mills thing could be in the next Bond movie biting through steel cables LOL !!!!)
    And the crooked smile – sorry to keep getting back to it – but what\’s with the crooked grimace ? – Elvis perfected it, Billy Idol used it, but it\’s no good for a one-legged ugly ex-hooker with teeth like Ken Dodd trying it – anybody agree with me ?
    Anyways, Paul has enough money, and he\’s big and ugly enough to sort his own problems – I just don\’t like hop-a-long cassidy at ALL !!!

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