Guy and Madge to celebrate in the UK

The Daily Mail reported this Sunday that Madonna, Guy Ritchie, and family will be celebrating the Christmas holiday in the UK.

The recently-divorced couple has called a yuletide truce, a source told the Mail, "Madonna and Guy want the best for the kids and so she has decided to come over to the UK so they can be with their father."

Initially Madonna wanted Rocco and David, who she and Guy have joint custody of, to spend Christmas with her and daughter Lourdes in New York.

The Material Girl will jet in on the 23rd so the not-so-happy family can celebrate at Guy’s Ashcombe House. The Mail’s source reveals that the Christmas meal will cater to Madonna’s organic and fish-only diet and that the diva will fit in her customary daily workout on the 25th.


18 thoughts on “Guy and Madge to celebrate in the UK

  1. it\’ll be nice for the kids to have their family around at time like this, and celebate the new year, i wish them all the best.

  2. I love Madonna as talented entertainer. However ther are things about her i dont like, eg. she knows she strong, and talented and ambitous and so it goes on, Hey lady! wake up your only human like the rest of us m8. Try and get some true happiness! happy xmas.x

  3. My heart goes out to these guys. So what, their marriage did not work for them, they love their children and that\’s all that matters here

  4. come on be real,madge used guy to try to get into acting (which sadly she cant do for nuts) warren beaty wwas another sean penn another,when it didnt happen for her in usa she thought she\’d try over here,he did a couple of films for her (flopped) nearly ruined him.and i personally do not think she is capable of falling in love! she will use any one to get what she wants thats how she got where she is today,and good luck to her but she will never be an actress,but she is damned good at what she\’s been doing for decades.has long as the kids are happy thats what counts. merry xmas all xxxxxxxxxx

  5. I\’m erespecting the couple more day by day, they are definately showing the world just how couples should go through a divorce when it happens, one thing theyve got to remember is, they\’ve had their childhood, please dont ruin their kids happiness by selfish ness and petty arguments if they have any they should keep them out of earshot. john paul.

  6. Madge is a big girl & Guy\’s done ok from all the publicity boosting his flagging \’career\'(& his bank balance!) but it\’s the kids I feel sorry for-they didn\’t ask to be dragged into their parents\’ fight or the media feeding-frenzy/circus that inevitably ensued.

  7. If they wasnt happy together then its for he best they parted,after all the kids wont want for anything, they are lucky to have rich loving parents, and you only live once and if you are not happy get out, the kids will be a lot happier with happy parents.

  8. Why on earth did they adopt a child when they knew they were going to divorce. Now they have dragged this child into their messed up lives.

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