Man lunges for Diana Vickers at gig

X Factor’s Diana Vickers was involved in controversy on Friday night as a brawl broke out on stage during her performance of Take That’s Patience at a gig in Salisbury.

The singer was caught up in the melee as security wrestled a member of the audience away from the 17-year-old as he tried to put his arm round her.

Diana, obviously flustered by the event, was taken off stage until the furore had subsided, but was subject to boos by some heartless members of the crowd.

However, the reality TV star returned to continue her gig five minutes later.

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93 thoughts on “Man lunges for Diana Vickers at gig

  1. is it just me or does she look like an alien in tht picture:Pwhen i read this i nearly wet myselfi hate her, her voice and that stupid hand thing she does when singinggod bless the attacker :D:D:D

  2. Her voice annoys me but It doesn\’t mean to say that she should of had that happen to her. The attacker was a violent person who had a heartless way at the gig! 😦 Poor Diana!

  3. Are people just jealous or what? Why can\’t she just get on with her life and be left alone? If you don\’t like her fine but it is unfair to condone that sort of behaviour towards her! Let her be?

  4. the right record with the right producer and team behind her i think everyon will b amazed at her versatilaty . GO GO GO VICKER

  5. God Bless the attacker? I cant stand Diana\’s talent whatsoever, but being jovial over something like this is a bit sick.

  6. What is the matter with people ? Man lunges for Diana Vickers ? So who is this Diana Vickers exactly ?Was it editorial error and should read " Man Lunches for Diana Vickers"?

  7. I was there. It isn\’t as vicious as was made out and the boos weren\’t really for her more the bloke. There is a video of it on you tube and you will see the media has made a mountain out of a mole hill. I understand why she would be shaken up and would go off for 5 mins but it has been blown out of proportion!!!!!

  8. "…but was subject to boos by some heartless members of the crowd." LMAO! he tried to put his arm around her, jesus christ, it\’s hardly fucking auschwitz. get over it.are you honestly paid for this? telling silly little stories about some girl know one cares about?why dont you get off your arse, go to Iraq, and do some real fucking journalism.Love from Alex.

  9. diana you will meet idiots like him from time to time just laugh at them they are just the pits so you enjoy yourself and be happy

  10. Diana is very talented,some people leave very angry comments which is unfair! leave the girl alone and let her live her dream,theres no reason why she shouldn\’t be able to do what makes her happy.

  11. oh diana ,nice to be loved by the men eh. dont be scared ,your in good hands with the bouncers to protect you hun.. i loved your performances on the x factor. hope you go a long way in your singing career. all the best. from diane x

  12. as 2 the coward who could,nt even give there name 1 hour ago, at least she ha the guts 2 go x factor, who r u 2 say she has got no talent u moron

  13. Oh please I thought we\’d hopefully heard the last of her. She ruined some of the music I really love and I can\’t hear Patience without hearing her grating awful version. Try writing about people worth a mention, there\’s more going on in the world than Diana Vickers.


  15. Who\’s these bitch\’s coming along and trying to go all defensive for the girl; she\’s bollocks! I know what that guy/girl means that wrote 4 hours ago; she has ruined some good songs. And correction to Kelly F she\’s TRYING to make something of herself, not doing a very good job of it (nice OK magazine article by the way) haha. Not everyone has to be jealous to realise that she has no talent; and WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU LOT TO SAY OTHERWISE.

  16. Oh come on. Some bloke gets on a stage for a laugh and trys to out his arm round her and the press are calling it a brawl. The bouncers mearly pinned him to the ground.Personally the girl is irritating beyond all recognition and if she wants to do "PA\’s" at a two bit club like the Chapel she has to be prepared to have this sort of stuff happen!What did she think he was going to do.Get a grip.

  17. Hardly what you would call a malicous lunge is it? some guy tryin to show off! I think the reason she got all flustered is because of the 6 big security blokes who suddenly come diving onto the stage nearly taking the poor lass out! All a big reaction over nothing, he would of got up, had his pic taken by his mates then jumped into the crowd! Hows she got into a club anyway, shes only 17! Thats the big story here, underage drinking!!!

  18. In law, if you go on to the stage and touch the preformer in any way, it considered by courts as an assault.The man had his arm round diana and was holding her by the waist.When the bouncers to the left grabed the man and pulled him away, he did not let go of diana and pulled her backwards, and she was on her way to the floor when the bouncer to the right managed to stop her falling backwards and pulled her back up.Diana was upset and shaken, and may be bruised at the waist due to the violent pull that she received, or could easily have been badly hurt if she had hit the floor.the mans action of coming on to the stage spoiled the night for the other fans, as Diana had been due to do autograph signing after the songs were finnished, and this was cancelled as Diana was still shaken.It only takes one fan to spoil it for the rest. The booing was for the bouncers for taking Diana off, and it quitened once they were asked to give her 5 minutes to compose herself.

  19. What is a girl of 17 doing gigs in clubs for anyway, she\’s too young for this surely? She\’s going to get eaten alive, her record company should be more sensible

  20. omg hu cares bout Vickers gettin a little scaredder r kids dyin outder in places lyk palestine nw dey av real reason 2 be scaredy dont da english media do summat good 4 once n giv us sum real news unless she ws physcally abused up on dat stage, n i mean propr nt a lil bruise 4 flin on her \’bum\’ hu seriously cares,shes probably opend da paper n realised ow stupid shes bn beein scared of a thotless idiot lyk da guy wud do shit 2 er wid wot haf da club watchin!!!!!!!

  21. Yeah you\’re right? Why does anyone care? She went to my school and she was a bully and two people had to move scholl cos of her. She has no talent and yet is full of herself. I know so many people at my school who wish she was just dissappear, she\’s ruined lives

  22. You seem to be full of envy honeybunz.Any one can post what you have posted because you do not have to prove it.You need to get over the fact that you are jelous.And anyway i believe you do not come from that area, and you are just a troll trying to stir up trouble.

  23. No Name: "and WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU LOT TO SAY OTHERWISE" – We\’re just nobodies but when you get Simon Cowell complimenting your voice then obviously you\’re in the wrong as you obviously don\’t know as much as Simon & she also came 4th on the show therefore more people like her than dislike her?insert_whatever: "Hows she got into a club anyway, shes only 17! Thats the big story here, underage drinking!!!" – just because she is in a club doesn\’t mean she\’s drinking? Grow up and stop trying to write a lot of negative crap.Also, nice try Honeybunz but we\’re not stupid. Like No Name said anyone can post what you said. Even people who dislike Diana don\’t believe that.Now, if you don\’t like Diana why even click the link? I dislike Alexandra Burke. Do I go on YouTube and start leavin\’ her pathetic comments etc? No… Y\’all need to grow up… & fast.

  24. Billy – RE: "and WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU LOT TO SAY OTHERWISE"Simon said the same for everyone he can make money off; clearly she was one of the most disliked, but she also had a lot of fans (surprisingly) and because it is to vote who you want to keep, none of her critics could vote her off.

  25. aww I think she was good i liked her voice because it was unique, at the end of the day she may have had her 15 minutes but naturally everyone wants to be successful so if she wants to make something of herself by pushing herself then why not, you and I would. Least she\’s not stepping on anyones toes due to there being nobody who sounds the same!

  26. for gods sake, it was one guy puttin his arm around her. why the hell was she "shaken"?if she cant deal with something like that she shouldnt be performing in clubs. nuff said.

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