Jack’s curfew to be lifted for Jade

It looks like Jade Goody will have her husband by her side as her condition worsens, with reports stating that the Ministry of Justice plans to relax Jack Tweed’s curfew as his terminally ill wife edges closer to death.

The Sun quotes a source at the department as saying that they plan to temporarily suspend Jack’s curfew so he can spend the evenings at Jade’s bedside. Under court orders, he must return to his mother’s house, a 20 minute drive from Jade’s Essex home, at 7pm each day.

“There is no question of removing the tag indefinitely now and dropping the curfew conditions,” the source told The Sun. “But we are planning for the eventuality of Jade’s death. When we have medical evidence this is imminent the tag will be removed – but only for a very limited period.”

Jack Straw stepped in to lift Jack’s curfew on their wedding night. The 21-year-old was released from jail in January after serving nearly five months of an 18-month sentence for assaulting a teenager with a golf club.

Jade has paid tribute to fellow cancer suffered Wendy Richard, who died on February 26. "I met Wendy in hospital and she was brilliant to me. She told me to keep fighting and make the most of my life. She was a lovely lady."

Jade’s legacy
Wendy Richards tribute

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100 thoughts on “Jack’s curfew to be lifted for Jade

  1. No it\’s MY interpretation,My opinion on his comment…he has told us (More than once) we are allowed our opinions! Never mind, I find laughing at the poor soul better than lowering to his EXTREMLY low level!

  2. pippa, gary, you to should be on a sitcom!! your comments to each other make me laugh so much, just what i need on a dreary monday morning 🙂 hey angel + donna x

  3. lol! End of month (accounts) all done yes! And plenty of fun at the weekend too! Nothing crude just time off and a relax! Your accountant all done too??

  4. lol its nice to see people in a good mood on a monday!! just to spice things up, did you here jade yest, someone was standing over her in the hosp with a hammer!!!

  5. Lol yea seen it this morning! Scary! Do they know who it was… im thinking it was a repair man! Or maybe jack was sllep DIY\’in

  6. hahaha yeah maybe he was lol, it just said some woman, goodness knows who, but they where relased without charge so it cant have been to serious

  7. Apparently the christening is her last public appearence, so maybe that will please some people. I personally think its a good idea for her to retire from the lime light before the end. She could then enjoy time with her sons.Maybe the crazy lady with the hammer could blog on here….but Im thinkin it was really stevan in drag!

  8. Angel…..you destroy your own argument.I had a hard childhood. I suffered abuse. I vowed to make my childrens life better than mine….what parent doesn\’t? All hail Jade? I dont think so.Anyway…how much does a decent education cost and, as I said in a previous post, what will they have to strive for if it is all given to them on a plate? All it does is perpetuate the Goody myth….you dont need brains to be a success in life. How discouraging.Would anybody want to bet me that, in later life, her children make the papres for all the wrong reasons? Haven\’t we seen it all before?

  9. PS…I wasn\’t being sexist….read Pippa\’s subsequent comment.Pips? Yeah…my accountant already counted my beans. All present and correct! Please dont tell me that the "nothing crude" comment related to anything of a sexual nature. Since when has sex ever been crude? I thought you had a liberated outlook. A finer way to have some fun, I cant think of.

  10. lol pippa that is a thought!! gary i think what angel was getting at was that jade had a bad childhood, now this does not excuse some of her actions as an adult, but it may be why she is doing all she can at the minute to make sure they have a safe and secure childhood, although it will still be a tough one without their mum around…..

  11. Gary, glad to hear your month is all in order! lol! And I agree, no finer way but I was simply relaxing and getting some well earned rest.

  12. Gary, vous avez raison… People keep bleating on about her "little boys" yet we overlook who their mother is, their grandmother and now their stepfather. They could well grow up into young men with hundreds of thousands in the bank and the same selfish outlook on life as anyone who inherited money and never had to earn it.My friend Jess lent me a copy of reveal to read on the train home from Nottingham and there was an article written by a girl who was on that Airline programme and had a brush with cancer herself. It was a letter to Jade Goody and how much she sympathised and felt for her, etc, etc. At the foot of the page was the disclaimer "[the author\’s] fee was donated to little Bobby and Freddy".I thought "WHAT?". Don\’t they have enough already? Why not to charity? A CANCER charity?What\’s this obsession with raising a huge fortune for these boys? God forbid they should have to get regular jobs when they grow up or, shock horror, live like the rest of us instead of having the rag-mags and living channel pad their bums with tons of money given to them for simply existing. I don\’t think I\’m being harsh in saying this, but mummy was their meal-ticket. Given the circumstances and who\’s left to raise them, lavishing them with piles of cash could only be to their detriment, surely?

  13. I am not deluded and how on earth am i bringing society down by being a fan of someone??? I think you will find she was slated after the racist stuff and was getting death threats!! I still dont see how we would know if others get the same treatment that Jack got, we only that Jack got this treatment because of who he was marrying! There is nothing lacking in my life i just feel that all the horrible remarks about her are terrible. At the end of the day she is a young mum dying there are loads of them all over the world but people dont think of these people cause they are not \’celebs\’ im not saying this is right but unfortuntly that is how it goes. Max Clifford keeps saying things to the media its not Jade anymore. The only interviews she did was in ok bout her wedding like she would have done even if she didnt have cancer. Fair enough she might not have got as much money for it but ok still would have wanted the pic\’s.

  14. Che…. you can be honest, you queued for 30 mins in WH Smiths for your copy of \’Reveal\’ didn\’t you?! It\’s ok to be honest Che. We wont think any less of you. Only jokin! I agree that this whole thing is beginning to breed two people who will either live off this forever or end up well and truely off the rails. I do belevie that the money would be better off in a charity, to benfit future cancer victims and maybe help towards finding a cure. Its all good securing your children\’s future but I for one feel sad that no \’normal\’ person will benefit from this whole thing. The number of people who have checks for cancer may rise but the treatment remains the same …. not much to feel happy about. Sorry if it seems harsh but I am beginnig to feel like, this is not doing any good for anyone but herself and she should leave it all die down. It may be seen as selfish, but I did feel posotive about all this publicity before, thinking that me or anyone close to me (hopefully not) ever have this type of illness, maybe jades death would have stood with that of other people who have used their last weeks/months to ensure better facilities are in place for anyone in the future. If this had never been done, we wouldnt have so many survivours today. I just think maybe Jade should do her bit for the rest of the world, as they are the ones buying into all the hype and lining the pockets of her children ( not saying they don\’t deserve ANYTHING) I just think It would be more decent to her memory if she joined the war against cancer as a whole, not just her case. I find it strange that recent people in my area that have lost their lives to cancer, have used their time to raise money for the next average joe who falls victim. You would think someone with such a high profile, and the chance to make a little difference would jump at the chance.Say what you like but thats the sad reality in my eyes.

  15. is it not endy richards funeral today guys!!or am i still under the weather…i see gary actually has a nice side&even stevan has not been his usual self towards pippa!! well done guys,theres no point everybody at each others throats,the chrisening is over,i think its tome for jade to be with her nearest&dearest now.

  16. I personally that if i were to be in this position i would only be worrying about my son! maybe that is selfish but if my son has to grow up without his mum i would hope that making as much money as i could you be some comfort to myself in my last days. Maybe im wrong or people wont agree thats fine its just howi feel. If i was told i only had weeks to live i would do anything to make sure i left as much money as possible to my son. Looking at it this way, if something were to happen to me my mum and dad would look after my son, and if by leaving money for him it would seem as if i am still paying for everything he needs even though im not here. Hope you understand what im trying to say lol

  17. Donna, I do understand completely, but I feel that both could be done and I would like to (if I was in that postion) think that I had done my bit to help anyone in the future. Im not saying all her money should go to it, but just enough so her children know that mummy cared about them and their future. Say fr instance one of her children, or their chldren (so on) fell victim to cancer, some of the money being made could help towards insuring they had the best treatment available, and that maybe in the future if more people try their best to fund the research, we may find a more sucessfull solution and cut the death rate. I understand Donna, im just looking at the other side. either way is not selfish just realistic.

  18. I understand i think that with this situation i tend to look at it as a young mum to a young child the same as Jade. I can see what your saying and who knows when the children are a bit older they may decide to put money to the cancer charities or do charity work like prince william and harry do to honour their mums death. I just tend to see it as a mum and not from the other side as you just said about but i do understand what you are saying.

  19. Donna. Please dont be naieve. Are you sure you want the world to know that you are a fan? I have to say, I think you are in the wrong blog. Why are you a fan? Forget the cancer…why do you think she is so fantastic? And then, you come all this way just to say that "she is a young mum dying". WE ALL KNOW THAT! Its a bit of a pathetic reason for joining the freak show, isn\’t it?Che doesn\’t buy those magazines. He has a friend and "happens" to read them. Sorry mate but it does look a bit odd how you manage to read all of this stuff. Otherwise, I agree totally with what you write.Oh Pippa. I\’m falling for you, big time. You are coming over to the "Dark Side". In recoignition, I am prepared to meet you halfway (watch the fireworks guys) and say that those boys\’ biggest struggle is living without their mother. That is sad. I hope they have someone who will give them spiritual guidance through the rest of their lives. Money wont do it. I know from my own experience that money does not buy the best education – their fate may already be sealed by virtue of the fact that they spent their formative years with a thicko mother – but the support of a solid guardian is far more important.Would you do anything for the money Donna ? You are right and I know it sounds superior, but if bury your face and worship minor celebrity as you obviously do, it seems obvious that you will think more about having a few quid in the bank for your kids than worry about the kind of persion that will bring them up when you are gone. Its so CHAVVY! Why cant you simply be content that you have already given your children the best start in life…..or is that what worries you?

  20. when did i say she was fantastic? when did i say i worship her? you seem to think that i stalk her or something! come all this way?? i only sat at my computer lol yes i am a fan of hers have been since she first went into big brother i though she was funny and down to earth i mean come on she stripped down and it wasnt like she was a size 8. Angel i agree not sure Jeff is the right person to look after them but he is their dad so hopefully he will do a good job!

  21. Considering what my son has gone through the last 4 years i know for CERTAIN that i have given him the best start, as i already said my mum and dad would bring my son up if something happened to me so surely that shows i have already thought about who would bring my son up!!!! Also having brought my son up on next to nothing anyway i would find some comfort in knowing that my son will have a comfortable upbringing, also that i can help him buy his first car or putting money towards a house like i would do if i was still here. So i can not see a problem with that!

  22. What a lot to trawl through! Poor Angel having to read all Gary\’s flirting with Pippa. If you also have the capacity to spread it around, you must have tons of energy for a man of your age! Lucky wife……..So nice to enter a blog which allows people to have an opinion, have people agree or disagree without the abuse to go with it.I would rather see Jeff have the children, he is their narural father, and I think they Would cramp Tweeds\’ style. Mind you, I heard Jade had asked him not to date for a year or people will think badly of him!!!! Hopefully he will still be in jail.Also A thought for Wendy Richards, her funeral WAS today, and she had a biodegradable coffin.

  23. You are digging a bigger hole for yourself Donna. You seem very caught up in the Jade Goody publicity machine.YOU used the word "fan" (short for fanatic = excessively enthusiastic) not me. I think you are weird but not a stalker."i mean come on she stripped down and it wasnt like she was a size 8". Has that been the highlight of her TV career? All you are doing is reinforcing my argument. What is worse is that you think she is such a wonderful person just for being down to earth and getting her tits out. Sounds to me like she is a spoilt attention seeker. I see you haven\’t mentioned her subsequent BB appearance or maybe you agreed with her sentiments? Maybe there are too many Asians in our country, taking all our jobs and getting all our benefits……. Lets be frank here…..their father could be no worse a role model for those boys than she is. One thing that annoys me about this blog is the assumption that she is the only parent capable of bringing those boys up in a loving environment. No offence, ladies….I know some of you are single parents and I\’m sure you would have us believe that you do just as good a job without the father but the reality is different. Children need both of their parents and failing that, I dont see why the mother should be any better than the father. If you dont believe me, then look at what the experts say as being one of the root causes of black on black violence in this country. People like JK Rowling anger me. She may well have brought her children up alone and to be good citizens but there are thousands of single mothers who find it a lot more difficult.Angel…I said "All Hail Jade". Done panic…you didn\’t miss anything. At the end of the day, Goody has done no more than any one of us would do for our children in her position. So where is the big deal about her? It is people like Donna who view her as some kind of martyr for doing what should come naturally. Donna…I wont comment about your situation but I know single parents and families on low incomes. It isn\’t for me to dictate how they spend what income they have but I know a good few who complain about their lack of income whilst propping up the bar, smoking a cigarette, the family around them wearing the latest fashions and accesories, boasting about their latest flat screen, 56 inch high definition TV or their childrens PS3, Wii or X-box (one each to stop the fighting) whilst their children eat bread and jam for tea. That is the society we live in….all take and no give. That is the society that treats Jade Goody as celebrity.

  24. I think you\’ll find her body was biodegradable too!I haven\’t been flirting with Pippa…..flirting suggests subtlety! lol Oh…and I\’ll say it again. You all know nothing about me because the details on my profile are incorrect. I dont know how those details got there or maybe I was advised not to use personal information so put anything down.BTW…to whom it may concern (I\’ll keep your names a secret) but I have replied to your invitations. What happens next?

  25. Maybe you\’re older than you said then Gary, and subtlety is not your strong point I have to admit, maybe you are just a letch 🙂

  26. I\’m still here. I dont watch soaps.In my dreams, Angel? I was hoping for something with a little more substance.Yes, Diane…that is it. I am, indeed, a letch. And who wouldn\’t be surrounded by all of these beautiful women?What was Wendy Richards coffin made from? She puts Goody to shame on a major scale, dont you think? Dont you feel bad having discussed that no mark for all this time?

  27. OK. Maybe a little excessive. One can have a pine coffin made from wood from renewable sources. Pine is a comparatively fast growing tree.Only legal substance? Dont you like to play on the edge a bit? How much substance are we talking about here?

  28. Angel, There are many substances within the confines of the law with a little more substance, I wonder what Gary was talking about, unless it was a little risque!

  29. You do make me laugh Gary what hole am i exactly digging??? I am just saying my opinion, to quote Stevan free speech and all that! I only used that comment about Jade as an example of how she is down to earth, if i remember rightly i felt sick at the time! Jade became \’famous\’ for who she is people brought the mag\’s and papers so the media kept putting her in them so that people would keep buying and the same thing is happening now and i fear it will keep happening for a while yet! So what if Jade encouraged the media, i would assume you would only go on something like bb to get their 15minutes of fame. Also i dont actually believe Jade was racist to a degree on cbb i think she was uneducated, If Jade was a racist surely Jermaine Jackson\’s comment about Jade being \’white trash\’ is also being racist, yet we dont hear about that day in day out! Also yes i think there is too many \’visitors\’ in our country atm there is not enough jobs or council houses for the british people let alone anyone else that comes here, espec when they come here and say they will work for a pound an hour, no wonder our country is in such a mess and the employment rate in going down! You only have to read the papers to see how much trouble the country is in! What exactly has Jade done to those boys that makes their father better to bring them up??? All she has ever done is love both of those boys. There rant over lol

  30. Gary… I think at last we have found peace. It is true that money cannot buy you happiness and in fact it is said to be the root of all evil. I agree I would want to leave my kids some security, but Jeff hasnt really funded anything, he should be the one replacing their cash flow. Like it or not, Jade did make a lot of money (all based on \’reality\’ style shows) ie: her life show, her \’opening a beauty shop\’ show etc. but we must understand that it would mean more to her kids to actually secure their future rather than through money at it. I agree donna… you would leave money for all the things you would pay for if you were alive, but money will not stop them crashing and burning at the end of it if they have no stability.

  31. Donna…you are beginning to sound a bit like Jade. Go on love…get it off your chest but not here, OK? I personally do not want to hear your views on how many people come to this country. Go somewhere else.I think Jermaines comments are just as bad but I didn\’t see him on the TV crying "I\’m not a racist" and I haven\’t seen him on the TV since (I didn\’t see him then, either) whereas I have had my fill of that fat-lipped ugly fizzog of Goody\’s!And why do you talk in the third person about "people brought the mag\’s and papers so the media kept putting her in them so that people would keep buying"? Are you disowning Jade now? YOU bought the papers. YOU bought the magazines and YOU watch her on TV so it is YOU we all have to blame for her high profile! Pippa…..I always wanted peace with you (or a piece of?) but you have to know what it is like to dislike a person before you can truly love them…….. 😉

  32. Very true Gary, we now know both sides! You don\’t seem your normal relaxed, humour filled self\\! Anything wrong???

  33. I\’m back at work today and have an inbox full of unanswered e-mail which is appalling when you consider that I access my e-mail from home and have a Blackberry. Why cant people just leave me alone for a few days?I could tell Donna was a bit anti immigrant. It would be good to think she wont be back on here but the problem with people like her is that they are very thick skinned. They never consider that they might be the drain on society. It all about what THEY think THEY are entitled to.So…where to now, Pippa? What is dirty talk for someone who works in finance? "Balance sheet"? Are you getting warm, baby? "Government securities"? Squirming yet? "Interest rates"? Puuuurrrrrrrrrrr. "Accruals"? Yes, yes, yeeeesssssss!!!!!!!

  34. THICK SKINNED???? Just shows you really dont know me. The reason i said it how i did is because i am not the only one who brought all the mags somehow i dont think the media would keep putting Jade in the mags etc just because I brought them! I am not anti immigrant i was giving my OPINION of what you had asked! I didnt come on here to be slated for my opinion. How am i the drain on society? I dont think i am entitled to anything more or less than anyone else. But when you are reading in the papers that british workers are not getting jobs because other people are coming over and working for less therefore getting the building work thats not fair. Simple as that Nothing against the people themself\’s just dont think its fair. So i would thankyou not to make judgements about me when you have no idea of what sort of person i am. If i was thick skinned as you say would i have got upset so much when someone was being abusive to me 6 month ago? NO i dont think so. I am prob the most sensitive person you will meet! Also im not saying that throwing money at the boys will in someway make up for them not having their mum, i personally real this is something Jade is doing to make her self feel abit better about leaving them.

  35. Gary! You musn\’t be mean! Be nice or you will end up being ignored like stevan! Lol! Your not a nasty person so show your kind side!Isabella, long time no speak! Everything ok?

  36. OK, you got me. I spend all of my disposable income on crap like closer, heat, ok, grazia, blah blah blah rah rah rah… And we the people who buy them are just stooooopid, especially if we pay 3 quid to read who kerry katona\’s latest shag is, how much jordan\’s SO hard done to and how much of a twat ashley is to cheryl, boo hoo…Actually, if those magazines regularly featured turds down in a toilet, people, sorry, WE would still buy them.

  37. Another thing… Did anyone else get a bag from Cancer Research to fill with old clothes for collection tomorrow? Our street did.And just by filling it and leaving it outside my door, I\’d still be doing more to combat cancer than jade goody has throughout the duration of this latest media exposure…

  38. hi pippa,im fine thank you…just been under the weather but dont dare say why on this blog….just been watching the news,some poor police officer on duty killed in ireland..what a world wee are living in!

  39. i get the bagging collection every month in my street che,yes you are correct to help,i also leave clothing etc..its a help even if not a cash donation..

  40. Che, I have to admit, I am one of those stooooopid people. Im not a huge addict or anything but I do admit to picking one up once in a while. They are actually quite good for tips! Its a sad thing but…..My name is Pippa…..And I buy Shitty Rag Mag\’s!There i feel much better now. On the subject of your Cancer research comment. I didn\’t receive one, but I did a few weeks ago. It was actually quite convinient as I had just done a complete revamp of my wardrobe and didnt feel good throwing my fashion disasters from the previous years into the trash.The sad thing of all that is somewhere in north wales people were stealing the bags! I mean come on!I do agree though, Jade is doing a lot for her sons but nothing towards helping future people in her position. This , I feel would be much better thing.This is not sdaying her kids don\’t deserve it, but I can be pretty sure her kids won\’t be putting that money towards finding a cure!just a thought!

  41. Yes it gets worse every day! My sister was serving 5 years in military police over in northen ireland, she saw some terrible things! Thankfully she returned all well. Agree its best no to reveal too much.. just hope your feeling well again. Nothing worse than feeling down!

  42. did any1 watch the programme on channel 3 last night!! the presenter&other people were saying,there is more&more women now scared,who han not been for smear tests in the past,going for them now,as for the male sex out there,its actually a very personal embarresing thing but if it helps detect abnormal cells then,shrug the embarresement off,they said on tv that jade goody has highlighted the dangers&they were actually saying,she has did more to get women to get this test done…thats the tv presenters views on this!!

  43. thank you pippa.yes after the horrific things that were said last week,i was horrified any1 could be so cruel.it was appalling but looks to have settled this week.

  44. I have also heard that isabella, in a mag i was reading it said that the amount of woman going for the smear tests had gone up by something like 20%, thanks to Jade, now sirely that is doing something for everyone else isnt it? Also pippa im not so sure i think the boys once they are older will do something to help cancer charities, to prevent other people going though what their mum did. But we shall not know until they are older. Gary i was actually coming round to you thinking that maybe you werent that bad but now im thinking your just a immature little twat!

  45. Things imprived, Izzy, because nobody was trying to make out that Goody is some kind of angel. Then you come back and spoil it all. Whatever the outcome of Goody having cancer and dying is, it is in spite of her and not because of anything she did herself. Now, please, get off it!Pippa? Have you been to North Wales and seen their fashion sense?Oh…and Izzy, bella? Donna isn\’t showing kindness….just ignorance. Hopefully she is gone for good.I see Paedo Michael Jackson is ending his best regards to our Jade. Who next? Peter Sutcliffe?

  46. Too late…she\’s back! I might be a twat but at least a twat is useful. More than can be said for a plank!Izzy, Donna. You read a magazine? And it must be the truth, mustn\’t it? Donna…..had she deliberately caught cancer in order to raise awareness, then that would have been doing something for everybody else. It isn\’t benevolence unless one does something and lying in bed catching diseases doesn\’t qualify. Smear tests are up because Goody is famous ….not simply because she caught cancer. As I said in a previous post, if she had the choice of catching the disease knowing she could save lives, she would pass. If she chose to contract the disease and save lives, that would be HER saving others.Can we get over this now?

  47. Get over yourself did i say that talk about trying to read in between the lines. Why are you being so nasty all i ever said that i was a fan and felt horrible for the fact she had cancer the same as its horrible for e1 who has cancer its just we dont hear about them end of. So get off my back i will not be slated by so low level scum who is trying to chat up anything with a pulse on here now that is really sad. DID I EV SAY THE MAG\’S WERE THE TRUTH DID I? NO I DONT THINK SO

  48. gary gary gary….can you not read,i said channel three not a magazine&yes i buy them,im a woman&i also think you are being extremely rude to donna!!!i never said jade was an angel but its true more women are going for smear tests. you seem to look then jump on the bandwagon&snipe at every1 who has anything to say on a simple act of kindness.donna has seen what im saying.but i never said a mag i said TV, gary.

  49. thanks donna,if gary had read properly he would have seen,i wrote tv,yes of course i buy magazines to,theres no harm in that!! i enjoy reading&usefull tips in them,most women do!! dont be bullied donna,i was last week along with other women,you say something then its twisted on this blog!! im off now as im busy but it was beggining to look like a chat up session for a while reading through.lol

  50. If you want to be kind to Goody, then go onto a blog entitled "BE KIND TO GOODY" dont come here. This blog is about Tweed being let off hiscurfew and every single post has come out of that. I really do not care if you are so gullible as to believe everything you read (remember she employed a publicist) or see on "Channel 3" (I assume you mean "high-brow" ITV!!!Now get off my case and be nice about her somewhere else.Donna…you should be more careful about what you write because, it seems, you keep wanting to come back and correct something you wrote earlier? Get off your back? Darling? If I were on your back, you would know about it. This is me being restrained. I dont begrudge any of you your kind words but I dont agree with your sentiments so expect to be criticised. OK?Do you know what, Donna? If she does make a recovery, you are so naieve that, if "The Sun" is told by Clifford to print that it is a miracle, and the paper does so, you will believe it, wont you?Oh…..if this is how you think I chat women up, then you have lived a very sheltered life. What is your favourite chat up line…"Fancy a bacardi and coke, love"?And scum is Jade Goody and Jack Tweed and the way they have both manipulated and demeaned what is a very serious and life threatening illness for their own ends.

  51. Izzy? Get over yourself. TV? Magazines? Newspapers? What does it matter? Its all the media and it has all been manipulated by this evil woman!

  52. what\’s the bet that, as many people predicted a few weeks ago, Goody will make a "miraculous recovery"…..is that the general thought as it was slipped up about Jackson offering tickets for his July shows? Clifford let slip a bit there!!

  53. gary, i get where you are coming from but do you really think there will be a recovery?? at the end of the day we can all sit here and argue till the cows come home, but she is going to die, our lives are going to go on. what good are we really doing by bitching at each other about it? there are things that gary says that i agree with and there are things that donna says that i agree with but at the end of the day the girl is still going die, and as human beings shouldnt we all have compassion for someone who is dying, whether its joe bloggs down the street or someone in the public eye?

  54. I didnt realise his tag has been removed thought it was just slacked for the wedding and they are thinking of doing while she is really ill and close to going.

  55. Ahh yes…I remember….just didn\’t recognise the new name!! But I have kept to my promise, as I said I would…..Good luck

  56. Actually I thought it a bit odd off Jacko offering tickets, as I was skimming through. Then when I read it properly the tickets are for her family. Hopefully the thug will still be in jail.

  57. I didn\’t realise Angel was the ew moderator on this blog. Just because she\’s not now "Miss Popular" on here, she wants it ended….shame, did your new found friend drop you (again) like a hot potato? Perhaps they found out your true colours…..to quote your weekend posting: "this is so much fun!!"….I might just stay a bit longer, now!!

  58. Emma…you sjhould read back through some of my posts. I have shown plenty of compassion. I am not heartless. But the fact that she will be dead in a few weeks does not change my view of her as a woman and I dont see why is should. I shouldn\’t be a hypocrite just to keep the peace on here.There is another waste of space. I wonder how many other tickets he\’ll be offering to the families of other cancer sufferers families? It says something about that freak and kiddie fiddler that he is sucking up to Goody for a bit of free publicity. How low has he sunk?I\’ll tell you something about almost everyone who has posted on here in support of Goody……they dont like the woman either.One thing I agree with, though. Time to sign off this blog. I\’ll keep my eye open for anything interesting but, otherwise, I think I\’ll move on.BTW Angel. I\’ll ignore Stevan. You know how to get in touch if you want to

  59. i am going to call it quits also, angel its been a pleasure as always 🙂 gary i never expected you to change your opinion, as you have a right to it. i have loved some of your posts, they are witty and make me smile at times i hope our paths will cross again sometime xxxditto angel about stevan…… but i will say no more on it as he has moved on to slating new bloggers on the other jade blog!take care gary, angel pippa and izzy 🙂

  60. I thought you were leaving the blog Emma? ….or is it like before where you say you\’re going, then come back, then come back again, then again, and again.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!

  61. Hopefully here in time to say bye to you all, it\’s been a pleasure, hope to see most of you again sometime, and behave yourself Gary :-)Take care friends.

  62. o gosh i think its funny so many ppl despised jade now all of a sudden evety 1 kissing her bk side , why coz she is dying, well the fact of the matter is we all are gonna die shit appns. and i fill for her kids thats not nice, but i also think its wrong that jack is allowed to be by her bedide and shit, wat asbout us the public i know pplthat hav died of cancer and tyheir partners hav been in prison.they were not allowed to b with their loved one. its so wrong she is no 1 special just som woman that went on a reality tv shw then when and opened her big gob..

  63. I think what ever can be done for Jade and her family right now is appropriate. As for people not agreeing about her making money if they had the oppertunity that Jade has in the public eye they would do the same for their children. I dont think her being in the public eye is all about money we all have are different ways of coping with things and I think this is the way Jade has found works for her she wants to feel alive for as long as she has left. All my love to her Husband and children and espcially her mum and grandparents. Trace. :)xxx

  64. OK Tracy. So if she isn\’t concerned with the money, do you think she will give it to a cancer charity? Dream on! What planet do you live on?

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