Jade Goody loses battle with cancer

I can’t believe Jade Goody is gone. The 27-year-old mother of two passed away at 3.14am in the early hours of Sunday March 22, Mother’s Day, after a six-month battle with cancer.

Jade’s publicist Max Clifford said this morning: “I think she’s going to be remembered as a young girl who has, and who will, save an awful lot of lives. She was a very, very brave. And she faced her death in the way she faced her whole life – full on, with a lot of courage.”

Since the gobby Essex girl first burst onto TV screens in Big Brother 3 back in 2002, she lived her whole life, warts and all, in the spotlight. She enjoyed amazing success with her perfume, fitness DVDs, book deals and multiple TV appearances, making Jade Britain’s first reality TV millionaire. Then there were all the times she made headlines for the wrong reasons, such as her ugly fight with Shilpa Shetty in Celebrity Big Brother in 2007.

Through it all, Jade’s priority was always her sons, Bobby and Freddie, and I’m sure when they are older they’ll look back proudly at the way their mother faced her cancer so courageously, increased awareness of the disease and provided for their future.

Our tribute to Jade Goody


100 thoughts on “Jade Goody loses battle with cancer

  1. and craig notice how she has deleted all her messages now she know she has been sprung. a mate of mines knows her ex hubby – lets just say he had a lucky escape, but will mail u with the details.wonder where garylee has got too lol – both of them just seemed to \’disappear\’ at the exact same time. weird!!!!!!anyway craig , am of tomoro so going to have a mega late night with my imaginary friends and husband lol so chat soon xxx

  2. Angelwrote: Whatever babe, whatever…….STILL blogging away there…….. ;-)3 minutes ago yeah \’babe\’ just like you lol lol

  3. yeah yeah angel (u still with us???) women like u are infamous and wasnt very difficult to track. had to laugh though when u nervously started to post OH HE IS FROM THE MET LOL LOL

  4. Angelwrote: Craig I delete all my messages EVERY night.btw…nothing personal………………………… lol just copied its message as from what i have seen tonight she is one liying arse pounder

  5. do u think that all cops retire at 29 lol ???????????? and how many cases are there in aberdeen of the wife accusing the husband of beating them up. and also angel , you forgot to post that these allegations were completely unfoundedmmmmmm u seem to intentionally forget a lot

  6. craig can u send an email to brown nose angel please and I will send her one also (though I wont be putting any words) then ms retarded angel please compare our isp addresses and u will see that they are different. U MUPPET

  7. well i tried to sent the muppet a private message but she has her email preferences set to block – obviously because she isnt used to receiving messages from anyone.well kermit, if u change ur settings , let me know, as ur the one who was droooling at the mouth for proof.

  8. lol me too with no luckbut i think calling her kermit is a bit harsh. Miss Piggy if u chjange ur settngs then yes please let us know lol

  9. LOVE the email ,very enlightening ===== prob spelt wrong lol, just shows u though how easily u r found out. angel, like gary u need help !nite jakiexx

  10. p.s dont be so hard on angel, as i try to look on her as a stray down the local cat n dog home looking for someone to love herlol

  11. No one should question the right of anybody to express themselves freely on these blogs and even the Glasgow Constabulary are entitled to time off, but I do wonder what Jackie\’s superiors would think of her posting her picture on here, openly discussing her job and writing some of the things that she has. Maybe she has been using her snout to look up ISP addresses but I am more than happy for her to publish mine on this blog and communicate with anybody who is interested (I wont expect any mail) in whether it is the same as Amber Lee\’s. Asis so frequent with the Police these days, it is probably no more than fabricated evidence.Jackie says: "we both work for a living, we both have fab holidays" Wowee! I am lucky. My wife doesn\’t have to work and we have fab holidays too!Jackie says: "got guests in and going to snuggle up on couch with my imaginary husband". So thats how she manages to keep her friends? By performing with her husband in front of them? Maybe that is the only way Joey-boy can get it up, huh? Eeeeeewwwwww

  12. To quote Crackie "CRINGE" that was vomit inducing last night. Making out she was sending an email so that Craig would know the precise same details Jackie would in case they messed up there. Dear dear Crackie, it was meant as a term of not quite endearment but it turns out its true shes cracked. Again to quote Crackie, "the lady doth protest too much" how many times she was going to spend time with her fabulous friends and husband yet was still here talking to herself. Aw I thought other posters were pathetic life forms, but Crackie takes the biscuit with the bread sticks. If i wasnt so devoid of emotion I would almost feel sorry for her. Gary Im taking your advice, Im not going to indulge her any more, she might search the police data base for our houses and petrol bomb us.

  13. I\’m confused by the reference to brown helmets. She must have got that from Joey-boy in which case, I know why he was having a problem. He was purttting it in the wrong place. Or, maybe, he is a brown hatter?Jackie? Congratulations on the impending birth of your child. Give my regards to the father, Pip.

  14. I havnt been near hear for a week, and yet my name is still brought up!!! Amber! I thought I told you to quit talking about me, do you see me doing that to you!!!??? No, so grow up and piss off!!

  15. Funny how Jackie and Craig can\’t send messages to Angel, maybe she has a good anti virus programme. Are they old enough to be posting on here, it seems that calling people childish names like Muppet, Kermit etc. has them in hysterics.

  16. garyleevan wrote I do wonder what Jackie\’s superiors would think of her posting her picture on here, openly discussing her job and writing some of the things that she has. lolwhy dont you call them up and ask???? I am sure to get into LOADS of hot water lol – You must be exhausted with your multiple personalities and constantly having to sign out/sign in. garyleevan wrote My wife doesn\’t have to work and we have fab holidays too! – lol would hardly call a week in Butlins a fab holiday and also according to you garyleevan Your wife works it just great – with other men lolp.s Gary after seeing you, angel,""stevan"" and""amber lee"" hadnt posted your pictures I assumed It was only the unemployed ugly lonely ones who remained anonymous, thats why i had no hesitation to post up my picture

  17. Ooohh….that hurt. She called me "ugly"Jackie…how do you expect me to take seriously the rants of a woman whose best sex lately, has been with a turkey baster? Do you know who the father is or will it really be the case tha all pigs are b******\’s?

  18. Keep me out of it.Woman hater? Couldn\’t be further from the truth. I AM A WOMAN! I am Amber-Lee and Angel and Stevan. How pathetic that my detractors can think of nothing better to try and insult me with.I love women, Angel….proper women.

  19. "You know what – the more I read what you write – the more I feel you actually are Gary – but that he doesn\’t have to balls to tell me himself, so he is using another persona – Angel – to tell me how it is! Just like he did with Amber Lee!"Tell me you aren\’t serious.

  20. FFS CAZZIE! What do you mean I didn\’t do it as me? I have one ID on these blogs and one only. Please dont tell me you were taken in by the stuff that Jackie was posting? She was doing that to try and wind me up! OMG!!!!!!!

  21. I\’m not trying to be insulting, maybe just hoping you would realise that constantly telling people you are being sarcastic, like everyone is too stupid to realise for themselves, agreeing with everyone, and all this blessing everyone benignly doesn\’t sound like it\’s a real person talking, and people pleasing screams insincerity. It\’s like someone who is afraid to have an opinion of their own, and when they actually have to, they opt out by using the bible. Personally, it drives me nuts. I am sorry if I offended you, but I can\’t help the way I feel any more than you can.

  22. Garyleevanwrote: Ooohh….that hurt. She called me "ugly" (YES SHE DID!!)Jackie…how do you expect me to take seriously the rants of a woman whose best sex lately, has been with a turkey baster? Do you know who the father is or will it really be the case tha all pigs are b******\’s? aaaawwwwwwww – didnt realise my comments to you would hurt you THAT much lolI see you FINALLY admitted your cringey secret mr amber lee. what makes that all the more embarrassing is the fact u posted up your arse comments on amber lees profile page lmao !!!!!!!Angel, all I can say to you is that the last 24 hours have been very interesting…… to me it just shows how much people like u rely on their \’internet life\’…..not saying that is a bad thing……but knowledge is power, and as I said the last 24 hours have been very interesting.

  23. Wow you miss a day and the world goes crazy, I mustve stepped onto the alternate universe blog where cazzie is causing offence and getting everyone wound up, I think you guys have spooked her, shes deleted all her posts and run away. Im all for free speech I just wish some people would freely speak to themselves instead of posting it here, and im sure the feelings mutual eh guys and dolls and for the haemaphrodites in the room, um both? Diane! I never expected such harsh words to emanate from your fingertips, Im in shock, did someone wake you early from your afternoon nap?

  24. garyleevan wrote I am also Amber-Lee and Angel and I know none of you were fooled.okay Angel, your apology now please.

  25. her priority was bein in the public eye till themin they dug over her grave.i she wanted to sav all the money 4 her kids then she wuld hav had a simple funeral end off!!

  26. Hi Amber,Have been keeping a close eye on your posts so I can make mine more interesting, seeing as the day centre is so boring I need to stimulate my mind more.

  27. Hey diane, good for you! It may be a bit late but stimulating your mind will atleast halt that senile dementia in its tracks.But seriously diane I said it before, i didnt realise how mean you could be coming over with your sweet old lady routine but deep down youre nasty and I like you. Seems you put the fear of god (no pun intended there) into cazzie as i think she has removed every post she ever made and legged it. Go on, secretly that thought gives you a little buzz doesnt it? Dirty dirty diane-a

  28. diane u r one weird half wit. in the world outside \’cyber\’ u would make a great buddy for garyleevan as u both come across as angry lonely sad bitter people.

  29. Perhaps it\’s because I\’m not a sweet old lady and you\’re a good case study. Don\’t do dementia by the way, not being able to remember what made you laugh doesn\’t appeal.

  30. \’Diane\’ r u sure ur not an old lady – ooooohhhhh what a weird coincidence – av just asked that, the new no name poster has just asked that and you have just stated that………hi garyleevan lol bloody hell when will \’it\’ stop being so obvious!!!!!!!!

  31. PUSS hi!! well diane totally insulted Caz and then after loads of it decided to apologise???????? poor cazzie then deleted all her posts because she got quite upset. I have \’spoken\’ to her earlier and told her that really she is letting MADE UP people upset her and that her only crime is being decent. some folk just cant do decency – it makes them very uncomfortable…..doesnt it diane.

  32. Jackie – I assure you, I am not gartleevan. I am honestly new here. I thought Diane was old because you mentioned dimentia. So I take it Diane isn\’t old then? Sorry Diane.

  33. Oh sorry, it was Diane herself that mentioned it. Sorry Jackie. Why have you been corrupted by this blog Diane? And is it catching?

  34. I am just interested…..what classes as "old"?…..When I was 16, I thought 30 was old. Now I am in my 30\’s, I have changed my view!

  35. Dianewrote: That\’s rather a familiar question Jackie from someone who I have never spoken to before. Being an old lady is an old joke from last summer from a lunatic. Well Diane, I can 100% assure you that when I read that I was confused also and that is why I asked the poster when I had mentioned dementia – so that just proves that it is someone who knows past history from these boards, or who knows you – bloody hell it really is obvious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Puss, it was Amber Lee who mentioned senile dementia. And yes, if you stay here too long you do get corrupted! lol 😉 There have been loads of Jade blog\’s and they all end up going the same way.

  37. librawrote: Puss, it was Amber Lee who mentioned senile dementia. aaaaaawwwwww Libra THANKS SO MUCH FOR THAT INFORMATION lol lol ……….if u read back the last few posts when PUSS started posting instantly I said "hi gary how are you" lol and also said "How obvious" !!!!!!owe u a drink libra xxxxpmsl

  38. (fyi gary admitted this evening FINALLY that he was posting under the names amber lee and gary) – not that everyone didnt know that

  39. mmmmmm from one extreme to another – from being a nasty weirdo to acting like a DUH………very very obvious.garyleevan u really havent given me enough credit lol

  40. Dianewrote: Puss,. I am usually a pretty easy going person, LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL but then today I had a big disagreement with someone, who has deleted all her posts for some reason. yeah dianeman I just cant understand either why Cazzie deleted her posts????? wonder if it was because u were a nasty vindictive bitch to her – cazzie being the only poster on here who tries so hard to see everyones point of view – and then you EVENTUALLY posted an APOLOGY to her because you were bang out of order. you really hurt her and not going into it but I have communicated with her this evening and you should be so bloody ashamed of yourself. no doubt a nasty hasbeen of a human being like u will come with some sort of insulting reply because folk like will do through sheer embarrasment.with the exception of 2 or 3 buddies diane is a loud mouthed weirdo…..but garyleevan is the ringleader lol ie. he is 2 out of the three buddies

  41. Diane still here…how are you this evening? I am not sure what has been going on today as I\’ve not been on long. From what I have read it seems to have all stemmed from a misunderstanding about a comment and escalated from there?…

  42. "aaaaaawwwwww Libra THANKS SO MUCH FOR THAT INFORMATION lol lol ……….if u read back the last few posts when PUSS started posting instantly I said "hi gary how are you" lol and also said "How obvious" !!!!!!owe u a drink libra xxxx"Jackie – I am not entirely sure what you mean…but thanks for the drink – bacardi and diet coke please!

  43. It sure is there diane, youre a meeean girl, dont make out we corrupted you, maybe you were the little leaven that fermented the whole loaf (reference for cazzie there) and then we got out of control kind of like frankensteins monster?Hey cazzie lives, did you decide to come and turn the other cheek dear? Good for you fight the good fight and all, dont mind diane, the older ladies do tend to get a bit nasty when the dementia starts to creep in, its not personal and they really dont mean it.

  44. But if youre demented already how can you be sure that youre not? Calm down now diane, ts not good to get excited so close to bedtime, im sure as simpering sweet as it is, cazzie still needs her head in the morning

  45. "cazzie I would say that diane and myself are the only real posters ur talking too. but I reckon u have worked that out."Does that mean I am part of the Garyleevan group? 😦

  46. I am not getting into this personal life stuff. That is not what this blog is all about. I don\’t think any of us should be posting information of a personal or sensitive nature about any other blogger on here.

  47. girls dont indulge any paranoid delusional rantings as hard as it may be, and they will wither up and die just like its hopes at finding someone to care for it, its bedroom action, and most likely its female (and male?) genitalia.why not discuss kittens and doilies amongst yourselves. or libras brief sojourn perhaps

  48. come on angel she probably is till wetting her panties, maybe lack of use has made things a bit loose. either that or the settings have been up too high

  49. haha finally admitted to hitting the change eh diane? 😉 you go rest me dear, weekends are wild, is it ball room dancing in the canteen? I kid you know i likes you youre like the evil step mother i never had. Youre my new role model. Night night

  50. Angel – the comment was directed at Jackie. She seems to be hinting that she has found information via other means. I don\’t know if this is true or not. This is a blog and we can all make things up if we want to or are inclined to. But if I knew personal information about anyone on here, I wouldn\’t post it as I don\’t think that is fair. As for Domestic Violence you were right to warn the girl. Nobody should have to put up with that – male or female. I know too from experience what a very hard place it is to be when you are in that situation.

  51. "for every genuinely abused women,, there are 100 lying angels."Jackie, as you say that you are a police woman surely you know this not true. Many women don\’t even report DV and carry on living with their partner out of fear. There are some women who do make up false claims but they are way in the minority. I have personally come across lots of DV cases and not one has been false or making things up. Have also had experience at work of men who suffer DV too.

  52. I can honestly say I haven\’t come across any that have lied. Most of the women I see live in fear of being found. I have seen many with physical scars and the effect that it has had on any children who have been a witness to it. It is not easy for a women to go to the police and make statements about DV. Constantly frightened that their partner will catch up with them and in fear of not being believed. I ask you how you know that these women have lied? Is it because they have dropped the allegations and gone back to him? Because you have completed a full and thorough investigation and not found any evidence? What is it you go on? If a women is assaulted 2 weeks prior and then builds up the courage to make a complaint against her partner when only the two of them were present at the time, surely it is one persons word against the other? How do you determine who is lying?

  53. Angel – I don\’t believe her. But even if she has by some miracle found out some information, I don\’t think she should be posting it on here. Especially as she is a PC. If I was to post personal information obtained through my work on here it would be suspension time and that would be it.

  54. Jackie, you have hinted at information you have found out. Saying you have seen Angel\’s face from a long time ago – so perhaps suggesting you have seen a file or something. Hints that you have had discussions with other police officers about her and the history you think you know. I am not up for getting into anyone\’s private life, and if you know anything – which I seriously doubt you do – you should keep it to yourself.

  55. Don\’t you think enough is enough Gary? Don\’t try and stir things up again. Things got out of hand. I know that\’s what you like, but I for one am dropping this one.

  56. You know me well enough, Diane, that I am not necessarily the person that I portray on here. I like being provocative, I like throwing something in the mix and seeing how people respond.I have taken part in some peronal slanging matches on here and had some fun doing so. But the battle lines were always drawn with those who had one view on the subject matter of the blog on one side and those who had a different view on the other. What I disliked about Jackie is that she never made any attempt to tackle the subject of any of the blogs she posted to. Her sole aim was to antagonise and that is what she did to everybody who posted.Fair enough….I knew what I could say to hit a nerve with her and I had fun at her expense. But note that all of her postings have now disappeared and, personally, I\’m glad she has gone. Like all plod, she is just a vindictive bully. Pity the poor child she is due to bear.Read what has been written below, Diane….read the responses from Angel and Libra to give yourself some idea about the woman. Using her position to try and instil fear into another person? No wonder she deleted it all.

  57. I know all about what was written by libra and Angel, I deleted mine because they appeared to be me talking to myself after all the other posts had gone.That\’s why I think the matter should have a line drawn under it.

  58. what a nice thing to say Cazzie xx havent been on for a while but looking through the comments i think its best to stay away.

  59. Oh My God this was the worst thing ever! I love Jade Goody to bits. I got her perfume. And I\’m blubbly just like she was. I bet the worst thing on this world is being told that you are going to die and having two children to leave behind. Her children was her world thats all she cared about and I dont think anybody will be good enough for the boys because Jade was there mother and Jade gave birth to them and only fought right to the end just to spend as much time as she could with her children. Obvisiously she didnt see her children as much as she wanted towards the end but my dad died of cancer and i hated seeing him on his bad days that was the worst thing ever. All i kept thinking was everything will be ok and tomorrow it will be back to as it was before but towards the end of my dads fight i still saw him but i got so hurt coming out of that hospital thinking he will never get better. And thinking is this going to be the last time i see my dad?! And when he did pass away all i could think about was the days i saw him in a bad state and then the good memories of me and my dad would come to me after i thought about him at his worst. But just because she didnt see the kids as much towards the end dont mean that she wanted to give up because all she wanted was to have those good days and spend it with her little boys. I think Jade is amazing and nobody would ever change the way i see Jade Goody because in my eyes she was an amazing mother and did everything she could to make things better. Racsist???????? i dont think so! some people see her as racsist but i think she did nothing wrong. AND PEOPLE WHO ARE ON HERE YOU WANT TO THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING BEFORE YOU GO JUDGING HER. For God sake can anyone see if any of the family read theses comments they would be mortified just like i am because she rose the awareness of cervical cancer and she has saved so many lifes by selling her story. And wow she had money for doing the shows and whatever but i am sure that if anybody had it and wanted to make sure the world was aware of it they would do it aswel. WHERE DID HER MONEY GO? TO HER TWO STUNNING CHILDREN NOT TO JACK ect. All she wanted was her little boys to grow up with a supportive family that whatever they choose to do in there future that the family would stick by them. She had a very bad upbring due to her mother and father. But then again her father wasnt in her life much as he was in prison and just waiting for his next hit. Not thinking about anybody but himself and Jackie wasnt much better doing the stuff infront of Jade but at least her boys didnt get brought up like that because they had an amazing mother and Jeff is good with the kids aswel. JADE GOODY I LOVE YOU TO BITS GIRL AND I LOVED YOUR PERSONALITY AND HUMOUR. KEEP SMILING UP THERE HUNNY BECAUSE YOUR CHILDREN ARE THINKING ABOUT YOU EVERYDAY AND THEY MISS YOU SOOOOO MUCH!! BRILLIANT MUM ISNT THE WORD I WISH EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD COULD BE LIKE YOU AND NOT JUST GIVE UP ON THERE KIDS. YOU ARE MY ROLE MODEL JADE AND ALWAYS WILL BE BECAUSE I WANT TO GIVE MY CHILDREN THE BEST UPBRINGING JUST LIKE YOU HAVE DONE FOR YOUR LITTLE BOYS!! I cryed my eyes out when i heared you died on mothers day and i would of cryed anyways because you are amazing and i so wish more people in this world would be like you. I think i cryed for half an hour and your funeral was really sad. CRY wasnt the word hun. i will always love you hun so dont worry about all these people who hate you and want to talk about you as a bad person because you didnt come across as a bad person to me not at all. i liked you from the beginnging and i will always be a Jade Goody fan even when i am old and grey. THESE PAGES WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN ABOUT JADE AND PEOPLE PAYING RESPECT TO WHO SHE WAS NOT WRITING ABOUT 500 COMMENTS ARGUING ABOUT HER BECAUSE SHE IS LIED TO REST NOW SO PEOPLE JUST LEAVE HER ALONE SHE HAVENT DONE ANYTHING TO DESERVE WHAT HAPPENED TO HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P. LOVE YOU JADE REST IN PEACE ALWAYS IN MY HEART NOW AND ALWAYS. YOU ARE MY ROLE MODEL!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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