Madonna splits with Jesus on Twitter

First we had the rumours that Jennifer Aniston broke up with John Mayer because he spent too much time on Twitter and not enough time with her, now Madonna has confirmed her split from toyboy Jesus Luz over Twitter!

Madge doesn’t have her own Twitter page but the news broke when she joined longtime manager and good friend Guy Oseary for a 10-minute chat to fans via his Twitter page.

One fan wrote: “Hello Madonna honey am glad you are single again – you made your best music as a single woman,” to which Madonna replied: “Not as glad as I am! M.”

In other Madonna news, reports state she is close to adopting a four-year-old girl from Malawi. An official at the ministry of Gender and Child Development said: “Her name is Mercy James from Mchinji Home of Hope orphanage. She has no father and mother, they both died… We finished the assessment yesterday in readiness for the courts next week.”

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63 thoughts on “Madonna splits with Jesus on Twitter

  1. Being Single is a good idea for some people as they do need a break from having a relationship for a while.The World is so bizarre, and too many people break up over odd reasons, etc.

  2. Hot brazillian guy breaks up for rather craggy desperately clinging to her youth millionairess. Aw thats a pity i was SO certain this was going to last. Atleast she\’ll have her new not quite an orphan doll to distract her for a while.

  3. Not an orphan doll Amber Lee. Children in Africa who come from poor homes don\’t have a chance of having a comfortable life, so when someone like Madonna comes along it\’s a real blessing for them. You cannot imagine the lives these children go through so when a humanitarian comes along to give them a life I could only dream of, good luck to these precious little babies. Don\’t condemn unless you\’ve been to Africa and seen what these children have to go through. Just be pleased and happy for these poor little mites. If I had a lot of money I would do what I could to help their plight.lives be so much better tatn suffering. I know what I\’m talkig about bcause I live in Africa an I see wha these poor mites have to go throug. If you saw what goes on you woulsd be more comnpassinate.

  4. hahaha oh sandra one quick question, how do you know what i do/have done and where ive been? For all you know i could be a humantarian worker in africa who thinks its disgraceful that someone like madonna can pick up children to add to their technicolour brood like they\’re some kind of fashion accessory? Who said i wasnt compassionate about the child, maybe its Madonna Im reserving my dislike for, so come down off your high horse mother theresa.

  5. I\’m not on my high horse. I just think that if rich people like Madonna can give these children better lives the so be it. It must be better to live in luxury than be starving in Africa. I don\’t know whether you have been a humanitarian worker in Africa, and if you have well done to you. I see these children every day and know that the best thing that could hppen to them is people like Madonna coming to adopt them. They won\’t have to suffer and believe me the suffering is something you would not want you or anyone you love to go through. You may not like Madonna, but give her her due, she is giving better lives to these unfortunate children.

  6. Depends on your definition of \’better\’ though doesnt it. Money and privilege dont always equal \’better\’ fair enough they wont starve to death in a mud hut, IF they were even lucky enough to do that, but again doesnt mean they have love and security. For instance, her kids have various dads in various parts of the world they now have to travel between, a mother who is so obsessed with her looks and image she works out ridiculous amounts of hours a day and they are raised by numerous nannys. As i say doesnt neccessarily mean its the best life. As im sure you must have seen at some point having lived in africa, there are families who might have nothing but they have a secure family unit and are very happy and fulfilled.

  7. Amber Lee. They have a secure family unit, well some of them, but they are not fulfilled. They look for food to eat everyday and some days there\’s no food. Believe me, the children Madonna are adopting are so much better off. From the life they have now the life Madonna is giving them is manna from heaven. They may be raised by different nannies but to them they don\’t know any different. All they know is that they get three sqaure meals a day, baths every day and decent clothes to wear. Believe me these children are in seventh heaven. They also have an opportunity to make something of themelves when they grow up. If they stayed where they were only goodness knows what they would turn out to be. Armed robbers maybe?

  8. Im not trying to compare a slum in india africa or china with a gilded lifestyle in Hollywood, obviously they will have no fear of starving to death, not having a roof over their heads etc etc. yeah they might have become armed robbers, or they might have struggled to make a meager living, raised their own children and lived a simple life. But again just because theyre surrounded by privilege doesnt mean theyll become worthwhile citizens. For all we know they could wind up spaced out on drugs and in rehab in a few years. Am i exaggerating? Well look at how many children of celebrities wind up down that path.

  9. Amber Lee, we are going round and round in circles. Let\’s just agree to disagree. One thing I will say is that it\’s not only children of celebrities that are spaced out on drugs. Rich or poor childre will always make their choices.

  10. I have to agree with Amber, money doesn\’t equal a better life, and it certainly doesn\’t give Madonna the right to pick any child she wants out of an orphange, like sweets off the shelf, to make her feel like a better person helping a humanitarian cause. It shouldn;t matter where an adoption takes place, whether it\’s the UK, America, Africa or China, the same principles should apply no-matter where or who you are. Reports say that although this child\’s parents are deceased, she still has extended family wanting to care for her, in which case Madonna has no business whipping her out of her home country and thousands of miles away from her culture and away from her family. I can;t imagine it being allowed in the West if the situation were reversed. There was an outcry when Madonna did this 1st time round with David Banda and I\’m astonished she is courting a second round of negative press. I respect her wish to give David a Malawian sister, but I really don;t understand why she can\’t adopt a true orphan, with no family, I\’m sure there are plenty of under-priviledged little orphan girls in Malawi, unless it is the attention she\’s looking for. Adoption shouldn;t be a matter of pointing and saying "I want that one", no-matter what the situation, children shouldn\’t be bought, and no rules bent to allow this woman to get her own way as she\’s so used to doing. I applaud people who want to give children a better life, but I can\’t help but feel that this isn\’t Madonna\’s primary objective.

  11. Also… her wish to give David a Malawian sister to keep him in touch with his heritage is just a little arse-backwards…. since removing her from her home country will only distance her from their culture just like David, in which case you end up with 2 disorientated children rather than just 1. Unfortunately these poor Malawian orphanges and the Malawian government will do almost anything to get a big fistfull of cash from an international star.

  12. I personally just find it insulting that there is one rule for people with money and another for ordinary every day people, if this was a working family from a small town in the UK they would be investigated to the Nth degree and most likely denied, even if they had money and time and love to provide. yet when Madonna wants a kid she can pop in and pick one up,maybe the girls clothes were matching her shoes that day. And lets face it, with her obsessive work out schedule along with everything else, her children probably see more of the au pair than they do her. Noone else could get away with that situation, especially a now single mother wanting to adopt, any average woman would be waiting forever and a day.

  13. Thank heavens. Sandra is in Africa.Sandra. There are plenty of stories of children from wealthy backgrounds who have been abused. If I were you. I would be in uproar about how this woman "shops" for accessory chidren. These aren\’t orphans and, from the look of them, they are not abused or malnourished. Dont you find it strange that she has picked two Malawian children? Maybe she likes a matching pair. With the money that Madonna has, she is able to make a difference to the lives of many. If she was boing charitable, why not do that rather than pick two?Why do people assume that living in Africa is always worse than anywhere else? There is nothing new to me about going out and finding three square meals a day and bathing and nice clothes (I wonder why that is SO important) are just as much a luxury to some people in this country. To feed myself I work everyday so I see their situation as no different….we just obtain our food in different ways.Sandra…personally I dont believe you work in Africa. Your values are just too Western.

  14. All they know is that they get three sqaure meals a day, baths every day and decent clothes to wear. Believe me these children are in seventh heaven.-Wow sandra im sorry you take a very dim superficial view on life. Why do you think so many celebrity kids wind up in rehab any way? Why do you think so many people who should know better and have every oppurtunity in life end up going crazy in the first place? Far from being satisified that every meal arrives on time and having a porsche for every birthday, they would be more than happy to have just five minutes of their parents time. Just because they dont \’know any better doesnt make it alright. If she is not willing to cancel a world tour to take care of her children without an entourage she shouldnt be allowed them.And why might I ask is it ok that she should adopt numerous kids and be allowed to make them attend her freaky celebrity church, but were it any other religion she would not be allowed to force her views on them.

  15. And lets face it the Old Girl is way past her prime, im keeping an eye on these kids. For all we know she could be fattening them up to boil them up into some ancient Kabbalah brew that promises to be the elixir of youth. Maybe she just needed a girl to complete the potion. I know what youre up to Madonna.

  16. We are all far too quick to judge… What do any of us actually know about Madge? Only what we see and hear in the press, who lets face it couldn\’t telkl the truth if it jumped up and bit them in the face… We know nothing about her motives and are never likely to. And does anyone know how many of he children in Malawian orphanages acually get adopted in their own country, or will they spend their whole childhoods there? Surely a secure and comfortable home with Madonna is preferable. She is a working mother, maybe not in the conventional sense, but what\’s the difference between her and any other woman who works away from home. Its high time we learned to pay less attention to what supposedly goes on in these people\’s families and more to what goes on in our own.

  17. Pat…..were you to contribute to the many Jade Goody blogs, would you be saying the same thing or would she be the "Second coming" as all the people who write in praise of her seem to do on the strength of what they read in the papers? Its a dilemma. IMHO, Madonna is NOT like any other mother. She spends far more time away from her children than normal mothers and she doesn\’t NEED to work. Nobody denies that she should have the choice about working but one decision should have an influence on the other.One other thing that hasn\’t been mentioned…..she is well past, what would normally be considered "child bearing age". Am I the only one who thinks that women hit their menopause, usually in their 40\’s, for a reason? And before I get criticism, I believe the same applies to men also.

  18. Its high time we learned to pay less attention to what supposedly goes on in these people\’s families and more to what goes on in our own.-Why is this comment so often bandied around? as if we all pore over every news item on this woman at the detriment of our own lives? Maybe some people have the intellectual capacity to look after their own lives well and still have an opinion on current events. If you cant I feel sorry for you must be a hard life only being able to handle one task at a time

  19. "She is a working mother, maybe not in the conventional sense, but what\’s the difference between her and any other woman who works away from home" – I\’ll tell you the difference…. an ordinary single woman, over 50, with a clear and influential obsession with diet and exercise, multiple-divorcee, who consistently and unnecessarily works away from home on a regular basis with children from multiple fathers would not be allowed to adopt a child. Period. She would not be showing a commitment to the child\’s needs, and it would not be a stable home environment. The difference between that woman and Madonna is a whole heap of cash and celebrity status. Try justifying this to a young infertile married couple with a secure home environment and comfortable income, and desperate for a child, who have been declined on the basis that the back garden isn\’t quite big enough.

  20. Did you see this frosty-faced arrogant woman on the news last night? When asked what she thought of people\’s concerns about this adoption she answered "None of their business"…. Classic case of money buying whatever you want and to h*ll with everyone else….

  21. Eleanor. I dont know where you live but, in the big cities, especially those run by left-leaning councils, she wouldn\’t qualify for adoption but only because she hadn\’t taken a lesbian lover. Being white, middle class and living within a stable heterosexual relationship does not reflect the real world anymore and is a handicap to adoption.

  22. Why don\’t they try adopting one of the orphans closer to home?? Not as much publicity invloved I suppose. Maybe donate a few dollars to the homeless…..Nope, too much like hard work, she could spend that money on red braclets and yoga classes and fob it off as religion. Nice to see she sooo down to earth! Sad woman!

  23. This adoption is just a nice little distraction for her, a new child to play with and take her mind off her own problems. Rumours of this second adoption broke when her marriage to Guy was already running into trouble. Even Guy wasn\’t happy about it, as when questioned he said "ask her. she makes those decisions"!! So she\’s in a crappy marriage that\’s dissolving faster than soluble aspirin and she thinks "I know! This is a perfect time to shop for babies!". It\’s insane. To Gary – I\’m from the UK, and I don\’t believe you only have to tick the straight, married and middleclass boxes to be approved for adoption, however it is a shame that the ideal nuclear family unit is now seen as somewhat un-pc and redundant. The most important thing is the ability to provide a stable home environment and show a dedication to the care and raising of a child, rather than a cavalier \’sticking-plaster\’ approach to parenthood. Madonna has a proven history of getting whatever she wants at any cost, hell, she knew she wanted a beautiful child so she shafted her good-looking Latino personal trainer to end up with Lourdes. Where\’s he now? Who knows. She\’s probably paying him to keep his mouth shut. If I thought she could think of anyone but herself for 5 minutes I might have a different opinion, but to spend 8 hours of your day working out to look like some steroid-injected prize bullock rather than spend that time with your kids…. it\’s indefensable. She\’s had her career, and a good career it was too, but it\’s time to hang up the leotard (BIG mistake past 50, however hot you think you are) and concentrate on her family. With Madonna though, I don\’t think she can go out with a bang while still on a high, I think she\’ll cling to fame until her star has long-faded, and will be doing the chat-show circuit at 70, singing Holiday and still thinking she can pull-off the conical bra…

  24. EXCUSE ME! I really admire Madonna\’s music and shiz. But she is getting really a hard time from people about her adopting more children. In MY opinion theres nothing wrong with that, it helps man kind a bit. And heres another thing, she gets critized for it, and here we have Angelina Jolie, who has about 4 adopted children, and 3 of her on! She never gets a hard time for doing that! Someone explain to me why that is? I think its great that people can adopt from different countries. Sure they should adopt here iun the UK, but why not other places, children there too need a home, and shes willing to give that child a home. This child who\’s both parents have died, and will end up dying too. I think thats a very great and human thing to do.

  25. yeah a miniscule bit, hey little girl you\’re leaving a life of poverty because you\’re cute, sorry all you ugly munter kids you\’re staying behind to die. Wow what a philanthropist! At least angelina is still with the babies dad, and hes the adopted dad, madonna now has 4 kids with 4 fathers only one of whom is dead and her kids dont live with full time with any of them and they all live in different countries, what a stable life for any child let alone one ripped from everything she knows and thats familiar. If this was any other person not worth 300million, do you think it would go through?as an article i read today said why not give money to help stop women dying in childbirth which is how her sons mum died, its far less selfish, but then i guess she wouldnt have her matching pair of african \’orphans\’.

  26. i\’d rather fuckin die than live with that thing, she is no fit mother, look at the state of it. i\’ve seen better aged dog shit .

  27. Roz – I believe that Angelina does attract quite a bit of flack for her adoptions, Jennifer Aniston-lovers claim she only does it for positive press etc. But to be honest, Angelina doesn\’t burst onto the scene with a sense of entitlement, and to hell with the laws, recommendations and processes, she goes through the proper channels, takes her time and makes sure the welfare of the child is top priority throughout.

  28. Maddona is way too strong to be held down.Maddona IS maddona,take it or leave it.I love Madge and i don\’t really care what anyone says about her..

  29. If she really wanted to help out orphans wouldn\’t setting up her own orphanage to help children get a decent home and better life be more helpful? She would be helping more people out in that situation instead of only helping a few for her own self gratitude and personal gain.

  30. Gary – You will be very happy to know that this will be the very last time you will ever hear from me. I have discovered, thankfully, that I am better than all of this. There is an desperately obvious “need” that is in you… to permanently be on these blogs and I know that you are not free as I most definitely am, because you simply HAVE TO write on them all. For which I feel very sad for you. You must feel unhappy about being you as you clearly need an outlet so you don’t have to think about your sad life….and these blogs are it!! I also feel sorry for you that you had to create many accounts to try and have some kind of a life that you are clearly missing out on…You created people like.…”Amber Lee”, “Stevan”, “Katie Jordan Price” “peter” EVEN “Paul” (whose nasty post to me was deleted at the exact same time you (Gary), deleted yours…Hmm, funny that!!) – AND this is to name just a very few personalities you have inside of you Gary.I feel it is so sad that you are stuck in your home, not being free to go out…and having to order films in from Blockbuster’s as you are fearful of leaving your own home. I am so glad that I can actually get out and experience life and live the life I have chosen for myself to the full. I cannot imagine what it must feel like for you not to be able to cope with anything in life, other than the blogs you truly totally rely on. All I can say is that I will be praying for you from time to time, whenever I remember the sad times of your continual harassment of me on the blogs. You really do need help my friend (and the friend bit, regrettably, I am saying in a patronising way.) You have many major issues and it’s so sad that you have chosen to create made up friends simply by opening up accounts so you can talk to yourself. This is real madness and I hope you manage to get some help for your lunacy. What a depressing state your mind must be in, what state is your poor life in? You seem simply miserable, depressed and lonely.I really believe that you are a schizophrenic and that you need to use the many people inside you, to try and find people that you can attempt to (in an incredibly demeaning way) relate to. But the way you tend to do this is by putting people down by trying to humiliate those who have their own opinions on matters. You simply cannot let matters rest and need to have an input into what people write on the blogs…. Or the alternative is for you to sit all alone in your empty room, looking at the prison walls you have created for yourself; maybe wishing you could leave and have a life like the rest of us do.The thing is Gary/Amber/Paul/Stevan etc….. You didn’t bank on messing with me. You cannot ever win with me as I was there at every turn making sure you understood that you have to be held utterly responsible for your nasty degrading comments and digs at the way people see life. You are an incredibly sad individual! How sad it is that you invented the lie that you were indeed a family man living in London, with a wife and children. When in actual fact, you are very much alone! I think you wish that you had all those things you talk of, but actually in real life, you haven’t got anyone or anything… I’m sad for you – truly. God Bless you in your emptiness Gary. How sad that you need these blogs to live and die by.I, happily, am free to leave these blogs, to you and all of the many people you carry inside of you! I leave you very much alone in your plight so you can get on with your miserable existence that you are choosing to live by. Whilst I am living my wonderful life with my wonderful husband, wonderful children, wonderful friends and other wonderful family members! I am so grateful to be able to do this and I am thankful to my God that I can let go of all of this pathetic need for attention as I really do not need nor want it – I let it go…………….I will not even bother looking at these blogs any more, not even to see what you or all of your made up people inside you have written Gary….I really don’t need it….I am free. You are nothing to me. So I will let you write that you got rid of that religious nutter/stalker, swearing about me.. etc… etc…. as you are nothing to me. And I can guarantee it will only be Amber Lee and Gary saying degrading things about me….…Oh unless of course you create yet more people who can have their say…whatever you do, I truly do not care…My God, my very own family and my own opinion on ME and who I am is worth EVERYTHING to me and yours, Gary, is truthfully worth NOTHING to me at all…….God does love you very much Gary, and even all the people you carry around inside you. I pray that you will be able to sort yourself out very soon and allow God to heal the pain that you are obviously in. Jesus died for you Gary, and rose from the dead and now lives, waiting for you to surrender your heart to him.My email account has now been closed as I am now elsewhere…………Goodbye foreverFREEDOM ………………………………… "Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

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