William and Harry star in frog video

Princes William and Harry play a starring role in a video made by their father, the Prince of Wales, to promote his Rainforest Project.

The young princes introduce themselves simply as William and Harry and explain they are trying to save the environment “for all of us”. Watch the video now

But the princes aren’t the only famous faces to appear in the 90-second clip – Daniel Craig, Joss Stone and even the Dalai Lama team up with a CGI Amazon frog to highlight the dangerous consequences of deforestation. With the digitally-created frog sitting on his shoulder, Harrison Ford claims to be a “friend of frogs,” while Robin Williams says he is a “comedian, cyclist and frog translator”.

There is even a special appearance at the end of the video by the world’s most famous frog. No, not Crazy Frog, Kermit the Frog.


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8 thoughts on “William and Harry star in frog video

  1. IT IS CALLED THE PRINCE\’S RAINFOREST PROJECT. Global warming affects everyone so it affects people in our countryIDIOT

  2. My gosh! I agree with Antonys last comment…Its not just Frogs that live in the Rainforrest, alot of creatures are being affected, also if theres no Rainforrest theres less trees which means theres less oxygen, which means wed all die out anyway…But im sure we wouldnt miss some people…So it wouldnt really matter if they \’cared\’ more about this country or not because theyd be no one here!Also about the Baby P comment, sweetheart thats upto Social Services and Doctors to help sort that problem out…What do you expect the Prince of Wales to do?Visit every child in the U.K and question every bump and bruise they have?And your the one being rude! We have to help other countries to help ourselves, your comments prove that your just a selfish person…

  3. hi everybody in the world and all those who made the video! i just got tears … thanks guys to let us remember how important is mother earth….

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