Leona’s new Hollywood lifestyle

Leona Lewis has found herself a new LA mansion, and a sleek new look to go with it.

The down-to-earth star has ditched her two-bedroom flat in Hackney in east London to move into a £1.5m villa in the Hollywood Hills, just a few miles from mentor Simon Cowell’s mansion.

The X Factor winner is renting the luxury home for £7,000 a month while she records and promotes her new album – which could mean more than a year away from the UK. The mansion includes five bedrooms, its own swimming pool and outside bar – perfect for entertaining Leona’s new American celebrity pals.

The starlet debuted a polished new look at a fashion party at the Live! on Sunset boutique in West Hollywood last night, with a new straight blonde do. She also flashed more flesh than usual, in a Herve Leger black figure-hugging bandage dress. Looking good, girl!

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33 thoughts on “Leona’s new Hollywood lifestyle

  1. It\’s good. It shows how well things are working for her. Keep it up. It\’s not easy to please everyone Leona. Fungai Scotland

  2. what happened to never leaving britain?soon she\’ll get caught up in drugs and stuff like other celebz.cum on leona!

  3. mmmm i am thinking she wont be so " down to earth" for long – they all get sucked into hollywood -she will get bigger and just want more – i hope her family can adapt to this drastic change in life-style ,, hope they wont miss their little leona much x

  4. i think that it is fab that she has a new life and i think tat her hair looks fab,, 🙂 if had the amount of money that u hav and the amount of fame then i would also leave the country cause to be honest what would keep u here???

  5. I feel so happy for Leona she is an amazing singer, a lovely person but she is very down to earth.Good luck xxx

  6. I wouldn\’t say I am "happy" or even commit to "loving" this woman…but well done, she has worked hard for it! I hope she keeps her feet on the ground though and always remembers where she has come from.

  7. down to earth yh right thats y she renting a hom 4 £7,000 a month pull the other 1 its got bells on it….

  8. i used to like her when she was in england , but now shes fuked off to L.A , i think its pathetic at the end of the day we made her here. cant stand the girl 🙂

  9. Emma – I agree with you! We watched Leona singing, and the majority of the public voted for her to win X factor…….now we are slagging her off because she has money and is spending it…..how fickle are we???? Or is it jealousy? I bet most people would love the chance she has had to make something of themselves…..and I bet, would do exactly the same and spend their earned money on bettering their life style………

  10. why dont people leave leona alone she has worked to get were she is so i say good luck to the girl im glad for her success so leave the girl alone

  11. i wish her well and yeah she looks lovely though the simularities to mariah i.e the voice stlye.plus curly hair and now going straight and kinda blonde its getting scary! her label is based in l.a so staying there isnt a shock really.i wont really be suprised if leona remains in permantly eventually.. im sure theres enough other british vocal talent to keep us proud ova here.xx

  12. We paid her family\’s benefits before she was famous, why cant she stay in the UK and pay back some of the taxes?

  13. U Lot Are Full of \’Envy\’ ! Seriously, the girl is only doing what is normal. Wouldn\’t EVERYONE Love to earn that amount of money and afford all these luxuries. If given the chance, everyone would go for it. Leona is lucky and she deserves it! Im no less of a fan than I was 2 years ago when she graced the X Factor stage. She\’s still the same down to earth girl. Just because she decided for a change in a fab new look and because she\’s spending her earnings doesn\’t make her bad! Seriously, stop being immature… U GO LEONA! 🙂

  14. if i had the money she has, i doubt i would stay where i was just because of some jealous idiots. it\’s her life she can do what she wants.

  15. Everyone here who is shooting Leona down for spending her money has to take a good look at themselves. Can anyone seriously tell me that with that amount of money and success, they wouldn\’t splash and enjoy the good life whilst they can. At the end of the day she is the one making the money, she can whatever she wants with it, and I think anybody in this situation would do the same thing. Leona might not have this huge success for ever (touch wood) so she should take advantage of it whilst she can. At the end of the day it\’s not buying big houses that change you, its how you act once you have those things, and I can hardlies see Leona acting like a spoilt brat just because she has those things. She hasnt deserted the Uk, shes trying to build the foundations of her career, and she knows and her label knows that securing a career in America would mean mega bucks and lasting success, so who woulnd\’t aim for that? Yes we have given her a huge push into making it in her career, but she doesn\’t owe the Uk EVERYTHING, we just gave her the push, she did the rest. We also voted Leon Jackson as winner, yet he didnt go onto become worldwide, so all we did was make her win a talent show and give her a contract, she worked hard to get where she is and good for her for enjoying herself. Lifes too short. Leona always has been and always will be eternally grateful for the X Factor and her votes, but it doesnt mean she has to be constantly tied to the Uk. Its still early stages of her career, once shes more secure in her career she\’ll probably have time to focus on the Uk more but for now shes going to promote herslef elsewhere to gain more success…who can blame her. Rant over. xx

  16. I agree with "No name" 😛 Leona is an amazing singer and she\’s got money, tell me YOU wouldn\’t buy a house in LA if you had that money? Exactly.Good on you Leona, You\’ve worked hard for it, I do think that she is a british singer but just because she bought herself a house in LA doesn\’t mean she\’s going to stop being british?! If you buy a holiday home in India and you go and stay in it, does that mean your not English anymore, your Indian? Exactly.

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  18. you are so good at singing ive got all you songs and your song were you went to see all the poor that was a really good song you are the best keep it up you are the best singer in the hole world

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