‘Rihanna’ in nude web pics scandal

Alleged nude photos of pop star Rihanna have been leaked onto the internet.
Two of the photos feature close-ups of the 21-year-old singer’s face, while others feature a person resembling the star in various states of undress. The photos all appear to be self-shot. One of the snaps features the message ‘I love you Robyn’ scrawled on a mirror – the singer’s birth name is Robyn Fenty.
According to gossip website TMZ.com, the legal team at Rihanna’s record label have reportedly sent a letter to a website demanding that the ‘unauthorized photos purported to be…Rihanna’ be removed as they are in violation of ‘the Artist’s rights’. The singer nor her label have confirmed or denied that the photos are indeed of Rihanna.
The scandal emerges at a time when Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend Chris Brown is facing assault charges over an alleged attack on the singer in Los Angeles in February.

100 thoughts on “‘Rihanna’ in nude web pics scandal

  1. well,i don\’t believe this for a minute rihanna is my idol and i don\’t think she would do somethin like tht give her a break she was attacked!give her a break and pick on sum1 else for once ………….

  2. the pics are probably of her. this is the exact same thing that happened with vanessa ann hudgens. i\’m not saying anything bad about rihanna..i\’m a fan :]I LOVE CHRIS BROWN :Dxoxoxoxo

  3. well tbh.. so what if she has pictures like that, lots of people do and have done it before just because shes famous why should it make it wrong. paparazzi and people should leave celebs alone because theyd be pissed off if people followed them everywhere taking photos and critizing them ….. no ones perfect.rihanna rocks and people who diss her are just jealous coz shes stunning and has so many awsome songs.so live your life how u want to live it… beacuse its your life and no one can tell you how to live it… and if people want to diss u then f**k them.Thanx for inspiring me rihannax.x.x.x.x.

  4. yea its rhiannahttp://a6.imagehaven.net/img.php?id=JPTDJ2FQ4F_rihanna7.jpghttp://a6.imagehaven.net/img.php?id=4YUP1IKPNL_rihanna6.jpgand shes in a right st8.

  5. God Sake. It Isn\’t That Bad :L. I Wouldn\’t Do It, i no it is wrong, but c\’mon, she just got attacked etc, so she hasent had a very gd time, so go pik on sum1 else. xxxx ILY rihanna. Im A Big Fan 🙂

  6. what ever she ha done it dnt make her a bad person… so can every1 leave her alone if she wants to take picture sof herselfe let her,, hus to say that she took them in the first place.. dis every really have no life they are that bored that they have toi go and look at5 the pituresss.. so let her do what she wants to do .. its no 1 elses busiensss :@:@:@

  7. Hellooo???She just got attaked by her muchh lovedd boiifriendd, shess beenn havinn a badd time at least she anit in jailI KNOW RHIANNAS COZENN AND I WENT OUT WITH HIM !!!!!!!soz hadd 2 do that xox

  8. rhianna is a bitch i dnt expect nothing good of her want to mash up chris\’ career because she is a jealous freak get a life u cunt

  9. Does anybody bo the actuall story between chis and rhianna!!!!I would def pick her over chris brown!i think she was attacked!!!!!


  11. I know i don\’t know her but, she seems like a control freak and an attention seeker.She must have wound chris up to make him lose his rag?

  12. i feel sorry 4 rihanna she got attack by her loved bfriend n now dis.COME ON LEAVE HER ALONE i think she is a g8t singer n i think a g8t person she done nothing wrong.AND I NOW HATE CHRIS BROWN.Rihanna rocks.

  13. Who care\’s it\’s her life.RIHANNA ROCKS!!!So live your life how u want to live it… beacuse its your life and no one can tell you how to live it… and if people want to diss u then f**k them.Thanx for inspiring me rihanna xxxx

  14. I hope rhianna will realise that you dont have real friends when you are famous or rich, they are always on the take, you must renew your spirit my girl. this chris brown is no good for you but I also know how it is when young and in love. you are an educated girl, dont let him pull you down and become a has been, he did not make you so dont let him break you. take spiritual counceling, God bless.

  15. Why cant she be left alone? So many jealous people out there eh. Very successful and attractive Rihanna keep going girl, hold your head up high and carry on. Also some of the comments left here from a few male readers have really got to me.. domestic violence is rife and is not a good place to be, no matter how much someone can wind you up, does not mean you should beat them. As far as the pictures are concerned….so what, is that the best they can do to bring her down?

  16. The thing is – if you don\’t want your past to come back and haunt you – don\’t do these things!! We should all be careful about what we say, do and think! At least it\’s out in the open so to speak, just face it girl, stick two fingers up to those that are doing this (metophorically speaking) say "so what!!" and, move on!

  17. Riihaaannnaaaa You Are B-e-a-uuu-ti-ful Fcuk The Otherz And Just How You Say LIVE YA LIFE..Live It And Love It…And Tl The Otherz Ta Doooooo 1…And Your Ex Bf Hez Just A Joey…Justt Chiiiiiilll And Make Mre Pple Jelouse Hahaha…Inabizzzle.

  18. i think this rather strange for these to magically appear in the mist of the current scandall. We need to ask our selves one question, who would benifit from these photo being leaked? we wll know where it will lead us!!!! dirty dirty dirty, stop tryin to spoil the girls\’ reputation!. dam it

  19. Rihanna am dissapointed in you, ok maybe you didn\’ mean for the pictures to be all over the internet but, you still took them so it is also your falt too you know.

  20. I feel bad for her that her privacy should be invaded like this, there\’s nothing wrong with taking pictures for her own enjoyment and it\’s a shame that some untrustworthy person has leaked them…But at the same time, she should know by now that she is famous and that people will do things like this. Tabloids past and present are littered with leaked celebrity pictures and videos, with the media\’s favourite being the racy stuff. Knowing all that, I will never understand why celebrities continue to risk themselves like this. Yes, it\’s a shame that people can\’t be trusted and that you should have to censor yourself in order to protect yourself, but that\’s the reality unfortunately. It\’s always the same old story, "I thought I could trust X…"

  21. I no Ri shudnt of don it but I feel bad 4 her dat this happened. She has no privacy!! 😦 BTW "Sander" ~ that was really mean 4 u 2 put dat website up der. UR SICK SANDER!! Give her a flipping break. If she wasnt a celebraty she wudnt have dis problem and she\’d hav a bit mor privacy. Everyfing she does ppl always hav 2 make a big deal out of it dont they?? Not fair on Ri!! x

  22. come on to f**k any1 with an ounce of sense wouldnt marry some1 that just "attacked" u ,, its all a publicity stunt act ur age rihanna

  23. Ive seen them, nothing too interest hardly nude at all ok you see some titty a little ass, infact the ass is far too well padded to belong to rihanna, but props to the girls who backside it is because its pretty fine. So what if it is her, being naked and sending said naked pics to her boyfriend is hardly a scandal is it. We all know hes seen her naked, so just because theres now conclusive proof hes seen her naked, merits it becoming a \’scandal\’? Im sorry in between watching her cavort on screen wearing nothing but rhinestones or writhe around in a miniscule bikini I mustve missed the time when she was a nun.

  24. this is so stoped and if thingk its funny nthe u r a sik pose and u do not on if it is her so up ros u r ack poepl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it is proble a ckndel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Gary – You will be very happy to know that this will be the very last time you will ever hear from me. I have discovered, thankfully, that I am better than all of this. There is an desperately obvious “need” that is in you… to permanently be on these blogs and I know that you are not free as I most definitely am, because you simply HAVE TO write on them all. For which I feel very sad for you. You must feel unhappy about being you as you clearly need an outlet so you don’t have to think about your sad life….and these blogs are it!! I also feel sorry for you that you had to create many accounts to try and have some kind of a life that you are clearly missing out on…You created people like.…”Amber Lee”, “Stevan”, “Katie Jordan Price” “peter” EVEN “Paul” (whose nasty post to me was deleted at the exact same time you (Gary), deleted yours…Hmm, funny that!!) – AND this is to name just a very few personalities you have inside of you Gary.I feel it is so sad that you are stuck in your home, not being free to go out…and having to order films in from Blockbuster’s as you are fearful of leaving your own home. I am so glad that I can actually get out and experience life and live the life I have chosen for myself to the full. I cannot imagine what it must feel like for you not to be able to cope with anything in life, other than the blogs you truly totally rely on. All I can say is that I will be praying for you from time to time, whenever I remember the sad times of your continual harassment of me on the blogs. 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Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

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