Peter Andre speaks out

Peter Andre has used his column in New! magazine to slam rumours that his split from Katie Price is a publicity stunt.

Writing from Cyprus where he is spending time with his brothers, Pete said: "I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight about one thing. You may have read or heard that this is a publicity stunt, but I can assure you it’s not. How anyone could think I would pretend to split up from my wife to grab headlines is beyond me. It’s just sick."

Pete seemed to hint that the pair might reconcile when he wrote: "Everything is up in the air at the moment but I am writing this from Cyprus as I came here to get away and spend some time with my family."

Both Katie and Peter are expected to return to London on Thursday to discuss custody arrangements for their three children. The glamour model has been in the Maldives with Junior and Princess since the split.

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100 thoughts on “Peter Andre speaks out

  1. Please Cazzie, I wouldnt want you to \’rise\’ at all, fair enough some of my posts can be scintillating but I wouldnt want you to get over excited. Aw thats sweet you do your thing sugarbean. Surely being a royal cow is better than being a common one?

  2. I\’d rather be a common one thanks…And Amber – I only get over excited about over excitable things!!

  3. Okaii, i dont want anybody to take this into offence! But somebody wrote a view that they thourght was correct and u 2 are callin her (how childish!) I watch katie and peter statside, well ive watched the whole series really/ But who r u 2 to judge somebodys own oppion? i think it is diiscusting! u 2 arnt they onli 1s allowed to write what u want! Freedom ov speech and all that yadda! So go cheryl and i agree y waste ur tym writin nasty fings if there are more pressing mattas as one ov u ses! Just get a Lyf!Peter and Katie r mint!!

  4. Vicky? Is that aimed at me??? oh dear, I am hurt to be called a child…..Erm, talking of childish…. did you say you have watched the WHOLE series??? do you have any side effects at all? maybe you should see a dr?? And I\’m not sure if your aware, but this is a blog and it enables one to write their opinion…d\’ya get it? So yeh, go cheryl….bye.Peter and Katie are mint what exactly? Aeros?Tut, Amber Lee, your meaness has rubbed off on me…

  5. jus 1 comment ………….. i fink katie price is nuffin but use and abuse kinda gal …… if nuffin woz goin on between katie and dis otha guy, she shud ov stayed at home and waited 4 her hubby, to sort things out and not fly off wid her her kids, b4 he even got bak 2 find out she had left xx now dat iz not wot uz call trust!!!!! katie cud ov run off wid next bloke if she had 2 knowing her but i think it woz bcoz ov d kids…………. peter is a nice guy xx i think he has a very nice personality xx he cud keep any woman happy xx katie didnt deserve him xx she shud b 1 off gal xx it suits her coz she still doesnt behave xx i thought marrige wud ov made a difference xx obviousley it aint !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peter is an excellent dad xx he cud luk after those kids widout any1s help xx so peter if ur reading dis im available darlin xxxx love and respect reachin out 2 u peter xx uz can do beta babe xx by d way peter doesnt need katie price 2 make money!!!!!!!!!!!!! his gotta lot ov body ov his own xx gudluck peter xx

  6. pete katie is to bossy why do you stand for it.It must be really hard for you at this diffucult time.Hope you work things out for the kids sake.Ttake care

  7. Cazzie! Yh that was aimed at u and amber lee! No i dont need to go and c a dr! for ur information i am in six form college! Bet u didnt get that far? And maybe u need to go and c a dr! If u dont knw the ppl u r writin abwt or makin snide lil comments then y say all that stuff?? And just because ppl watch it they need to go an c a dr omg do u even have a brain????Oh dear all them nasty comments must have rubbed off on me??? U 2 need to go and get a room!

  8. vicky are you a real person? or are you someone who actually makes sense in everyday life pretending to speak chav? Because if youre serious, Id delete your post, otherwise its conclusive proof of what I was saying. You see cheryl, I warned you. You see how you can just about spell and make a valid semi-lucid post? Now contrast that with vicky whos obviously in the late stages. By this point I think theres brain juice leaking out her ears. The national grid will be drained tonight. Vicky, im not criticising anyones \’oppion\’ im criticising her lifestyle. Anyone who openly admits watching every series leaves themself open to be criticised, and when someone like you comes along, who cant spell the word OK which in its simplest forms consists of 2 letters that are literally spelt like theyre said, its a perfect pin up of the health hazards of dedicating so many hours to trash tv. And please, direct me to where i can obtain said \’lyf\’ and Ill pick up enough for the 2 of us.


  10. I think there would be more peace \’sassy\’ if you and all like you went and put your head in a gas oven. There would be fewer fatherless children, fewer people being kicked to death for not handing over a cigarette, and fewer travesties against the english language and education as a whole. Not that Im trying to generalise and say ALL chavs are the same. But I kinda am hehehe

  11. pete at the end of the day , only one person knows how they feel and thats you ,but with such georgeous children it must be hard,my heart goes out to you,but make sure you never give in for the children ,who love you so much especially for harvey,i watch you on television with these children you are very special dad,you give them your time ,love.i wish you luck and happiness.

  12. you can do better peter , katie is to in to herself she done wrong she likes the fame to much and money it the kids she should be thinking of not being in the sun.

  13. Obviously Katie Price is all about the business side of things, even when it comes to her relationships she looks at what she can gain profit-wise from them. I think Pete also saw an opportunity for some headline action with her, and coupled with a mixture of lust and greed they entrenched themselves in this idea that they are the perfect couple. A year down the line after being together, Pete realized that Katie has bigger balls than him and that he is just a little puppy that follows her around whilst trying to salvage his failing career. Their fly on the wall show effectively destroyed them

  14. Thankyou Cazzie, and to add to the comment, if anyone saw the Piers Morgan show with Katie Price where she spoke about being attacked in a park by a man…well im no psychoanalysis, but such a traumatic episode must have affected her relationship with men, and the way she tries to perfect and glamourize herself aesthetically, she is only making herself a target for men so that she can knock them back and hold the upper hand against them. She distrusts men in quite an unhelathy way.

  15. I think Pete has done the right thing in leaving Katie. Having watched some of their series over the years it\’s obvious that Katie thinks of no-one but herself. Pete is completely devoted to those children and I for one hope he gets at least shared custody of them, if not full. He shows them love and gives them affection, which we never saw Katie do. As for people thinking this is a publicity stunt, what a ridiculous thing to say! Pete would never put his children through this upset just for the sake of a few column inches! I personally don\’t think they were suited to one another, Pete is a caring and affectionate man, but Katie is cold and calculated. I feel sorry for their poor children.I can\’t comment without saying anything to Cazzie and Amber Lee. What gives you the right to slag people off for having an opinion? You may not agree wih whay they\’re saying but that doesn\’t give you the right to insult them. If you two dislike Katie and Peter so much, why are you wasting your time having childish arguments on a blog written about them? A tad hypocritical if you ask me.

  16. Vicky Meanock….is that a real name? Maybe if you spent a bit less time in front of the TV watching chav fodder like Katie and Peter Stateside, whatever that is, and more on a bit of education, your use of English wouldn\’t be so appalling. I can barely understand a word of what you have written you illiterate bird."No name"…are you trying to be "Street"? Try again you waste of space.Do you people actually think that either of these non-cel;ebs actually read this crap that we write?

  17. Charlotte. Was it ever proven that she was attacked in a park. Could it possibly be that she is just after the sympathy vote? After all, with a story like that she can act as she wishes and nobody would cross her.

  18. Gary don\’t you think that\’s a bit harsh to say she lied about being attacked as a child? Not even Katie Price would lie about something like that.

  19. Did I say she lied? I am speculating, that\’s all. Of course she isn\’t lying. I mean, no woman has ever lied about being raped, has she?Anyway, Manon. What makes you such an expert on whether she would lie or not?

  20. Gary: I\’m not saying that it is proven fact that she was attacked, i am simply giving her benefit of the doubt, and saying that it is a possible reason for her beaviour and the way she is with men. Of course it could all be an act, but the fact is no one but Katie will ever know who she really is and what happened in her past, we can only postulate and theorize and everyone is entitled to their own assumptions. However, i don\’t think she would be so amoral as to lie about something that sadly happens all the time. A story like this does not provide her with some "magical barrier" that means she can act as she wishes. There are people who have larger and more traumatic burdens to bear but they don\’t break laws or treat people as if they are inferior to them. Katie is not such a diva, what with a family to think of and i can not think of any examples where she has acted so indifferently to social norms. Her strong-mindedness may have led you to believe otherwise though.

  21. No you didn\’t say she lied but you insinuated it. Yes, women have lied about being raped, but PERSONALLY I believe her because she has never spoken publicly about it apart from the interview wth Pierce Morgan. That shows it\’s a difficult thing for her to talk about, and if she was using it to get the sympathy vote then surely she would talk about it more? I\’m not an expert at all but I like to think that she would have a shred of decency to tell the truth about something of that nature.

  22. Er, Manon? Can you tell me exactly where I have slagged anyone off??? – and I would like an actual quote please!!!!And I am not wasting my time at all, nor arguing, but I am contributing to this blog with my opinions – just like you are – and I am happy to do so, you don\’t have to read what I put!!!!!!!!!I have to admit, I was sceptic when Jorden cried on Piers\’s show – it was a little strange…I am not saying it didn\’t happen, but I felt at the time…. "is this actually real?" I hope she sorts it out, whatever she was experiencing on his show – maybe that is why she has trust issues??

  23. Manon – oh come on now, don\’t back track…if you\’re going to make an accusation, the least you could do is back it up with evidence!!!I have not EVER attacked people for their opinion, I may have had a comment about it….er, but, dear sweet innocent Manon….are you not doing exactly what you are accusing me of doing?!!!!!! Hmm, think before you point the finger!!

  24. Looking back, I see that you haven\’t slagged anyone off but Amber Lee has, so I apologise. I just don\’t see why people feel the need to get personal on these blogs. What\’s with all the hate?! Everybody has a right to their opinion, but nobody has a right to talk to someone like a piece of dirt on their shoe just because they don\’t agree with them about the topic. It\’s childish and really not necessary.

  25. Yes it\’s fair enough to comment, but not in the way Amber Lee has. She has gotten way too personal, for no real reason other than she doesn\’t agree with someone\’s opinion. I deleted it because I wasn\’t able to edit.

  26. Ah manon, you\’re a man on what exactly? Oestrogen by the seems of it. Oh damn theres me getting personal again. Its that darned Freedom of speech as one of the drones pointed out, and its a wonderful thing. I freely mock anyone and everyone, and you dont like it. Boo fricking hoo, for some reason I manage to sleep at night. Maybe Im heartless, maybe theyre brainless, maybe we evolved from Lemurs but some people only made it so far, I couldnt care less. Ignore me and I may go away. Or get over it. Whichever is easiest for you. 10 yr olds party eh, so so ripe for mocking, but you seem the sensitive type Ill leave you be.

  27. Charlotte…love. You really should check your facts before you come on here using your fancy words. Here\’s a fact. There are as many false reports made by women as there are actual assaults. It is a sad fact of life that some women like to put it about a bit but think they can get away with it by crying "rape" the next day. A big cause is binge drinking. You write about the woman as if you know her personally. I dont care for her at all but one only has to read these blogs to realise that she isn\’t the mother she professes to be and that she is also an ovebearing bully. I dont care why she is like she is. As you say, we all have our burdens, but you should be careful not to generalise quite so much.Manon…are you thick? Firstly, I asked if the assault story had ever been proven which is a long way from calling her a liar. Did she ever report it and was a prosecution ever brought? Secondly, you wrote "if she was using it to get the sympathy vote then surely she would talk about it more". How does that follow? She spoke about it once, on national peaktime TV. Why does she need to speak about it more? She already has your sympathies you silly woman. PERSONALLY, I think you believe everything you read in glossy magazines.

  28. Gary: Do not patronize me "love". You express yourself as if God has given you these answers himself. Yes, i know it is all too easy for women to exploit men by crying rape, and whilst there are half as many false reports, don\’t forget the actual assaults that really do happen. So on them grounds, your belief may be that there is a 50/50 chance that Katie Price was and was not attacked. False reports do not detract from the reality of these assaults. You can not even state that it is a fact anyway, because there are a large number of assaults that go unreported. You and i do not know for sure, but in no way has she exploited this attack and tried to gain any sympathy i.e lack of media coverage about it. Of course i dont know her personally, im making my assumptions on an objective view. You suggest that from these blogs, general public opinions, you can assert that she is a bad mother, on the basis of this "substantial" evidence this must be true… your eyes. I think you should be the one checking your facts Gary.

  29. Please stay together Peter and Katie. Whatever people say your love and commitment to each other are all that matter.

  30. i can not watch your televised life in the states now as it is so sad, i think you will find a lot of people will feel the same, its all a sham, think of your kids, but katie is very self absorbed, and your right she is up her own arse and she needs to come down to earth, she wil get old one day and be very lonely

  31. Charlotte. I knew I\’d get your attention!I am reading posts by other bloggers who have watched the pair of them performing on TV. There are as many detractors as there are supporters. I\’d say that was a good balance and certainly worth expressing an opinion on. So, my opinion was fact based.What got up my nose about you was that you are obviously intelligent and seem to use that fact as if everything you write should be gospel. I questioned you…that was all. I quote:"Charlotte. Was it ever proven that she was attacked in a park. Could it possibly be that she is just after the sympathy vote? After all, with a story like that she can act as she wishes and nobody would cross her."Simple questions. As you gave her the benefit of the doubt one way, I weighed in with the opposite point of view. Isn\’t that what these blogs is for? Or are you so bloated with your own opinions that you want to slag off everybody who has a contrary point of view.I have worked with enough victims of assault to know what the statistics are, thank you. All I have done is to give an opposing view because I like a balanced argument but also because I know it stirs you up.Clea…get a life, love. And whilst you are about it, a name change wouldn\’t hurt.Pauline. Is that a uniform? God help us!

  32. ooooooooooooooo and i thought this blog was about peter andre speaking out….yet a was bowled over by the sheer amount of love you guys have for each other!

  33. Well, I\’m off to Cyprus – but I won\’t get a glimpse of Pete as we\’ll be on the Turkish side….Just hope my son doesn\’t demolish the house while we\’re gone!!

  34. Cazzie, say it aint so, you have a son? What with all this talk of \’virginal infections\’ and such I thought you were pure as the never driven snow. I sure hope it was the Immaculate Conception or Im going to be crushed. I dont know how you define \’good\’ parenting Charlotte, but leaving your \’oh so seriously ill son that could have a catastrophe at any moment\’ at home while you slope off to some island to prance around looking faux mournful creating bikini photo ops, knowing that the boy is now bereft of both parents and most probably would like his mummy to be there for him for his own sake and not to sell to Hello Magazine probably wouldnt rank high on the list. Pimping out your children to any glossy cover that will have them doesnt seem too maternal either. Even the most nauseating arrogant of \’stars\’ like to keep their children as much out of the public eye as they can, not so this wench. If they so much as flatulate its a 7 page spread. No doubt we\’ll be informed when the son hits puberty and maybe when the daughters legal, mummy dearest will be on the phone to playboy offering her up as a centrefold. If this was all paparazzi shots and interviews with dubious sources I might be inclined to say its not a reflection of her mothering skills, however the fact that she gleefully and consistently sells stories about her children is sickening. Oh dont tell me, she wants to raise awareness of her sons condition, and give hope to other struggling mothers who cant pass them off to nannys right? Silly me, noone has selfish motives these days do they.

  35. Well, I\’m sorry to disappoint you Amber, but yes my son is nearly 22 and I was a teenager when I fell pregnant!! No, it wasn\’t a miracle, it was by the usual way…but brought him up on my own! Sorry, but I wasn\'[t pure…but I did wait for a whole 10 years for someone – being very very good… before I met and married my husband!I am going to pack now, Bring you something back from Famagusta! xx

  36. well done pete get shot of the foul mouthed self obsessed slapper there are lots of nice females around who would appreciate you and not treat you like summit you would wipe of your shoe

  37. I am very sorry to hear about your troubles with your lovely wife, however not entirely surprised as marriages as any relationship needs to be maintained (abusing each other is not the way forward) if you truely love each other it may be beneficial to look at this area of your marriage. Whatever you decide I wish you both well as you have kept me entertained since you got together. If you do split I will miss you both as a couple. Again best wishes. Joan McIntyre.

  38. Cazzie…you seem to have taken on the role of "Grand Dame" of these blogs, lately. Rae\’s comments appear to be directed at one woman only and, I\’m sure, do not reflect his attitude towards women in general.

  39. Peter Andre is a lovely sweet guy & the way Katie Price spoke & treated him was disgusting & she should be ashamed of herself. I\’ve had a partner who treated me in the same way & while you may put up with for a while for whatever reasons there comes a time when you refuse to put up with it anymore! I just hope Pete gets to see the kids & he get through this hard time & one day finds a woman who will love him & treat him how he desveres to be treated!! Katie\’s a very silly girl she had everything beautiful kids, a husband who adored her & she still wasn\’t happy & had to spoil it!!!

  40. Marriage needs working on not 3 years don\’t give up yet keep out of the public for a while and become stronger you both can do it. you have both been burning the candle at both ends. Go for it the three little ones need a family unit. Chris

  41. u will look bak on this and think she done u a favour she has no class m8 think ov the kids and leave her to crawl back under the stone she came from it wont work cause ur way above her u cant buy class you either have it or u dont

  42. Emma Jayne… me old fashioned but if you will go around selling yourself as a piece of meat, maybe you should expect to be treated as such. Or are your photo\’s intended to show us where your brains are? To be honest, you are a perfectly attractive woman without the need to flaunt your tits all over the place or put yourself out there as "every mans fantasy". Where I come from love, we like to keep those kinds of things private and in the bedroom.And, wehn you think of it, there is a certain analogy between you and Peter Andre. I mean, lets face it, he doesn\’t have much between the ears and Jordan was more interested in looks and the fantasy rather than his intelligence. That said, I\’m guessing you have some snese so it must be low self-esteem in your case. The clues are there….abusive relationships, self degradation…….

  43. i think this will be good for pete, im sorry but i hate that tangerine cow katie and im glad there splitting, he can go and finally get back to doin important things in his life and katie, well she cant go and continue whoring herself like she always does. Lets hope pete gets full custody if not u may as well just hand their kids over to the therapist right now. Good Luck pete =^_^=

  44. if there is any chance of their marriage working, then they both need to keep out of the press and work at it… have counceling if its needed, u can see why a lot of people think its a stunt as pete has an album out soon, and what better way to promote it, than gettin every 1 to feel sorry 4 ya, and they will go buy it, but to be honest it was kate who was more succsesful, i didnt like her when she was all over max power, but scince she has changed i think she is brill,

  45. hopefuly katie tries to change her attitude after all this i think thy r a gd couple but she needs to treat him better he seems like a gd guy and brilliant father she needs to give him more respect and alot more love how ever it turns out i wish them both all the luck in the world

  46. Peter Andre doing important things in his life? Have a single in the charts. Twiddle thumbs for 10 years or so. Get onto reality TV and latch on to the first bimbo with big tits that comes along. Go Pete…go get your life back. Hopefully, next time, it will be 20 years before we see you again!

  47. well its about time you stood up to her peter , i was a fan of both you and kate but if it comes out she is cheating then she can kiss my ass as a fan all relationships have there probs but that does not give you a free hand to be unfaithful , you go pete and get your fame back it shouldnt be hard as you are well liked good luck hunny xx

  48. i was very sorry to her about ur split fom katie i hope u are all well and maybe u can work out ur differences for the sake of ur three beautiful kids and each other

  49. Karen…do you actually believe that "Pete" reads this shit and cares what you think?Dawn? There really is no hope for you, is there? You were a fan of Jordan\’s? WHY? WHY? WHY? You sad, sad person

  50. I think it is pretty sad for peter & katie,to split up they are a great family, surely they can mend there differences. Marriage is hard work & i think working together & living togeter will put a strain on any marriage, may be they need this time apart

  51. who cares? let them do what they like…surely people have realised from peeps like george best…i say just leave them alone

  52. it is time Katie grew up and realized it is not all about her anymore. Peter is a good man and a good father. Katie is a good mother to a certain extent but cannot handle any eyes straying from her towards her husband and children, she is like stone,not natural anymore which is ashame as she was onces very pretty.

  53. peter my heart goes out to you and your kids at this time listen to your heart it wont tell yo lies good luck

  54. katie love u but u must learn how to treat your man after all no one is perfect not even u love he is a good catch plenty others will want him be warned u may have lost him for good

  55. I hope you and Katie ressolve your differences and remain friends . It is possible after a split . I know through exsperience and its not all doom and gloom.

  56. Gary – sorry it\’s taken me so long in replying – but I am niether "grand" nor a "dame" – Why do you say that?? I do get the feeling you are having a problem with the way I write..? And I made the comment about Rae\’s attitude as he called Jordan a " foul mouthed self obsessed slapper " – and that is a typical attitude of a "boy" mouthing off on his outlook on \’certain\’ women….which really means that he has absolutley no idea on how to talk about/to women in a correct manner…And, just like Rae, I am also entitled to my own opinion – thanks anyway Gaz!!

  57. i dont think pete likes the fact that it IS kate who is MORE successful, she is the 1 with all the cash, he did talk down to her , she might of acted thick, but whos the 1 who is worth over £4o million, and he cant touch a penny of it, she only defends herself.

  58. pete is the grown up in all this,what ive seen on the tv is pete being bullied by kate ,so i dont blame him for walking away aits not fair on the children to see it.

  59. I fink Pete is luvverly. You stick it out lover. She\’s not worf it. You are much better than she is. If I was a woman, I would have ur babeez. What a bunch of fucking cretins you all are!

  60. pete and katie should be together i just cant believe its all over between them i love them both and they always looked happy together i was shocked to see this happen hope they sort things out and get back together love them xxx

  61. oh dear i must obviously watch a different series of katie and peter from everyone else. Katie is very stong tongued and willed but in her defense i feel this is her way of defending herself. Pete is very frustrated and jealous of kates sucess, I feel he tought he would climb the sucess ladder alot quicker, but things didnt go that way, every time there were interviewed it was katie who they wanted to speak to and he would make nasty comments etc. If only pete could have been proud and then things may have came his way a little easier and quicker. I like pete but do find him a little childish, he always wants reassurance and praise constantly, and he talks non stop about sex, god get over it son and leave it for the bedroom with yr wife as its boring….. I pray for all there sakes they sort things out, goto counselling and save not just there marriage,but there freindship and there family.

  62. i see what your saying Caire but you should nt feel the need to defend yourself when it comes to your marriage,its a partnership not a competion on who has the more success and you certainly dont get married,bring kids into the world just to climb the ladder of success,everytime they had an interview Pete didnt stand a chance i.e. Paul Ogrady brought Pete on first so he could have the chance to actually spk to Pete without Katie taking over as per usual,i must have been watching different interviews from yourself as there was only one i ever seen where Pete was nasty and through a hissy fit,i like both Pete and Katie but marriage isnt build on one telling the other who has the more money or fame in the marriage in which Kate did consistently,i think you ll find Kate was the one with a lot of hangs ups all based on in her words (PAST RELATIONSHIPS) she has already openly admitted she was wrong in the way she was treating her husband and would take him back tomorrow,as for all the talk of sex you know what they say its the poor sods that aint getting any that talk about it,i think Katie had more sex bans in her marriage than she did sex not a good baises for a marriage i know that its not all about sex but it does help a couples closeness and intamacy when they have a healthy sex life,and lets face it Katie is the one with all the regrets about her marriage breakdown,and good on her for openly admitting it,i do hope they sort things out as i think with the proper counselling and guidance they could save their marriage,they are a lovely little family,but all the its me who has the money its me who s more famous,its me me me has to go,no marriage could survive that,and total respect to both of them for not getting dragged into some media circus slagging each other off,hope they do sort things out and both realise their faults sort them out,for the sake of their marriage,their friendship and their kids Good Luck to them lets hope they end up the lovely little family most of us want for them

  63. well done pete for letting katie go her own way money can\’t buy her happiness and she will soon find out.michelle.

  64. I do so hope you two sort things out, life is too short, everyone has hiccups in their marriage – large and small, a marriage is worth fighting for. You guys are in the spotlight so much and very rarely get any respite, please take care xx xx

  65. i understand everyones views by saying that Katie was out of order and saying that money cant buy her happiness, but thats something that Peter might have thought diffrently about, i mean yes they were a really good couple but at the end of the day if they were\’nt happy then they shouldnt have been together but i agree with the comment below they should fight for there relationship, not for there sakes, but for theres kids, and they have so much fans and everyone was dissapointed but if they felt they did\’nt want to be together then rather they split up then argue all the time and not be happy 🙂 xx

  66. hi there i so hope you can sort things out you realy are good for each other but just let things calm down and you both need to give your selfs some space i think the moveto la was a bad move hope all gose well

  67. Katie price must be tired of the marriage. Cos she was quick to start cuddling with an ex. Even a party at the family home. Ex got so drunk and had an accident. Ridiculous! Katie u have lost an amazing husband, no one will EVER love you like pete except for the melons u got on ur chest. u have lost a husband, father, dad, friend and nanny. I hope he comes for me hehehehehe(am praying)

  68. I truly hope that you manage to sort thing\’s out Pete. I think everyone know\’s that Katie can be pretty high maintanance, you are magic together and not many people are that lucky to find such love. All of my heart goes out to you both. I hope you manage to sort things out. xx

  69. you are by far to good for that woman!!! she looks like a tranny and is so up her own ass ,i find it painful to watch her,she looks cheap and with her pas,t well pete go get yourself a decent respectable woman for you and your kids ,good luck honey x

  70. i like katy and do think they are good for each other, but no one deserves to be spoken to like she does to him. she not a diva cause she gets her boobs out.and money is nothing to me if you have someone who lv\’s you for you. wish i had what she got.

  71. i hope you both find happiness apart, and have your children live a full and happy life with both of you in it x

  72. katie, peter is a very good husband you could never get a husband like peter , we love you both we hope to see you together again.

  73. Good for you Peter, you\’ve actually come to your senses!!!!! She\’s hight maintenance and you don\’t need it. She looks awful beside you and I think you deserve better.

  74. You are both a boring pair of twats. Who cares what happens to the pair of you so long as you get off my TV screen and out of my papers. I\’m fed up to the back teeth of seeing your mundane lives splashed over everywhere I look.

  75. Gary – You will be very happy to know that this will be the very last time you will ever hear from me. I have discovered, thankfully, that I am better than all of this. There is an desperately obvious “need” that is in you… to permanently be on these blogs and I know that you are not free as I most definitely am, because you simply HAVE TO write on them all. For which I feel very sad for you. You must feel unhappy about being you as you clearly need an outlet so you don’t have to think about your sad life….and these blogs are it!! I also feel sorry for you that you had to create many accounts to try and have some kind of a life that you are clearly missing out on…You created people like.…”Amber Lee”, “Stevan”, “Katie Jordan Price” “peter” EVEN “Paul” (whose nasty post to me was deleted at the exact same time you (Gary), deleted yours…Hmm, funny that!!) – AND this is to name just a very few personalities you have inside of you Gary.I feel it is so sad that you are stuck in your home, not being free to go out…and having to order films in from Blockbuster’s as you are fearful of leaving your own home. I am so glad that I can actually get out and experience life and live the life I have chosen for myself to the full. I cannot imagine what it must feel like for you not to be able to cope with anything in life, other than the blogs you truly totally rely on. All I can say is that I will be praying for you from time to time, whenever I remember the sad times of your continual harassment of me on the blogs. You really do need help my friend (and the friend bit, regrettably, I am saying in a patronising way.) You have many major issues and it’s so sad that you have chosen to create made up friends simply by opening up accounts so you can talk to yourself. This is real madness and I hope you manage to get some help for your lunacy. What a depressing state your mind must be in, what state is your poor life in? You seem simply miserable, depressed and lonely.I really believe that you are a schizophrenic and that you need to use the many people inside you, to try and find people that you can attempt to (in an incredibly demeaning way) relate to. But the way you tend to do this is by putting people down by trying to humiliate those who have their own opinions on matters. You simply cannot let matters rest and need to have an input into what people write on the blogs…. Or the alternative is for you to sit all alone in your empty room, looking at the prison walls you have created for yourself; maybe wishing you could leave and have a life like the rest of us do.The thing is Gary/Amber/Paul/Stevan etc….. You didn’t bank on messing with me. You cannot ever win with me as I was there at every turn making sure you understood that you have to be held utterly responsible for your nasty degrading comments and digs at the way people see life. You are an incredibly sad individual! How sad it is that you invented the lie that you were indeed a family man living in London, with a wife and children. When in actual fact, you are very much alone! I think you wish that you had all those things you talk of, but actually in real life, you haven’t got anyone or anything… I’m sad for you – truly. God Bless you in your emptiness Gary. How sad that you need these blogs to live and die by.I, happily, am free to leave these blogs, to you and all of the many people you carry inside of you! I leave you very much alone in your plight so you can get on with your miserable existence that you are choosing to live by. Whilst I am living my wonderful life with my wonderful husband, wonderful children, wonderful friends and other wonderful family members! I am so grateful to be able to do this and I am thankful to my God that I can let go of all of this pathetic need for attention as I really do not need nor want it – I let it go…………….I will not even bother looking at these blogs any more, not even to see what you or all of your made up people inside you have written Gary….I really don’t need it….I am free. You are nothing to me. So I will let you write that you got rid of that religious nutter/stalker, swearing about me.. etc… etc…. as you are nothing to me. And I can guarantee it will only be Amber Lee and Gary saying degrading things about me….…Oh unless of course you create yet more people who can have their say…whatever you do, I truly do not care…My God, my very own family and my own opinion on ME and who I am is worth EVERYTHING to me and yours, Gary, is truthfully worth NOTHING to me at all…….God does love you very much Gary, and even all the people you carry around inside you. I pray that you will be able to sort yourself out very soon and allow God to heal the pain that you are obviously in. Jesus died for you Gary, and rose from the dead and now lives, waiting for you to surrender your heart to him.My email account has now been closed as I am now elsewhere…………Goodbye foreverFREEDOM ………………………………… "Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

  76. Im Sorry To Say This But Wat About Harvey Katie Don\’t You Care About Him Or SomeThing ?? :(And Im So Sorry For You Peter

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