Britain’s PM Could Have Talent!

Roll out the red carpet on Downing Street as there could well be a new Prime Minister in town. Over 100,000 MSN readers voted for their choice to lead the country, with Simon Cowell clinching 21% of the online electorate. However, the poll on MSN Entertainment was not quite a landslide victory for Simon, as the absolutely fabulous Joanna Lumley secured 20% of the vote.

Responding to the news, Joanna said: "I am so touched I can’t tell you but strangely the answer is no. I have had a look close up at what MPs do, the responsibility on their shoulders and how hard all of them, no matter which party they are in, no matter what position they’ve got, they work absolutely ceaselessly".

With expenses revelations rocking Westminster, David Cameron calling for a snap general election and Esther Rantzen threatening to wade into the political ring, it may well be a good time to abandon party politics altogether and give the British public what it seems to want. If Arnold Schwarzenegger can be Governor of California then why not Simon Cowell at No.10 Downing Street?

I also think that third placed Sir Trevor McDonald (17%) would make a good PM. However, it seems that super-chef Delia Smith failed to convince the public of her leadership qualities, finishing last with a measly 1% (1,015) of votes, while the middle ground was fought out between mountain-climbing Radio One DJ Chris Moyles (9%), controversial comedian Russell Brand (8%), and pop princess Cheryl Cole (8%).

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16 thoughts on “Britain’s PM Could Have Talent!

  1. Oh dear yet another inflater for Mr Cowell\’s ego.I\’m afraid you are not allowed to press a buzzer in the House of Commons when someone stands up in front of you saying something you don\’t like. 🙂

  2. Yeh Rach and bring back Mr Blobby!!!I still reckon that when people think of England, they think of Sir Cliff!!! Cliff For PM!

  3. That is the stupidest fucking idea that I have ever heard seeing as Simon Cowell is such a pointless fucking creature who should never be given any influence and who should never be listened to.


  5. why not boris johnson? hes already the mayor of london so hes used to that kind of stuff…we could do with a laugh

  6. gosh thylat, do you think so? Do you think simon cowell is doing his tv shows for money and not the advancement of civilisation? do you think people work in their chosen professions for financial gain? If astute observations like that are your forte maybe YOU should be the next prime minister

  7. A bumble bee would be better as PM then any one else I can think of at least it is useful and makes honey, our MP just steal

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