Peter Andre to sing for Queen?

Peter Andre’s personal life may be a mess, but his career is on the up – it’s been reported that the Aussie star will perform for the Queen at this year’s Royal Variety Performance! Pete’s apparently been invited to sing tracks from his new album, which he recently recorded in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Peter has used his column in New! magazine to refute claims he has already met another woman since splitting with Katie Price in May.

“Apparently, I’ve got one woman out in Cyprus, another in Los Angeles and I’m even supposed to be involved with a member of staff,” Peter wrote. “I can hold my head up high and say I’ve been 100 percent faithful throughout my marriage and still am, and any reports suggesting otherwise are totally hurtful and false.”

He continued: “It’s really important to me, though, that people know I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to leave on a whim. My children have always been the most important thing in my life and they always will be.”

Katie Price seems to already be putting the split behind her – or at least that’s what she wants us to believe: “Everyone deals with breakups in different ways and my way is to just keep going and not think about it,” the glamour model wrote in her column for OK! magazine. “I’m just focusing on my kids and my friends.”

Why reality TV romances fail

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66 thoughts on “Peter Andre to sing for Queen?

  1. peter i am sory for your pain and all you can do is what you think best for you and thoses youn love its hard putting crap behind us but to have everyone looking on it must be hell god bless you and your family

  2. i was so shocked to hear bout you and katie i think you are both brilliant people who love eachother very much but i think katie has insecurities which she cant deal with im hoping u get back together your chilren are gorgeous takecare and all the best for the future xx

  3. l was real disappointed to hear you had split up, l hope you work things out both and get back together ,and think of youre lovely kids l adored you both, hope everthing work out for both of you , god bless!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Now that you are having a \’quiet & private\’ break, why not use it to repair any problems in your marriage? I met my hubby on a blind date, moved in with him within the week, married him 9 months later – no I wasn\’t pregnant! – but we are soon to celebrate our 33rd Wedding Anniversary. We have had problems but we sat down and sorted them out when they arose and now we are happy sharing time together!!! No-one is perfect but you really should give more time to your marriage and less time to the TV!! We will survive without knowing ALL your private habits.Whatever your problems if you really do love each other, you can\’t just quit – that\’s just what your critics want!!I\’ll be rooting for both of you to get back together – SOOON!!!

  5. sorry peter it was no shock to here about you and kate, even tho i think it is sad for you and her and the children, you both no good fighting in front of the kids. i think kate was OTT with you pere. i hope the new album does well and cant wait to here it. i think you and kate need time apart to sort yourself\’s out and i hope your marrage works for the childrens sake cos poor harvey wont know whats going on as he calls you daddy as it is. and you did a lot for kate and hope she misses what you did and misses you and it all sorts its self out in the end. i am a big beliver in as one door closes another opens and that door peter is your new album all the best love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Sorry to hear the dreadful rumours about you Pete,i know you didn\’t just decide to end it with Katie on a whim ,i don\’t blame you for leaving you put up with so much and my heart went out to you -You were a dammed good husband to her and now she\’ll realize that now its too late ,more importantly you are an amazing father ,i honestly cannot fault you and i wish you luck in everything you do and hey getting to perform in front of the queen thats great news ,you can hold your head high Pete as you\’ve done nothing wrong i am so happy that you have so much support ,keep your chin up darlin we are all rooting for you ,you\’re a top guy.

  7. poor peter, i just felt the need to drop a small note sayin that i think u r fantastic. not so much ur music but ur a realy nce guy what was u doing with the likes of katie. i hope u can patch up ur differences for the sake of the kids. i was amazed at how long u put up with her she treated u like a doormat. anyway was just a note to wish u all the best and i hope u get custidy of the kids i feel they would have a betta life with u than a mum who prefers to party than b with her kids

  8. Peter, I wish u good luck on ur new album, that is most important thing and I pray to God to guard u support u in all ur ways, am sure very soon Katie will realize what she lost. Peter u are a good husband to core.

  9. I would like to wish you both luck in the future, life is hard without the extra pressure you are both under. I have enjoyed watching you both on the TV and seeing your success build and i hope you can rebuild your lives together or apart and at least become friends for your beautiful family\’s sakes and your own. The raw pain of separation can lead to a better future as friends if the recriminations stop. I was always very proud of such a lovely young family as i watched your success build and your family grow.Life sometimes throws a curve ball and you have to learn to dodge or catch it, its up to you which you chose.I send my love and best wishes to you and your family at this hard time, keep on smiling it can only get better xxxx

  10. Personaly i think peter is not very good at singing no afence to him btw. I think that peter and katie should be together,i mean they should not just be together for the children because they won\’t love each other. They should work this whole thing out because i feel its really getting on peoples nerves with all the press spreading rubbish!!!!

  11. both of you should sit down face to face in private and both admitt your mistakes put it behind you,and both learn,and bring those kids up together,think of how its breaking the kids hearts watching you both fighting!you should give katie benefit of doubt and believe how sorry she is for hurting you,will miss you guys on t.v. am a big fan,i love you guys your have something speail and worth fighting for. each other!joanna billingham north wales

  12. you are both to blame and it is your kids that will sit down and sort it out. you knew what she was like when you married her and she will never change so you either grin and bear it or you make a clean break and go back to cyprus and start again. But be truthfull way the split happened

  13. I think that Peter Andre is being very clever for HIMSELF, what publicity as this downtrodden man when he has called his wife " A TART" on national tv, and also seemed to refer to her as giving sexual favours to climb the ladder to success, as in the word "blow" or whatever, how petty. Katie Price is an amazing role model, I think she has sat there and taken a load of bullshit from an extremely jeallous egotistical man who knew exactly what he was getting in to, Katie is straightforward and to the point, if he didnt like it he should have gone for a nobody like Chantelle whoever, if you admire the trimmings of wealth, a strong woman, lets face it, Peter, your music career was in hibernation and u were working down the gym, no matter whether you owned the equipment or not !! – and now u are THE SCORNED MALE, what a load of crap, u feathered your pockets, u couldnt but love Katie Price, she is a beautiful, humourous, extremely intelligent woman, she was good enough for you to have kids with, she was good enough to support you through your illness, and then when you think you are on the up, U WANT YOUR OWN SUCCESS FOR YOURSELF, U DONT SEEM TO WANT TO SHARE IT, Peter, u were very rude and ignorant to Katie, u called her a tart, u suck up to everybody that has hurt her feelings, NO WOMAN WANTS A MAN LIKE THAT. If somebody had shouted "who let the dogs out when I walked out of the toilet or wherever, I wouldnt expect my partner to be saying how wonderful these people were, grow up, give Katie a ring, and start listening to 99per cent of the population who think that you have given as good as you have gotten. Dont u think that u have hurt Katie, or are u completely daft, if I were u I would take every opportunity to offer forgiveness, if u have a marriage problem, u dont rush to Cyprus and abandon ship, why the hell should she let u back in the house anyway !! – most women wouldnt. – As for mistaking your own wife for Chantelle whats her name, what crap, your wife is beautiful … Best of luck pete

  14. and for Gods sake, can everybody drop the poor Peter scenario !! And u Peter, if u love her, sort it out, why would anyone hang around for someone who calls them a "tart" in front of millions of people – u have had a good time mate, but u aren\’t more popular than Katie, and the way u have treated her, u never will be, if u fancy a change, go and do it, but, u r making a big mistake, and I think u know u r.

  15. personally i think pete is better off without that foul mouthed up her own arse kate, you dont say in front of millions of people tht ur the bread earner, marriage is about sharing, not humiliating ur husband which she does at every opportunity.shes a selfish egoistical bitch, find someone decent pete, you deserve it, from jeannette

  16. I think that Kate does it for the cameras. She want\’s at home for people to laugh. And she thinks it\’s funny..But it\’s a bit hard…I\’m so sorry Pete, although I want you to get back together, Because I love the TV show and what will happen without the coolest couple?! Although I think Kate is being very harsh on you. Although it\’s your choice. It\’s your choice to get back together or not. I think you should I suppose, but you don\’t want a wife, who calls you a tart infront of LOADS of people watching at home. How much cringey that is. I think you should just talk with her, let her discuss things. It\’s your choice after ALL. Don\’t put on too much stress. XxX.P.S. Sorry about the break-up again, it must be REALLY hard for you.P.S.S. (Is that it?) Your so funny!!P.S.S.S. Why did you call Princess, that for? Won\’t it be cringey for her when she\’s older? She doesn\’t want to be like that. Also because in high school and stuff…There would probaly be too much bullies, saying `Oooh!! I\’m miss spoilt princess winsess!!` Although I would be her friend, I think that would just be too childish, and I would love to be her friend no matter if she\’s called Stinky to Weirdo. (Pretty bad names). P.S.S.S.S. Your children are going to be SO upset you broke up!! =[ =[=[What are we going to do without Katie & Peter!!

  17. Im really happy for Pete, i hope he has a really good life with a real woman, (in every sence of the word,) that treats him right. Anne marie, ur talking out of ur arse girl. Everybody can see that Petes a geniuen bloke, ppl warm to him because of this. ppl dont warm to jordan because she is a hard faced, nasty mouthed woman, whos true colours are there for everyone to see on their tv programme. He is so much better without her, marriage isnt about money, its about love, its about being there for better or worse, not about who earns the most money. If you think thats right the i feel sorry for you love.

  18. Mary B.I think that the way Katie Price talks to her husband in front of the camera\’s is absolutely awful, constantley putting him down, and making him feel second to her because of the money she earns. Lets face it without surgery she is nothing anyway, Peter is a natural, and a very loving dad to the children, and that includes Katie\’s son. Katie looks very nice with all her false hair, nails, teeth, and boobs, but it\’s whats inside that really counts. Peter is a genuinely nice person, and I hope he find a real woman who appreciates him. Good luck with the album Pete.

  19. Pete, your better off without Kate. Im suprised the two of you lasted this long. the things she said to you are outrageous. The Stateside programme was great. It seems that Katie Price only becomes Jordan when she splashes a ton of makeup on, and flashes her boobs for the press. At the end of the day, you must do what the heart says.

  20. I belive Peater has been faithful to his wife Katie, you culd see how he adored her… Katie what is wrong with you? you love him now you have lost him. Why do you say such hurtful things to him and about him what is wrong with you? grow up and see what you are doing to yurself Peter and the children." Peter i wish you Kate and the childrn all the best be happy Anna

  21. i am a mother and i would not allow any woman to make such a mockery of my son,peter is a lovely young man and a wonderful father,katie have you ever heard the saying what goes around comes around.

  22. Maria Walliswrote: you should nt feel the need to defend yourself when it comes to your marriage,its a partnership not a competion on who has the more success and you certainly dont get married,bring kids into the world just to climb the ladder of success,everytime they had an interview Pete didnt stand a chance i.e. Paul Ogrady brought Pete on first so he could have the chance to actually spk to Pete without Katie taking over as per usual,i must have been watching different interviews from yourself as there was only one i ever seen where Pete was nasty and through a hissy fit,i like both Pete and Katie but marriage isnt build on one telling the other who has the more money or fame in the marriage in which Kate did consistently,i think you ll find Kate was the one with a lot of hangs ups all based on in her words (PAST RELATIONSHIPS) she has already openly admitted she was wrong in the way she was treating her husband and would take him back tomorrow,as for all the talk of sex you know what they say its the poor sods that aint getting any that talk about it,i think Katie had more sex bans in her marriage than she did sex not a good baises for a marriage i know that its not all about sex but it does help a couples closeness and intamacy when they have a healthy sex life,and lets face it Katie is the one with all the regrets about her marriage breakdown,and good on her for openly admitting it,i do hope they sort things out as i think with the proper counselling and guidance they could save their marriage,they are a lovely little family,but all the its me who has the money its me who s more famous,its me me me has to go,no marriage could survive that,and total respect to both of them for not getting dragged into some media circus slagging each other off,hope they do sort things out and both realise their faults sort them out,for the sake of their marriage,their friendship and their kids Good Luck to them lets hope they end up the lovely little family most of us want for them

  23. anne marie little me, one word Prozac, it can work wonders. Katie price beautiful humourous and extremely intelligent? all i can say is she does a sterling job at hiding all those admirable qualities under acres of silicone, fake tan, make up and inanity. he called her a tart? I concur, that is appalling, I would say that scrawny infested harlot woman was closer to the mark. I say scrawny but maybe some guys go for that horse haired twiglet with tits look. But you\’re right, you dont just flounce off to cyprus. If youre going to allow your marriage to disintegrate and abandon the children that aren\’t disabled you could at least do it somewhere more expensive and exotic, like Mauritius or something. Honestly so devoid of class. The only time I will say i \’like\’ any of these people is when i see them being steam rollered cartoon style. Maybe then they\’ll be small enough to slip through a crack in the earth crust and melt in the core.And hey John, way to go you, are you that american chick with the beard?

  24. Pete -you are a plonker of the first degree – so you have a new album out – good timing – now searching for all the attention and limelight your jealousy of Katie you could not handle – Katie is right – before you hitched up with her your singing career was dead in the water – and still might be – without her!!!!

  25. im around the same age as pete, my now wife fancied him rotten years back and although i was never a fan, after seeing him on im a celebrity and his and katies tv prog i must say i warmed to him, he seems like a real nice genuine person and im sorry for the pain he must be going through right now. hang in there pete.

  26. what was Katie Price? or Jordan? um let us just go back bit! a wannabe?? yep thats right a bit like a Jodie Marsh but was there at the right time right place and made her boobs bigger to get the publicity! which has not stopped since i reckon. You can plainly see that Pete loved her and wanted her, why? beats me! she talked to him like something off her shoe, she has no manners no respect and cant do or say anything without offending. She is shallow and full of herself. Guess i cant stand her but then thats my opinion. Pete is cool alot to learn but hes alright!

  27. people remember they have children between them, it\’s hard for anyone when marriages break down whatever the case it takes to tango…… they have both been blessed they for the children should try to keep their marriage and give it one more try RESPRCT IS THE ISSUE…………GOODLUCK…..

  28. Cyprus WAS a wonderful place to visit about 25 years ago….the North a little more recently. Now it is full of fat, tanned property developers whose only concern is how much money they can relieve you of before you go home. They used to be such beautiful people too. Mostly mercenaries now. The South is over-developed and the North is going the same way.If you like a Mediterranean island, try one of the larger Greek Islands, Sicily, Corsica or Sardinia.Oh…and Pete? Please DONT COME HOME YOU TALENTLESS W*NKER. Better still, p*ss off back to Oz and inflict your tuneless wailings on them. They seemed to like you in the beginning but they are hardly renowned for taste, are they?

  29. No no no, the North is still a very beautiful place to stay. yes it is getting more bulit up but the villiages are simple and family focused…I would live there if I could.The south is rather like London, yes, but still pretty.And Pete, don\’t listen to these people who want to slag you off…no you can\’t sing very well, but you are a good bloke…hang in there!!

  30. pete ,katie price never had the sense to see that all the money she has could have lasted a dozen life times she is very greedy she could have had a beautiful life with you and the kids she does not need to work she could have you and the children in any mansion in the world living a good life together .Instead she wanted to work work work money money and more money trying to be as rich as victoria at least david knows no other man leered over his wife naked you are too good for her and deep down it must have tore you apart the ugly words that comes out of her mouth the hatred for anyone younger and nicer looking than her she just runs the ugly mouth of with the hatred she is full of. ,those beautiful children are so lucky to have you for a father you have not been ruined by her nasty tonge sorry for being so anti katie but I am really angry for the way she treated you its not her fault any woman who does not respect her body is empty inside you two should have been on top of the world you have the money to live the easy life to bad the devil crept in to test you to the limit.. love you pete take care

  31. Poor Cazzie, youre sounding more desperate by the moment. Hey gary you know the saying youre only as old as the person you hold so pick a piece and Ill make you feel 20 again!Ah sweet laura, embrace the diversity and go with the flow, it might make no sense but its bloody funny you have to admit. "I aint going anywhere!!" too true cazzie, metaphorically and physically.

  32. Amber Lee- I do believe you are stalking me!!!! Everywhere I go, there you and Gary are….You really can\’t get enough of me can you?? I\’ve got to admit, I am very attractive, so I\’m not surprised you are finding me irrisistable, so much so that you have to comment on me always….And Amber/Gary – you are soooo not 20, more like 55!!!!And I will repeat…I aint going anywhere…oh and if I do…the internet will still be there….tee hee!!!!! xxxx

  33. Some how your \’irrisistable\’ physical attributes dont come across in what you write, how mysterious. In fact I was hoping you were good looking as you dont have much else going for you. Aw cazzie, we know in the Supermarket of Life you\’re in the bargain bin whereas Im the managers special and Gary is of course Prime beef! but dont let the bitterness affect you. You stay right where you are sweetness, rocking and rambling to yourself in the corner, everyone else will step away quietly. Remember when I mentioned those meds you were off……..


  35. Norma, I think Jordan made more sexual inuendo\’s than Peter..she appeared to always want to discuss their sex life…she kept going on about the size of his "willy" and that he was going to make her pregnant…and that\’s just in the chat show interviews I saw.I sort of agree with you on the singing…at least he can sing in tune I guess!

  36. I am so pleased that Gary has deleted most of his derogetory posts…maybe he has understood how awful they were. Well done Gazza!!

  37. Ok Norma There just as bad as each other at the end of they day…. They both started crap on there show and yes as cazzie said she always went on about his "willy" ect……As for him singing good for him if he has been invited to sing for the queen! I personaly can\’t stand him but it\’s each to there own and he sings 100 times better than katie LOL….Oh yeah also might want to lose the caps in future…

  38. I had the pleasure to meet Peter some years ago when he was doing well in his own right as a singer. This was at Truckfest in Peterborough where he was a star attraction. We bumped into each other in the VIP suite, and I have to say he was extremely nice to chat too, with not a single attitude of celebrity about him despite his position on the day. We chatted for a few minutes about the event and I was left with a very strong impression that this was a genuine guy, doing what he enjoyed and still keeping his humanity. The subsequent downturn in his career must have been dissapointing but it was good to see him in I\’m a celebrity. Again he showed his genuine nature and was like a lamb to the slaughter with Katie. I did watch a number of the reality shows at home in Uk and the States. Much of it was both sad and horrifying but my overwhelming impression was that eventually Peter would be very good for Katie and bring her back from the dark side. I still think they could make it work but Katie needs to grow a little as a person. Her antics, comments etc as a celebrity with big boobs is to be expected and all part of the entertainment, but once she married and had children many would have expected a little more maturity. She seems unable or unwilling to take this route. Peter seems to have sadly drawn the same conclusion. To walk away from all they had together with the children takes a real man. Hopefully katie will come to realise that. Hyperian

  39. omg i love peter and i was gutted that he and kaite split x but think of their kids x nd i think peter is such a good father x even 2 havrey who is not his but he treats him like his own xxx ily peter xxx

  40. Gary – This is just an observation…. when you believed that I was someone I wasn’t and to whom you commented on the blogs that (quote)…… “Cazzie, I wish every woman was like you” (unquote) …when in fact I have always been just a human being who happens to follow Jesus, acknowledges the good in people, has strong views of my own and err …. You then appeared not to want to know me. I WAS JOKING YOU STUPID WOMANYou accepted me on your network where we both happily emailed each other, mostly about films.MISTAKE ON MY PART. I THOUGHT YOU KNEW SOMETHING ABOUT CINEMA.When I tried to get to know you, which I find, a normal part of any kind of friendship, you suddenly shut down and didn’t want to know me. AND STILL YOU DIDN’T GET THE MESSAGEI then wondered if I had done something to offend you and asked you outright, which is a normal question to ask. I had to ask this a couple of times as I got no reply from you and I was understandably puzzled. AND STILL YOU DIDN’T GET THE MESSAGEStrangely, you then reacted very coldly towards me, as though I was an annoying child! I then chose to take you off from my network and end the one way conversations I was having.. AND STILL YOU DIDN’T GET THE MESSAGENOW all of a sudden, because you have finally realised I am just a human being (even if not to your taste,) you have been constantly writing to me on the blogs, trying to argue and have some kind of odd relationship with me!! IN YOUR DREAMS. YOU ARE AN ANNOYING SCROTEInteresting don’t you think? You didn’t want to know when you thought I was "twee" – but now you do! You seem to get off on the thrill of a difference of opinion, instead of actually relating and interacting in an adult way with people. ADULT? YOU?I actually saw through the nastiness you give out and wanted to know the real you. BUT I DON’T WANT TO KNOW YOU I find that totaly acceptable and normal. There is nothing wrong in that. You, however, had a problem with me wanting friendship…odd that you accepted me on your network though!??! AND STILL YOU DIDN’T GET THE MESSAGEYou appear to be a confused man Gary, and I wish you find peace soon. I have no malice towards you, as you seem to have for me. God bless you as always. Cazzie x NOT CONFUSED. I DO NOT LIKE YOU AND DON’T WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU.

  41. Oh me oh my, after an annoying few days, gary, with just the aid of a few words, has made it all better. Or did i make myself better? i get all confuddled sometimes. Im such a narcissist, and a confused one at that. But boy do I make myself laugh.

  42. Erm Pete?? Don\’t you think that it would have been better if you talked to YOUR WIFE first and NOT the papers???? Duh! Bit daft there mate? What were you hoping to achieve? Have you got a brain??? C\’mon…go to her and COMMUNICATE!!

  43. hi peter im so upset to hear about u and katie i always thought you and katie were fantastic together,you were great together and i only know 1 man that took anothers man son as his own and that was my son inlaw but you were great with harveyyou may laugh but im 51yrs old and ive always loved you peter stay strong son she will see sense and want you back cos shes so jelouse anyway.all my love peter from hazel in england xxxxxxxxxx

  44. Is that England, planet earth or is that England desolate wasteland comet number 200349/N where they send all the clinically insane patients with no hope of rehabilitation and keep them docile by feeding them a steady stream of reality tv shows and only supply OK, New, Closer and Now to read until their brains turn in pink mush? Hows the weather there Hazel?

  45. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee pete don\’t sing you make me cringe its so sad that you think you can write music. and i bet your album will end up in the bin with the rest of the has bin but you had hits years and years ago and people now have taste please don\’t sing for the queen cos all those people who work for you have filled your head with bullshit and butter you up go and ask real people and they tell you the truth that your fucking shit ……………………

  46. Dont panic everybody. Its Elton John he\’s singing for. With that effete manner, Pete and Elt should get on like a couple of old queers!

  47. Gary – You will be very happy to know that this will be the very last time you will ever hear from me. I have discovered, thankfully, that I am better than all of this. There is an desperately obvious “need” that is in you… to permanently be on these blogs and I know that you are not free as I most definitely am, because you simply HAVE TO write on them all. For which I feel very sad for you. You must feel unhappy about being you as you clearly need an outlet so you don’t have to think about your sad life….and these blogs are it!! I also feel sorry for you that you had to create many accounts to try and have some kind of a life that you are clearly missing out on…You created people like.…”Amber Lee”, “Stevan”, “Katie Jordan Price” “peter” EVEN “Paul” (whose nasty post to me was deleted at the exact same time you (Gary), deleted yours…Hmm, funny that!!) – AND this is to name just a very few personalities you have inside of you Gary.I feel it is so sad that you are stuck in your home, not being free to go out…and having to order films in from Blockbuster’s as you are fearful of leaving your own home. I am so glad that I can actually get out and experience life and live the life I have chosen for myself to the full. I cannot imagine what it must feel like for you not to be able to cope with anything in life, other than the blogs you truly totally rely on. All I can say is that I will be praying for you from time to time, whenever I remember the sad times of your continual harassment of me on the blogs. You really do need help my friend (and the friend bit, regrettably, I am saying in a patronising way.) You have many major issues and it’s so sad that you have chosen to create made up friends simply by opening up accounts so you can talk to yourself. This is real madness and I hope you manage to get some help for your lunacy. What a depressing state your mind must be in, what state is your poor life in? You seem simply miserable, depressed and lonely.I really believe that you are a schizophrenic and that you need to use the many people inside you, to try and find people that you can attempt to (in an incredibly demeaning way) relate to. But the way you tend to do this is by putting people down by trying to humiliate those who have their own opinions on matters. You simply cannot let matters rest and need to have an input into what people write on the blogs…. Or the alternative is for you to sit all alone in your empty room, looking at the prison walls you have created for yourself; maybe wishing you could leave and have a life like the rest of us do.The thing is Gary/Amber/Paul/Stevan etc….. You didn’t bank on messing with me. You cannot ever win with me as I was there at every turn making sure you understood that you have to be held utterly responsible for your nasty degrading comments and digs at the way people see life. You are an incredibly sad individual! How sad it is that you invented the lie that you were indeed a family man living in London, with a wife and children. When in actual fact, you are very much alone! I think you wish that you had all those things you talk of, but actually in real life, you haven’t got anyone or anything… I’m sad for you – truly. God Bless you in your emptiness Gary. How sad that you need these blogs to live and die by.I, happily, am free to leave these blogs, to you and all of the many people you carry inside of you! I leave you very much alone in your plight so you can get on with your miserable existence that you are choosing to live by. Whilst I am living my wonderful life with my wonderful husband, wonderful children, wonderful friends and other wonderful family members! I am so grateful to be able to do this and I am thankful to my God that I can let go of all of this pathetic need for attention as I really do not need nor want it – I let it go…………….I will not even bother looking at these blogs any more, not even to see what you or all of your made up people inside you have written Gary….I really don’t need it….I am free. You are nothing to me. So I will let you write that you got rid of that religious nutter/stalker, swearing about me.. etc… etc…. as you are nothing to me. And I can guarantee it will only be Amber Lee and Gary saying degrading things about me….…Oh unless of course you create yet more people who can have their say…whatever you do, I truly do not care…My God, my very own family and my own opinion on ME and who I am is worth EVERYTHING to me and yours, Gary, is truthfully worth NOTHING to me at all…….God does love you very much Gary, and even all the people you carry around inside you. I pray that you will be able to sort yourself out very soon and allow God to heal the pain that you are obviously in. Jesus died for you Gary, and rose from the dead and now lives, waiting for you to surrender your heart to him.My email account has now been closed as I am now elsewhere…………Goodbye foreverFREEDOM ………………………………… "Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

  48. think peters better with out her just look what she done since it didnt take her long to find someone else good on peter he a great dad she has never got her kids fame and friends comes first she could off treated him better she dont deserve none of them

  49. Go on Peter, you can do it all on your own, you don\’t need her. i\’d look after you with eternal devotion…if i was single. The world truly is your oyster now, enjoy. luv Rosie x


  51. Norma, please don\’t keep writing in capitals. It makes you seem rude (as if your pathetic childish comments were not enough). At the end of the day neither of them are perfect but and this is a huge but, people are siding with Peter more because he has kept his mouth shut and refused to slag her off publicly. At the end of the day, she had a miscarriage, so what? I am guessing you have never been through that because if you had you would realise that in an already stressful situatin like they were in, it can be the thing that tips the balance and breaks much stronger relationships that that of Katie and Peter. I am not condoning what he did but then again, let\’s face facts, Jordan is far from a bloody saint now is? All she ever seems to do is party, drink, get her tits out and palm the kids off on him or the nearest Nanny, hardly good parenting skills. As for her intervirew the other week, her tears were as fake as her breasts! If she was a decent mother, she\’d be thinkin about her children both now and in the future, one day they will read about her or watch the TV shows and they\’ll see that she was probably just as much to blame as he is.

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