Madonna adoption approved

Madonna has won the right to adopt a second child from Malawi.

The country’s Supreme Court of Appeal said the earlier hearing, which took place in April, had failed to take modern realities into account when it rejected the star’s initial bid.

Chief Justice Lovemore Munlo also said Madonna’s charitable commitment to the welfare of disadvantaged children should have been taken into account.

Usually, potential adoptive parents must live in the African nation for 18th months while child welfare experts decide their suitability.

Madonna first met Mercy in an orphanage in 2006 when she adopted David Banda, now three.

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17 thoughts on “Madonna adoption approved

  1. "Modern realities" and charitable commitments, eh?In other words, they desperately need the financial support Madonna brings to the country so they\’ll bend the rules for her. Normally I\’d be utterly disgusted by such reasoning but given how poor Malawi and how many of their kids desperately need the support Madonna\’s charity brings, in this case I can\’t say I blame them.

  2. i think its great that they have approved madonna\’s bid, Malawi is a poor country she gives money to there government every year and she is a brilliant mum to david and now will be to Mercy, she will be able to give them everything in life that they need.

  3. Why shouldn\’t she use her resources to secure the future for a child who would otherwise have none. I come from South Africa and i think what she does is brilliant. It\’s just a pity she couldn\’t adopt more children. It\’s not about race, money or cultural backround, it\’s about giving a child a fantastic life that most could only dream of. She will never want for anything again and when she is older and chooses to do so i am sure she will be supported in finding and helping hr remaining family, who i might add are incapable of looking after her now, hence her being in an orphanage! I say let her adopt as many as she chooses and good luck to the little ones!As for her fortunes helping others, do you give them anything?Think about that the next time you decide to post a comment damning what she does?

  4. Jacqueline, nobody was criticising Madonna\’s motives or her charity work. Nobody\’s disputing that she\’ll be able to provide Mercy with a better life, either. What is worrying that anybody – Madonna or not -should be able to circumvent the rules because they can throw enough money at the situation. Her work in Malawi is wonderful and makes her a better candidate as an adoptive parent, but it shouldn\’t mean she gets to skip the living requirements everybody else has to adhere to.

  5. I have no problem whatsoever with anyone adopting a child, giving that child a better life than they would have otherwise had, but we all know that in Celebrity cases often the \’principles\’ are not what they should be?And how will Madonnas money be used? How will it improve lives for other orphans? Often in African countries there is enormous financial corruption, so giving money to secure her own adoption doesn\’t assist anyone else, that is why people are often cynical and critical.

  6. Im sorry, give her strength to grow up without her family? Oh would that be the family who left her in an orphanage for 3 years of her life, the father who wasnt interested in her until a rich white lady wanted her then for love or money who knows! he felt the need to stick his oar in and show some fatherly concern? The simple fact is when it comes to africa money talks, no matter where or how rich the country is, if you have money youre free to do whatever. At least madonna is doing some good and no raping the country of all its resources, or taking advantage of its already poor and suffering population. The woman might be a work obsessed, tuppaware preserved, poison faced crack pot, but at least her hearts in the right place. I presume it is any way, unless its some Kabbalah ritual to have it moved to the other side.

  7. i for one will critize the way madonna is doing this,, its all about the rich white woman bamboozelling her way into a poor african country and basically buying little orphan annie with her money..its not good enough and she knew the type of african country she could get away with that type of shiii… money talks and bs by madonna is the new fragrance.. am not saying mercy wont have everything she needs , of course she will but unlike angelina, this woman has shown skant respect for the law and has been allowed to get away with it…

  8. I am no great fun of Madonna, but I am a person who has had a great adverntage of higher educations in on of the top university on this planet. This has helped me to think from first principles; like the basis of one the most poweful brances of mathematics; calculus.Thousand of black African children die a month; from simple privantable causes; Madonna has picked oneof these unfortunate souls to give her a life of luxury; racists bigots will come out with all sort of cr**p to condem her; some ignorant blacks; because they are too stupid; to intelligently analyse the facts; will come out with their own cr**p; I am very happy to be black; and I think what Madonna is doing is dimetrically opposite of what her ancestors; the Slavers did to Blacks.Long live to Madonna and all my White -Fellow-Humans who want to give a good life to otherwise doomed black souls in AfricaMay the thousands of souls of poor kids who have died ;since I started typing this articles rest in peace.Dr.EBF.

  9. good luck,i hope they have a happy life together,mercy will also have a brother that shares her culture,David.mercys family left her,they couldnot have loved her or cared much about her.

  10. "how do you know her Mercy\’s family situation. Her dad tried to keep her…but Madge waved her money around and took her away from him!!!"See this is just ridiculous what madonna is doing?! why is she taking a child away from their family? if she wants to adopt a child so much why doesnt she adopt a child that is much worse off with no family?! She can\’t just bend the law and take whichever child takes her fancy.

  11. i don\’t actually understand why people and the media are so against her adopting it\’s no problem for angelina jolie.If these are children living in less favourable conditions and she can provide a home why not? Her father has suddenly taken an interest it\’s abit late now. val

  12. But Angelina has been smart enough to adopt from countries where the adoption procedures are properly in place and she hasn\’t been afforded any special treatment – I don\’t doubt Madonna\’s motives in doing what she has, but she picked a country with stringent requirements and then basically bought her way out of them. It doesn\’t give a good impression.

  13. She manipulated the situation by giving money – which, to a poor country, obviously seemed good enough…but do the government keep the money, I ask myself???? This was handled all wrong…those involved did things the wrong way and they were only thinking of themselves and not dear Mercy or her family..or even the children around her that are still impoverished!!! Disgusting!!!!!

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