Katie and Peter to get rival reality shows?

Katie Price and Peter Andre’s split may have come as a shock to some, and not so much to others.

The news may not have been such a surprise to avid fans of their reality TV show Katie and Peter: Stateside, where in one of the last filmed episodes together, the pair were seen to have an intense argument, with Katie telling Peter: “I’m miserable with you”.

Now, the new shock to hit us all, according to reports, is speculation that each star will feature in a rival reality show on ITV, both of which will last throughout the separation. Peter’s spokeswoman Claire Powell admitted: “We’ve already filming the show,” as Peter was accompanied by a camera crew when he attended the International Indian Film Academy Awards in China last week.

Controversially, Katie’s spokeswoman Diana Colbert told the BBC “Katie hasn’t signed a new contract” and an ITV spokesman couldn’t confirm either series as ITV “are talking to both of them about future plans”.

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66 thoughts on “Katie and Peter to get rival reality shows?

  1. How utterly pathetic!! Making a mockery of marriage is a disgrace, making fun of divorce is dispicable!!! I thought Peter was above such things – the pair deserve each other! I\’m utterly disgusted with them both. There are real couples going through real problems…I do hope this is not going to happen…how dare they belittle marriage like this!!! And y\’know wot? People will watch it too! What kind of world are we living in??????

  2. I honestly think that katie should stop & think long & hard whats shes doing she married for better or for worse she is thinking with her head & she should be going with her hart , stop blamming each other kate & get together & talk you no you both love each other like mad. you are ment to be together we enjoy watching your tv shows .

  3. There is something not quite right with Katie Price. She had a perfectly good marriage and she is the one who has thrown it away. Her husband would do anything for her and all she can do is throw abuse at him. Not only now, but also during their marriage. Quite honestly i dont know how he put up with it for so long. And now she is using the poor kids as an extra punishment for something he has\’nt done.

  4. Nicky – I reckon it\’s that she really doesn\’t know how to love… just like so many of us. It is actually very easy, and she could change things if she had the guts to do so….Katie/Jordan…Love is…… patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. (1Corinthians 13 V5-8)those that live by this – love others….it\’s simple!

  5. Thank you Cazzie very well put but of course you took it from a great book of Truth so good on you for bring that to many peoples attention. Love to you.

  6. Jackie thankyou xxx God Bless you!!!Paul – have you actually read the Bible? If not, start with John (new Testement) and then come back to me and tell me it\’s lies hun! Also, I didn\’t ever say that you can\’t find love! Are you telling me that what I quoted about love isn\’t how you are with the ones you love? Patient, kind, forgiving…etc?? So how is that a lie. And I argue that the only "true" love is Agape love! Jordan nor Peter are nobodies – they were made in love – just as you were (and I\’m not just talking about human love) And by saying nasty comments about two people isn\’t speaking in love now is it? So you haven\’t "found" true love – or at least how to express love for your fellow man.Jordan and Peter are just lost and need to find positive direction, thats all!Maybe people think you are a freak too? Ever thought of that?Have a lovely afternoon Paul

  7. Paul – your a wee bit angry, but of course I will stop "hunning" you! xxYou really do sound like Gary, do you know him at all?I do not hold any high moral ground – but I am well grounded. I am just as much a sinner as the next person, but Jesus died for me and I accept that and love Him back!You have to experiance Jesus yourself to understand what I am saying, He is waiting for you, all you have to do is accept Him…I am not being clever, just understand the words people say and know wisdom (only through Jesus though.)I again don\’t doubt you have found love…I never commented on you, you are taking this personally…It\’s lovely you have found love, I still say Agape Love is the purest.I believe totaly that the Bible is alive with God\’s heart and spirit…it\’s amazing how it relateds today as well as yesterday…I am a Christian yes, and sometimes I don\’t love people as I should. I can be utterly honest there and say I don\’t always forgive straight away, or I am sometimes rude…which isn\’t love…but then if you are saying that YOU love perfectly, then you must be Jesus – as He was/is the only one who is perfect!!I am not clever as I said, just know my own faults and see into situations.I don\’t twist anything, but I do ask that others examine what they type as it is not always helpful. We are supposed to build up people not bring them down.I do need God\’s help daily…I don\’t have any problem admitting that…but don\’t we all????

  8. Cazzie – Im in agreement with paul in some parts because the bible does not tell the truth. People find love and if they are truly in love they can get through thick and thin no matter what the situation is. These two dont deserve each other plainly because they dont love each other enough. But if you want to blame anyone for the split then blame katie as she has been nothing but abusive and deceitful to Peter. What about her canoodling up to that man while out getting drunk without her husband. She was the cause of the break up as we all know. I dont hate these two either but i dont really like following their whole lives around as that would be a complete waste of time. If you want to watch people arguing just go to the next door neighbours window next time you hear them and you will probably get more entertainment from that. And Cazzie you are a bit deluded in a sense that you think the bible has the answer to everything in life and everything in it is true. The reason its not real is because its a belief. All religions are based on belief and not facts. Thats why christians, muslims etc dont live life the same way because they are only beliefs. God is not real, he did not create the earth and such THE BIG BANG did and thats why scientists are trying to do it themselves. Jesus might have been real but wheres the proof he was. How can a man turn water into wine? Its like saying excalibur from king arthur was real just because of stories and myths. You need to start thinking logically and stop believing the bible tells the truth about everything otherwise your life will be based all around stories.

  9. That\’s okay Paul, I don\’t mind you not replying back to me…And what "reason" do you actually want me to see??? Are you seeing MY reasoning at all? No!! So what is your reasoning??? I don\’t mean to come across the way you think I do – but maybe that is because you are seeing me as something I am not, nowhere in my comments have I been an A- hole nor patronising….So you have it wrong there. I am just a strong woman with my own mind. I also don\’t mind if you think I don\’t read what others write or understand it – as you put it. I actually don\’t have any issue with you- but somehow you have with me….I wonder why? Carl/Paul you can think I am brain washed. I don\’t mind. And you\’re right, I do love talking about Jesus. But I guess we all tend to talk about loved ones.I am not sure we really know what is in the hearts of Jordan and Peter, but I do pray they will both see sense asap!!! Divorce shouldn\’t happen if reconciliation is possible.As I have said, Jordan really doesn\’t know how to love, especially herself. I personally do not watch their TV series as I believe marriage is only between Three (Husband and Wife and God)I feel I am not deluded at all as I KNOW the Bible and God has the answer to EVERYTHING you could possibly want to know…after all, He is God!I am also actually married to a Muslim and have entered into a Muslim family, whilst still believing very much in Jesus as the son of God….so your theory ends there!!!So lads – If God or the Bible isn\’t real, why are you getting so cross about what I (a stranger) has written??? Do you get as angry when someone talks about father christmas being real??? I doubt it!! So if my God isn\’t real…then why does it matter to you????? Why do you care if I follow Him or not?? Why do you even have to comment on it????I actually believe that God made the BIG BANG – so whats the problem? I also KNOW Jesus WAS and IS perfect….and I want to be like Him!! Why do you have a problem with that??? I am not encroaching on your life…I;m just writing on a blog!There is proof that Jesus was real as there were such things as censors, there is your proof.As I say, I totaly believe and am sooooo glad my God created me and loves me…so why should you care??Bless you Paul and Carl.Carl – I am not at all bothered if you agree with Paul, that is up to you as I have no interest in "converting " you because God is big enough to change your heart without me! I don\’t blame anyone for the split – but as I said, Katie just doesn\’t know how to love and the Bible shows ALL OF US very clearly what love actually is and how to show love…I think very logically and both of you boys, really need to examine why you are getting so angry with me trusting in God? How very strange of you to get involved!! I don\’t attack you for what you believe in.But Paul, I will say that I am sorry you need drugs..people usually take drugs as they cannot cope with real life or the way they feel. Maybe reaching out to God will help you…I also know that one day, you will both reach out to God…Amen to that!!

  10. Hello Gary – I don\’t accuse people of anger – I see it in their writing…and especially when it is aimed at me, I am allowed to answer back with my own views.Why do you want to know about my personal life Gary? And by the way, you have said before that you would "beat up women" – Are you giving something of yourself away there Gaz??Jesus also raised from the dead and sits at the right hand of His Father…thank you for wanting me to be more like Him…thats a lovely thing to say. xOk. maybe I am slightly patronising, but really to be told I\’m deluded AND told to "F off" (As you have told me to Gary) – just because I believe in God and state that on these blogs, is extreamly childish… and actually it really isn\’t patronising to call men, boys! Us women get called girls and where is the harm in that Gaz Old boy???To quote from you Gary – "Paul probably takes the drugs to numb his mind against mental cases like you, Cazzie"Wow, thats quite a statment to make. Why would anyone take drugs because a person they don\’t know has written on a blog??? That is really quite sad if thats true.I will NEVER f*** off! Gary – as I have said before, I am stronger than you and I can cope with all your rubbish you give out to me…as I don\’t take it personally! Gosh, all of this bad feeling, just because I love Jesus…nice one lads!!!Gary – you have gone from liking me to hating me (or do you tell eveyone to F off and tell them you wish they were dead???) – erm and you wonder why I "accuse" people of being angry!!!!I wish you well Gazza!!Have a wonderful day everyone xxOh and Gary – As we are quoting Bible verses…..John 3 v 16 Have a read x

  11. I m sorry but this conversation is becoming very stupid. Paul & Gary don t have to believe in God and you Cazzie don t have to mention god. If Katie & Peter were all about religion we would know, they are just a normal couple having trouble, now they can t stand each other and will get divorced. Not that I agree with the "divorce thing" but yeh yeh yeh ! It does happen for million of people.

  12. Karen, I mentioned that Katie could do with learning how to love…and I quoted the Bible as it clearly shows us how to love, but strangley, I get attacked for it! I didn\’t ever say that Katie and Peter are "all about religeon" – they are your words.I am also allowed to talk about what I like just as you and everyone else is. I am free to mention God as you are free to "tell me off" I also never said that Gary, Paul or anyone else "has to believe in God" Karen, they are your words not mine…And actually if more people lived their lives loving as God says to, there would be less divorces. It is sad that you are so condesending about God and divorceHave a good afternoon.

  13. Hey Cazzie I thought Paul sounded just like Gary strange that eh!! I see from the latest Celeb news posted on the MSN site that Katie is having a wonderful time in Ibiza saying \’ I am so over Pete I can snog whoever I like\’ she must have loved him very deeply to get over him so quickly,not. Well I suppose it pays to advertise dancing in a nightclub in a see through top and a small pair of white pants, whilst he stays at home and looks after the three children, wouldn\’t you just love your Mum to behave like that.

  14. Gary you know nothing about my life as I know nothing about yours, but we don\’t live our lives out in public. You know what they say Gary it takes one to know one. If I remeber rightly you only come on here to get a rise out of people don\’t you, sorry not playing your game.

  15. Paul did sound like Gary Jacqueline, – funny that! It\’s a shame Katie is behaving so daft – it just goes to prove that she is faking it all. She is trying too hard to show us all that she is okay, when it is pretty obvious that she isnt!Gary – I am really sorry that this blog is all you have in your life…I didn\’t know you were able to actually admit that…I admire that in you – and that is not patronising. I do wonder at times if you are talking of yourself when you are putting others down.

  16. Hahaha, Gary you can\’t run me ragged hun, I enjoy this!! One dimentional…hmm, never been called that before, but I guess people know where they are with me then, and that means I am a safe and solid person…luv it!!Gary – I really like you,, it\’s such a shame you have turned against me…I do believe that Katie is having a personal crisis, which is why on another blog I suggested that she swallow her pride and admit she needs her husband…it\’s going to get harder for her to keep up this charade…she is only human after all…Now is that the ramblings of an "air head" Gary?I don\’t read the papers as they lie… I just see the news on TV….My Chrisitanity is right here Gary – if you want to mix my beliefs up with satan worship, then that is your choice…me and God know me, so that is all that matters… xx

  17. Gary – "Cazza" is funny too xI know you don\’t like me! erm but to say I make your "skin crawl" is really weird! You don\’\’t know me, so how can that be? You really do take my writings far too seriously! I shouldn\’t be getting to you that much surely?? That can\’t be roght can it???Oh and I don\’t mock anyone, I just take what you say about me with a pinch of salt, laugh about it and then I disregard it…is that mockery? No, I have to disagree with you about that.I really would like you to read this right…..I really do not have a problem with you not liking me, I don\’t need to be liked by you at all in any kind of way….the only thing I will say on that, is that I saw something in you that I liked…but if you really do not like me, thats okay. I am not hurt, honest. You can\’t like everyone can you. And thats okay…I hope you understand that I am not put out at all with your dislike of me.I didn\’t think you were mocking me when you were privately emailing me, but if you were, that says more about what kind of person you are, than about me. I am and always have been quite genuine.Gary – you can mock me any time, I don\’t have any problem with that…I have never taken your nastiness personally and I never willHave a good evening. xx

  18. Gary you will see that I comment on here rarely and am not on here all the time. I needed a bit of a rest having done loads of cooking for my Grandson\’s 18th Birthday on Saturday, then I had been out in my garden and greenhouse. I have told once before on this blog, months ago, that I do not read any magazine and again sorry I don\’t watch any soaps. Whats a nose bag got to do with it. I don\’t feel I am sad infact I am really happy with my full life. I am now retired having worked all my life and I am enjoying my well earned time to do what I want. I don\’t really think I need to be put down, out of the rat race now and all the nastiness that goes with it. So sorry that it offends you that sometimes I read the entertainment blogs, got it entertainment thats all they are.So going off to cook some supper now probably wont be on here for another 6 weeks. Enjoy yourself.

  19. Gary -hahaha you really do make me laugh! Why do you appear to "desperately need" to tell me about myself? You appear to know my feelings and thoughts without actually asking me about them! How utterly arrogant! You actually are the one who has an incredible over sized ego darlin\’ – and as I told you earlier, when you put people down, I truely believe that you are indeed talking about yourself…I don\’t have a problem with not being important to you. Please hear this sweetie….YOU are nothing to me so what you write about me really falls by the wayside. BUT obviously I am important to you as you seem to want to convince me that I "need you" AND it is YOU that follows me around and remarks on my posts….you really can\’t get enough of me. But really Gazza, I\’m too much of a woman for you hun!!Gary you really appear to be desperate for me to admit my undying love for you…are you really that lonely that you want so much affirmation? How sad!Why should anyone in their right mind "crave" YOUR acceptance and approval? Gary – I don\’t know you so why should your thoughts affect my life in any kind of way?! Get a grip on reality hun!And y\’know wot? I am soooo happy that you will not be responding to me. I can finaly write on here without you trying your hardest, but actually faling, to put me down….Yeah…got rid of ya, finally….amen to that Gazza old boy!!Kiss Kiss xx

  20. Ah dear sweet Gary – you really have a thing about deleting all your posts don\’t you? well . I am glad, as it tells me that you know you have gone too far..thank you for relenting. Wish you all the best…Katie I totaly agree with you, it is much nicer not to argue.Katie and Peter – c\’mon stop allowing the media to dictate your life…get a grip on yourselves and save your marriage! You know you should be together, stop allowing the hurt you feel to keep you apart, forgive one another and become one again in your marriage. God Bless you both and your children too!!

  21. I have to disagree with you Kathryn, I think Peter Andre is handling this with a lot of dignity, and grown up attitude! Katie on the other hand, book into rehab! get a grip, I know been there done it wore the t shirt, but not with the publicity which I appreciate cant help you.

  22. Katie Price\’s current "bad girl" behaviour is a well-planned strategy for her re-launch as Jordon. She is getting loads of media coverage as is Peter Andre, who in reality is probably a nice guy. I still think the split started as a publicity stunt, but got out of hand because of her nasty comments, especially about his willy!

  23. i used to like katie not because she was a star but because she seemed like a good mum, especially with harvey being a mum of a disabled child, but the more i have watch her shows well i was sadly mistaken. the nannys and peter seem to have the kids more than she does, there is more to live with your kids than showering them with gifts and finacial security. one day she will wake up and realise she has lost the best years of those kids lives it will be gone.as for peter well i think he is a fantastic dad but he needs to realise he is playing into her hands and doing this reality show is going to be a big mistake and will end up bad

  24. I think that pete should do a reality TV show he is great to watch,who wants to watch katie moaning about how she looks thats all she cares about she has no personality at all.pete would make a great TV host too.we want to see more of pete on our screens for sure.

  25. The way katie is behaving is disgusting shes a 31 year old mother of three not at teenager and as for making a come back modeling she needs to realise shes past her sell by date! she should grow up and start putting her kids first thank god they have a decent dad in pete.shes a disgrace.

  26. I think it is really sad that they are separating. They have it all, but are still not happy,such a shame. After watching all the shows my opinion is that Katie earns the money and Pete is a bit of a has-been, and resents Katie for it. Peter is great with the kids but as for singing nah! good luck to them both & i hope they can keep it amicable for the kids sake !

  27. Pete had a lucky escape, she treated him like shyt and he deserves a hell of a lot better and he will get better, thought they made a lovely couple looks wise and family but think pete is better off without her, her whole attitude stinks!!!

  28. i think it is best that katie and peter have spilt up. katie only thinks about herself and wat she looks like to other fellas… pete cared more 4 those kids and was always seen to b with them unlike kate who was like a child and always seem to moan and was never happy with she had. i wont b watching katie talking about herself (again) and how good she looks, but on the other hand i will b watchin pete. at least he gets involved with his children.

  29. pete is amazing with his children and adores harvey,hes just amazing,better off without the mysery face jordan.all she does is talk about herself herself herself.she should b at home with her kids as they go through the big change that must b going on in their lives but no shes slaggin it up in ibiza,i used to admire her but not any more!!i will b buying petes new album too!

  30. Katie\’s dad walked out on her… and because of this and prob all the other failing relationships Katie will always want to be the stronger person in a relationship. Stronger financially, stronger career wise, stronger personality etc etc. She needs to feel like the guy shes with needs her, that they depend on her. Peter has been building his career and she has always put him down, and down in where she likes him. She has to be the brightest star or she fears that the guy will cheat and walk out on her. Unfortunatly her fears have now bit her in her ass and they\’ve split up anyway because of her jealousy and fears. I take my hat off to katie, she works hard and knows how to stay in the public eye, shes not stupid…(although very annoying), but she aint got a maternal bone in her body. Shes better with harvey than she is with the other kids. Ive never seen her pay any attention to Junior, bless his socks. Katie could have a happy marriage and a happy family, so long as shes ready to be an equal. I think this is something shes gonna have to learn. And there is noway that katie will ever find anyone like pete ever again. He adored her, and would do anything for her, and is a great dad to the kids. She wont ever find someone as good as him. I really do hope that someone talks some sense into her and tells her that its ok to be happy, its ok to laugh, its ok to be nice! Anyhow, thats my rant….

  31. I genuinely feel sorry for both, katie over stepped the mark on the shows a few times by insulting pete he took a lot, he is a fantastic person, and if u look at the pictures of katie into her eyes you see she is really hurting and she will be on meltdown very soon, it is finally hitting home pete is standing his ground, she is spoilt and has no respect for anyone or anything she has totally lost herself, she does not know how to speak to people, she has shown that in he shows, it is the wake up call she has needed for a long time, she will find that the real katie has and is still being revealed and the public will have not pity for her as she is just looking at the people are paying for her pictures her magazine colomn, her tv programmes and once the public cotton on no more interest will be occuring the way, she is behaving is if not careful she will loose the children to pete and right now that is a good thing not a bad as they are not pawns in a game which she did when she jetted out once it broke out that they had split. All I can say is wake up and smell the coffee katie before it is to late. x Nikota

  32. Katie Price is nothing more than a pretty face and a talent for making money. She is cold and cruel to Peter, and also to little Junior. All her attention (and even then not much) is given to Harvey and Princess, but Pete is lovely with all three children. He deserves custody and the children will stand a better chance with him. Katie is such a bad role model to her children, she acts like a tramp and her potty mouth is embarrasing. No child should have to be brought up listening to that. Stay strong Peter and fight for the children.

  33. To be honest, i think Gary is a pervert and all he does is sits home and wishes he could loose his virginity to Katie Price, fake tits isn\’t it all gary, your a sad git and should have respect for women.I agree totally with Carol and Nikota, Katie has it good with Pete and i think most girls would give anything to have an amazing supportive husband like that. She was lucky but thinks she is far to good for him. I genuinly hope Pete gets the kids as he is amazing with them.

  34. gsh more publicity im sure i read the ther day, she blamed all the publicity 4 their break up em cant hav it both ways….she loves the media attention

  35. he is just an undercover bully, manipulative and controlling. That is why she was miserable. Who wants a husband that blabs to all an sundry that he doesnt get sex from his wife?? Can\’t people see beyond his " poor victim" fake face??

  36. Cazzie…..you have become a cyber-bully. Nobody else is allowed an opinion without you leaving your mark all over it. Nobody is allowed a bit of fun any more.You are a very, very sad individual.

  37. Aitziber – how was he a "bully, manipulative and controlling" ? It was Jordan who constantly put HIM down…and have you ever seen him with HER child? What a great father. Also, it was Jordan who "blabbed to all an sundry" that HE needed to get her pregnant and was constantly talking sexual innuendos…quite dirty! I don\’t think Peter is a victim at all, as he could be just as bad BUT I think he had just about all of the crap he could take…thats why HE left!! Why would he have otherwise??? Slightly male chauvernistic of you there.

  38. ???????? A good father??? A good father does not expose his kids in crap telly sorry..no morals, no principles and teaching his kids all is good if you get paid…pleaseeeeeee


  40. Well well haven\’t you all just something to say about Pete and Katie!! I bet all your lives are just fabulous and not 1 of you at all have gone through bad times and done things which you later regret!! Jealousey is a bad thing you no all you haters out there and i think most of you forget there is 2 people in a marrage and what you read in papers and see on tv isn\’t always true, we only seen part of there lives together as they weren\’t constantly being filmed were they?!?!?! I suggest a few of you take a long hard look at your own sad little lives and think what makes you in anyway better than either of them or anybodie els come to think of it!! Who made you judge and jourey?!?!?!?!

  41. Aitziber yes I agree with you on the Tv thing. However he did take on and love another mans child, who happens to be ill. How many men would do that? I disagree, I think he does have principles. He was strong enough to not put up with all the critisism Katie was giving out to him, which means he has respect for himself. I\’m glad he left as it shook her up into believing that she is not indispensible. Now all she needs to humble herself , swallow her daft pride, asmit she needs Pete and try to mend her marriage! She really has no idea what marriage is all about…Get a life Katie……pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!

  42. Good on you Pete you\’ve showed your a stronger person than you come accross on TV im sure everyone feels for your kids most of all Harvey! Lets face it who would want to be known as Jordon\’s other half how can you have respect for someone who has no respect for themselves all you have to do is look at the pics of her in that gold bedroom wear that she\’s out in public wearing what a TART im glad she aint my mum and as for girlfriend IMPOSSIBLE who in there right mind would want to be seen out with that. My only advise for Pete would be put your head down your ass up and run for the hills dont look back you\’ll meet someone who values a man who can care and not use people like puppets! Leave her well and truely ditched you dont need a STOP-OUT TO be a good father! Good luck on what ever you do love yourself love your kids and love seeing the back of a nasty hat like many before you and im pretty sure there will be even more after you as she sucks the personality from someone else for an ego boost NASTY NASTY NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I cannot belive they might be doing a "break up" show……..me and my friend were joking the other day that there was gonna be a "Katie and peter:The divorce" edition and now its happened!! Not exactly hard to see that one coming, That really is Insania !


  45. Good on you Katie you\’ve showed your a stronger person than you come accross on TV im sure everyone feels for your kids most of all Harvey! Lets face it who would want to be known as Stavros\’s (aka Peter Andre) other half how can you have respect for someone who has no respect for themselves and talks with that funny voice. all you have to do is look at the pics of him in that casual wear that he\’s out in public wearing what a kebab shop owner would im glad he aint my dad stinking of onions and chilli sauce and as for getting a girlfriend IMPOSSIBLE who in there right mind would want to be seen out with that a greasy kebab shop owner. My only advise for Katie would be put your head down my trousers and look back you\’ll meet someone who values a woman who can care and not use people like a shish or a donner! Leave him well and truely ditched you dont need a STOP-OUT TO be a good mother! Good luck on what ever you do love yourself love your kids and love seeing the back of a nasty Stavros like many before you and im pretty sure there will be even more after you as he sucks olives and the personality from someone else for an ego boost NASTY NASTY NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. There is no law against adultery so get over it. You are simply jealous of the fact that she is still able to attract sexual partners and the only people who get indignant about it are those who are unable to anymore.

  47. listen yea, why done u all jus like shut up? i gots to do des shows cos i needs da money, i got 3 kids and der dad is a no talented bum, an i is gettin past it, noone wants to stare at a pair of plastic tits on a haggard grandma rite so ow else am i gonna make money? I got 3 yrs worth of hair grease to get out of my pillow cases and i gots to be able to afford the lorryful of cillit bang its gonna take yea, so like eff you.

  48. Well yesterday I read that Jordan went out and had sex with someone else and gave an interview about it!! what\’s all that about? Erm Katie dear…that is called adultery! Don\’t you know the LAW in the Bible? It is definately the right way to live and the LAW of the wedding vows too? Oh dear jordan! Why are you trying to openly hurt the man you married and had children with? That is quite indecent of you and means that you have very little self respect girl. Maybe you need to look at your children Jordan, and see how you are hurting them…don\’t you realise that they will see all what you are doing? A very sad situation!! Grow up!

  49. oooohhh dear im afraid gary i didnt go to school that day they learned that word but ill know 4 next time wont i…..

  50. Gary – You will be very happy to know that this will be the very last time you will ever hear from me. I have discovered, thankfully, that I am better than all of this. There is an desperately obvious “need” that is in you… to permanently be on these blogs and I know that you are not free as I most definitely am, because you simply HAVE TO write on them all. For which I feel very sad for you. You must feel unhappy about being you as you clearly need an outlet so you don’t have to think about your sad life….and these blogs are it!! I also feel sorry for you that you had to create many accounts to try and have some kind of a life that you are clearly missing out on…You created people like.…”Amber Lee”, “Stevan”, “Katie Jordan Price” “peter” EVEN “Paul” (whose nasty post to me was deleted at the exact same time you (Gary), deleted yours…Hmm, funny that!!) – AND this is to name just a very few personalities you have inside of you Gary.I feel it is so sad that you are stuck in your home, not being free to go out…and having to order films in from Blockbuster’s as you are fearful of leaving your own home. I am so glad that I can actually get out and experience life and live the life I have chosen for myself to the full. I cannot imagine what it must feel like for you not to be able to cope with anything in life, other than the blogs you truly totally rely on. All I can say is that I will be praying for you from time to time, whenever I remember the sad times of your continual harassment of me on the blogs. You really do need help my friend (and the friend bit, regrettably, I am saying in a patronising way.) You have many major issues and it’s so sad that you have chosen to create made up friends simply by opening up accounts so you can talk to yourself. This is real madness and I hope you manage to get some help for your lunacy. What a depressing state your mind must be in, what state is your poor life in? You seem simply miserable, depressed and lonely.I really believe that you are a schizophrenic and that you need to use the many people inside you, to try and find people that you can attempt to (in an incredibly demeaning way) relate to. But the way you tend to do this is by putting people down by trying to humiliate those who have their own opinions on matters. You simply cannot let matters rest and need to have an input into what people write on the blogs…. Or the alternative is for you to sit all alone in your empty room, looking at the prison walls you have created for yourself; maybe wishing you could leave and have a life like the rest of us do.The thing is Gary/Amber/Paul/Stevan etc….. You didn’t bank on messing with me. You cannot ever win with me as I was there at every turn making sure you understood that you have to be held utterly responsible for your nasty degrading comments and digs at the way people see life. You are an incredibly sad individual! How sad it is that you invented the lie that you were indeed a family man living in London, with a wife and children. When in actual fact, you are very much alone! I think you wish that you had all those things you talk of, but actually in real life, you haven’t got anyone or anything… I’m sad for you – truly. God Bless you in your emptiness Gary. How sad that you need these blogs to live and die by.I, happily, am free to leave these blogs, to you and all of the many people you carry inside of you! I leave you very much alone in your plight so you can get on with your miserable existence that you are choosing to live by. Whilst I am living my wonderful life with my wonderful husband, wonderful children, wonderful friends and other wonderful family members! I am so grateful to be able to do this and I am thankful to my God that I can let go of all of this pathetic need for attention as I really do not need nor want it – I let it go…………….I will not even bother looking at these blogs any more, not even to see what you or all of your made up people inside you have written Gary….I really don’t need it….I am free. You are nothing to me. So I will let you write that you got rid of that religious nutter/stalker, swearing about me.. etc… etc…. as you are nothing to me. And I can guarantee it will only be Amber Lee and Gary saying degrading things about me….…Oh unless of course you create yet more people who can have their say…whatever you do, I truly do not care…My God, my very own family and my own opinion on ME and who I am is worth EVERYTHING to me and yours, Gary, is truthfully worth NOTHING to me at all…….God does love you very much Gary, and even all the people you carry around inside you. I pray that you will be able to sort yourself out very soon and allow God to heal the pain that you are obviously in. Jesus died for you Gary, and rose from the dead and now lives, waiting for you to surrender your heart to him.My email account has now been closed as I am now elsewhere…………Goodbye foreverFREEDOM ………………………………… "Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

  51. Seems to me before Katie met Peter she had a reputation and was called Jordan, when she met him she had respect and was called Katie, I reckon she\’s gotta get sensible, if only for the childrens sake, And Peter you can\’t drive two cars at the same time, stop trying to grab something you cannot reach, do what you do best stay home and look after the kids and write a book or something. DP

  52. Kate is a tart, she always has been and sadly always will be. I dont think she knows anything els. Poor girl.

  53. some people dont want them on their tele and dont want them in their paper one minute, then on the other hand say good for you katie, arent some people off their heads, he will know who i mean lol glad to see you havent changed!

  54. So, why do some people look upto someone like Katie Price? Are they thinking straight about what they really want in life! They want to be sad bastards who believes that sticking plastic in your face, chest and shagging every thing that moves is a way! Then go and be sad bastards, but please don\’t tell the public how sad and miserable your life\’s are and boring us! Just hide in a corner and be quiet. Or go to a quack and get your life\’s fixed!

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