Chris Brown admits beating Rihanna

Chris Brown appeared in court on June 22 and pleaded guilty to assaulting ex-girlfriend Rihanna, which likely spared him jail time.

The 20-year-old singer will be sentenced to five years probation and 180 days community service, expected to include picking up rubbish and graffiti removal. He must also complete a year of domestic violence classes and pay a fine.

Had Chris pleaded not guilty, he could have faced four years imprisonment for the assault, which took place in February after the couple attended a pre-Grammys party together. There was uproar earlier this year after a photo of Rihanna’s battered face was leaked by someone inside the LAPD.

Chris was also ordered to keep at least 50 yards away from Rihanna, except at industry events such as award ceremonies, where the distance is reduced to 10 yards. He is also banned from phoning, texting or emailing his ex.

Rihanna was in the courtroom but, due to the guilty plea, she did not have to face questioning.

Brown’s formal sentencing is scheduled to take place on August 5.

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44 thoughts on “Chris Brown admits beating Rihanna

  1. i think she started it first i mean she kept hitting him while he was driving so really she casued it all on herself

  2. i think we all should just take a step back because none of us know what really happened that night and i dont believe we ever will. each side is gonna twist the story to suit themselves. but i know if i got beat up by my partner-i wouldn\’t be hitting the beach or partying with the Black eyed peas or be associated with different males. likewise i wouldn\’t record a new album or go jet-skiing or go to basketball games.

  3. Interesting! i mean come of it, it had taken them 4 months to try and make up a story to suit everyone. The incident was an incident that got out of control. She also has a temper too. Trust me nobody from the islands keeps still. They both need anger management classes.

  4. Its a shame the courts dealt with him so lightly, especailly a person who must be held in some acclaim because of his career. He could at least now spend his service going to teens in schools explaining what he did and how bad it is to do things like that. I think also that he should be shunned by the world of celebrity including working in it until he has finished his service. He should have got worse possibly a couple of years in jail, its a shame that wasnt the case.

  5. Personally, I could slap Rihanna upside the head for most of the drivel she puts out as music. And just to be fair I could knee Chris Brown in the \’nads for most of the substandard Michael Jackson wanna be generic \’RnB\’ tripe he records. Violence isnt the answer. But its pretty darn satisfying. N.B. I am not supporting domestic violence, I just think these 2 are nauseating on many levels.

  6. So what? She didnt deserve to end up like that! Amber Lee thats not nice! Lots of people like her music!ilu Rihanna Ur my Role Modelx

  7. oooh im not nice, however will I live with myself. How wrong was I, insulting her when she inspires such people like you amy. A lot of people liked Hitler, Stalin, Sadam Hussein and Pol Pot, should I not insult them either? Are any of them your role model?

  8. lorretta jones what you are saying is her life should stop because of chris brown, trust me hes not worh it, its good she moved on and continued to live her life and have fun because thats the way to defeat a bully. i cannot believe some people are still trying to to defend him after seeing those pictures no matter what rihanna might have done she did not deserve that just shows there are still some sickos out there.

  9. This is good story this one , his a fucking wanna be control freak , his a waste off time n afford . am sorry but good for her for gettin him sent down , alot off men get away from it , plus his not realLLY A man his a mouse a woman beater……….. BEST WISHES FOR RIHANNA MOVE ON HUUN U CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT

  10. This kind of thing happens right next door to most people and who cares…nobody. Some celebs slap eachother and its breaking news hitting blogs everywhere. Its a domestic between 2 people, there lives and there business. Here in the uk the police would turn up and do nothing as its "just a domestic" but as these 2 are famous everyone is up in arms.Chris brown is a little hood rat and rihanna is just some skank that made it…end of.

  11. So what, because hes a black RnB singer, he has to be from the \’hood\’? How do you know hes not in fact a well educated middle class boy whos putting on this \’gangster\’ persona in order to be more marketable, just like the thousands of well educated white boys who pretend theyre really rock and roll, fake accents and all? He might well be a rat, but lets not make assumptions here. Besides I blame his mother who had theimpertinence to allow her impressionable young son be witness to domestic violence that has obviously left an indelible mark on the poor boy. Hurt people hurt and lash out. Poor little bugger, he needs a big hug, not a jail sentence. Secondly, just because a woman dances around naked in a music video does not make her a skank. It shows her business acumen, that shes using her greatest asset, her nude fine figure, to pry your hard earned cash from your envious fingers. And maybe, if somewhere along the line, she had to perform sexual favours to progress in her career, its simply a woman using her feminine wiles to progress her career, is that not what feminism is all about? People, leave the kids be, just think if theyre that passionate when they argue, the make up sex must be off the charts. Dont hate on the players, hate on the game, you get me?

  12. Rihanna, you are sooooo hot, and have had so many encounters, you could manage to forgive that novince; can you imagine how he regrets his actions, resulting in loosing a talented hottie like you !!!??? For Chris, take it easy mate; not many men I know given the opportunity to be with Rihanna; their first thouhgts would definetely not to give her a slap…….Get my drift ??????

  13. Well, he has got off lightly! I am in agreement with the domestic violence classes…what a great idea, he can no longer hide how he feels about himself (which is why a person hits out) and will have to answer for his attitude and behaviour…nice one!!!!Get with picking up the rubbish and scrubing that grafitti lil man!!!Now maybe Rihanna could get some kind of counselling too.

  14. Horrible..just nothing else to say,i agree with poster who asserting"now maybe her too can get damn counseling"lol i agree she do need it,however all other black men especially almost statistic too high to list here,as spanish,hispanic men all others would have been in prison,and or in county trying to make bail then facing long prison time,serving at least a year or so this is sad just horrid all around,adios.i stop being BOTH of these LOSERS a fan,adios.

  15. I am shocked that Rihanna forgave him for that, or maybe that was rumours…It was also amazing cos first I neevr imagined Chris Brown to hurt a fly. He should be given more punishment- only cos he is a celebrity which is why he is not being given more punishment. Rihanna should of NOT forgiven Chris Brown, cos he\’s a total idiot. And all the rude people out there can say nothing about Rihanna. So quit judging her! She\’s amazing and a great singer 🙂 Hope you recover from this soon xxx

  16. rihann is just a sly bitch even when she started it by hittin him with shoes and he was DRIVING AT THE TIME… i give brown thumbs up and teach that evil bitch a lesson she thinks she can get away with hitting him firs then hide behind jay-z he was just flew off the handel…but like everybody has realised he is coming to be a bit off a controlling little bitch..come on rihanna why don\’t you just fuck back to the caribbean and leave poor chris alone!!

  17. I think none of us know what really happened as the media has probably put twists on it, but if he did hurt her like that I feel so sorry for Rihanna, she should have got away earlier, he got a too light sentence in my view, just because he is a celeb. If any of us did that we would a far longer sentence.

  18. yeah javhad, she totally should NOT hit him when hes driving, that could be distracting as hell. Next time she should try sucking him off, then hed grip that wheel tight right! Yeah thats some punk ass gangsta shit, she beats on his ass then runs to that big lipped mutha f**cker, thats some chicken ass shit for real. Poor chris, hes had a bad life, witnessing all that violence, having to tap that skanky bitches ass, and then getting hauled off to jail. Give the poor little millionaire a break, damn!Lets see if its true hannah, go and beat up your boyfriend and lets see how long you get.

  19. well what\’s done is done…lets hope he learns from it!!! and lets hope she also learns about entering into a controlling relationship again.

  20. Gary – You will be very happy to know that this will be the very last time you will ever hear from me. I have discovered, thankfully, that I am better than all of this. There is an desperately obvious “need” that is in you… to permanently be on these blogs and I know that you are not free as I most definitely am, because you simply HAVE TO write on them all. For which I feel very sad for you. You must feel unhappy about being you as you clearly need an outlet so you don’t have to think about your sad life….and these blogs are it!! I also feel sorry for you that you had to create many accounts to try and have some kind of a life that you are clearly missing out on…You created people like.…”Amber Lee”, “Stevan”, “Katie Jordan Price” “peter” EVEN “Paul” (whose nasty post to me was deleted at the exact same time you (Gary), deleted yours…Hmm, funny that!!) – AND this is to name just a very few personalities you have inside of you Gary.I feel it is so sad that you are stuck in your home, not being free to go out…and having to order films in from Blockbuster’s as you are fearful of leaving your own home. I am so glad that I can actually get out and experience life and live the life I have chosen for myself to the full. I cannot imagine what it must feel like for you not to be able to cope with anything in life, other than the blogs you truly totally rely on. All I can say is that I will be praying for you from time to time, whenever I remember the sad times of your continual harassment of me on the blogs. You really do need help my friend (and the friend bit, regrettably, I am saying in a patronising way.) You have many major issues and it’s so sad that you have chosen to create made up friends simply by opening up accounts so you can talk to yourself. This is real madness and I hope you manage to get some help for your lunacy. What a depressing state your mind must be in, what state is your poor life in? You seem simply miserable, depressed and lonely.I really believe that you are a schizophrenic and that you need to use the many people inside you, to try and find people that you can attempt to (in an incredibly demeaning way) relate to. But the way you tend to do this is by putting people down by trying to humiliate those who have their own opinions on matters. You simply cannot let matters rest and need to have an input into what people write on the blogs…. Or the alternative is for you to sit all alone in your empty room, looking at the prison walls you have created for yourself; maybe wishing you could leave and have a life like the rest of us do.The thing is Gary/Amber/Paul/Stevan etc….. You didn’t bank on messing with me. You cannot ever win with me as I was there at every turn making sure you understood that you have to be held utterly responsible for your nasty degrading comments and digs at the way people see life. You are an incredibly sad individual! How sad it is that you invented the lie that you were indeed a family man living in London, with a wife and children. When in actual fact, you are very much alone! I think you wish that you had all those things you talk of, but actually in real life, you haven’t got anyone or anything… I’m sad for you – truly. God Bless you in your emptiness Gary. 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And I can guarantee it will only be Amber Lee and Gary saying degrading things about me….…Oh unless of course you create yet more people who can have their say…whatever you do, I truly do not care…My God, my very own family and my own opinion on ME and who I am is worth EVERYTHING to me and yours, Gary, is truthfully worth NOTHING to me at all…….God does love you very much Gary, and even all the people you carry around inside you. I pray that you will be able to sort yourself out very soon and allow God to heal the pain that you are obviously in. Jesus died for you Gary, and rose from the dead and now lives, waiting for you to surrender your heart to him.My email account has now been closed as I am now elsewhere…………Goodbye foreverFREEDOM ………………………………… "Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

  21. Can amber-lee justt back off people who have a different opinion to hers?I do assume this whole commenting thing is meant for a variety of opinions, not some bitching compettion.Grow up a bit, none of you personally know Chris Brown or Rihanna, so its none of your place to comment on their personal life, just because the media seem to have that power.End of.

  22. Charlie I have considered your request, and No i cant. In fact I think I was rather defending the two inbreds, so what got your boxers in a bunch? Do you wish you were hitting that but you respect Chris Brown for pounding that ass? Yeah it is for a variety of comments, but as George Orwell so accurately put it, some are just more valuable than others. By the by, seeing as you have trouble understanding posts, that means yours was pointless. Much like your conception no doubt. End of Innit Mate Yea?

  23. Okay… I was just randomly looking at this, \’cause it looked interesting. However. what\’s with the bitching, guys (and gals, lol.)? It\’s a little childish. Rihanna is an okay singer and Chris Brown… well. I\’m not a fan of him.Amber Lee. Sod you.

  24. Ahhhh there is always one….. Amber Lee you truly are a Grade A fuck up! i mean what gives you the right to discriminate other peoples oppinions? Everyone is entitled to their opinion! now i bet you will come back to this page and say " well my opinion is you suck" and then add some of your sarcastic gangster words to try and make a emphasize your post….. well i guess some people just wernt payed enough attention too as a child and now they seek out attention of random strangers on the internet weather its negative or positive! Let me guess i bet you sleep with random strangers too just to get a moment of attention before the guy realises " ohhh dear what the Fuck have i got myself into ".look at all these posts Amber no one actually likes you on here or proberly in the real world either…but you dont care aslong as your happy nobody else matters! well you will be one of those old ladys who live alone with about 5 cats and whose family doesnt even want to visit or call!have a good life .Now for my opinion:I agree with Charlie, we do not know them personally or have any insight into their lives if we did then he would either not get a sentence or would already be in jail.If however he did beat her it was a very stupid move on his part not only because you should never punch a women unless she a threat on your life it also could of ruined his music career which he has been more then successful in!I encourage others to add opinions to this page dispite what this Attention seeking "Amber Lee" says Thanks for reading my commentKieran

  25. We dont really know the full story in this situation. So i dont think we should really judge Chris or Rihanna =/

  26. to be honest, i\’m quite shocked that chris brown has had all that. you\’d think, because he\’s a celebrity he would get away with it. i don\’t agree, but it happens. think of paris hilton. but in a way, he deservs it. no man should ever hit women, no matter how bad things are. i am a fan of chris brown, but i\’m appauled by what he\’s done to singer, rihanna. maybe when he gets out of jail, and when he finishes with his community service he will soon realise he\’s done wrong and hopefully not do it again. i can\’t say he will, i can\’t say he won\’t because i don\’t know the man. maybe rihanna could forgive chris brown, but i\’m not expecting it to be honest. good luck to the both of them though, and i\’m glad they\’re going their seprate ways. celebrities never work out anyway.

  27. Unfortunately kieran I wish there was only one imbecilic worthless excuse for a human being like you Kieran, sadly Ive read some entries on the Peter Andre blog, and we are inundated! Oh me oh my, all these halfwits that I dont know and dont give a damn about dont like me? But I tried so hard to win their approval, I thought by constantly deriding everything they posted it would endear me to them. Kieran, oh font of all knowledge, show me the error of my ways and tell me how to gain respect from my peers.MoronLet me break it down to you \’gangsta\’ style. Basically youre very well endowed, unfortunately for you it was misplaced and welded to your cranium instead of around the pubic area. Let me put it another way, youre a knob head innit bruv?For my feelings on Chris and Rihanna read belowI encourage you all to continue to comment so I have something to laugh at, and for those who took offense at what I wrote, go OD on some Tippex under the swingset and forget your sorrows.

  28. I love rihanna and chris brown. They are such a good couple but why did he do that ?! I guess at least he admitted that he did it but then again there was evidence on her face.hmmmmm i would never get bac together with someone who hit me.:S

  29. i really dont thin k peter was for her jecklle and hyde.she is a problem ,she deserves everything shes gonny get.cant wait ,praying everynite .

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