Jade Goody’s ex parties with Bianca Gascoigne

Jack Tweed has befriended Bianca Gascoigne on the party circuit, and the two turned heads when they were photographed leaving London nightclub Movida together earlier this week.

Jack and Bianca both attended fashion label Lipsy’s Midsummer Party at the club, before jumping into a cab together and heading off into the night.

Jack has already caused controversy by not turning up to a memorial for Jade a few days ago, because he was at the video shoot for new girl band Bubble G. Jack’s mother Mary attended the event in his place, which was held in Bermondsey where the reality TV star grew up. The memorial for Jade included the unveiling of a black and gold headstone with a heart-shaped photo of the mum-of-two at the centre, with the inscription: “A Bermondsey girl who did so well. A star for all time.”

Publicist Max Clifford defended Jack’s no-show, saying he was only told about the event 24 hours before it took place. But the PR guru admitted he wasn’t impressed by Jack’s partying: “It’s a disaster waiting to happen, but nobody can make him listen to sense,” he told The Sun. “He’s got these mates who see him as a means of making a lot of money with clubs, bars and whatever. It appears to be a crass attempt to drum up a bit of money for themselves off Jade’s back, and it’s a crying shame.”

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66 thoughts on “Jade Goody’s ex parties with Bianca Gascoigne

  1. even at the end jade made terrible decisons.marrying that twat.Now that jades dead and hes got the attention he needed,jades nothing but a memory to him.And with that other twat,max clifford as his publicist,hes really sold hes soul to THE devil.

  2. if he loved jade that much he would be there weather it was 24hours before been told or 2 mins hes thinking about him self the selfish twat

  3. so i had to wait 5 days to learn someone who was actually world famous and talented had died, and precisely one day to learn that 2 oppurtunistic cretin faced no bodies had potentially did the nasty and could maybe have created the dumbest ugliest child ever to curse the face of the earth? Wow THATS entertainment. Dont be hard on the boy, he had to put up with Jade Goody for a couple of years, Id be out partying now too.

  4. I have a great deal of sympathy for Jack. He is a wayward young man, yes; but he lost his new wife just a short while ago. Who amongst us can honestly say that in a dark place we have not done something we have later regretted? Also, it would be sooooo great to read people\’s blogs without the tasteless, vulgar language therein? We appear to be a nation of angry illiterates 😦 Much sadder than the "exploits" of celebrities, methinks…

  5. Whatever he gets upto be it on his Karma, look at the wedding Jade loves Jack – Jack loves Jack ( counting money,deals,woman that will want him because who he married) – I for one am glad she cannot see him. Jade would have slapped his face….May she rest in peace sadly with fame money comes, press, cling ons,cheaters schammers liars – Bermondsey girl who was is a STAR rest in peace, bless you xx

  6. Jade may have been in love with Jack but I believe Jack played her along as he was a nobody without her. I didn\’t really like Jade but this ratbag of a so called husband and stepfather is the lowest of the low not even to attend the memorial for Jade and has proved to everyone that fame and money was all he was really after

  7. Just glad Jade\’s not here to see it, feel sorry for Jacky though as she is, he\’s trampling on her daughters memory and needs to leave a bit of respect instead of our partying

  8. Im so dissapointed. I really belived Jack had changed but he is just proving everybody right. If Jeff has any sense he will keep Jades little boys away from jack he is hardly a good influence on them.

  9. I am so shocked with jack\’s behaviour so soon after jade\’s burial, he has just proven all the sceptics they were right when they said "he married jade for her money". He has little respect for jade when he is jumping into bed with Lisa O\’connor a glamour model, i think jade would be appalled by his behaviour. We all know he has to move on with his life at some stage but he could be a little more discreet especially when the death of jade is still fresh in every one\’s mind\’s, he could never be a positive role model for jade\’s boy\’s, if i was jeff brazier i would keep the boy\’s well away from him. Linda Onar

  10. jack cant do right for doing wrong. in otherwords he is never going to get it right according to some people. jade loved him to bits so we should love him too if we loved jade

  11. Leave the lad alone. hes too young to sit in mourning. Jade has gone, it\’s sad, but life has to go on, and that means for Jack tweed too.

  12. I have to say i don\’t like him there is something i can\’t put my finger on but… for some reason Jade loved him, he is young and i believe life goes on you can\’t stop living because you\’ve lost someone. She remains in everyones hearts and thats all that counts now she will never be forgotten as she was very specail. He\’ll just be a twat for life…

  13. He has said he wasn\’t interested in having a relationship at the moment & thats what he is doing,going round loving & leaving them which is what most young lads of his age do.And Jade did tell him not to mourn her forever.He\’s obviously done his mourning.I read it in the sun today he was seen with louisa lytton the other night,so he is definately getting about….

  14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA catherine youve given me the biggest laugh of the month. Yes im sure Jack was just devastated at the absolutely predicted and certain death of his wife. Thats why he found time during her serious illness to assault 2 people. And yes Im positive that when the cameras ARENT around he sits there misty eyed remembering the mind blowing conversations he had with his beautiful wife Jade: \’Jack is lark di earth rarnd or lark is it flat yeah cos how come fings dont fall off\’ Jack: \’dunno, shut it yea im watching football, i gots to work dont u know im an agent woman\’. Young love, such a tragic story its almost Shakespearean in its beautiful intricacy. barcardibabe, you cant put your finger on it because the man is such a slimeball it wouldnt stay there. Ill put it simply incase you arent getting it HES A MONEY GRABBING FAME WHORE WHO JUST MARRIED THAT SIMPLE MINDED PUBLICITY HOUND TO MAKE HIM LOOK LIKE A GOOD GUY. or even simpler in case youre still lost USER USER USER.You with me?

  15. What is Bianca doing? Don\’t give it up to that trash! She seems like a really lovely girl, albeit with a few issues but giving it up to that guy is a waste of column inches!

  16. hes a tw*t anyhow and it wont take him long to get drunk and end up in a fight and back in jail-who cares about him? and as for his late wife-well, its a tagedy, she had kids but thats life-happens to ordinary folk every day and nobody ever hears about it-THATS tragic!

  17. Surprise, Surprise!! Who didnt expect this to happen?? He only married Jade when she was diagnosed as terminally ill. He\’s a gold-digger of the worst kind – most people like this are charming etc, he is only sleazy and nasty. Another one to fade into obscurity along with Katie Price and Kerry Katona! If these are role models, god help this country!!

  18. maybe hes spent the money he made out of jade and is looking for another mug

  19. he is a user and was a user when jade was alive. Why do people assume that his love for jade was genuine people are very nieve. He is a guy that was with jade because of her popularity and what he could get from her. If you call this Love then your a fool and blind.

  20. he is evil if he loved her as much as he sed that he did he wudnt have moved on so quickly i think he was with jade for her money and just thinking of that makes me feel sick R.I.P Jade xxxx

  21. all the nasty comments makes me sick…..let him live his life the way he chooses…everyone makes mistakes……including you sorry lot….

  22. jack should be left to mourn in the way that he sees best, whatever his intentions were when he married jade, she married the man that she loved and when she was at her worst he was there to comfort her. i dont completely respect the way he is behaving now but at the end of the day he watched her deteriorate and that is always going to have been one of the biggest challenges of anyones life but now he does deserve to move on… people deal with hurt in different ways and if this is how he wants to then so be it. at least jade completed most of her dying wishes and died feeling loved by her husband and family. RIP jade xx

  23. He is still young and he as done enough morning, it can\’t last forever. Although if Jade had lived it might have. He is a young man and he needs to live life to the full, which Jade would wanted him too. Life to short , as Jade realised, GOD BLESS HER, AND ALL SHE AS DONE TO SHOW THE YOUNGER GIRLS WHAT COULD HAPPEN TO THEM.

  24. I thought i could get to like jack .I thought he was going to respect jades death and lie low for several years ,and not be a bloody fool and lose our respect.What are we to think about this man,If he loved jade he would have respect and not be the clown that he is.I hope jades children are not allowed to stay with him ever or until he grows up big time which i cannot see happening.A complete waste and i bet you he will land back in prison a little boy now in my eyes and he needs a good spanking.

  25. he is young and have a life. i think jade would love for him to carry on he can\’t morn for ever i love jade 2 but i have a son and i would not like my son to be sad all the day\’s of is life go live jack!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I thought Jade was Brilliant. Jack made her happy when she needed it most, now just let him get on with his life as he is only young.

  27. Having just read these crass innane and trite comments, I mourn, not Jade, but the inability to construct a grammatical sentence with correct spellings. Who cares what Jack Tweed chooses to do? It is nobody\’s business and doesn\’t deserve comment.

  28. I know they say life must go on, but fo Jades sake have a little respect for her, if the shoe was on the other foot you can be sure Jade would never have behave the way he is. Jade would not have looked at another man for a long time, she worshipped the ground he walked on ?

  29. What\’s the guy doing wrong? life must go on , ok maybe a bit soon but it may be the way he gets through his grief with female company,

  30. Who in their right mind would give Jack Tweed any media coverage. He is talentless and useless and he is getting paid for being so…Come on world…open your eyes.. you are making him a celeb!!!! Are you sure!!! Celeb mags should spend their money on deserving people

  31. Cris Watson – you\’re right, mourning (not morning) does not last forever, but it should last a bit longer than it takes to get a headstone erected. He never loved Jade so why should he be in mourning? All he saw was a cash register cos he only agreed to marry her when she was told she only had a few weeks to live. He came across as a silly little boy on CBB and from what we\’ve seen about him since, he hasn\’t changed a bit.

  32. i think jack should have gone to jades grave when the headstone was put there i know life has to go on but with all the love jade gave to every one he should think off what it might be doing to her sons i would of throught jack should not put him self in the lime light all the time other wise he could end back in prison if he is not careful rip jade miss you xxx

  33. l too think he used Jade. and he is proving it by the way he is behaving living of her fame and the money she left him, but it won\’t last, and the two boys are best of with their Dad Jeff, well done to him. he also could have cashed in but l think he truely loved Jade and still does. Tweed will always be a loser. RIP Jade XX

  34. I liked Jade a lot but they were both so young, it says Jades \’ex\’ – well he isn\’t he was married to her (note for news article there) He should be allowed to get out at his age, after all he can\’t replace Jade but can\’t stay in moping around in mourning for ever. He endured a lot of pain caring for Jade – why can\’t he let his hair down a bit ? we all need that once in while! Jade was great, but don\’t think Jack will win whatever he does…

  35. Is this News,,,,,,,, i ask you. What the hell is happening in our society today, when we keep reading about individuals with no talent. What have these two Individuals achieved in life, apart from getting out out of bed in the morning. Come on Britain \’get a grip\’.

  36. I always knew jack tweed was a scummer. Only a few months after Jade passed away is he cavorting with anybody and living up to his name. I hope it really do\’s not last too long and he ends up in serious trouble some day. R.I.P. JADE, HOW DO\’S IT GO WHAT COMES AROUND GO\’S AROUND.

  37. Jack is still a very young man who has been through a lot of pain seeing the woman he loves slowly fade away and die with cancer. I have no doubt that he loved her completely, and you would think the same too if you\’d read what Jade\’s Mum had said about the way he had cared for her during her last few weeks following their wedding. Jade would want him to be happy and to find someone else and the sooner he does that the better he will feel in himself. He doesnt ask for publicity, but the paps follow him wherever he goes so nothing he does is very private is it? How awful must that be? He dearly loves her two boys and his regular contact with them is like having a piece of Jade with him so I dont want that to stop in the forseeable future. They thought of him as a Dad, so contact with him is also good for them too as the less changes they have in their lives the better it is for them. I am glad they are living with their Dad, Jeff Brazier, as I think that is the best place for them, but they should be allowed to keep in regular contact with Jack and also Jackie Budden. IF Jack gets into any further trouble with the law then that may need to be reviewed for the childrens sake. Leave him alone, let him have some fun and alllow him to be a young man and grieve in his own way. We are all different after all arent we? Where was one of the first places he went to when he was released from prison? Yes, thats right, to visit Jade\’s grave near Epping. Doesnt that show how he felt about her? Good luck to you Jack and may your life improve very soon. Maybe some of your friends arent having the best influence on you and you should think about severing a few ties with them. just a suggestion, as you seem to be an easily led young man. Jade is at peace now and happy once more, and she would want Jack to be happy too. Lots of love to you all including the boys. x x

  38. PS: Jade DIDNT leave him any money, although she offered to do so. He told her to leave it ALL for her boys, so he wasnt with her for what he could gain, but because he dearly LOVED her!!

  39. Sadly, we are all too ready to judge! Please forget these people and get on with what is important – showing love to your family and friends!

  40. Leave him alone, everybody grieves in their own ways, whether it be publicly, or otherwise. Jack is still very young, & has been through a lot over the past year, or so, he watched his wife die, his world fall apart, he obviously clearly, & dearly loved Jade. I have no doubt that Jade would not want him to be sad, but to live life to the full. Nobody knows how long life will last, so enjoy it to the utmost full.

  41. hahaha sarah youre a laugh, youre right his whole world did fall apart. I guess theres only so long you can flog a dead horse before it gets old, at least when jade was alive he was guaranteed a pay cheque of some sort. Now he might actually have to get a job.

  42. Amber Lee you\’re so right. I really don\’t know why Jade got back with him, I think it was because she knew she was dying and wanted to get married. He cheated on her and she should never have given him another chance. Theres no way he\’ll be around for her children, even her mum has bagged herself a toyboy (how looking like that?) and bogged off to Spain. It\’s a good job they\’ve got their dad. Not really heard anything bad about him so lets hope they\’re all ok. Jack Tweed has landed on his feet, got loads of money now and will probably go from one woman to another. Whats Bianca Gasgoigne famous for eh, her parents!

  43. am sorry but an everyone believe him as a grieving man did anyone read about him in reveal he cied after having sex for the first time after jade had passed and he wouldnt remember anything that happen and she took advantage of the situation not being bad but someting tells me that he has sleep with other people aand he now uses jade as his claim to fame even after shes gone.

  44. The only \’talent\’ either of these 2 have is the talent to live off the backs of other people..I\’m with AmberLee and Mucky Pup..

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