Katie Price reveals miscarriage

So much for keeping a dignified silence – Katie Price’s exclusive interview with Piers Morgan (her first interview since she and Peter Andre split) was a no-holds-barred account of the couple’s personal life, their rows, their jealousies and the revelation that the pair recently lost a baby.

Katie wiped away tears as she revealed she had suffered a miscarriage in April, just before running the London marathon. “I was pregnant in America and the baby died… Emotionally for any woman, whether you’re in the media or not, to have a baby die, run the marathon – which is also a big thing on your body – and then your husband wants a divorce. That’s a lot for someone to take in.”

Katie addressed rumours her husband left her because she’d had an affair with Andrew Gould, her dressage trainer. “Pete had it in his head that I fancied him and he fancied me. So it grew and grew in his head until he ended up thinking something was going on,” the glamour model told Morgan.

She said there was "no way" she would get back together with Pete, telling Piers "I look at him now and think, ‘what on earth did I see in him?’" Katie also predicted that, once the divorce was over, she would be ready for a new man in her life: "I could be married next summer."

Did you watch the interview? Let me know what you thought – did Katie come across well?

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100 thoughts on “Katie Price reveals miscarriage


  2. eh????? couldnt handle the pressure of being with a glamour girl???????? thats tripe!!! he loved her and he was proud of her and he fancied the woman stupid! -it had nothing whatsoever to do with him not being able to cope with her being a glamour girl no name, he was blatantly proud of her body and couldnt keep his hands off her-the thing he couldnt handle was her obvious lack of being able to stop every tom dick n harry from thinking they could get in aboot her too! she ridiculed the man over and over and humiliated him and really i think he did well not to explode with temper-he took it but you could see he was getting more and more down throughout the tv show they did. and as for taking a good look at myself Ashley? dont you think its katie price who SHOULD have done that BEFORE her man finally snapped and gave up on her. if pete wanted to promote his bloomin album then surely he would be all over the papers every day?! he is doing the opposite! DESPITE having an album to promote!!!!!! hes keeping his head down and setting an expample that those kids will one day look back on. they are so lucky to have him! shes a nutter and shes on a downward spiral now to oblivion and i hope she thinks about how badly she handles things when she hits the bottom!!

  3. Alan, how can you say such i spiltful thing, no one deserves to go through a miscarriage, only a man could make such a comment. We are all looking a life through our own window.

  4. Alan is completely correct !!! Jade Goody and Katie Price are wholly vacuous no-talent celebs. They aren\’t the only ones – you don\’t have to look far in the media to see plenty more of them!! Why are you worshipping these people as if they are some kind of icon or have anything useful to offer at all????

  5. I\’m not gonna waste anymore time on this woman,I\’d rather sleep and get lots of rest and be ready and have lots of energy for my 2 little ones. One thing for sure,their mummy have always acted her age and have always kept her clothes on and showed some very good examples for them to follow and not to be ashamed of,Goodnight guys!!!

  6. I watched your interview We do not see the real person,hurt from the past not dealt with,miscarriage,split from husband,me I am 42 i have been raped when i was 10 years old remembering every detail like it was today,16 gangraped(6)i aslo have had 2 miscarriages i know have 4 loverly children 1 of whom has cerebral palsy/scoliosis born 2lb 15oz 6weeks earlyepilepsy so many problem s but i keep my chin up.come on katie you can play fair and the kids will love you more for it.you can tell me to bugger off i have been to hell and back and you no katie i won coz they are not gettin the rest of my life so keep your chin up cry over the lost of your baby you have nothing to feel ashamed about. good luck Debbie Nuneaton

  7. lmao steve чou reallч don\’t make sense love, do чou know what, seriouslч i have just realized something, the people that have said discusting things are all MEN! hahaha it all makes perfect sense now! чou would never know what it\’s like too have a miscarriage, shows how much of a nice person чou are чourself, take a long hard look at чourself, there\’s чou saчing discusting things about katie, when чour not much of a good example чourself 😉

  8. i feel sorry for katie stop putting her down .i was gutted they split.they make a great couple wish they could get back toghter

  9. Katie admitted on national tv that she had used drugs during her relationship with Pete,she puts Pete down every chance she getshe is a wonderful man,he really loves Katie pity Katie never learned to love unconditionally,its just like another slapper job to her , he has accepted her child as his own and he is excellent with children,a true role model for those kids,maybe social services should be stepping in here before it gets ugly,for the kids sake. Katie you need to grow up!

  10. Goodnight Sarah!! What everybody needs now is a goodnight sleep and who knows when we wake up Miss Price might change her mind and start to humble herself.

  11. yes chloe an cheryy well done girls i agree with u both :)X an debbie well done to u hun 4 keepin yr chin up love to the children babe xx

  12. goood, im glad some people are clever enouugh too see how discusting the comments from these men are 🙂 good night all, i\’ve said enough now! x

  13. Too all The people who is saying Ktie Price is talentless, your all fools. She\’s made a career and life by herself without someone handing it to her. People need to cut her some slack. Shes a good women. Who are you to critasize her? expecially when your nothing. xx

  14. Gina thank you. has for all you people saying nasty stuff remember what goes around comes around and i promise you discusting fellas out there step inside some one elses shoes for a day you would not last

  15. To the person called alan leigh your comments are shamefull, from what you have wrote it shows what kind of thing you are…a disgust to the human race!

  16. Grow up Katie act your age and not your shoe size!!! When ever I \’ve seen you its all about you. You don\’t give a toss about any one but yourself If you are looking for sympathy forget it.

  17. i used to like jordan/katie, but when i watched their pogramme,i felt really sorry for pete.then the interview of her with peirce morgan,made me hate her more.she shows no emotion at all, even saying "i could be maried by next year" she,s only saying it to get at pete, but he,ll find someone else who really loves him, then she,ll be even more bitter.

  18. i liked them both as a couple when they split i couldnt make head or tale of the situation but that interview with pier morgan is a shamble from start to finish if she diddnt want to tell and let any-one know then why blurt it out she could have kept stucm just seems like everything has a price for katie and in years to come when her kids watch this interview i feel sorry for them.as for pete hes being the bigger person he isnt the type of man to go running to the press with his sordid details of there marriage he wants to be a dad and greif let him and if katies after sypathy forget it she doesn\’t deserve any what mother would sell her story of a miscarriage unbelivable any way good luck to pete and the kids he will find some-one who will treat him good

  19. shes a devious woman. she knows exactly what shes doing and anyone watching even one of the katie and pete drama knows that shes the active driving force behind that show. shes got bored with a guy that did everything for her and the bed covers are not even cold and shes off shagging someone else. im not surprised that after being told that pete is getting the sympathy and not her, shes gone live and cried for the camera.. shes totally geared up for the mediaamyone who falls for her crocodile tears is a sheep

  20. once againthe so called hard done by celebrity playing victimand piers morgan sniffing at her ass again, while she going off shagging everyone else, is she shagging piers morgan the self luved english want to be smug and smarmy toffee nosed stuck up c**tshe is just another glorified celebrity whore, who is a vile sl**g, i dont normally have sympathy for celebs when they crash and burn, but peter andre looks and sounds dignified about where the kids are concerned good luck to him

  21. It really made me cringe when she lifted her top up for Piers but in all honesty-thats whats made her famous.She did treat Pete like shit and is too far up her own arse.yes he knew what she was like b4 marrying her, im assuming he thought & hoped she\’d grow up & mature with age & motherhood. 2 children & 2 miscarriages later-she still hasnt.She will never find another man who will love & own Harvey the way Pete did.or Pete\’s kids for that.she makes me sick.

  22. I always liked Kate for her honesty. However, to drag Pete down the way she has is unforgiveable. Do your laundry in private for goodness sake! I have seen her for what she really is – extremely self centered. Sure, she;\’ll get another bloke and will always have "friends" because of what she looks like and the fact that she has money. Pete was the best thing that ever happened to her. Love is unconditional but she doesn\’t know the meaning of it, to slate a husband in the way that she has so soon after splitting is embarressing for her not Pete. She will sadly get her comeuppance. She has played right into the media\’s hands, refusing to reconcile. All that she appears to care about is losing face with the public. Sorry Kate, you just did!

  23. I just wish Katie Price would disappear from TV screens, newspapers and magazines!! She is nothing but a fame hungry slag who thinks only of herself. In all the shows she comes across as a childish, pathetic bully who talks down to everyone. I\’m surprised Pete put up with her for as long as he did. All I want now is Pete\’s album to become a huge success…it might just shut her huge mouth for a while!! Its about time Katie realised she is too stupid and thick to be giving interviews, she only comes across as an idiot who should learn to keep her mouth shut for the sake of her kids. Any any guy who goes near her now needs to get his head tested!! Please Katie, just fade into obscurity now please – we are sick of the sight of you!

  24. not being funny shes a good mum but shes a cunt to peter always putting him down about his music and didnt even really like the song he did from her son shes just a stuck up bitch walks around like er own shit dont stink and peter can do so much better then her cos she is just fakee

  25. Crocodile Tears?All the way from the first series, Pete was under the thumb and thats what Katie liked. I think it has taken all these years for Pete to actually stand up for himself which made Katie felt like she was losing control of him and the situation. Pete was and is an amazing father, the way he is with Harvey in particular I salute him and I think Katie will never be able to find anyone half as good as Pete.As for this most recent Piers interview, what was it 8 weeks after the split? to say Pete was the love of her life and thatn shes back on the market is shocking. And as for the Ibiza thing… disgusting. The way she was trying to justify her actions and activities was appauling and disrespectful, and as for the miscarriage – for that I am truly sad as it is something no one should have to go through. Although the manner in which she conducted herself and addressed the different situations, the miscarriage in particular, was cold, harsh, emotionless, cruel and in bad taste. The way she announced it actually turned my stomach. I hope Jordan (as she seems to now be returning to) will stop trying to get the public on her side, and certainly doesnt try to turn the kids against him, if indeed his name has been banned in the Price home. And for Pete I say good luck and wish all the best, he deserves better than \’Jordan\’ anyway. Rant over.

  26. I miss admit I thought Katie was a nice girl and seeing her in the jungle she was down to earth but my god she has such an opinion about herself what women could lose a baby then go on tv the way that she did!! she should be ashamed of herself god help any man who gets involved with her unless they like a cold hearted SLAPPER cause thats what she is and all I would say to Pete is move on love you deserve better get a women who respects you, your parents ( cause they same lovely ) and WHO WOULD BE PROUD TO BE MRS ANDRE

  27. I felt compelled to post after reading a comment supposedly from the thing herself..You, Jordan are a complete media whore..you sell every aspect of your life to the highest bidder, you have no respect for anyone-not even yourself! Everything is always about you- you needed to go away after your split because YOU needed a break-What about your children??? How were they feeling? do you even know?!You slate pete at every opportunity, Talking about his \’size\’- Classy!!Your a tramp and he\’s better off without you!!You cant even spell!! Even with all your millions your just trailer trash!P.S I dont think you should have more silicone put in you..but then again you put everything in you dont you?! Ewww…

  28. everyones jelous of katie price i hope she makes loadsa money n tells everyone to fuck off! thats what id do! theres only so far someone can emotionally abuse you before you crack, she is who she is, and who she\’s always been!

  29. She said she could be married next year she only thinks about herself i feel sorry for pete always have done.

  30. Tracey wrote: Not sure about Katie, one minute she makes you feel sympathetic to her, the next, she\’s a right slapper. We all like clubbing now and then (being in my 30\’s myself and a mum of two- its can be a huge release to live it up for a bit) but it doesn\’t mean you have to strip off at every opportunity and flaunt yourself to all and sundry. In their series Stateside, Katie always came across moody, argumentative and unloving. Pete came across as forever trying to please her and enjoy the family life he loves. Hope they both end up happy if not with each other!!

  31. She is jealous that petes career is going to take off and watching katie&pete usa,she was ok till pete done his album then she turned nasty,couldnt handle the fact that pete will be famous for his talent,shes just famous for plastic surgery,she may be rich,but she will end up sad and lonely,i think pete only put up with her for so long because he loves his kids,she says shes a good mum,i didnt see her get upset when a child like harvey (jessie) met up for the day,Pete was the one with real tears,unlike her crocidile tears in her interview with piers,all she cares about is money,media attention and wants to be married by next summer,i feel sorry for the next bloke,he must be really desperate or never watched the shows,Pete loves his kids and she knows it,she would sell anything to get her money,but money cant buy love,she needs to grow up and realise that,she is an embarrasment to her children,if she loved them like she says she wouldnt of done the interview or gone on holiday and acted like the true slapper she is,if it wasnt for Pete she wouldnt of got all the work as katie,he tamed her and now shes gone back to jordan the real person is coming out,the only person she loves is herself,she dosent deserve her children,they will be looked after better with Pete,when they are not with Pete she is out shopping or with her horses,no one can get over somone that quick which just shows she couldnt of loved him the way he did her

  32. She really is as fake as her chest and, oh, wait a bit, she picks that pile of hypocracy to speak the truth? She wouldn\’t know the truth if it smacked her in the face, and as for Piers Morgan, the man that published "true" abuse photos of our forces overseas, well, the world must be mad. I\’m not sure who I loathe more: her or him. I know, why don\’t they marry each other and spout lies morning, noon and night to each other? What Katie did next? I suppose the quality press will reveal that one. And yes, I\’m being sarky. It\’s only papers like the Sun and NOTW and the Daily Sport that publish anything she has to say, and then there\’s mags like Hello who thrive on her. She\’s a leech with a tinny accent and no talent. And to quote her smugness: that\’s an exclusive. You heard it here first. Find a rock and crawl underneath it you little tramp.

  33. i feel sorry for her people always says shes a fake nd a slapper but shes just enjoyin the fun shes not doin anything wrong and imagine wat it feels like to lose a baby,run the marathon nd get divorced my parents are recenly gettin divorced and its not easy but imagine wat it fees like with evrything else i think that people should tak into consideration that she is a good mum and it doesnt matter if she is married next summer as long as she is happy and the only reason that pete is famous is because of katie imagine wat it would be like if he didnt meet katie do u think he would be this famous?and i really do hope that the next man she meets makes her and her three children happy.

  34. Jordan (aka) Any Price…Needs to remember that her nasty, immature comments about Pete,s "size can be taken another way….. Maybe it,s not the size of his instrument, but the size of the Orchestra he was playing in..!!!

  35. Interview with Piers Morgan is on ITV 2 now,what a total self obsess person this woman. Not in a million year you would think that she\’s genuine in this interview.

  36. Oh and by the way,just watch that Katie and Pete show doing the London marathon. She\’s never really showed any affection a wife could possibly give to her husband and all she does is firing him with insult. To be honest,Pete just looks like an accessory in that show. What an arrogant woman,not even a single sign of humility.

  37. Gerry Watts, dont insult all women and think that we all behave like katie because of separation from our partners. I\’ve had 2 partners who i\’ve parted from and it never made me feel like i had to act out. Their are alot of women that carries on in a dignified way because we also have children that needs our attention and we give it to them. Katie\’s seeks attention for herself, and herself only. she is such a sad b****. Katie always likes to slag of other media people, and i wouldn\’t mind but they are not disgraceful, insulting and belittling of their other halves like she is. She thinks that she is pretty and every female person that she\’s got issues with is jealous of her. I dont think katie has anything that they would want, i believe that katies is actually jealous of them and i\’m sure that their is a part of them that she would she could be like. she would never admit but i think she is jealous of alot of females in the media and therefore finds faults with them. Pete is well-rid of that rubber, bumpped-face b**** whose mouth looks like it needs to be screwed open in order to talk (what botox gone wrong). katie needs to look in the mirror she is UGLY, UGLY, UGLY. Peter is even prettier than her and he\’s a man, that says alot about katie.As for the children they would be better off with peter, because he\’s got real love for them including harvey. the kids needs stability and pete would be able to give that to them, especially princess because she would not see the way how her mother lives her life. she would also grow up to be a decent young lady who would not want to be anything like her skank of a mother. Those people who are supporting katie i suppose that your choice, but it just shows how shallow your minds are if you think what she\’s doing is right and think she\’s a role model for all those young girls who idolises her. would you want your daughters growing up like katie and disgracing herself and embarassing her family the way she does? i dont think you would, but if you did then the katie price of this world ain\’t worth living. we need positive, decent female role models, not dogs.Pete look after those lovely kids of yours (that is harvey as well) and yourself. you will be find and a much more decent woman will come into your life soon, but remember dont pick up trash in the first place and then true to turn them into a lady…..

  38. how many men would put up with their wife acting like a slapper , Pete find a decent woman you can do better than that old slapper jordan. AND you deserve keeping the kids you are a much better parent you have morals which the world needs now , slapper jordan has no morals at all, money first.. plastic next .. and third??? a nanny of course, without a nanny how stuck can you be with 3 kids.. especially one that needs 24/7 care and deserves all the care from a decent parent so come on jordan forget about being an old slapper looking for a 2nd husband ….publicity and money look after those kids

  39. Well said Ms No Name,Guys you should watch the interview.I know it\’s a waste of time watching this woman but my God!! she really has gone mental,she\’s got no credibility at all.Somebody send her for some therapy ASAP!! She said when she\’s had a drink she wants her clothes off and likes being an exhibitionist. I just wish that the kids will get away with bullies in the future. I could never ever put my kids into shame…

  40. She is really a SLUT, I hope for the childrens sake Peter gets custody and I salute you Pete for your dignity you have shown.

  41. she s always been the same pete knew what she was like….he if didnt like it then he shouldnt have married her in the first place….and as for the poor baby she lost if she feels like telling her story thats her choice its her body….pete has no rite wanting her to keep quite….she obvoiusly been threw alot this last few months and pete should be ashamed making her out to be so wrong….theres no rules on how to live life and he s just a power seeking idoit.

  42. She said she was bleeding due to miscarriage but had no knickers on and went behind cars to go to the toilet when doing the marathon! its not the first time shes miscarried so she should of known better to train for marathon let alone run it and ride horses for the first trimester, petes manager saw original interview and lots of lies were on the cutting room floor, shes just trying to ruin pete but people can see thru her and shes ruining her reputation,which when she was with pete more people warmed to her, before pete she was jordan not kate, jordans back,and she fell in love in the jungle,while engaged to scott!Good luck to pete,and hope you get custody.

  43. Well what can you say,do think that celebrities should`nt agree to being interviewed by the press or any body about their private lives as many people go through same problems.On saying that I think that katie price is at least being herself when she was on peirs morgan show (interview) she only said what her own opinion was.It was her choice to say what she did,yes she may of mentioned her misscarraige either because obviously she was distressed an needed to talk about it,or she wanted symparthy or both,regardless it took great courage to do that while the cameras are on you.So katie so very sorry that you suffered a misscarraige.But it takes to to make a marraige an two to break it so peter will be ok,,devidied loyalities keep me out of this one.Good luck to both an hope katie an peter find happiness elsewhere.As long as the children don`t suffer an think of them then they can`t go far wrong.

  44. i think katie is hurting but by sticking 2 fingers up at everyone you live your life party and f*** everyone else. shes doing what lots of people do when they brake up and party i certinly would. go katie !!

  45. ii Believe Katie Wants Peter Back Because Obvioulsy Iv Ur Guna Get Dumped Yur Guna Say Thinks Like \’What Did ii See In Him\’, But ii Kno She Wants Him, Katies 2 Rude Eniiwaiz, I Rate Peter 4 Leavin Ere. And Katiez Dere Raviin In Clubz Thinkin Itz Nuffin Shes Smart…

  46. I\’m sorry, but this idea that running off to Ibiza and flashing her knickers is what every normal woman would do is absolute rubbish. Just going on a bit of a holiday to try and relax would be normal. But she wasn\’t just on a normal holiday having fun, she was playing up to the cameras every chance she got, crawling all over every man in sight to make the papers and purposely flashing herself all over the joint. She even did a scantily clad photo shoot in full view of public and paparazzi when normally such things would be more private to try and keep the pictures exclusive. Far from trying to just recover from the split, she was calculatingly doing everything publicly as possible as a big childish f-you to Pete. That is NOT normal course of behaviour for women going through a split. They might let their hair down a bit and try to have a bit of fun, but they don\’t start behaving like an out of control teenager. Especially not ones who may have a custody battle ahead of them where the last thing they need is publicly documented evidence of them immediately running wild while doting ex-hubby cares for the children. It looks terrible, and most women have more sense.

  47. So Gina, I take it that you know the Piers Morgan interview was rehearsed before being broadcast? The interviewee knows beforehand exactly what questions are going to be asked therefore giving katie the opportunity to "mention" her miscarriage…. Derr ..

  48. Do you really think that KP had no clue what Questions PM would be asking? Everything is staged before we see any of it! All of it was a crock of shit. Like i said before, sympathy vote that didnt work.

  49. I love Katie Price – I think she\’s a strong woman and a great inspiration – she\’s been through a lot but always comes out on top. Peter sounds like he was a control freak – he always knew she was an exhibitionist so I dunno why he thought after they got married that she would start covering up and be a good little housewife. I think she\’s better off without him – he\’s just a wet fart! OK the pictures of her in Ibiza were a bit much but come on – we\’ve all had a few too many and made a fool of ourselves. If she\’s been through all that, she deserves to let her hair down and go a bit crazy. I thought she came across really well in the interview – she\’s strong, funny, feisty, honest and gorgeous! Rock on sista xxx

  50. Go a bit crazy after a few drinks? I don\’t think so. She\’s a mother of 3 and 1 is disabled for God\’s sake!! She\’s 31 years old and the only people allowed or acceptable to act like that are teenagers. I have a 20 year old son and an 18 year old daughter but I\’ve never ever seen them behave like that when they\’re wasted.How many more excuses that she have to make? I have been through a as well a lot but all I did was to work hard,kept my chin up and kept my dignity intact and not put my kids into shame not even once and not even after failed relationships.

  51. i think peter is a good father and husband any woman could ask for. he is so real. his wife sad i have the money! but i think peter givs his all security\’\’ we can\’t carry money to our grave but if we have love for our family all you need is love that you can carry you can\’t be a strong woman when striping off as if you don\’t have kid\’sssss grow up and see the light.

  52. Shes amazing! i dont know how anyone could say a bad word about her! Yeah shes gone to ibiza and got drunk, but so what! Who wouldnt after a break up with their husband? just because shes in the lime light and she\’ll get pictured everywhere she goes. I think shes truly amazing and all the people who are writing negative things about her, do you honestly think shes going to give a shit? Seriously she\’ll have had worse in her time. What goes around comes around.. xxx

  53. I feel very sad for KP because she does not know what she has lost! It is all due to her \’bad\’ behaviours which she is failing to realise. Pete is a good family man who loved her and wanted nothing but happiness and success for her, the children and himself. I am not surprised Pete took the decision that he did. How much humiliation could a man take from his wife and a mother of three behaving so disgracefully. Besides that, KP needs to think more carefully before she does or say anything because there are millions of young girls that idolise her and she is a public role model. I am really concerned about the young people of this nation who do not see anything wrong in the way KP has behaved. KP appears to be a very self centred person and anything and everything seems to be about her. She has no idea how she has contributed to the situation she finds herself in. The interview with PM said it all… She ends the interview inviting someone new in her life… which decent and respectable man is going to put himself through the trauma of what Pete has had to endure….. In a nutshell, Pete is a \’giver\’ and KP is a \’taker\’. Pete deserved so much better and I hope things work out well for him and the lovely children he has. From a parent\’s perspective, I would have Pete looking after my children any day, any time…. But will "no way" have KP care for my children. KP does not know the boundaries of how to behave responsibily in public. She needs to know that being a caring person on it\’s own is not \’good enough\’. I wish good luck to them both…

  54. Yes of course she\’s not gonna give a toss on all these negative comments,y? because she\’s ruthless,heartless and selfish big air headed person. People like her does not give any considerations at all in everything they say and everything they do.


  56. i really understand what she is being throught, how ever ketie needs to pull herself together and tried to be a normal woman,you don\’t have to show your bad behaviour to hide the stress,if not; you\’re the one to blind for the divorce in your kids eyes one day and thats mean peter is the innocent one coz he is smart. but im sure peter still love ketie hoppefully but maybe he got someone else in his life thats his hide from public.

  57. I think katie and peter have been really strong and obviously moved on however, i think she is rushing a bit saying she is ready for a new man and she might be married by summer right now she should just keep her mind on the kids and sort herself out.

  58. Katie never comes across well – she is so thick its embarrasing listening to her whinge on and on! Any OMG!!! How can anyone say she is a good role model?? Just what we want – an endless trail of talentless slags with nothing genuine about them. If I had a daughter, I certainly would not want her to consider this a role model! I would want more for my daughter than flashing everything in public and being a media whore. And the thing that annoys me more than anything is how "celebrities" always have to have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Whats wrong with someone waiting for a while before getting involved again, especially when there are children involved. Its them I feel sorry for, having to live with this attention-seeking bitch!

  59. Sarah – you sound like a little girl! I\’m sure most men would expect their wives to perhaps grow up a bit once children came along and ok I know she\’s a model but that doesnt mean flashing everything outside of work! And why does she think we all wanna see her flabby stomach, wobbly thighs and ugly face!

  60. well H !! lots of ppl do and if ya dont like the way katie goes on then dont watch her !!

  61. DOB- you seem to talk an awful lot about katies so called \’flabby stomach, wobbly thighs and ugly face\’ seriously how the fuck old are you?its a joke! grow up girl!

  62. Katie or Jordon just as same nasty bitch to everyone, SHE is a BIG bully to Pete, she have no respect from the public without a decent husband that she once married, AGAIN she knows how to use Harvey to earn sympathy from the public and now she also try to use her miscarriage to earn publc sympathy again to cover up her dirt, her behaviour as much as a slag, everything on her is so false including her tears. Pete is lucky enough to discovered the real of Jordon.

  63. Well its about time she dumped him, hes nothing but a leech, she is the earner and always will be, hes always been jealous of her and tried to control her but Katies not brain dead and can see through him, all hes ever done is try to put her down on camera and slag her off for just being who she is, good on yer lass, now go have some fun and laugh at Peters miserable USELESS career of being a never-has-been hahaha.Cobs

  64. mmmmm interesting how we all think life is fine and dandy i have to say i followed many episodes of there reality tv program and katy you always looked challenged and not moody but like someone was pulling at your mind 24 7 i believe you both were in love at some point but its some times hard to feel let down by the person you love. i do hope katy finds love again and also peter i also hope that what ever hardships you both expierence you put it down to a learning curve and i know that katy will always shine on as she has the stronge will to never be conrolled by drama this shows in all her books. shine on babes good luck to you both.

  65. i think its all gettin blown out o proportion, end at day they r both good people n good parents….this sort o stuff happens every day ,so y shud they b any different ,although i thought they was well suited. peter is a good lookin guy successful in is own rite,same goes 4 katie just cos shes got a mouth n isnt afraid 2 use it, my personal opinion is leave em alone they both av a lot on there plates at the mo and theres 3 kids in middle,they will do the rite thing 4 them am sure we all no that. they became famous on there own ,then even more as a couple, money means nothin at times like these,its obvious katie is hurtin with everythin n the misscarriage (secret) jst came out wen it all got 2 much .pete might b a big softie but katie aint no marter just honest…..love 2 u both your kids n families fuck every1 else xx

  66. I think it\’s hard to make a judgement on either Katie Price or Peter Andre regarding their split because only they know the truth and who are we to want to intrude on that. What is sad is that Katie\’s breakdown (which I believe she is having) is being splattered all over the media, she\’s having to do interviews and promote her work in the midst of what is probably a horrible time for her. She\’s a likeable person and is to be admired for her hard work to make the money she has but she\’s very brutal and quite harsh at times (which is probably why she is where she is). I didn\’t think it was right of her to talk about the very personal loss of a child or have to explain her actions. She may be a celebrity but we all have to realise both her and Pete have a life outside the cameras and we do not need to know everything. I think that\’s what made me hate this interview more because she gave in to the media circus and added more fuel to a situation that\’s going to end up getting ugly. I thought she was better than that. They both need to meet in the middle for the sake of the kids, even if they aren\’t compatible any more they once were and they need to remember this. It\’s just a shame that neither of them are willing to fight for marriage but that is why there are so many divorces in the world – no one is willing to sort things out any more and its so easy just to end it. I just hope the kiddies remain in a stable loving environment wherever they are and whoever they end up with.

  67. Abbie – what the hell has my age got to do with my comments??? I\’m younger than Katie Price if you must know!

  68. Look out footballers here she comes she\’s got her cap set at you. Suppose she will want to upstage them as well. Can see her as a fake orange WAG suits her really. Think she ought to start acting like a mother of 3 and be responsible, this doesn\’t mean you can\’t still enjoy yourself but in a more subtle way. Why is she going so over the top, to be noticed, doesn\’t she think she\’s attractive enough for people to make their own minds up about her rather than be so in everyones face. I am sure most footballers are intelligent men when they see the way she treated Peter and the way she has behaved over the last couple of months don\’t you think it may put them off, if they have any sense it will. Does any man want to be emasculated by her if they do more fool them, they have been warned.

  69. i dont think she should be so nasty about a man that she once loved…her children are the ones that she should be thinking about..like how all this is affecting them!shes a gorgous woman nd i think she should have more respect for the father of her children..

  70. I feel they should be left alone but as they\’ve already basically made their life "open" by their documentary, I don\’t think that\’s gonna happen. I feel sad that their whole life has to be played out to the camera for the sake of keeping their careers alive. There are many A listers out there that actually lead a very private life even though they earn the big bucks. It\’s a shame Pete & Katie can\’t take a look at them & try to do the same. At least until their kids are old enough to not be affected by their behaviour. Lets hope sense prevails & people leave them alone to get on with life. Unfortunately they may be their own worst enemies.

  71. What a waste of space Katie Price is. She is common, rude and shows no respect for anyone. Her mother must be so proud of her, but then again her mother can\’t say too much can she considering she and the family appear to be living off Katies money.!! Pete on the other hand is a loving father, a great family man albeit a bit too weak to handle Katie, and he deserves to find a loving woman who will love him for who he is. Team Andre for me!

  72. Katie Price, my arse, she\’s Jordan through and through. She ought to put her kids first for once and stop getting pissed up and offering her snatch to anyone who wants it. Dirty cow! Peter you\’re lovely and deserve so much more

  73. feel sorry for ya on this kate keep ya chin up, your strong as you have shown us and i know you will pick yourself up and carry on with it.x

  74. Peter Andre told me the other day that his ex-missus smells of bumfish- worse than Bolton Fish Market on a Friday he said !!!

  75. Shes a show off and a complete waste of space …her children are gonna watch her acting like a slapper when they grow up ..Peter had a lucky escape

  76. you know at the end of the day Kate is no different to any of us, difference is she is in tabloids for every move she makes. envy is a humans worst enemy and most of the crap on here is pure jealousy. i think Kate you have made a few mistakes but thats what makes you human, people need to take more interest in their own little lives and leave you to get on with yours. if you need a break come and stay with me, no one would care, my kids would love to meet you as i would.

  77. i agree everything she has been thorught & she is still going strong every1 should jst give her a f**king break!! she is jst the same as us dnt tell me none off u\’s av made mistakes & u learn frm them dats the only fing u can do & dats all she is doing….

  78. I wonder if Jorden know the meaning of dignity, love, pride or respect even though she has been using those words often for the sympathy from the public. I suppose we can now see how bad a woman like her can be when things not turn out the way she demand. She would lies of everything just to satisfy her selfishness, she THINK so hold power to distroy everyone she wish. Is this because she have a big silcone boobs than other slapper? Is this because she can taken clothes off infront the public than other woman ? Is this because she can make money whenever she want through the stupid newspapers, who doesn\’t care she is making up stories andlies, as long their paper sell by those stupid reader ? why the STAR paper like to use her picture as their daily news for, I could not understand, is their no better new they can provide to attract customer ? so they rather disgesting public everyday encourge all the young one to read a slapper news as their moral, make the young girl think this is a right way to be act as a slapper like her, sleeping around with men with dirty act in the public as fun, young girl think have a face surgery and silcone boobs can be like her in the paper everyday, given the young one wrong indication on such slapper behaviour is acceptable. WE should all stop to buy STAR paper if any paper continuing use Jordan shits as news to read, it is boring and nothing worth for 25p at all. JORDAN is a cheap slapper before she met Pete, she has only making herself look more respect because of she marrying to Pete and using Harvey as sypmathy from the public, SHE has making a lot of money for marrying to Pete, because the public interested in Pete as a lovely man, people never want to know her before she married to Pete, the only people want to see her is THE MAN LOOKING FOR SEX. What make Jordan think she HAS BEEN RAPED ? when she badly wanted to explore her ass and her silcone to the public everyday as the ONLY TALENT she has got, she haven\’t even got the brain the way she act and the way she talk, NO WONDER SHE IMAGES SHE HAS BEEN RAPED. she really think the public is stupid enough to believe her even she has using Pete name and friends name to support her claim. Most likely I believe she is THE ONE raping the man the other way round when she like to show off her ass in the public, obviously she has ask for it, I feel so sorry for any man involved with HER, the only man will tolerate her slapper way is only for publicity and her money, nothing more like Pete. WELL DONE Pete, you have won a big LOTTERY, hope you find a decent woman to love you that you deserved. you can only make mistake once, and make sure your seond time won\’t go for a silcone type, a REAL woman shouldn\’t need a pair of silcone to please a man right. GOOD LUCK Pete.

  79. Wow, so many comments. Jordan ain\’t my fave (Or Katie, whichever she wishes to use) but I don\’t hate her either. Life hasn\’t gone as well as it could have for her. I wonder if her kids will grow up to be proud of her. Her and Pete shouldn\’t have broken up. It\’s sad. The kids are cute. People should leave them alone – yes I know C list celebrities gagging for attention, but at least stop judging and forcing your opinions down everyone\’s throat. We don\’t know if she\’s lying OR if she\’s telling the truth.

  80. Bloody hell mun i think she came across really well after losing a baby. And running that marthon she ran, she did herself proud how far she got and i would be if i did the marthon but putting so much preshure on herself after losing a child she was still determind to do it and she did her best thats all that matters. i couldnt have done it because emotionally wreck wouldnt be the word but Katie and Pete did the marthon despite there problems. that shows good determination from the both of them not to let there fans down. and i no that katie is getting alot of crap off the papers at the moment but it will settle down soon girl!

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