Boy band member admits he is bisexual

Duncan James from boy band Blue has revealed he is bisexual, in an interview with News Of The World.

"I’ve been in loving relationships with men as well as women and I’m not ashamed. But even though I fancy men, I still fancy women too,” Duncan told the paper.

"Am I gay? Am I straight? Am I bi? That’s why I was so frightened about talking. Now, in my early 30s, I know who I am and I’m proud of who I am. I don’t want to hide anymore.

"I don’t feel I should launch a big comeback with Blue hiding this,” the singer explained. “I don’t want to go back to the time in the band when I felt I had to keep certain things quiet. I want to be out and say I’ve had relationships with men as well as women. So doing this interview gives me the ability to go forward."

Duncan, who has a four-year-old daughter with an ex-girlfriend, says he is now single and looking: "Mainly I just want to be happy. I want to be in a long-term relationship and, most importantly, be in love."

Blue’s reunion tour kicks off next year.

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100 thoughts on “Boy band member admits he is bisexual

  1. Hey Duncan i am proud of you for just speaking the truth as it as set you free, and remember this our creator made us all to the light and image of himself. also i have had the same experience as you and have 4 adults kids which i love dearly and they lovely the same and their proud of me , anyway just live life to the full and your not just beautiful outside it also comes from within , i would love to date you because your damn honest take care and lots of love From D.R

  2. The more people who "come out" as bisexual the better. There is so much a lack of understanding and acceptance on both the gay and straight sides . Duncan seems very eloquent . I wish him all the best and applaud his courage.Jooles

  3. jord is a BICH the way she treated her good husband in public. she doesn\’t deserve the kids. the kind of language she uses front of them is so so bad. she\’s got no morrals.angela m

  4. Bi???? I don\’t understand it. Is it just being greedy, I had relationships with women when I was younger, does that make me bi???NO….I am GAY, I was just fighting it before, so let\’s have the truth.!

  5. i just think itis harder for men to come out as bisexual.. as every woman thinks they are gay. or will go back once things get cooler.. whereas men can cope with women who are bisexual.. so i say.. let him be bi..

  6. good for you being open and honest and for comeing out about it. not many ppl can. you are bisexual but only you can decide who you\’d prefer to b in a relationship with when the time is right. you\’ll find love we all do eventually.

  7. fantastic duncan to be that open – that will give you a strong personality as well. years ago in yours age i acted as same, than soon or later and dipends which person you will find and fall in love you have to decide to be with a men or women, as singel, just go a head in the same way if you feel happy. i imagine that men or women fall in live with you, as nice you are looking !!! i would not mind either to become to know you. compliments

  8. All the best Duncan, hope you feel better now and can finally start enjoying your new life. I am gay myself, and i didn\’t come out untill i was 22, and that was to my parents. I was in tears.Look after yourself mate. xxxxxxxxx

  9. Funny how it comes out before a reunion tour. A desperate attempt with a reunion tour and further desperation pretending to be bi (few more gay fans lined up then hey Dunc?). Then again a small ego was never an issue and it\’s to be expected from the C-list.

  10. Well… for those who say it isnt necessary….this is a new phenomenon. only 20 years ago the revelation that one had a same sex relationship would ruin your career in show business…( even Elton climbed in the closet and got married) You guys dont like people being open about their sexuality because it makes you feel uncomfortable. It is incredible to hear the\’bi-phobia (ignorance) that resounds. Obviously people who are secure with their sexuality are cool with his \’revelation\’. Those that have issues… have issues for a reason… \’Hes a hot guy…and he has 50% more chance of getting a date on a saturday night than most narrow minded, wide waisted, beer swlling so called \’hetero\’ guys .

  11. Well my big question is….who cares? I am not sure that the whole world needs to know what people get up to in the bedroom or wherever. This need to share every nuance of one\’s life in the media is nauseating in the extreme. Whatever happened to decency and privacy? By all means be who you are but do the rest of us have to know about it??

  12. This is the best news i\’ve ever heard. I am going to give him the best dutch ruddering of his life. Rock and Roll!

  13. duncan…you,re not gay, you,re not bi…you,re just going on tour.why do you treat your fans to this load of bile…i really do hope something nasty happens to you you lying publicity seeking little toerag

  14. billy leave duncan alone if he likes men and women its his life not urs ur such a pathetic person and spitefull if u have a problem with it then keep ur nasty comments to yourself its actually true back in 2001 he was dating a guy so u wanna get a life and not say such horrible things about him dont judge him ur a hypercrite there is lots of bisexual men and women out there its no ones business he is not lying and its not a publicty stunt

  15. congratulations duncan dont listen to people as some people in this world dont really understand about gay or bi people!!! Im gay and got a bf yeh congratulations matey…… hope that you will find love sometime yeh!!! hugs and kisses xxx

  16. Sticks and stones ………… but calling name\’s won\’t hurt him ! Duncan congratulations on your reveal, from someone who knows too well on your situation. Circumstances different ? Yes maybe, even the outcome may be different. If your\’e looking for love, one day you will find it. Only you will know, be it man or woman. All the best matey and take care.

  17. i just think she is a girl after my own heart and as much as i like peter i can see where she is coming from totally he tied her down and as an independant woman as she as always been he didnt like it and tried to make her something she wasnt which i would know all about, its not about money with her just about being who she wanted to be and if he let her do that she would of been fine she would of got it out of her sisterm or maybe not so wot she never was unfaithful so whats the big deal, kate if you read this and want someone to talk to ever im here always because i am so much like you its unreal i have my own bussiness i have a good looking partner i hve everything but nobody will stop me from being who i am thats it we dont ask much just to be ourselfs end of

  18. i do not care if you are a jiba jaba wy broadcast to the worldor u just hopeing to get some bum fun from letting everyone know.

  19. Good on you, Duncan! It takes balls to come out as bisexual or gay, especially when there\’s a lot of ignorant idiots in this country. It\’s true, it\’s no-one else\’s business and as long as you are happy, what does it matter who you sleep with? Speaking as a woman, I think that it only makes him sexier. ;)No matter who it\’s with, I hope you find love and are extremely happy in the future. =] x x

  20. Howard.Good for you Duncan. I came out years ago, but too late. I know what you mean by just wanting to be happy. It\’s not the gender, it\’s the person and I hope you get the happiness you are looking for, male or female. pity it isn\’t going to be me.

  21. You are a Human Being at the end of the day. I feel sad that you felt that you had too tell the World bout your sexuality.That is personal too you. If the fans don\’t like you or fancy you then ……… Want kinda fans are they!!!!!!!! They should see you for your music not whats in your trousers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Sorry mate but you were the obvious candidate for the "gay boy" when Blue kicked off. Appreciate you have to hid your sexuality so long but we can\’t offend the knicker wetting girlies who were buying your records at the time. So see you down GAY more often then but stay out of the public loos and Hampstead Heath that\’s George Michael\’s stamping grounds.

  23. Personal… as if it should be kept private? So every gay/bi person should stay quiet and in the closet?Bullspit! It\’s his choice on whether to come out or not, and congrats to him on doing so. From a social viewpoint, i think it\’s great as he has helped to give greater visibility to gay/bi people, and therefore has helped to remove any stigma and stereotypes, and also he\’s hopefully helped others who have felt confused or had difficulty coming to terms with themselves feel more comfortable knowing that someone that they perhaps admire(d) went through the same sort of stuff and is happy. I\’ve never felt like it was anything to hide and keep to myself, no point in keeping it secret, but when celebrities come out and just being honest, it can help people a lot. Also the fact that there is hardly any exposure on bisexual men is a bonus!So on that front, i say thank you Duncan, just wish that it had been done with a less tacky newspaper that wouldn\’t try to make it look like such a shocking scandal!xx

  24. Duncan you go for it love x your sexuality has nothing 2 do with anyone but you x your sexy and very handsome guy I LOVE LOOKING AT YOU LOL x x i\’m 37 short and dark slim 2 and i just asked a guy 2 marry me yestarday…. he said YES …….he\’s 17 years older but we have known each other for 20 years ……..Duncan lifes for living babes x x enjoy love Dawn x

  25. You don\’t think that it could be to do with the fact that the Blue reunion hasan\’t set the world alight so they are desperate for a story to get their profile raised into public view or is that all too cynical on my part? I mean a tour coming up tickets not selling as fast as hoped for resulting in a story like this being released to engender interest in the band to be refuted at a later date with the claim my c omments were taken out of context. It all seems too trite to me for it to be anything other than a lame publicity stunt to try generate interest in a former boy band whose day is long over.

  26. I dont believe anyone is BI. They are either Straight or Gay and Duncan is Gay. It has been common knowledge in the music industry that he is for years.

  27. bi/gay is just our creation of our unknowingness. 2/3\’rds of the worlds population believes we are reincarnated. With just this data one can speculate that being a woman one lifetime and a man the next could confuse the libido, especially if there were significant sexual past incidents that the individual never resolved then and still hasn\’t.

  28. Bi? That\’s just laziness! You\’re either Arthur or Martha. Seriously, good for you in coming out but watch that Greeky/Italian bloke in the band. He doesn\’t seem to like homosexualit, or at least gave that impression when saw him on TV taking the proverbial out of an effeminate cabin crew guy. He seems the sort to spout he has no problem with it and then, when he\’s with his mayes in the boozer he\’s one of the lads. Enjoy the passion, Duncan. And enjoy yourself, but be careful out there – and always wear condom; or get him to put it on you!

  29. Blah, blah blah……good luck to the guy, but it\’s not exactly the most surprising piece of news this year is it?

  30. good on ya mate u enjoy yourself be carefull lots of nasty people out threr who wont understand good luck on your tour

  31. Why do I suspect another Stephen Gately type set up here? "Come out or we\’ll out you ourselves"At any rate, good luck to him. Bi people have to put up with all kinds of silly steroetypes – "you\’re just greedy," "you\’re just gay and won\’t admit it" – so I think it\’s great that a celebrity has come out with bi, hopefully it might help reducing the stupid stigma people attach to being bi. Good for Duncan.

  32. Really? Who gives a toss? Is it such a surprise anyway? You should have been proud of who you are from the start; or is it some convenient publicity at a time when Blue are makin a comeback?Oh by the way, Blue were shite the first time around, must we be tortured yet again?

  33. bless, That\’s all most of us want if we are honest!! (at some stage in our lives,)The fun is trying to find the RIGHT one… The hardest part is finding were they hang out. Good luck, be happy, and love will find you! As they say it is better to have LOVED rather than never having love.

  34. I say good for u Duncan if ur gay, straight or bi i dont care ur still u. ur still fit, ur still a great singer and wat ever u decide u r ur TRUE FANS will stick by u no matter wat

  35. I Am So Sick Of Singer\’s/ Actor\’s/Actresses ECT !!!Saying Hey I Am Gay / Bi …Hey I\’m Straight And I Am Proud Of It ..Don\’t Get Me Wrong , I Am Not A Homopobic , Just Sick Of This I\’m Gay …Good For You , All The Power To You Honey …We Should Have Our Own Parade …I Straight I\’m Here Get Over It ….

  36. well done duncan!i think it takes a brave man man to admit he is gay or bi, even bicurious! if it were a woman no one would care (eg katy perry i kissed a girl) how many male stars could release a song \’i kissed a boy\’ and be taken seriously, unless your a camp comdien graham norton or a sterotype bruno, its not easy, yet there are millions of bi men in all wlaks of life, and i hope duncan admiting he is helps them to realise they should be proud, and all this helps society to be more accepting and not view the world in abalcka nd white way, there are plenty of shades of grey, well done duncan, and good luck mate!

  37. Shut up jimboy, stop bein homophobic! Even though i\’m straight, I feel highly offended by your use of words. If you think your mother would be proud of you dicriminating against people because of their sexuality, you go right ahead and have your views. But we dont wnt to hear them, and never will. Don\’t post crude things on pages that could be viewed by a younger audience. End of.

  38. i always thought u was a pretty boy duncan. nowt wrong wi that hun.both men n women r v attracted 2 u, so y not other way round take no notice of other people they only jelouse. u go 4 it, we cant help been human, feelings r there 4 a reason,LOVE bin the most well as family,us beautiful people av a hard enough time as it is lol … although ev1 is beautiful in there own way, u r on inside n out. n jimboy prob jst wants ya himself…….lol….come on jimboy its u that has the problem not duncan , b honest wi ya self. a only hope ya r happy n find the man women o your dreams GOOD LUCK 2 U DUNCAN XXXXXX P.S ….love from straight talking ,straight lady xxx

  39. Well done Duncan, for someone of your celeb status having to deal with this (and i really do not mean that in a harsh way) sends out an echo for many other people who have somthing to hide, you were always the fittist to me 😛 :L and as a 15 year old going through the same problem and yea all you haters below shut up seriously, your the whole reason people are vulnerable and ashamed of who they are, loveya Duncan 🙂 xxxxxx

  40. Ok, a man who sleeps with both men and women,,,,, shock horror. Does the public really need to know or care who you sleep with. Tonight,,,,,,,,viewers i will be sleeping with a man,,, no wait it could be a women. I wonder Ducan do you identify your personality through whom you sleep with?

  41. Whats it matter if duncan or anyone else fanices same sex or both bi stb it doesnt matter its who u are that counts and living life to the fullist good luck to him hope he finds a partner soon man or women im bi myself and theres nothing to be ashamed of i concider it a bonus at least we have more nice faces/people to admirei wish duncan well x

  42. Duncan you are still the most gorgeous guy, who cares it\’s the person you are that matters. Good luck for the future and I\’ m sure your brothers in Blue will stick by you. Love you lots x

  43. Grat\’s on coming out. Which is great coming from me since I\’ve never liked blue or any other boyband.However, Since being bisexual myself, I always feel the congratulate other people when they come out.As for the homophobes and the clowns who have been commenting with silly, childish jokes: (Quote from Jimmy Carr) \’\’You\’re so far in the closet your having adventures in Narnia.\’\’

  44. what can i say, i cannot understand all of this sleeping with both sexes.if you are gay, you are gay.i just think its like the rise and fall of the roman empire, to eat pussy then take it up the batty no wonder the world and kids are in a state of confusion.i fancied the pants of him sickoooooooooooo

  45. Think of your child or children, they don\’t deserve you to be so bloody selfish. i put my kids first, they didn\’t ask to be born. When they are adult you can please yourself, you will never regret doing your best for your kids. Bi or hetro for goodness sake think of your child/children. How can a \’normal\’ man sleep with men. make up your mind for goodness sake, you are so selfish.

  46. big publicity stunt for blues come back tour – quite shallow and totally unnecessary admission cos who cares!!!!!

  47. omg like wat does it matter to any of you that he is bi…it takes all sorts to mak the wrld go round… n rosamond u will find that many gay ppl hav kids and the kids r just as happy as kids with parents that r straight..

  48. if your in the lime light, people always think they have one over on you,"hey, i have a story to sell about !!!!!!!" dont blame any star getting out in the open, not that it is anyone elses business. you go be happy Duncan…….who gives a S**t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. duncan is a very generous guy and genuinly thinks of others with his heart.good luck to you buddy,am still so proud of you.tony bird

  50. be happy dont hurt for hurtings sake and always remember you are who you are and be true to you and take life as it comes it can get hard but who says lifes easy anyway we make the choices !!!!sue

  51. hes a dirty bastard lick the pussy then fuck yhe man shitty batty thats why the world full of so much germs see what lately swine take over aid how can a person sleep with both sex dirty

  52. Well its his choice at hthe end of the day and good on him for admitting it. I hope for his sucess and comeback for blue to be good.

  53. Pinky…dont be a hater!! so what if he is bi!! why cant people love someone for who they are and not for which sex they are!! As long as he is a good daddy to his child, she wont suffer because of this.. she will just have a happy dad this will in turn make him a better parent. For years people have married and had children as society expects, only to divorce later and leave the family thinking their lives were a lie!!! LIVE AND LET LIVE!!!!!! Nikki

  54. Pinky…stop being a hater!! so what if he is bi who cares as long as he\’s happy!! why cant people love someone for who they are and not for which sex they are that\’s just being sexist!! As long as he is a good daddy to his daughter, she won\’t care less but instead be proud of her dad for who he is… I love Blue and I love Duncan for coming out and admitting his sexuality…

  55. i don\’t think its up to us to even discus it..its his life and he\’ll do whatever suits him and makes him happy! i have alot of respect for him for being open about it,he could of lost a lot of support from the it was a big risk! so fair play to him! and pinky..seriously calm down or you\’l end up with a nose bleed!

  56. I think Pinky needs to join us in the 21 Century! There are thousands of gay/bi/transgender people out there, you muppet! Who cares about sexuality? How does him being bi have an effect on your life? What a gimp! Get a life you loser…!

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