Peter Andre on This Morning

Peter Andre has given his first post-split TV interview, on This Morning with Fern Britton and Phillip Schofield, but refused to be drawn into the reasons he split from Katie Price.

"I’ve purposely not spoken about this. I’m between a rock and a hard place… When you don’t speak, you only hear one side of the story," he explained. "But when you do speak, you have to think long-term… I know the kids are going to grow up, they’re going to look back at everything. I’m trying my best so they don’t have to say, ‘Dad, why did you say this?’"

"The main thing is, when someone hears me speak, I don’t say anything bad about the mother of my children."

Peter said he regretted living his married life on camera in the Katie & Peter ITV2 reality series. "It’s our fault… showing your life show publicly is a mistake sometimes. But I blame myself as much as anyone else," he told Fern.

Peter Andre’s life in pictures
Moving on: Peter’s life without Katie

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100 thoughts on “Peter Andre on This Morning

  1. I think he has done the right thing – he didn\’t deserve all the slagging and put-downs that she gave him all the time. He is a really nice guy and a great Dad – he will go on and hopefully find someone who will give him the love and respect that he deserves and not all the dross from a vain, painted slapper. Jean

  2. I think it is very admirable for him not to air the issue. he is respecting the children, himself and yes, Katie. Something she should learn by. I was utterly appalled to hear that she had the miscarriage and was then out partying and acting the way she did then claiming such "emotional upset" on the interview. As a woman that has suffered multiple miscarriages, I could NEVER have gone out after one and did all she has done. The emotional pain was to great to be "partying" or running marathons.Her lack of decorum is boggling. She doesn\’t respect her kids and apparently didn\’t respect her marriage or a "private life".He must still love her, but sometimes you have to break a pattern as their marriage had. He is growing as a person and a father now and that is only going to be a positive thing…particularly for the kids. and THEY are the important ones. I applaud Pete for doing his best in a very trying time. How many would be so decent under the same circumstances when very private things are aired publicly?

  3. I have met them both, as I worked for their management company for a very brief period of time and I would believe Pete\’s side of side of things any day of the week. Enough said.

  4. Pete I would like to say a huge hello I am and have been a fan of ya music and am Certainly looking forward to the new CD in september (NEW BEGININGS ) IS THE RIGHT TITLE FOR IT beleive u me Pete u are an amazing father and man in my view please continue to be so airing ya dirty laundry in public never WINS any fans …….STAY AS U ARE PETER…… uNCONDITIONAL LOVE I am sure will be a hit for you and wow ….. although I am a or can I say on the fence with Katie she is the mother of ya children as you have mentioned and what beautiful children you have……. Peter I am wishing you all the happiness in the world for you and your children bless you they deserve it having a wonderful father as you are xxxxx (huggles) and lovvalls xxxx

  5. pete i think its really sad but katie has no respect towards you she clearly has no interest in your work you are a wonderful father and such a caring person i still think its katies loss she must be crazy wish you all the best for your album re lease i know it will be a gteat sucess xxxxxx

  6. Pete you are a wonderful caring consiterate person, you are a fantastic father to your 3 children, my husband and i watched your reality propgramme and just couldnt beleive how kate spoke to you and treated you, she was absolutely horid and had no guilt at the way she was to you…. i beleive you both love your kids sooooo much, and deep down you both luv each other !!!! but you always put them first not like kate….. anyway i wish you all the best for your future in everything you do….cant wait for the single and then the album…..x

  7. i watched him on this morning what alovely guy he really is. you could tell he was nervous just like he was on the chris moyles radio show. when fern and phil asked certain questions you could see in his face that he is still very upset at the split and what has happened since. at one time when they asked him about the misscarriage i thought he was going to cry. how can someone so lovely have been married to someone so cold. no wonder he had to call it a day. he prob done it for his own sanity. i wish him so much luck in the furture. and hope he gets all the access he wants to his children. at least they will have one loving family unit around them from debs

  8. yes peter what a nice guy you are to leave katie after she lost the baby so nice and wounderful of you to do that! when you did get with katie not many people had heard of you!! yes you are a good dad and yes i did see the show katie and peter and yes katie was hard to live with but being married is not very easy at the best of times you married a glam girl that is what you fell in love with why then start to change the rules on your wife and no one should try to change anyone if you didnt want it why get married? deedee

  9. Pete you are being very dignafied and very respectful. I think it\’s a strong person who admits they have made mistakes. You should be proud of how you are conducting yourself a shame I can\’t say he same for Katie. Good luck

  10. all the way pete your a good dad keep it up …katie waist off time all she wants is more men and partys not puting the kids first

  11. i thought peter looked great today he has got better looking and fit it,s a pity his marriage broke up i hope they stay friends for the childrens sake

  12. i dont think pete has anything to hide. Kate wanted a man who does as she says and lives by her rules. Every chance she got she belittled him in front of the nation. If Pete was her life as she claims, she wouldnt have got over him so quickly. She aint that big a deal and im sorry to say but she looks like a man. Pete took on the responsibility of Harvey, which a lot of men would not of done and he loves all three children equally. It makes me wonder, but if she had to hurl insults why didnt she hurl some on that waste of space of a footballer Dwight Yorke, Harveys dad, he aint never done a thing for Harvey. Kate needs to accept the fact that she is getting older and stop trying to be 18 again, those days are gone. When pete was doin his album she showed no interest, everyones attention has got to be centered around her. Strange thing is i can relate to what she has done cos i treated my ex just the way kate has treated peter, but to this day i wish i had treated my ex better, cos now the only men who are interested in me are the rubbish nobody else wants. So Katie Price please TAKE HEED. change ure ways b4 its too late.


  14. Right…. were you watching a different show to everyone else? Before Pete she was a slapper who got her bits out for anyone, when Pete married her he changed her whole image and she became ok to like. On the show dhe always puts him down and belittles him on natonal tv, while Pete tries very hard to not take offence. Throughout the whole show he was funny, cheerful and sincere while she was always on a downer unless it was about her. Well done for finally dropping the dead weight Pete. Sometimes love just isn\’t enough

  15. I think the marriage would\’ve broken down sooner or later miscarriage or not. When every comment is made public it isn\’t good for relationships, some things should be kept to yourself or kept between your partner and yourself. Yes it can be good to get advice from people but it also opens up the way for interferance and when it comes down to it marriage has to be worked out between husband and wife not the world and his wife. Every marriage is different and unique. Having said that though I wonder if any man could stay married to Katie the way she treats men. I\’m sure she loves her children and that they will forgive her antics but it isn\’t good to slag off their father. I\’m also sure that they still love each other but any relationship has to be built on trust to last and when trust is broken it takes a long time to build up again. I\’m sorry they both lost this baby and I\’m sorry they\’ve split up but I\’m not surprised. I wish them all the best in their respective careers.

  16. pete i love you – you are actually born the same day as my son and i hope he becomes as nice a man as you you have so much respect for your kids and i love the fact that you try i mean nothing ventured nothing gained – i watched the reality show like everyone else because we fell in love with th whole fairytale but it has all ended thanks to katie and her lack of faith i you as a husband and friend. no matter how bigger than she might be to you she never once gave you any credit for trying to get back in the music scene and working on what you love so passionately and i for one loved most of the tracks i briefly heard and although i lissed you on this morning i will be buying your album as i know you have made a big effort to really go for this and i prsonally think that Katie just became jealous of you – instead of her loving the fact that all eyes are on both of you she just wanted to be greedy and disrespect you – you are both right for each other but i think you its one of those relationships – you love each other to death and she couldn\’t handle all the attention that was coming on to you – who knows maybe you both should have taken a break from each other when you decided to go to USA but on the other you would not have seen what was in front of your eyes and how she would deceive you – but you know what chin up its over now sometimes bad things have to happen in order for the good to come out of you and im sure you dont have a headache anymore!! good luck with your album hope to meet you one day and who knows im a singer – we may be able to do a duet!! take care babes love you – keep sweet and stay strong especially for junior as he loves you so much – h is the apple of your eye

  17. @deedee40dd,He was bad to leave her after the miscarriage? what about HER behavior? it was deplorable! going out and partying? was that a respectful or even caring way to act? where was her greif at the lost baby? What washed away in a party of drink and displaying herself? was that remotely sane?@ NORMA He hasnt ONCE spoken ill of her. he has been more then restrained and dignified during this hard time. I couldnt believe how she was acting! She is not respecting her children either. As peter said one day they are going to grow up and see what happened and hear what was said. it is everywhere and what do you think they are doing to say? they see their father desperately trying to keep things good for them and providing a good sound home while "mommy" is out acting the trollop and getting photographed while doing it! it is splashed everywhere! as they say, you dont want to get muddy? dont play in mud puddles. and she is covered in mud that she is rolling around in!It must be very hard for peter to keep his composure… and I applaud him for it. At least ONE of those childrens parents are actually thinking about THEM.

  18. Peter ,The Best Of Luck To You Forsure .You Are A Strong Person & You Have Your wn Career To Look Forward To .All The Best Here From Canada

  19. Well done for your dignity mate. She\’s finally been shown up for the media seeking whore she\’s always been, once a tart always a tart, but as you\’ve pointed out leave that for us to say and not let your kids read about you saying that when they\’re old enough.

  20. i agree with mark healey. i also think fern was PATRONISING with pete. jordan showed no espect or emotion instead she shows her boobs to pierce, humm im devasted peter dumped me?! i dont think so madam.

  21. i also watched the reality show as we all love a romance. katie i used to like untilthe last season of their show . she was so nasty to pete and he always tried to tellher he loved her . he may have married a glamour girl and i think he mould have coped well with that side of things , but he never married a bitch and thats what she turned into, it was definetily a form of bullying ,if she critiscised him enough maybe that made her feel better about herself. i truly think she blew it their he was the right guy for her and one day she will truly regret that now all she wil get are the type of losers she used to date . no-one specialwill ever marry her . also katie was only a minor celebrity till she married pete .it was the marriage to him and the romance that made her a household name and earning potential she recieved from that. i feelif its not all about katie then as far as shes concerned its not worht her time . good luck to pete its sad about the marriage but most men wouldnt have lasted as long as him he will definetly find a lovely woman then watch katies venom in the magazines

  22. Peter you did the right thing for your self respect and for your children and well done for not saying anything it show\’s just how much of a decent person you are. Katie needs to grow up and learn that without you she is nothing more than a ageing page 3 girl with no class or breeding and she has no family values thats pretty clear from how she conducts herself off and on camera. Good luck with your Music .

  23. I watches the programmes,and the only thing i can say is that you come across as a good dad, but then Katie is a excellent mother see took care of Harvey and all his problems very well, long before you came along, people used to say Peter hoo! until Katie bought you into the limelight, its because of her some people know who you are now, you\’ve gone on about your new album all the time, but the bits I\’ve heard sounds rubbish, whot you done to Katie after see miscarried is unforgivable. She was entiteld to find solace with her friends after you dumped her like that, GOOD LUCK TO HER and i hope next time i hope she gets some who is more mature and not a jealous rat, you\’ve lost a hard working girl and you will be sorry.

  24. I think peter put up with the bad mouthing long enough ,and for her to do it in the public eye is just horrendous, and in front of the children ,it shows lack of respect all round. Good luck peter.

  25. Really Ivy? You watches the programmes? entiteld? and Peter hoo? Are you referring to the english words entitled and who? Wow! Your comments have about as much credibility as your spelling and grammar. I think it is admirable and ethical that Peter conducts himself with such decorum and class, which the same cant be said for Katie unfortunately. I also think regardless of whether it is a publicity stunt or not, most people do not have that much composure to resist commenting even slightly negatively about their ex-partner. Peter has earned my new found respect and as for Katie – hardworking? I seriously doubt the girl has done a decent hour\’s worth of hard work in her life let alone a day, unless your concept of hard work entails exposing your breasts to the nearest available camera…

  26. Pete wow man U wana loving wife I am the women u are looking for shame u not playing t4 on the beach if u can get there please do come …. I am sure peeps will lov to see u there M8……. gona be listening to ya album as I am driving down ….. with u all the way Pete…….. Silence is golden remember that M8 and hey KEEP SMILING …..CAUSE WHEN U SMILE THE WORLD SMILES WITH YOU XXX……..OH AND THE TITLE NEW BEGININGS IS A PERFECT choice FOR YA NEW ALBUM …..Lovin u Pete xxxx

  27. im sorry they split up but i can see why he had to do it ,pete seemed to keep the marrage going because he loves her,but in the end he just wore him out . you can only try so much and want it or not you have to think of how you feel and how its affecting sure they both still love each other but katie should stop tryin to impress us at the cost of her family life . im sure shes hurting but she has her way and thats how she will deal with it ,,she wont want to look soft.(which she can be as we have all seen )its a shame all round really .

  28. People need t think about kate in all this as a person that has suffered a misscarrage herself i am only to aware how upsetting it is and how it can tare a good strong couple apart . Also she had major pnd which I have suffered with since my oldest child was born and he is nearly 10 years old . Then they lived there life in the public eye while having people they were under the understanding they could trust and were back stabbed . They did make a fantasic couple and you could tell that she loved him alot and he fel tthe same about her but all this has caused them to break up and then you put the fact that they were both suffering from the green eye monster with each others past . They have done the right thing to break up before it has affected the kids . While pete is a great dad to all 3 kids we ned to think about the fact that kate had to bring up a disabled son on her own with no help from the dad ……. and she has the right to let her hair down every now and then she does not do it around the children she was thousands of mile away when she did it and people are never going to approve of what she does and how she does it but I say fair play to her if she is enjoying herself she is doing no harm to anyone or us so I think that we should leave them alone and let them get on with it in peace and quiet it is already a hard time for them and people passing nasty comments about them is not helping anyone . There children will see all this one day and will be upset that people were slagging there mum and dad off . I think before we pass judgement on them as a couple and as a single mum and dad we should think how we would behave in the same situtation I am sure afew of us would behave in a way that wasnt to everyones likeing . They were devoted to each other and they have 3 great kids and we can not take away what good parents they are with them . All I can say is just try and see things from both side for something lie thats to happen it takes more than a night out to end it . While i am saying this about kates night out we were not there and we will never now the full story and have no right to judge . I hope you both manage to stay friends and dont feel the need to jusify what has happened between you that is your business and not ours . Good luck in all that you both do and I wish you all the happeness as indivuals . Caryy on being good parents because I think you are both great at it harvey junior and princess are lucy children to have great parents that love them all and are not sing them as pawns for there own gane.

  29. Miscarridge or not this is a PRIVATE MATTER!!!!! not something you splash across the media unless you are looking for SYMPATHY and to try to correct your already tarnished reprutation…………… RUN THE MARATHON FOR YOUR FANS!! mmmmm dont you think your health and especially for your children is more important????????????????? Just another drama queen episode from JORDAN!!!!I think Pete has it right and kept quiet about their private life, with no distaste and slagging off of Katie……(shame she didnt followsuit) she needs to respect her children and start to grow up and realise it is them that is hurting not just her and life isnt just a game where you use everyone close to you to gain publicity because what she is actually doing at the moment isnt scoring her any points in my books>>>>>>>>>>>>> just carry on Pete and be a good father like you have been and dont get down to her level………. Katie should try just being amicable for the children at least and as far as her getting married again good luck to who ever want to be her whipping boy next and be treated like shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. i feel so sorry for both of them i think the cameras put on so much pressure on them i hope they can be sivel for children s sake. its so sad when people split .

  31. since pete and kate have split, pete has been courtious towards kate, not wanting to slag her off to the nation like she has done to him. all the things he could say about her and tarnish her already questionable reputation, but he chose to respect her and the children by not returning the favour of revealing all. kate needs to grow up and realise that the whole world does not revolve around her, she has to look out for her kids and not slag pete off in front of them, they will only resent her for it when they are old enough to understand everything. pete can do so much better than katie price if all she can think about is getting 1 up on him in front of the nation and the children.

  32. I think Peter is simply trying to look better than Katie by not saying anything, fair play to the guy if he wants to keep his life personal the biggest praise goes to him, but for Katie it\’s different, she\’s use to it, it\’s all she really knows, I think Katie is taking this hard and the only interview she did (with Piers Morgan) showed this, you could tell the difference in the clips he showed…with Peter….without Peter she looked tired and very sad..I feel sorry for the both of them and hope they do get back together…the kids will always be looked after brilliantly by both of their parents this is very obvious…good luck to them (p.s please get back together!!!!)

  33. @lisa fraser, I would normally agree with some of what you are saying, BUT, keep in mind a normal woman that has suffered a miscarriage would be in mourning, would be keeping with her spouse and at the VERY least be respectful of the situation. NOT going out partying it up and running marathons. Fans or no fans. What about her OWN children and safety and her OWN relationship that was falling apart? she apparently didnt put to much value on any of it. fans are great. but there is a time you should stick to home and deal with the -real- things in life and not go using "fans" as an excuse for obscene and deplorable behavior.I too, have suffered miscarriages, and trust me partying was the LAST thing on my for katie being a good mother? really? she is handing the kids off to peter every chance she gets (mind you for the kids sake that is a great thing at least they are getting real parenting from him) and running off partying, flashing herself for the public cameras, running off for "acting lessons" and more. Yes I can see how she is a "great mom". she is right there cleaning up after them, cooking for them, spending time with them…all the real things children need. (please note that last line is sarcasm)She is embarrassing herself and her family. Her children will grow up one day and keep hearing "your moms showed her breasts on camera LOOK" and worse. can you imagine what that will do to those kids? the teasing the taunting the humiliation those kids will go through??HOW on earth is that "being a good mom"?Peter, keep up the fantastic work. It is hard doing what you are doing with the decorum you are showing. You are doing the right thing and those kids are blessed to have you.


  35. i would like to say that i think peter is doing the right thing by not telling the world his private life he putting the children first.i watched katie on piers morgan show an some stuff she was saying i couldnt believe what i was hearing when she said she might be married by nxt summer i just thought how nasty are you pete really loved you and your throwing it back in his face he so deserves better then her anyway so good luck peter with everything you do

  36. hi peter, i think you were very good on this morning, you could of given katie a roasting but you rembered that in life least said is soonest mended. good luck in all that you do

  37. alison graham -i think u are a great dad and you deserve to have ur kids with you 24/7 as you will definately do the right things for ur kids ,good luck with your all you do in life x

  38. It\’s really sad that these two people who loved each other so much and stood by each other, had kids and supported each other in many ways can just part ways like this. Anyway whatever the cause was, I wish them luck in sorting it out, they have lovely kids and am sure they do not want them messed up by this issue. I wish them both luck and for them to try and resolve the issue privately, cameras are not going to help them at all, if anything their reality show has not helped their relationship. It\’s so sad to see both of them looking miserable without the other.

  39. Hi PeterI can see how sad you are for the split, I never like Jordon until she has married to you, as you are a decent guy and good dad, that\’s how people like respect her, you deserve a decent woman, sorry to say that she is alway be a slag and you are better off without her bullying you infront the camera and bring you down just because she have all the money she earn from taken clothes off, she is nobody again without you earn her respect from the public. you must speak out without let her pushing you anymore, she is a bully and she knows how to use her bitch way to bring you down, don\’t let her success and she will never meet someone like you do, she knows that and that\’s what she need is someone to babysitting for her and take off pressure for her as a single mother, you are just the right door mat to her all along, never mind cheer up and enjoy yourself and do not trap into her mental game, take care and hope you are success with your album,

  40. soory but it think pete was out of order dumping kate wen she needed him the most then telling her to keep shtump about it, it has all been blown out of control now kate is being made to look bad while pete is being made to be a good little angel.Pete says he not going to slag the mother of his kids of noooo the media doing that for him so he getting away with it really,i not saying that kate is perfect but she is more in the media about all this they shud both be left alone to deal with this in private the media shud keep their noses out ….

  41. come on pete surely your family life and being part of the family with Kate and the children is far more important than becoming a celeb. Celebs come and go…….you\’re so perfect are you??? stop burying your head in the sand and think of the children NOW, not what they think of you when they are older… cos the are gonna say "daddy why did you leave" life is too short Pete…go Home to Kate and the kids and the blessing that come with it all… Kate\’s had some rotten men in her life, are you going to prove that you are just another rotten rotter…….

  42. Some people come into our lives and quickly go ,some stay a while but leave footprints on our heart that will never be the same . Sorry to hear of the break up between you both . When one door closes another opens . Stay strong and good luck to you .

  43. least ur keeing some dignity about the split im ure u will tell the truth when the tymes rite xxx shame u cudnt reconcile but just make sure ur kids r loved x

  44. i like both pete and kate, but realise that kate has serious problems going on, she is damaged goods and always will be, she cannot be loved as she doesn`t love herself,she puts pete down to make herself feel better,kate will never be able to sustain a long term relationship,pete love her to bits, but would find that the longer he is with her the more destroyed he was,every inch of confidence that he ever had, kate got rid of,it is very sad,but kate needs to sort herself out for the sake of her kids, and any future relationship that she has,

  45. It\’s astonishing how many people have a view on what these two people "should" do, without knowing anything more than half of the story, and that half also twisted by the media. Whatever the rights and wrongs, I do respect Pete for realising he has a long term responsibility to his children not to attack their mother. More celebrities (and people in general) ought to think like that, including one Katie Price. I wonder whether she is going to look back with pride and dignity at all the things she has said and done (and recorded on TV) in her relationship with Pete?

  46. I am disgusted with Katy. Doesn\’t she realize that her kids are going to grow up and wonder about their Mum\’s behaviour. Poor kids, they\’ll have all that money can buy………and nothing stable, with Mum flitting from fella to fella. Far from not liking herself, I think that\’s the problem, she likes herself too much!!

  47. Neither Katie nor Peter is perfect and I\’m sure they both deserve their share of blame for the split and everything that was going on when the cameras are off, none of us are in a position to judge who\’s at fault for their marriage ending because we simply don\’t know everything. Neither of them is the bad guy, they went through something stressful and the marriage ended. That sucks, but it\’s life.But as far as attitudes to take in public go, he\’s got it right and she\’s got it wrong. For the sake of their children, they should keep their squabbles out of the public arena – they can hate and moan about each other all they want the rest of the time, but when their kids are around or it might get back to their kids (if not now then in a few years\’ time when they\’re old enough to understand) then they ought to keep it civil. It\’s hurtful otherwise, they love both Mummy and Daddy and having them at loggerheads is not fair on them at an already confusing and difficult time. They shouldn\’t be exposed to it.Good luck to them both though – I hope they can find a way to work together for their kids.

  48. Katie Price is any Amaziing motherr figure for her 3 kidss. I just cant get ver a loss of a 4th baby, As She lost the baby she lost her love of her life.. She Would never Cheat on someone she loves..I just wish peter could forgive her As for there realonship and kids. i watched everyweek of there show would never miss it :(xx

  49. OMG Danielle, how on earth can you seriously say she is an amazing mother figure???????? She\’s a terrible mother figure……even that other well known chav is doing a better job at the moment….Kerry Katona! And I never thought I would say that!

  50. first and foremost i would like to say pete is doing a good job for taking good care of the kids. seriously i think u deserve better. Good luck man!

  51. i love both Katie & Peter ive met Katie at a book signing and she used to be my idol, as a mother of 3 myself and my eldest being special needs i used to admire her, however after the last series of Katie & Peter i was discusted with the way she was treatingand speaking to Pete i felt sorry for him, im soooo glad she did her interview with piers Morgan as i got to see her in a different light and could see the hold Pete had over her, Jelousy is a terrible thing and the cause of alot of breakups, i just hope they both continue to be great parents and always be amicable with each other for the sake of the kids i was devastated when i heard about the split but whats the point of being together if your unhappy good luck guys xxx

  52. It is natural to want to lash out at those who have hurt you for whatever reason as joe bloggs public we do not recieve the same backlash or opinion a celebrity does therefore we can not say how we would react in that situation personnaly I believe that Katie is right for the route she took she has got it out of her system and therefore now able to move on for the sake of her children whom she has always put first or should all mothers who have lost children the love of their lives and temporarily lost it live the remainder of their days alone lonely and potentially on the verge of a depressive episode??? I too lost a child and his father because some turd drove his car into the back of mine while he was busy on his phone illegal YES damn right it was I went to pieces my sons father couldnt cope and he understandably left I lost it went on a rampage blocking drivers using their phone ripped a few phones out of the hands of a few stunned law breakers and launched said offending objects under moving traffic does this make me a bad person what example did this set my survivng children???? did anyone ever get to hear about it?? no because I am just a single mother secretary and part time student no one gives a toss but because Katie has made something of herself and achieved what non of us could we wait with baited breath to bask in the glory of her slipping up falling victim of the trials of being human of having a life well shame on us when all is said and done these people are human and they are hurting I feel for them both they need time and space and understanding to healgood luck to you both think always of the childrenbrightest blessings

  53. pete u,ve bn a true gent ova ur split"her" u get them kids including harvey ur their dad " she " was just a baby machine she does.nt give a damn about them or anyone only herself ! she used u cause she was an aging nobody & younger girls were taking ova . i watched ur show all the time & the way she treated u i.m amazed u put up with her so long ? ur a lovely guy get the kids & god will send u someone special when ur ready 2 move on ? keep ur chin up cause ms.plastic will soon find out she.s a user who now is lettin men abuse her ( anything 4 5mins of fame ) that wont last she.s a thing of the past.

  54. Well what great timing PETE……… if you love someone like you say you did only days before !!!!!!!!!!! you dont just walk away and leave only a few days later…… great publicity photos PETE……….. your kids needed more support than that and so did KATIE…… but at the end of the day its sad i think you both still love each …. and those kids need you both together………..

  55. i never liked jordan until she married pete,he is such a gentleman.if they never broke up we would not have known she lost a baby.her interview wiTh piers morgan was so fake.pete was treated like a doormat….keep strong MR.PETER ANDRE.WHAT PROGRAM WERE YOU ALL WATCHING?a man like pete deserves respect,money confuses jordan.look at what she is doing to her body……

  56. I am totally amazed that Katie Price is still given so much attention! She really is such an ugly person in the way shes conducted herself. And what a hideous role model for young girls! I really think Peter Andre is a gentleman and a fantastic father. Why should he stay in a marriage that is toxic? That will harm the kids much more than leaving. Once the media circus has died down and Ms Price has been through a Britney style breakdown or had more plastic surgery to make her into what she sadly thinks is beautiful, I\’m sure Peter will being standing tall. He has bags of what unfortunately his estranged wife doesn\’t, Integrity and dignity. Good luck to Peter, you deserve happiness.

  57. i think pete is a really nice person but you really can never judge how he is behind closed doors. and i think katie has let herself down and if she was really as buisness minded as she claims to be,she should of kept a low profile instead of partying away. her kids should of been her main priority and she should of stopped with them she lost alot of support from the public from that moment on.

  58. i am very surprised about how many people from either side are judging this break up ! i dont think anyone should be judging this matter but who can help it ?i think they both are very loving and caring people. But i think as there relationship and everyday life was shared with the public it deteriorate there love. If Pete loved katie why would he leave her soon after she had a miscarrage ? .. but then if katie promised and agreed to keep this miscarrage between themselves then it was abit selfish to make it public. Ive grew up watching and hearing all about katie and peter , some bad an some good. I think they were great together and was very shocked to hear they broke up. I watched both shows "this morning + interview with katie price" and i can understand both sides they have to say but i dont think that they should be judging eachother or slagging eachother off. These 3 kids will grow up an wonder " why did daddy leave" "why did mummy do that" And when they realise how there parents were they are going to always wonder WHY? … i feel sorry for the kids growing up and having people coming in and out of there life it just isnt fair ! many people will agree that kids need a happy and stable home. i personally think that these kids will never have one because its always going to be public and i think thats the main cause for many break ups ..? . i think katie an pete have many good and bad point but as with all celebrity couples you never know whats happening behind close doors.I wish the best for both of them x good luck to the kids x

  59. I like Peter Andre, he shows amazing strength by not slagging of katie unlike her who appears to enjoy bad mouthing him he is a gentleman great dad, and jolly good looking so who should he date next thats easy ME Good luck Pete love to the kids

  60. peter is as bad as katie its wat hes not sayin that makes it worse hes implying that its not all his fault!!! but katie was in the wrong to going public by that interview wit peirs morgan sayin a whole pile of crap i had respect 4 the 2 of them when they were together but now i think the 2 of them where doing it all as a publicity and money but its a shame that 2 kids have been brought into it.its them i feel sorry 4 i dont think their children r going 2 like them 2 much when they grow up and some day katie and peter will realise it was all their fault that it happend

  61. Peter do\’nt worry! You are better off without her. She was always,me,me,me,me. She never thinks of her children or you. It was all about her. Sorry that your children are in the midle and have to pick up the piaces, but you will get over her. Just have to stay strong for the children. Hang in there. PLenty women out there that will appreciatte you. Good luck! Tira XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  62. i feel sorry for katie….peter is such a girl, hes got such a big game trying to act nice but hes nothing like it….i think katie has gone off the rails a lot lately but why is it such a big problem shes just enjoying herself…go katie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  63. i think its rediculus how sooo many people r judging katie for havin a gud time at the end of the day aslong as her kids r cared for and loved what is the matter with her having a gud tym goin clubbin and getin drunk evry1 duz it soo why r soo many people soo quick to judge… they r both as bad as each utha and yeh katie was bitchy but wen u think bk to most of ther arguments pete started mosta them. and also all he use to do was go on and on bout there sex life its like omg shut up bout havn sex man!!! any1 wud get annoyd at him sumtym hes soo much of a girl!! but well they r betta off with out each other

  64. She had a miscarriage, peter dumps her right after. He is a sad pathetic excuse for a man. He should of dealt with it. He should of been a man and helped. I know katie hasnt dealt with being dumped very well, please someone present some one who has been a perfect model of perfection after losing a baby then being divorced by a man who said he loved you who said in his vows he would be there. Katie didnt cheat, peter is a jelous jerk who needs his head screwed on tighter. Back off everyone, this ISN\’T YOUR LIFE! so take your nose out of it and back off. However anyone DARE to critizie either parenting skills, your a pathetic person maybe you should try getting on with your own life instead of jumping into theirs where you dont belong.TBH im on katies side. Peter your a big massive puffy puff! I love the word you wanna have a go then do it.

  65. totally agree with Yvonne – at least Pete is being adult about it and not resorting to slagging her off – even tho she deserves it. the rest of you should be congratulating him about thinking about the kids whereas you all say well done Katie – for what getting pi$$ed and having your face plastered all over the newspapers – yeah great Mum she is – NOT

  66. Thick as pig s**t but at least being a decent guy. Her on the other hand – back to her old slapper ways. Poor kids.

  67. He left and she is getting blame for the break up, if he was that interested in his kids he would have sorted things out. The media see it as the easier option to slaughter katie as she was the wild one before they got together, but lets be honest since she had the kids she calmed down alot. As for folk sayng about her dumping wains on him and nannies well lets face it they both hardly had the kids when they were together. I find it funny how he gets pictured with girls and he dont get half the bollocking katie is getting off folk. at the end ae the day it was him that left Katie is just getting on with her life. So he deserves everything he gets. p.s Think he should get nominated for an oscar this year

  68. Grow up Karen!! Are you saying that Pete should have stayed in an unhappy marriage just for the kids?? Everyone knows thats not a good thing especially for the children who are the ones getting hurt in all this. I watched some of their TV programme and Pete was always the one with the kids, she couldnt be bothered with them half the time. I admire Pete for putting up with her for so long, he now deserves to be with someone who will treat him properly not like a piece of crap she stood in!!

  69. And which one is pictured all over the press with everything hanging out, and with a different guy almost every day??? And which one is pictured with the kids?? I know which one I\’d think was doing the best job for those kids….and it wont be slapper Jordan!

  70. I now have respect for this man. He is between a rock and a hard place. She can say whatever she likes but he is thinking of the children. I admire him. My own personal view is that he is now a mature man, while she still thinks she can act the way she did when she was younger. It\’s not nice, it\’s not clever and her behaviour is infantile. It\’s all ME, ME, ME. Lets all agree to NOT watch her new show.

  71. i dnt feel sory 4 him 1 bit!! e is jst an attention seeker & e makes me sick!! e should jst move on wit his life lyk katie is & stop talking bout it on tele, mags, papers etc!!

  72. one thing you can say about Pete is he loves his kids has there been any photots off him in a park snogging someone in front off his kids at least you can say when he has them they get all his attention

  73. At least Pete lv\’s his kids…… He\’s better of away from that thing. If she lv\’d them kids that much she would have waited first, Kids are fickle they pick up on all things around them……….. Children are not weapons…….

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