Mischa Barton in psych ward

Actress Mischa Barton, most famous for her role in The OC, has been sectioned after police were called to her Los Angeles home.

US TV reports state the 23-year-old has been placed under involuntary psychiatric hold at LA’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre. Under a ‘5150 section code’, a person can be held involuntarily for up to three days if they pose a risk to themselves or others. It is the same order under which Britney Spears was sectioned twice in January 2008.

The hospitalisation means the British-born star has missed the New York premiere of her new film, Homecoming. Mischa’s spokesperson wouldn’t comment on the star’s condition but confirmed she was under doctors’ care: "Mischa has been hospitalised per the recommendation of her doctor and is resting in the hospital."

In December 2007, Mischa was arrested for drink-driving, marijuana possession and driving without a licence. She was sentenced to three years’ probation.

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26 thoughts on “Mischa Barton in psych ward

  1. If you\’re in a bad enough state that you\’ve been sectioned, it\’s not something you\’ll just "get over." I hope Mischa is getting good care and that they\’re looking after her

  2. I agree with H u don\’t just "get over" an experience like this, believe me i know..I enjoyed watching Mischa in the OC and hope that she will eventually fully recover from this ordeal.

  3. i feel sorry for the girl dnt get me wrong,but i can\’t help but think that us non celebs have alot more to deal wth day to day then she\’l ever have to cope with..yet we deal with it and trod on. then we have mischa who has everything she could need yet she needs the support at hospital ? irony.

  4. at the end of the day they chose to be in the spotlight, the risk of becoming famous is down to how well you can handle the fame and fortune. Some people need to think before they act .. !! marijuana, drink driving without a lisence, sorry but any normal person would have been mullored for doing all them!!! get what they deserve, they are a human being like us, and we get sentences so should they!

  5. I think its really sad that she is in hospital but i think she needs to get better so that she can get her life back on track because she was so good in The OC.

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