Beckham confronts Galaxy fans

David Beckham lost his cool with angry fans during his first home game back at LA Galaxy – a friendly against AC Milan on Sunday night.

Becks was confronted with a mixture of boos and cheers as well as taunting chants and banners as he played his first match back with his home team after a five-month loan to Milan. At half time the jeering became too much and Becks tried to jump over the barriers into the crowd to face the angry fans but was held back by security. One fan even tried to jump down from his seat to get to Becks, but was escorted away before he could.

The row started earlier this year when Becks insulted Galaxy fans by saying that he preferred playing for Milan as the quality of football was better there than at Galaxy. Although some Galaxy fans still cheered for Becks, he reacted to other upset fans as if he didn’t see it coming. He also tried to make the excuse that he was trying to shake a fan’s hand, which seems rather unconvincing!

Video: David Beckham loses his cool

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16 thoughts on “Beckham confronts Galaxy fans

  1. Hahahahaha , Oh well, seen as im not a fan of football, i can still proudly say,I think David beckham is a damn fine bloke .. (:

  2. Surely what david beckham is doing is the \’American Way\’ is it not?, all he\’s doing is trying to get the best deal possible for himself by playing all sides off against each other, just like in an Auction on ebay, that\’s how you get the best deal and as much money as you can for yourself, as for loyalty, well there\’s no emotion in business – that\’s rule number one, and don\’t forget if he was no good as a player Galaxy would kick him out sooner than look at him so where the loyalty there?!, it\’s only because he is so good that he\’s able to do what he\’s doing. Clint Eastwood.

  3. Poor becks, I didn\’t think Americans would be so low – fans aren\’t \’fans\’ when they behave like that. You did right in going to Milan – Italy is way more classy!

  4. Quote Americans are soooo full of themselves, the only thing wrong with America is the Americans . You think the rest of the world actually gives a damn

  5. Can\’t stand David neither he\’s wife Victoria………..he deserves everything he gets from the G-fans…..boooooooooPlus who does he think he is??? Knowning damn well that he\’d defo upset some fans & wud get some type of reaction from them!!! Rebecca Loos rocks, so Victoria how stupid are you not knowing your perfect David kept it in he\’s trousers………..hmmmmmm u dumb woman!!!!!

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