Jade’s mum ‘may ban Jack from sons’

Jack Tweed could be banned from seeing his stepsons, as Jade Goody’s mother is reportedly taking steps to stop his access to Bobby, six, and Freddie, four.

According to a report in The Sun, Jackiey Budden is trying to persuade the boys’ father, Jeff Brazier, to join her in seeking a ban in the High Court.

Jackiey is unhappy about Jack’s recent wild behaviour, which culminated in police being called to his Essex home last Friday after complaints of all-night parties: “I’ve stuck up for him too often – but not anymore,” she told The Sun. “If he wants to go around sh*****g different girls, that’s up to him. He’s 22 and I expect that. But don’t give interviews blaming drink, because it’s rubbish. It made me sick that he was with a girl just three weeks after the funeral – I was shocked. Most of the men Jade has ever been with have sold her out. The only difference with Jack is that he waited till she was dead.”

Last week Jack admitted he was having trouble coping with Jade’s death. “I don’t really know how I’m bearing up at the moment,” he told reporters at a Nokia party. “I’m drinking quite a lot, which I shouldn’t be. I shouldn’t be saying it but I don’t want to lie to anyone and I am drinking quite a lot and I’ve got to go and see someone or I’ve got to stop. It makes me forget about everything when I have a drink. I don’t like the feeling when I’m not drinking. It’s not a nice feeling because I sit there and think about Jade non-stop.”

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58 thoughts on “Jade’s mum ‘may ban Jack from sons’

  1. Has Jackiey not stopped to think that some might take a similarly dim view of her talking to the papers about psychics and having another baby for Jade? That she is selling Jade out? It\’s none of her business to try and stop him seeing the boys – Jackiey is not the boys\’ guardian, Jeff is, so it\’s entirely up to him if he wants the boys to keep seeing Jack or not.I never held much regard for Jack, but people do need to consider what\’s just happened to him and lay off a bit. It\’s really not uncommon for people who are grieving to do foolish things like drinking or having one night stands. Think about it – you\’re depressed, you\’ve lost the love of your life, you go out and get drunk to try and take your mind off it and numb things. You want somebody in the bed next to you for five minutes so you don\’t have to feel alone and reminded of your spouse by the gaping space next to you. It\’s not smart, but it\’s entirely understandable. Jack\’s very young, barely in his twenties, and at that age you\’re still not a properly matured adult – yet he\’s had to deal with prison, watching Jade get cancer and dying and becoming a widower all in a very short space of time. It\’s not surprising that he\’s done some stupid stuff in his efforts to cope; I\’m not saying we should pat him on the back and tell him to keep doing it, but people shouldn\’t be so quick to condemn. grief can really screw with your head.

  2. I feel sorry for Jack, if anyone has been sold up the river, it\’s him. His marriage was a sham just to make money for Jade\’s family, did he get any of it? my advice to this young man, is to take a heaven sent opportunity and follow an acting career, his very name is memorable, in his own right. Any Sh….ing…well, the young women today (opportunists) will do anything to go where the (in)famous have been, like Prince William, every girl on the planet wanted to go to the same University, just in case, in the hopes and dreams of…(to be seen or to corvort with, it\’s embarrassing. I hope that Jack channels his life into something worthwhile, centered upon himself, there are plenty of girls out there, but there\’s only ONE right girl, he just hasn\’t met her yet, keep it in your trousers, Jack, the world is your oyster…

  3. If Tweedy actually thinks anyone is fooled by his heart-rending tale of woe then he thinks we\’re all as stupid as him. He\’s just trying to ride the Jade Express for as long as possible before returning to a lifetime of anonimity.

  4. I think he is a damm disgrace I think Jades lovely boys will be better off without him after all they are with there daddy who is not sleeping around and getting drunk Jack Tweed should just dissapear he is a no one! RIP jade x

  5. Jack Tweed is a little Weed he shouldnt be allowed any where near those boys. Jade was bearly burried and he was putting himself about now that says for itself how much he loved her. I bet Jade is turning in her grave.

  6. did anyone watch jade R.I.P tv programme which followed her through her cancer battle, am sure we all did, JACK THE WEED TWEED, didnt show onesign of emotion at all, you could see the love jade had for him but he wasnt interested, makes me sick. your time in the lime light is over tweed, leave jade to rest in peace now, if she can ., and go back to ya little play mates and girls in bed, ya never ever loved her we cud all see that LAINY

  7. I Personally Think that Jack should be left to do what he wants, and all0ow him to make the mistakes. I think we all forget that grief affects people in different ways, not to mention how prison affects people. I think that Jades mother should really respect her dead daughter, and not go bad mouthing the one she loved. If Jackiey had any respect for jade she would of realised that she loved jack with all her heart, and wouldnt of liked any disrespecing him never mind her own mother. As for jack yes his behavior is awful, but why bring the two sons into this, if he is ok around the two boys shouldnt that be all that matters? Why take another person those boys love out of their life, besides they are only young and lost the one figure in their life who was their throughout every up and down. Why dont people just allow her to rest in peace, especially her mother who has sold several interviews to magazines, she certainly can\’t blame someone from drinking when she apparently seen her daughter in the clouds/sky, and she certainly should bring her grandchildren and their father into her petty feud.

  8. i just think it will affect the kids in the long term and they are the most important factor in all off this. They have lost there mum and if they loose there father figure it could affect them for the rest of there lifes. We all deal differently and i dont agree with what he has done but i dont think he has come to terms with it yet, i may be wrong but time will tell. If jack and jades mum really love the kids they will do what is best for them and put there own feelings aside.

  9. It\’s done for show including getting married, he dosen\’t care (MONEY-TALKS!) and a total waste of space and the air he breaths.

  10. Stop this crap NOW the women is dead,leave her alone and stop trying to make more money out of her!She had a crap mother got lucky picked up some dorks on the way.Shes dead the other bastards whoo are still trying to fed and get money should be ignored so if bloggs like this dropped the whole nasty money making scams it would go awawy,two for christs stop writting about the talentless slapper and the dork of an ex husband enough is enough

  11. I Marina watts fully unerstand\’s why jack is behaving like this every1 deals with grief diffrent.I also understand how jackie as a mum is feeling i think if thy both were 2 c a councellor together they could work through this. W hishing u both health and happiness for ur futures. And remember no one has the right to judge how an individal greif\’s.

  12. i wouldnt like to comment on this as we all know what the media is like. its no good upsettig the children if they still want to see jack. they are the ones who have suffered most out of all this.lets hope it all turns out ok.

  13. Those little boys have lost their mum, their whole worlds change- to make it harder Jack goes and acts like a little boy having a tantrum. I personally dont think he wanted to be with Jade. He was in it for the money. Jeff Jackie and the boys are best just to be left to get on with their lives in their own private and personal way. Why is it that the media cant let people go even after they have passed away???

  14. your not the only one whos greiving you dip stick i always had my doubts about you so now its time to grow up think of jades kids and mum you selfish little creep

  15. I personally don\’t think he is having any trouble dealing with Jade\’s death – he\’s using her death as an excuse for drinking when in fact, all he seems to want to do is party and shag women. Never liked him, too sleeked looking.

  16. Firstly Jade was just 27, and no-one deserves to die at such a young age. Cancer is one of the most devastating, soul destroying illnesses one can get, not just for the indiidual suffering from it but also for close family and friends. I am absolutley disgusted with some of the coments people have left on here and on other sites on the internet. Grief in an individual thing, everynone is different and cope in various ways. Jack Tweed is only 21, he is still young and probably has some growing up still to do but to accuse him of not caring for Jade, is a bit harsh. People do strange things when they are grieving and yes some do use alcohol as a means of escape from reality. When my mum died of Ovarian Cancer in 1996, I was just 15, and I took it quite badly. I began to self harm, and developed an Eating Disorder. People close to me turned against me accusing me of attention seeking, and trying to manipulate others, when all i was trying to do was take some control back of my life and forget the intense pain and loss i felt inside. It was a way of self-medicating and i believe Jack is doing the exact same thing. The first 6 months after the Death or a loved one is the most devastating time, but slowly you begin to live again, although you know that life will never ever be the same again….you can get through it. I truley believe that Jack did love Jade and is in deep grief over her untimely death in March this year. I agree that his behaviour is a little extreme but imagine what is was like to watch her slowly slip away, it is so painful knowing there is nothing you can do. Jack needs support at this time as does Jackie, Jades Mum. I believe it would be in the Childrens best interests for Jack to keep in touch with them, so thay can grief together, remember the god times and remember Jade as she one was before she became ill, after all isn\’t that what Jade would have wanted? Jackie is hurting deeply and grief sometimes causes you to become angry and bitter but with time, hopefully she will be able to see past the anger towards Jack and forgive him for his recent behaviour. I hope Jade is now t reast and out of pain. I believe in an after life and i hope she is able to look down from above, no longer in pain and always be close by her loved ones. X X REST IN PEACE JADE X X

  17. i dont know him but i do know that losing someone you love is very hard . jack is grieving and needs support not cruel accusations from his mother in law. there is a saying that people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones, jackie should not be using the children as a tool. jade must be turning over in her grave !!! jackie is using her TOYBOY to help her get over her grief let jack deal with it his own grief he will pull through in time.

  18. In a nutshell those little boys should just be with their real father. Tweed the twat is having a ball and sold out jade who did not deserve to die no matter how many mistakes she made we all make them and she didnt exactly have an easy childhood . Now those poor boys are motherless and Tweed is no role model.

  19. Tweed was just waiting for Jades death to cash in on it. How can he say that all he can think about is Jade when he was with another slapper 3 weeks after the funeral? I was no fan of Jades when she was alive, that hasn\’t changed with death………Hearing more about them is boring me to DEATH it\’s getting as bad as "Dosh & Pecks (Peter & Jordan)

  20. I know people grieve in different ways, but surely if jack was devasted by Jades death he would not have got out of bed, shaved or done anything , as everyday without the one you love would be worthless. So I think it proves a point that Jade worshipped Jack and he made her very happy, but its very saddening to see that Jack couldnt show some respect and love for his dead wife. Yes life does move on but not in the space of weeks. Jackie has the right idea by wanting the boys real father to step up to the mark.


  22. shannon suggest you resit your english language examsits what this younger generation is all about – uncaringUNCARING

  23. shannon they arent his children.but i suppose he really did love jade and hes probably just on autopilot, doing stupid things like drinking loads of alcohol and getting with the girl, it happens to everyone, hes been through loads this past year and i really do not blame him for what hes doing at the moment.

  24. Jade\’s mother has no rights to say who the boys see and who they dont, it is up to their fatherJade had to help bring her up if what you read in the papers is true. I tend to believe it is.

  25. i think he should be able to see the kids hes a young lad whos had a loss maybe not been in the paper about because of the kids maybe seein it .jades mum has said things in interviews about seeing jades face in clouds and writing in steamed bathroom mirriors how would the kids feel hearing that especially if they not had of these supposed sighns it whats jae wanted to carry on with his life and he shouldnt be judged if he was a every day person we wouldnt have known about

  26. phyllis williams wrote: i think jack needs to move on .he is to joung to take responsibility for the two boys .they are their dads resposibity now his flesh an blood

  27. Jacks a loser who saw jade as a meal ticket knowing that she was gonna die! After that he took all her possessions from the house and used them for his pad then had girls in his bed!! He has no respect for Jade he has soon got over her!! Disgusting man

  28. I don\’t think much of this man at all but he shouldn\’t be punished by not getting to see the boys again, he might have betrayed Jade but he didn\’t betray the boys.

  29. given the woe is me thing that jack has going on i wouldn\’t let him near those boys. woe is me that mean old judge sent me to prison for no good reason but i can sell the story, woe is me my meal ticket died but i can sell the story, woe is me im a talentless little boy but hey there must be some money in it. woe is me i cant live with out her, fake suicide bid kerching ££££££££££

  30. i think everone should lay off jack,for goodness sake hes not long lost his wife and his worlds been tipped upside down,its very easy cast judgement on ohters,but lets cut jack some slack,i want to remind everyone just how happy jack made jade,youve only gota look back at the footage off there wedding to see they were ment for eachother,as for jack using jade as a meal ticket,i think youve got that toatly wrong,it would off been very easy for jack to turn tail and bolt on jade but did he,NOhe did not,im a 32 year old female and nearly 3 years ago i lost my partner thata why i speaK from experiance and from the heart,were all intitilled to our own opinion and mine is that leave jacl alone to grieve and if he does go off the rails a bit so what hes not doing any off us any harm,good luck to you jack i know jade would want you to be happy what ever you decide to do with the rest off your life,from carrie

  31. I think Jack is a grown man who needs to take responsibility for his actions. He is a rubbish father to Jades children and given he married her, he should have taken or shared the responsibilities with her x- partner. He should be ashamed of himself and if Jade was looking down on him, she would also be. He will lose his children because his selfish ways, he needs to grow up! I think he needs to be with Freddy and Bobby because they need him. Jack needs to be putting them first and not himself, Jade would be turning in her grave if she new what was happening. In Jades\’ t.v shows and books she never liked the idea of him looking at other girls or talking to them much, he is married and he should be loyal. I hope the people this agree with me because Jade is something special and she loved Jack and the children. From Emma

  32. Jack is just a boy, this hardly suprises me one bit, how could anyone expect him to be any sort of father to the boys, he has yet to grow up himself.

  33. i think everybody as heard enough of jade and family it was tragic what happened to her but please let her rest in peace and her mum boys and exhusband get on withthere loves as for jack what can you expect he as enjoyed climbing on the money wagon

  34. They\’re both scum (one in the past tense!). The only issue I and many of the population are having is that we\’re still hearing about Goody and Tweed. Was hoping once she was out of the house that would have been it! It\’s our fault for being a nation of damn idiots for letting it go on this long.

  35. Well Jackie knows what shes talking about . She was such a good mother herself to jade and brought good roll models home. NOT ? Like sam said there both scum (1 past tense) I am sure the boys real farther will do whats best for the boys.


  37. jack should walk away from the boy\’s now he has shown that he dont care about anyone else but him self and drinking the nite\’s away, the boy#s have got the best dad in the world and dont need him messing their head\’s up, an as jack spent most of his time in prison an prob will be back in there again soon, the boy\’s dont need that in their life\’s, so jack walk away from the boy\’s and live ya own life now, an stop living off jade\’s memory, jackie is right stopping you from seeing the boy\’s,

  38. drink isnt an excuse… its the arsehole that puts it in their mouth that is.. oh wait a min.. it was him.. AS for the whole saga.. who cares.. get the fuck on with your life, no1 wants to know!

  39. no one heard of him before jade he lived on her name she put him in the spotlight hes talentless hes not worth air time cant stand the loser what des he actually do and yeh jackies right hes not a good influence for those lovely littte boys wheres he getting his money the scav

  40. who is jack tweed? he obviously thinks he\’s a celebrity.get yourself a job mate,works wonders.or join our forces fighting for this god forsaken country. his wife wasn\’t even a celebrity,we were just forced day after day to listen to her or read about her. sorry mate but get over yourself !!

  41. i dont fink e should av anyfing 2 do wit dem kids dey av got a dad dey dnt need 2 bt it aint jades mums place 2 stop him frm seein dem it is up2 dere dad!! & jades mum should remember jade is the one dat wanted him 2 still see the kids so therefore she should respect her daughters wishes!!

  42. It\’s all tit for tat. People Should\’nt throw stone\’s if they live in Glass Houses….. Children are not Weapons……….

  43. Jack weed F U CK off your drug addick jack ass rapist I hope you do get locked before you murder poor women I don\’t give a shit about you I hope you die children must taken away from you. How you let Shilpa get hurt in the big brother house caused by Jade. I am happy to see you in a prison then clubbing. You got the eyes of a pedophiles. Screw you in the balls join the other loser on the streets your a bell end. Spenting night with whores thats you all over. Ha ha Basterd

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