Rihanna’s ex sentenced

Chris Brown was sentenced to six months of community service in an LA courtroom on Tuesday, for his assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna earlier this year.

The singer was also ordered by the Superior Court judge not to have any contact with Rihanna – verbal or physical – for five years. This means no phone calls, texts or emails. If the pair are at the same showbiz event, Chris can’t come within 10 metres of Rihanna, and at all other times, the minimum distance between them should be 100 metres. A violation of this order could see Brown go to prison.

Brown, who also has to pay fines and attended domestic violence classes, attacked Rihanna, his girlfriend of over a year, in March. When asked if Rihanna was upset about the ruling, her lawyer said: "There were no surprises today. The decision was up to the court, not Rihanna."

Last month, Chris apologised for the attack, admitting he could have handled the situation better and that he is "truly sorry".

His sentence might seem harsh to some, especially the five year probation, but is it enough for the crime? Does Chris deserve such a strict order, or do you think he got off lightly considering Rihanna’s injuries? Leave a comment below.

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51 thoughts on “Rihanna’s ex sentenced

  1. Why Is Everyone Against Him. He Made A Mistake.And It\’s Not As If It\’s Your Business Anyway.I\’m Sure Everyone Get\’s Mad At Times.And You Have All Probably Beaten Someone Up.It\’s A Bit Harsh To Say"You Can\’t Be Within 100 Metres Of Her."I Mean If He Goes To The Same Showbiz Place As Her.Then You Can\’t Expect Him Not To Be Tempted.Not That H eW ill ButIt\’s Better For Him And For His (Still There) Fans.That He Doesn\’t Go At All.Everyone Just Needs To Butt Out.=D

  2. Wow, zakkaa you are a total dips*hit. You\’re basically saying it\’s okay for a man to go round beating their girlfriends up.He\’s a complete loser, a talentless arse who didn\’t even deserve rihanna in the first place.Glad he got sentenced.

  3. He should get a more severe punishment because he is famous.Having said that I can\’t believe anyone would be so stupid, to be in the public eye and think they\’ll get away with it……

  4. People seem to think he got let off lightly, but when you consider that this was his first offence and that he pleaded guilty it\’s actually pretty standard. I just hope he learns from this and that this was just a young and foolish one off. Because if it isn\’t, then they can lock him up as far as I\’m concerned

  5. Well yeah what he did was wrong, he did apologise and the sentence is pretty fair, but come to think of it when you listen to boths sides of the story you do in fact realize that Rihanna stirred him on! she was a right cow to him and although he did take it too lets not forget that she did make the situation worse for herself, she was overly jealous and didst allow him to associate with many of the other female artist such as Leona and Alexander Burke… She should have laid of a bit….

  6. Community Service ???? Ask yourself some questions….If he beat a dog/cat what would the media/public reaction be?? And the penalty?? If he was Mr Jo Blogs instead of Mr Chris Brown ?? We pride our selves in living \’in a democracy\’ a fair and civilised society that has evolved, embracing equality ….should we ??

  7. I don\’t think the sentence is fair AT ALL. He\’s a well known celebrity so this teaches people and especially younger audiences that he can get away with abuse. So what if he apologised, if someone apologised for beating a woman in YOUR family, would community service be acceptable?? what\’s with the double standards for celebrities? if anything charges should be stronger as it\’s broadcasted widely, what kind of lesson does it teach? HE GOT OFF LIGHTLY. put yourself in Rihanna\’s shoes, would the sentence for the man who did that to you be enough??

  8. I think that it is correct that of course that a person should be punished in a fair irrespective of whether or not he is a celebrity. In this case, I think he has been punished fairly and that he has not got off lightly because he is a celebrity. I think it is fair to Chris and to Rihanna and their families.

  9. i dont think its all his fault i mean she was pretty obssesed wae the guy not letting him be alone in a room with another girl on his on he proberly felt he had no control over his own life but hitting her is not acceptable but dont just put the blame on him it should dbe on her too

  10. Yeaah hee did doo wrong hee shudnt off hit her but still likee theiirr both speaking to eachvaa atm so theee sentencee iss pointlessss

  11. No-one will know what really happened between them and we all know the press always likes to sensationalise, but it doesn\’t excuse what he did, it was wrong on every level and let\’s not forget Mary Rose, he didn\’t say sorry until he had to in the same way he pleaded not guilty until he realised that he had no choice but to change his plea in the face of overwhelming evidence against him, I don\’t dislike him but I have very little sympathy for him I\’m afraid. He\’s young and what he did was very stupid and irresponsible, I only hope that he learns from this but only time will tell. Is the sentence fair, I don\’t think it is but hey he\’s famous and I know he would have gone to jail had he not been a \’celebrity\’. I have a daughter and would hate to think that people would condone this kind of behaviour against another person.

  12. He should have been jailed. He got off lightly just cause he\’s a celeb. At least they\’ve done something! He is an utter fool, has ruined his career, it won\’t ever be the same. I always thought he was suspicious, but this!? A real idiot.

  13. well the crime he committed was bad, and he needs to face up to his curcumstances, so i believe the jugde made a good decision, but on the other hand i do agree with nyasha celebrities do get away with mostly everything, compared to a normal person who is not famous, because a non famous person would of most likely got jailed and every person gets fined when they do bd stuff. men are in the wrong to hit women that is totally wrong and am happy that rihanna,stood up for herself and took this to court, yes he appologized but still he needs to face up2 the consequences

  14. if he has done it b4 then he needs to be sentenced to sum jail tym so that he gets it thru his thick head that beating up on women is not on!! says he\’s sori? y, bcos he gt caught this tym?! regarrdless of rihanna stirring him on, she didnt deserve getting beat up. If u dont like the way ur being treatd in a relationship, then do wot normal people do and end it!

  15. he shoulda got jail time no question….yea he says he sorry, who cares, i mean, why\’s he sorry? he\’s sorry cos his agent told him to say that. he\’s sorry cos his fan base is prob afffected, he\’s sorry cos of how it makes HIM look and that he got punished. i\’m sure on some level he IS sorry but a couple months in prison woulda made him a lot miore sorry, i assure you…

  16. his sentence doesnt seem harsh 2 me e should of gone to jail!! any man or boy dat hits a woman or gal should get locked up & the key thrown away!!

  17. I think he should go to prison because he is so stupid and he was way out of order to attack her.The courts probably letting him off lightly because they would be unpopular if they put a famous person in jail!

  18. I think he got off super lightly, i wanted him to go to jail and for a long time and i certainly dont accept his apology at all.i know for a fact that he is capable of doing this again to Rihanna or any other girl in the future plus worse also.i will hate him for life and want nothing to do with him or his music or career anymore, i switch channel as soon as a song of his comes on or of another artist which he joined in the song for. He lost all my respect for his wasted musical talent and dance. I love rihanna, everything about her, he should never had laid a hand on her.He is a bastard in my opinion and will always be one from now on.I hate his guts, and i know that his apology was fake, just enough to try and get some people to like him and believe him so maybe his music career wont be a total flop. i hope he braeks his restrain from rihanna so he goes to jail,but obvious without hurting or getting super close to Rihanna.

  19. he got off real lightly, his videoed apology was not genuine, he only did that to save his career from disaster yet to suceed. After i saw the picture of him smerking after his sentence was announced i wasnt really buying it. He acted like an animal not like a nice human being.

  20. yeah i guess loads of people dont like him anymore but staying away from someone for 5 years is pretty harsh. but i do think he shud have gone to jail. U can\’t treat a girl like that and get away that easy. chances are he isnt sorry at all. hes probably been made to say that so he isnt hated!

  21. i think he deserved what he got thats it , rhianna talks jibberish, she has this order on him yet she wanted him back in her life, she isnt all innocent and its weird how her face cleared up so easily after them pictures were shown weird. i still like him hope he carrys on

  22. i hink he should have gone 2 jail as he is a person like every1 else and tht is wht any1 else would have got as its not right tht a guy hits a woman as they r stronger

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