Jack Tweed charged with rape

Jack Tweed the widower of Jade Goody has been charged with the rape of a 19-year-old girl.
According to a report in The Sun, the girl, who remains anonymous, accused Jack of forcing her to have sex with him whilst his friend also joined in. She met Jack in a London nightclub and was later taken back to his bachelor pad in Woodford Green, Essex. Last week his home was stormed by police and he was arrested and taken to a London Station.  Jack was remanded in custody until September 21 and he has now been transferred to Pentonville Prison, North London where he is awaiting trial. He’s reported to be in a cell on his own with guards monitoring him in case he is attacked my inmates. A close friend was also arrested, but was later released on police bail.                                                                                                                                                                  
Ever since his wife Jade died his attitude and behaviour seems to be spiralling out of control.  There have been various reports of wild behaviour which includes all-night parties, heavy drinking and sleeping with an array of girls. The 22-year-old was also criticised by Jade’s family as he failed to turn up to a special memorial service for her.  Both friends and family are stunned by his behaviour, one friend told The Sun: “I can’t believe they’d be so dumb. They’ve got their whole lives ahead of them with privileges most people can only dream about. We’re all shocked".
This new allegation of rape seems to be the final straw and Jade’s Grandfather John Caddock said: “I can’t believe he’s been charged with rape. It would’ve left Jade heartbroken had she still been alive".
If found guilty, how do you think he will cope with prison and what do you think his sentence will be?

96 thoughts on “Jack Tweed charged with rape

  1. This weasesl of an excuse for a man, shouldnt be allowed to dirty Jades name in such a way. He should be chemically castrated if found to be guilty, and not allowed to play on public sympathy, (which the weasel WILL no doubt do!). There are millions of men around the country who lose their soul mates but would never be so disrespectful to their dead partners memory. Put him beside the real prisoners, let him show THEM how much of a man he is! He shouldn\’t be allowed special privileges, he broke the law now let him pay, and pay dearly for it! Give him 10 mins in a room with the poor womans family, am sure they would love that opportunity!

  2. Who is Jack Tweed, this person needs to stop using Jades name to get him about. I think he\’s a looser and i hope he gets raped in prison! see how he likes it. Poor Jades family must be so embarrassed.

  3. I don\’t particularly like the guy, but really shouldn\’t we wait to see if he\’s found guilty. There are many people and \’famous\’ people who are accused of rape before when there was no foundation whatsoever to the claims.

  4. I don\’t like the bloke either, he cheated on Jade and then ended up marrying her. I don\’t blame her for getting married, at the end of the day what woman wouldn\’t want to get married knowing they didn\’t have long left. He\’s not a celebrity, he\’s a thug who\’s gonna be in and out of prison. Time will tell if he actually raped the woman, but at the end of the day she shouldn\’t have gone back to his flat, she must\’ve known that sex was on the agenda. Before anyone gets on their high horse I don\’t for one minute think that a woman isn\’t allowed to say no, but you don\’t go back to a strangers house, no matter if he\’s well known or not, that really is asking for trouble. What did she go back for? If she did consent to sex and then cry rape well shame on her. If he did rape her then he deserves everything he gets.l

  5. Before people go wishing rape, castration and God knows what else on the lad, shouldn\’t they wait to find out if he\’s actually guilty?

  6. Jesus Christ! I can\’t understand it/him. I mean, fair fucks…he\’s a young lad, a little bell-end that nobody particulaly likes…too much fame and $$$. But is he THAT stupid?! Didn\’t the last prison visit scare the tears out of him?..how can u not learn? See, I don\’t know him..and can only speculate to what I\’d do in his position..however, I KNOW for a fact that during my 1st stint in the nick I\’d be thinking about all the things that I\’d done to be here…how much I hated it, how much I\’d cried, etc. Though, that little prick had so much waiting outside to help him get his head together after Jades departure…if he had half a brain he\’d have milked the papers and mags for all the interviews for a while, made a mint..taken any help on offer, sorted his head out. Instead, he surrounds himself with "mates" who must be a thick as he is…gets photographed getting hammered and screwing all the whores he can find!…all this while obviously under the papperazzis eye. Maybe he IS that stupid. I feel sorry for the girl that has been involved in what sounds like a terrible ordeal. Let this be a warning to any girl who see\’s stars when they look at Jack-types. As for Jackie-boy…well, IF they find him guilty of rape, then I hope its a thoroughly unpleasent prison stay with many beatings and shower-rapes. IF he\’s innocent, then learn..for fucks sake…wake up you stupid little boy.

  7. I didnt like Jade…you can say "sorry" all you like…you\’re still a spiteful racist bitch. Yeah, yeah…respect the dead, etc. I was actually a little sad once she had past..for her kids. Jade did not have a heart of gold…she was not an angel…she was and did exactly what it said on the can. The beautiful thing about her was you didnt have to imagine how bad she was..\’cos she\’d show you. Fairplay for getting the kebab out..many laughs…tho once the money came in…we were able to see how she honestly saw life. And she chose Jack! Fantastic..the more I think about it, it\’s like she jinxed him…brilliant. Mind you, if I was him and had a ring to ptotect…it wouldn\’t be the £300,000 wedding ring she gave him on her deathbed…it would be the one I poo through.

  8. regardless of what everyone say\’s and think of Jade you can\’t knock her for trying to get a better life for herself and her boys.Take a look at where she coming from and where she was when she died, i respected her for that but when she went ahead and married that dummmmmmb arse boy i lost it with her, but we must feel pity for the silly girl she grew up with idiots around her so what do you lot expect ,come on give the fool a break she dead and gone.As for Jack he is nothing and a nobody just riding on the shirttail of a dead person now what does that tell you about him, we the public neesd to realize that the publicity we give him pushes him into the spotlight let\’s leave him alone and see how quickly he will dissapper trust me.

  9. thtz shit, michelle walcott , who the feck r u 2 give ur opinion, about sum1 that cant defend herself, jade was a poor soul, how could you deal with her situation, she left 2 wee boyz and 2 passd away in such a hard way, trust u a stuck up moo like u 2 say sumthin like tht, a lot of people like herself came frm a bit of madness , and dun very well 4 themselz. shes gone bt people like you have no compasion, silly girl ! ! she acheived more in her life thn u will in yours , n riding on a shittail of a dead person!! LOW , well a hope u can understand the type o suffering that causes, coz uv nt gt a clue n a have, jackz a F*****, thtz no rite 2 kik sum c**t wen there down, well as they say enough rope n they hang themselves hope that applies to you MICHELLE WALCOTT

  10. Charming Lee what a wondeful way you have of expressing yourself if most of us could understand the texting language and the bad grammar. You know what they say Lee it takes one to know one so watch out for the rope!!!!!

  11. Thanks Jaqueline, glad I\’m not on my own! I hardly understood a word of Lee\’s comment (except some of the bad ones!). I thought I was having a \’senior\’ moment (which is a strong possibility), but after re-reading it I\’m still not sure if he was pro or anti Jade, her husband or what??!!

  12. i dont think jack done it, i think this daft little girl who is accusing him ov rape is just doiin it for publicity and ££££££!!!!!!

  13. I think the girls want to make $$$$…first thing she went to his house that she been told by him,,,and why she want to go there,,,,at the end u kno what the mens want during careless drunk,,,,,,so they ol drunk who knos it….she want it that it.

  14. has any1 else forgot that this isn\’t about jade Goody. Its about a young girl who says she has been raped . so B4 you start all this innocent until proven guilty shit , take into condideration that maybe this girl is telling the truth. would you all be so quick to defend him if he wasn\’t a "celebrity". so what if she went home with him so what if there was drink involved. At some point she said NO and thats what matters.

  15. eeemmmmmm… getting drunk leaving a club with Jack Tweed….. If this is true I feel for her this should not have happened……..But getting drunk then going home with a lad? what did she expect?

  16. Nicola – are you saying she deserved it because she left a club with a lad???? You are an embarrassment to women if that is how you think!! Just because there was drink involved and she went back to his place does not give this waster the right to do what he wants. Jack Tweed is a complete waste of space – he only married Jade for her money and now she\’s gone he can do what he wants. With the number of slappers that hang around clubs these days – any bimbo wanting to be wag would sleep with him!! Was it a case of someone saying no which he couldnt handle????

  17. I can not believe all the nonsense I have just read in these blogs. Did anyone read the report about Jack Tweed because you seem to have got a little side tracked my the fact that he was married to the late Jade Goody. I found it sick to hear \’she went to his house after a club, what did she expect\’ does that mean that you expect to be raped everytime you got back to someones house? Does that mean that the victims respect and choices don\’t matter because she went to his house? I think not, I am sure you would have a different opinion if it happened to you. why would any woman cry rape for money? The tests for rape are humiliating and does Jack really have that much money? As far as I was aware, all Jade\’s money was left to her children and he does not appear to have a job.

  18. innocent until proven quilty….. it wouldnt be the first time a women has cried rape when it hasnt happened. and u can garuntee hen the trial is over her story will be sold and she will make money out of it. Jade goody might not have been the brightest spark but she was a good mum and did her best for her boys. I have recently read her diary from when she got told she had cancer up untill she dies and her love for jack was immence and the support he gave her was incredable.

  19. I really couldn\’t care less about him. If he did it he should be sent to prison if he didn\’t he should try to live his life out of the public eye because it is just annoying seeing him all the time.

  20. Jack is a very silly boy. He promised Jade he would make her proud, oh really, is this what he calls making her proud? Hel also promised he would always be ther for Jade\’s two boys, and be just like a dad to then…come on Jack! get yourself some good prfessional help and grow-up. You are hardly a good "father" figure for the boy\’s. Start giving them boy\’s what you promised. support in their growing up and someone to look up to and be proud of. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and sort yourself out!

  21. Jack is a plumberrymuffin!!!!!!!!! Without any common sense. & he\’s back in custody AGAIN!!??Yeah, yeah, innocent until proven guilty but the circumstantial and forensic evidence is there & as Joanne states it\’s a crappy process the victim had to go thru once she had to go to the Police, plus being examined!! I\’d like to see Jack have his cervis examined by strangers (it ain\’t pretty) and intimately questioned. Jack is a dick, loser, wasteman, worthless, an ass, a foolio….get him off this planet as he\’s a mistake of a male…if that!!!!!!

  22. I think he is very emotional right now obviosly not thinking about what he is doing. It seems like to me he is not so close to his family. he need to talk about his problem he is still a boy in an adult body .

  23. I\’m sure that girl knew what she was doing when she went to Jacks, she is probably mortified with herself for having a threesome & is now accusing him off rape Im sure he didnt force her.

  24. is it for you all to judge, shame on you. wether or not its innocent til proven guilty let the honourable court decide and i should hope nobody assumes that if you go to some ones house that you should expect or are going to be intimate?

  25. He was only with her for the money! I bet he thought his luck was in when she got ill. He doesnt deserve a penny of her money! He\’s sleeping around and didnt turn up for a memorial, sorry but that just proves it!! The poor girl was too dumb to see it, i dont mean to sound offensive to jade but she wasnt the brightest now was she, no one can deny that, but she should never have married him. Every penny she made should have gone to the kids. Hes an ar*ehole!!

  26. someone said bout jack aving no money wen u sell a story u dnt get the money for it frm the person ur sellin it bout u get it frm the paper so therefore i think the gal new exactly wot she was doin she noz e is in the public eye it was her choice to go home wit him no 1 made her, she then choose 2 sleep wit him then cry rape its been done plenty of times b4 wot makes this time different? then when e gets charged she will sell her story & make money or she could jst b an attention seeker!!! i could b wrong bt no1 actually noz bt i dnt fink e would b dat silly 2 do something lyk dat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. i agree with the ppl tht say he was only with jade 4 her money n he must of thought that he was lucky wen she fell ill cos he knew tht if he married her he would get all of her money. can u amagine the life her children would of had if he got custody?? he didnt seem 2 grieve 4 her at all he is a heart less twat tht doesnt deserve the protection tht he is getting in prison so called celebs tht go 2 prison should get reated like every1 else in there it aint rite

  28. i agree e was wit her jst 4 her money!! & i hate ow e could do dat 2 her coz she was such a nice gal!! i also agree that e should get treated lyk every1 else in prison e aint even a celeb!!!

  29. "I agree Alexandra, what on earth is that lingo that Clare is speaking??? I was reading it and actually ran out of breath because the grammer is atrocious too! Back to school for you Clare 0/10.

  30. Alexandra 4 ur information it is in english!! & Angela if u dnt lyk it den dnt read it i write ow i wana write, & no not back 2 skool 4 me coz i can write properly if i want bt obviously i dnt wnt 2!! ur suppost 2 write comments on jack so y dnt u keep ur mind on dat rather dan on ow i write!!!!

  31. Why are they so shocked and surprised by his behavior? During the months Jade was battling cancer he committed assaults and even had be permitted by our glorious labour government to allow him out of prison. Once a jailbird and scumbag allways a jailbird and scumbag.

  32. he is a twat and a loser. Why does he keep getting himself into these dangerous situations? Ah well it will be decided by the court

  33. i think he should be left alone. of course he is going to go off the rails a bit he lost his wife that he helped care for at the age of 21. i am not saying he didnt do it because nobody knows if he did. only him and the girl. but the thing is he is in the public eye and it must be extremely difficult for him. it will take him years to move on from the death of jade but he is only a 21 year old lad and hes doing what most guys his age do go out and party people are obviosly going to set him up its a quick way to make money and in this climate alot young girls want to make money or make it into the papers some how i just think people shouldnt judge if hes guilty then fair enough hes guilty but if hes not then why does it matter

  34. he needs to know he cant just do has he likes good job jade has gone he still be doing it if she was here with us all.she was a great person nice kids so just lock him up and for him

  35. A rapist (if found guilty) should be left alone…hmm interesting. I wonder how the victim would feel about that comment considering she more than likely repeatedly asked to be left alone when they were forcing her into sex. Grief is difficult for everybody whether you are in the public eye or not. We all have different ways of expressing it. Of course being in the public eye accelerates the amount of scrutiny and judgement you receive, but it certainly doesn\’t justify you spiraling out of control and treating others with such a lack of respect.As for Clare , I haven\’t got a clue what you are trying to say. Time to re-sit your GCSE\’s I think. It might be OK for text messaging, but on this website using correct grammar and sentence structure might help get your point across more clearly. Just a friendly tip.

  36. he only married jade for the limelight, now he should go to jail for this rape, he thinks he can get off with anything because of jade goody, he\’s just a bum.

  37. Jade was so in love with him as you could see. He is just a spoilt little boy who thinks he can do what he wants with who he wants. I just hope he gets what he deserves. It\’s a good job Jade isn\’t here to see what he really is like. God rest her soul.

  38. i think he should go to prison i dont believe he would have married poor jade if she hadnt bee so ill he married her to make money not a nice guy

  39. always thought he was a twat hope he gets found guilty and raped so many times in that prison that he will wish he was born a women,then will be some justice for a cock like that, why should tax payers money pay for protection for people like him! broken britain man!

  40. im not justifying him im just saying. but none of us actually personally know him and the media always blow things out of proportion and nobody knows if this girl was raped or not? so in my opinion cant really judge but each to their own!

  41. cant belive how much of a mong that claire is who writes like that does she think she is cool or something sounds like a right twat

  42. I agree that people cry rape but I also know that out of the majority of rapes reported to the police only 6.5% in the UK are actually convicted. That means 93.5% of rapists are raping and getting away with it. What makes you think she\’s lying? I agree with Joanne why would a woman do that just to get some money? And why should a woman expect to get raped because she goes home with a guy? These are the myths that people believe that help get rapists aquitted

  43. who are we to judge there are people set aside by the court to do that no one agrees with rape but let the judge decide who is guilty we are all so quick to be judge and jury .

  44. we are all to quick to judge people members off the public or celebs at the end off the day we are all normal people. i would hope that jack did not put himself in this very stupied situation in the first place. but if he is guilty off this crime then no matter how much money he has he wil have to pay the price the same way as the man on the street. if this girl/woman has made this story up to make money then she allso should pay a price and pay for wasiting police and mambers off the public money…..lets await the outcome???sue.x

  45. I wish I could say that the truth will out but as we all know in this wonderful country, that rarely happens. I don\’t really care enough about this story to think about it and analyse it, only he and this girl will ever know. I know this is completely off course regarding this story but in a way it does apply. I\’m so glad they axed Big Brother, (it was fine before ppl only went on there to achieve fame) then people like Jack Tweed and all the other wannabes will have to try and achieve fame the way most people do, by having at least some talent in regards to what they want to do with their lives. Instead of being a "club promoter" and necking free alcohol and wandering around clubs and festivals as if they\’re better than the actual artists who are there to perform. Deluded ain\’t the word!!!!

  46. Some people try make mney out of stuff like this but its sooo wrong. im not sure whether he did it or not but i feel sorta bad for him. Yeah i wudn\’t tell anyone if i had been raped. this story is sorta stupid x

  47. He was a pratt before Jade died, it\’s nothing to do with her death, he just uses it for sympathy and an excuse to run wild, he should grow up and show some respect for his wife\’s memory.

  48. I think in a way that this girl has probably had sex with Jack, then tried to blackmail him, and when he has said no to her demands, she has gone and cried rape to all that will listen to her, and of course she will have his dna on her because like a silly lad, he slept with her. I do feel sorry for Jack as he has been through a lot in the past year and I\’m not making excuses for his bad behaviour for when he was locked up before. But I really do think he loved Jade and is just rebelling against the world at the moment. But if he has truely raped this girl, then he does deserve to get the book thrown at him. But personally, I don\’t think he has done it. She has slept with him willingly and because he won\’t surrender to her demands like I said, she is crying rape. How come his friend got let off as well? Maybe because his friend doesn\’t have the cash to keep her happy????? But as so many people have already said, only her and Jack will know the truth, but I honestly don\’t think he has done it

  49. i reli dont think that he has done it i just think that this girl is after money and because she aint gettin it she a cried rape. i just hope that the truth cums out soon as jack doesnt deserve this unless he did it but i truly dont think he has done it. x

  50. I think he is an idiot poor Jade god bless her she would be mortified. Her poor boys what they gonna think of him, they look to him as there other dad hope Jeff does a better job than him? Maybe he has hit rock bottom since Jade died , if so hope he can get help to get him back on his feet.

  51. He has no respect for Jade\’s memory!!! He is acting a total jerk. What a complete waste of space, I hope the boys are kept well out the way of him, he is no role model at all, Bloody shame on you Jack!!!

  52. Reminds me off Ray Flett Widnes: Honest decent family man but lies regards his moral standards & decency. Whilst is no no better than a common theif with no resect for women or himself.

  53. Hes an utter moron and deserves everthing he gets, he was chasing fame.. well hes got now, he be the most popular man in the wing.. lol

  54. Emma Dobson and Bridget Mckensie, its attitudes like yours that stop victims of rape reporting the crime and lets rapists get away with it and go on to do it to someone else. narrow minded idiocy.

  55. Come on people, learn to write!!! You\’re supposed to use abbreviations in texts (if at all) not on email! And Heather Wilcox the only time you should spell \’come\’ the way you have is in a porn mag! No excuses – if you have time to comment on this article you can spell a word out in full. Oh – and I don\’t give a crap about Jack Tweed one way or the other. If the girl did cry rape she will be fully exposed eventually however we do need to assume she\’s telling the truth for the moment as otherwise it will put genuine rape victims off coming forward.

  56. Hope this w*****r ends up in a box like the racist talentless waste of space Goody. Anyone who is remotely interested in these "celebrity" lifes really should have a word.

  57. to brian thompson….. u heartless prat .. u must be intrested in the world of "celebrity " to have left ur shity comment … lets hope no one from ur family ever reads comment about u ending up in a box … get real u moaron !!

  58. Well said Laura, people like brian shouldnt have a oppinion! just think of her family that have to read nasty comments like that, get a grip mate, does R.I.P not mean anything to you?

  59. Look, everyone has different opinions. But regardless, the police must deal with this matter severly. And Brian Thompson what you said is utterley cruel. How would you like someone else sayign to you \’ Oh .. I know your wife just died but she desevered it, I hope she ends up in a box like the racist talentless waste of space Goody.Everyone makes mistakes in their life and I know Jade Goody made a very big one. But I don\’t expect everyone to be apologetic towards her because she is dead. I don\’t like Jade that much but have some respect for her Brian!

  60. Ive been studying this story as part of my case study for my media A levels, if you look around enough, youl find that he was already due to return to prison. He only served a fraction of his sentance for beating up that kid, and he was realised on the basis that he address his alchol problem, which he quite clearly didnt. Does no one stop to think, why has his friend been realised, but he hasnt. Hes not in prison purley becuase of this rape allegation, He was on his way back anyway. The title to this is compleatly misleading, hes not been charged with rape. The media twists everything, The guy was on his way back already!

  61. To be honest I can\’t stand him and I couldn\’t jade either, no one deserves what happened to her though. I feelsorry for her kids and the girl that he is said to have raped. I think he\’s a complete idiot and I don\’t believe he was interested in jade for anything other than her money, if he was so heart broken over her death then he wouldn\’t be sleeping with anything that moves and getting off his face. He has too much money which he hasn\’t earned and he needs to learn to grow up. There are people out there who have nothing and manage to be good people, they could really use the money he doesn\’t deserve. Lx

  62. Jade Goody was a amazing woman and she dont deserved to be bad mouthed on here. All you people which are slagging of Jade need to get a life mun because she loved her children more than anything in this world and nobody deserves to die such a horriable death. We are talking about jack not Jade. Yeah i believe that he was only after the fame and also Jackie and Jeff should stop the kids from seeing the him until all this has settled down. At the end of the day it was Jade who still wanted Jack to see the kids after she had gone so people have to take that into consideration aswel. If he have raped this girl then that is so wrong and anybody who has been raped will tell you its the worst thing to happen to them. So good on this girl because its not easy to tell somebody about what has happened.

  63. Such a shame to Jade Goodys memory…… Jack should stay away from people who are gonna course him grief as he don\’t need it right now as he is still getting over the Death of his Wife… Grief can do funny things to people… We all cope with grief in different ways… Good Luck Jack keep your chin up…. People can also use you to their advantage as you are vunerable………. May Jade rest in peace…x

  64. Doesn\’t sound like he\’s having trouble coping with Jade\’s death at all, didn\’t take him long to start partying it up and screwing around. He was only there for the money and obviously now he is rich it\’s gone to his head. Look him up for awhile, that will make him grow up quick smart. Little tosser!

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