Cheryl Cole’s solo success

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of updates on the blog, I was away for three weeks due to a family illness. Back now and I’ve just seen Cheryl Cole’s new solo video. What do you make of it? Watch it here

The song is more slick R&B than bouncy Girls Aloud pop, and the lyrics seem to refer to the ups and downs of Cheryl’s relationship with Ashley Cole. When Cheryl sings lyrics such as: “Quitting is out of the question, when it gets tough we got to fight for more. We got to fight for this love,” she surely can’t help thinking of the tough time they went through in 2008 following accusations that Ashley was unfaithful.

Fight For This Love was written by a team of US/UK songwriters who penned Genie In A Bottle for Christina Aguilera, as well as hits for Natasha Bedingfield, Leona Lewis and Beyonce.

The track is released on October 19, just one week after Alexandra Burke’s new single, Bad Boys. Obviously Chezza mentored Alexandra to X Factor success, so I guess rumours that the pair will record a duet together were to be expected. According to Heat magazine, Simon Cowell supports the idea of a duet, probably because of all the money he knows he’ll make when the track goes to number one! If it happens, it won’t be until the middle of next year. But you won’t have to wait that long to see Cheryl perform solo – she’ll sing Fight For This Love on X Factor in mid-October.

Watch Cheryl’s solo video for Fight For This Love

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78 thoughts on “Cheryl Cole’s solo success

  1. The song\’s catchy enough, but what an awful video!! Just an excuse to get as many outfit changes in as possible. With the money and production team she could have had involved, I think that\’s a chance missed and a very poor first effort. But….this is Cheryl Cole, so she\’ll get away with it.

  2. i think she could have done better!!! she defo should have hoocked up with someone like dizzee rascal and made a number one !!!!

  3. haha this is so typically WAG…. Cheryl was never the best singer in Girls Aloud, but she will get to Number 1 because she is the prettiest one with the footballer boyfriend. I think the song is catchy, but obvious, and I really hated that video!! I don\’t think she\’s talented enough to deserve a number one, nor Alexandra Burke.

  4. WAG?!? far from it!!! Cheryl was famous way before marryin Ashley for one, she doesnt spend hours spankin his money on clothes and heels like all other "WAGS" do, she earns her own money…oh wait…i mean she earns MORE money than Ashley. All Cheryl does is try her best and achieve her dreams, and yeh shes successful and all you people can do is slate her for it, jealousy! Wicked Song, Wicked Video, Who cares what a haters gotta say!!!

  5. SERIOUSLY LETS NOT LIE.THE SONG IS SHIT AND THE VIDEO S SHITTER.I do like her but this aint up to par.and if people dont let her personality cloud you will tell the truth and admit ist just plain CRAP!!!

  6. I get what most of you are sayin – and yes the video is kinda dire – but the song isnt that bad and is quite catchy. I have good taste in music and although she couldve done better, its still quite a good effort

  7. Doesnt sound like her at all, her voice has been polished too much that i dont recognise her! Be intersting to see if she sings live when she performs at the x factor! Hate the song and the video is so crap… i was sooo bored within 10 seconds! Im gutted tho, because i am a fan but its just not what i was expecting! Sorry!

  8. I think she has done so well for herself i really like the song, video probably isnt for everyone but Its different. Its a brave move to go from being in a really successful girl band to a solo singer and be just as successful. I think she will do really well with this song and I wish her the best of luck!! xx

  9. i think well done, she always wanted to do a solo piece and i congrats her for successed her dream, so she should carry on doin wat shez doin and she\’ll do fine

  10. i think she as done well with her solo career so far and the xfactor ofcourse, but i will miss girl\’s aloud! i think the video could have bin beta too as i aint likin it at all. but good luck to her and i hope she does well.x

  11. I think Cheryl is a lovely person (heart of gold) and immensely beautiful but I believe that the team around her have let her down on this one. I don\’t question her abilities to sing/dance etc but I think she would have been better with a stronger song and a simpler video showing her as the cheryl we love. Holding out to hear the other songs she has – Good luck Cheryl, we know you will succeed.

  12. Personally I don\’t like the song, but that\’s because I\’m not into this kind of music, I\’m a rock/metal girl. I\’d never actually heard Cheryl sing before and seeing her as an x factor judge made me wonder how good she was. Tbh I don\’t actually think she is that good. Yeah it\’s a pleasant voice, and not bad, but it\’s definately not anything special which makes me wonder how she is \’qualified\’ to judge in the first place.

  13. I think Cheryl definatly has the potential to be big but this song nor video filled the potental! I think she could have boosted her status by working with a rapper or soem kind of colabortion so its not diving in on the deep end and crashign straight away on her own. I like Cheryl and have respect for her but sadly i dont think this song is going to do it for her.

  14. omggg cant believe cheryls going solo sooo want girls aloud back but i luv cheryls solo video Fight For This Love luv cheryl shes the best evaaa lovve u cheryl biggest fan here hope girls aloud get back together!!!!!! xxxx LynseyJadeBabez xxxx

  15. I lovee the song guys it takes guts to go solo when you have been in a group so long and with all what cheryls been through the last year with ashley i think she did great the video was great and her voice is fab i loveeee it comment back if you agree or disagree also if you think cheryls shit u should keep it in as you dont know what shes been through and how it affects her life i love cheryl cole she is wicked

  16. The song isn\’t great and the video seems a little bit pointless. Must try harder chezza. girls aloud haven\’t split they are just taking a break to persue solo careers. with the looks of this song maybe they should just forget the break.

  17. o lynsey u funny thats wat blogs are about giving your point of view on the subject, an wat the hell has it got to do with wat she has been through, the song and vid r crap full stop….

  18. i think cheryl cole is a wicked and lovely person , love all her songs , she the best , x ur my favourite pop star . , your so amazing , i hope on day i can meet you , , xx

  19. It all gets a bit boring after awhile, that\’s why they dress a little more provocative and change into 50 different outfits to try and hold your attention that way you don\’t notice the tunes are getting duller and duller.

  20. the song isn\’t slick or catchy or anything anybody seems to be calling it, the only reason there\’s buzz around it is because suddenly cheryl cole is the nation\’s "sweetheart" simply by sitting next to simon cowell and "standing up to him" which just about everyone does now, whilst flashing her massive white teeth at people and crying. eurgh. this song is rubbish.

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