Keisha Quits Sugababes

Keisha Buchanan has left the Sugababes to pursue a solo career.

An announcement on the group’s website stated: “Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah will continue as the Sugababes and will be joined by new member, Jade Ewen. They release their album Sweet 7 on November 23 through Island Records. Keisha Buchanan will continue to record for Island Records as a solo artist.”

But although Keisha has been signed as a solo artist, she took to her Twitter page last night to tell fans it wasn’t her decision to leave the Sugababes.

“Although it was not my choice to leave, it’s time to enter a new chapter in my life,” Keisha wrote. “Sometimes a breakdown in communication and lack of trust can result in many different things… I’ve been in this band for 11 years and I have achieved so much. Although I’m nervous, I’m still very excited on what lies ahead!!!!”

The last Sugababes performance featuring Keisha was filmed at the Movida nightclub on September 16 as part of the Xclusives event hosted by MSN Music. Watch the Xclusives performance

New member Jade represented the UK at this year’s Eurovision and came fifth overall. What do you think of the new Sugababes line-up? Is Jade a good replacement for Keisha? Leave a comment below.

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100 thoughts on “Keisha Quits Sugababes

  1. Jade is a good singer but she should stay as a solo artis, but keisha belongs with the sugababes because she has been in the band from the beginning and it will not be the same sugababes if there is not at least one original member in the band.

  2. saddened that this has happened as keisha was a great member of the band but i wish her all the best in her solo career and i also wish jade luck when she joins amelle and heidi

  3. This sucks! i luv u keisha please dont leave 😦 i really think that Jade isnt going 2 be able 2 handle it. i dont really like her and that song she sang 4 eurovision was, well lets face it people, it was absolute rubbish. I HATED it. It was terrible and i dont like amelle much either i was so upset when Mutya left and now that Keisha is leaving i dont see the point in The Sugababes anymore they might as well call themselves the Fakebabes since none of them are the originals 😦 But Good Luck to you Keisha i wish you the best 😉 ILY xx

  4. Keisha is amazing!! i am glad amelle isnt leaving! jades voice isnt good enoguh! dont leave keisha!!! You are amazing as a group an d i love sugababes like this!! There will no origianls left!!im now upset coz it wont be a as good anymore. bw love get sexy!!! XX

  5. i love keisha, the sugababes is not going to be the same without her, i think keisha will be great as a solo singer, she can sing, dance and looks great. the group lost the best member. i wish u all the best keisha, u will do better on your own, you go girl!!! :-)xxx

  6. There is now no such thing as the sugababes. the final original has left 😦 won\’t be nearly as good any more! Jade won\’t be right at all! but good luck Keisha! You will be GREAT! xxx

  7. sugababes is pointless. there are no original band members left…they could at least hav the deceny to chnge the band name if thy really must carry on out of respect to the original former members couldnt they?

  8. I think keisha will be betta by herself wat is the point of sugababes they are always changing. Keisha was the one that kept it all together there is no point anymore !!!!!!! i bet she can produce good music by herself……..

  9. ii honestly think the sugababes wont be as succsessfull as theee wereee, Keisha was thee best one out of them all , ii hope she does weeell in her solo carrer !! </3 xx

  10. No they should change their name, because all the original members will be gone after she leaves ;o( I really don\’t understand all this manufactured rubbish…….. the worst thing is Keisha might end up as a flop like the other 2 members who left ;o(

  11. OMG – cant everyone see keisha was a bully so it seems- she had to go!!she has a good voice but jades is much better she is was the only original cause she scared the others offAND why should the sugababes finish just cause the orignals have gone the others joined so they are the members now whether orginal or dont like it then dont buy their musicI THINK THE GROUP WILL SOUND BETTER WITH JADE!!!

  12. I think suga babes were really good.I think its a shame that now the members are skinny and not unique, i dont wanna bring the race card into it but Its there.ALso the size thing, another group with stick thin girls with no SHAPE.Whether you love her or hate her Keisha is amazingly talented and will do amazing on her own.As far as im concerned Sugababes is DEAD.

  13. I find it weird that they\’re adding someone who is already fairly well-known.She\’s got a great voice, but I don\’t think they\’re gonna seem like a genuine group now that someone has been put in for obviously commercial reasons.The band was Keisha\’s life – she\’d been in it for 11 years, as she said – and now that there are no original members left the band is nothing but a cash-cow, I think.

  14. too be honest Keisha is the only good singer there !!!!! Amelle should leave she is the worst there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Keisha wass in myy opion thebest one their, the best fingure brilliant tan and alsoo she wass one of the origianal Sugarbabes with Mutya and Hiede.She will do great on her ownn, butt Sugarbabess are going to go down Hill.

  16. The three original Sugababes Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan should get back together; used to be better than they are now like their new song but used to like the fact weren\’t trying to sex it up so much

  17. Keisha not being in the band surely means that the Sugababes are no more… How can a band that has none of the original members left still exist. If the others want to carry on with a new person in the mix, fair enough but at least have the common sense to choose a new name!

  18. theres no point them being a band if keisha leaving cuz the orignal members have left and they had the best voices, mutya had the best then keisha and siobhan and i think jade shud sing solo rather then joinin the sugababes, like cheryl cole doesnt sound good her voice with group, but by her own she sounds gr88, and i agree they shud make a new name if there no orignal members in the group

  19. Keisha looks alot like my daughter, she\’s very beautiful and has alot going for her, i truly believe Keisha will do very well on her own. put it this way, everything has to come to an end 🙂

  20. no keisha has been so faithful to the sugerbabes shes been with them since the first day they were created and there just dumpin her dump heidi not her

  21. Keisha should defo not go as she has been in the band right from e start and she is the only original! i think Jade Ewen is a good singer but she should definitely not replace Keisha! If they should dump some1 then it should be Amelle…she would be better as a solo singer!

  22. not bein funny or nothin but Keisha is the only one left whats original!! they should of got rid of amelle or heidi. i reckin there gonna regret gettin rid of Keisha!!

  23. Sorry, dont mea to be rude or anythin but i thin that keisha\’s voice suits the group & she prety much makes the band. With Jad\’s voice the group will probaby sound weird.. For sure it\’s gonna look weird thoughDisappointed in that decision whoever it was down to. Amelle might as well be a soloartist as she\’s alrady done a solo collaboration wih Tinchy Stryder

  24. sh is the best singer in the group, and i believe okay let her be solo but jade ewen is more a soloists than a group thing, but let them be………..

  25. Wow, this is turn out horrible. The band are just puppets being used for their sex appeal, i don\’t think Heidi or Amelle can sing, and whats up with them being the Sugababes? The sugababes died a long time ago and were replaced by tacky versions of every other girl band out there. I miss the first sugababes.

  26. I cant believe thsa Keisha is leaving she is the only origianal member of the band left she has such a good voice annd i do believe that she made the band without her i think the band would have gone down hill a long time ago. I dont think they will last much longer sorry to say. Bring back the old line up .

  27. What is the point in them continuing?? Keisha was the only original member left & the main lead singer so i think they should all bow out gracefully cos they definetly won\’t be the same anymore!

  28. Earlier on today before I read that I saw a sugababes video and was thinking "Ah Keisha is the only good one left cos she is an original… would be rubbish without her!" Now she\’s leaving!! So sad! Sugababes won\’t be the same anymore, I don\’t even like Amelle!!

  29. It will never be the sugarbabes without keisha, She put the band together! and for the two new members which she allowed to represent S-Babes, to be able to have the power to push her out of something she created long before they had careers is beyond words. She should get the original members back together that\’ll teach\’em. eep your head up Babes good luck with yoursolo album. Love you girlZainam Angel from Cleopatra xxx

  30. what is the point of sugarbabes now?? its a whole new band!! they should just change the name!! lol!! all the originals are gone!! shame!

  31. Everyone says how Amelle is the \’UK Rihanna\’. She\’s more a wannabe famous, ain\’t gunna be famous. Keisha was the last standing SugaBabe and now it\’s nothing. I wish her well in her Solo career, as for the other two, you\’re hot, but you\’re so never gunna be great, out ye go!

  32. What\’s the point in keeping the name Sugababes since none of the originals are left?! I much prefer the original Sugababes to the new line up – the original three had a much edgier sound/ Keisha, Mutya and Siobhan should team up once again.

  33. i cant belive she left this woz the perfect line up when amelle joined it woz the perfect tine up she gave the sugarbabes sumthing they had been missing and keisha became more relaxed and seemed enjoy being in the group once more. i hop new member jade can fill her place well but maybe it time fornew name but good luck xx

  34. i cant believe keisha as left i think sugababes should defo change there name as no one in it are the original line up. i dont think jade will be good enough to join the sugababs but good luck to them, i reali like keisha and think she should stay in sugababes, but good luck to her in her solo career and i hope she does well, i will follow her and support her. i just think that the sugababes should come up with a new name now keisha as gone! but good luck to the sugababs, but i dont think they will be as good now jade as joined. xx

  35. i cant believe keisha is leaving but i think its pretty out of order people saying that amelle cant sing becuz ino she can she is just as good as keisha i think keisha loved the part she was the only origiginal left becuz she was always the one who had more etention.i think that amelle will make the band betta as a leader they will do great best of luck …..i think keisha has made the right choice she will be betta solo she neva fit in as a band anyway x

  36. its sad that keisha is leaving and we will miss her, but if she feels its time to move on with her life and career then i wish her all the best in life and wish her all the luck in the world as a solo artist. Only time will tell if the public like the new member to be of the new sugarbabe to be (Jade Ewen) however we should in life give people a chance to prove to the public that she will work as hard as the other members of the sugarbabes do. i will miss keisha but as long as they continue to do great songs then they get my vote i wish them all the best in life no matter what they do. x

  37. The sugababes will no longer be recognisable, how can it continue with no original members? Getting Jade in is just a quick fix to a problem that can\’t be fixed, she\’s already established herself as a solo artist – its just weird, and it looks as if the new line up has just been \’thrown\’ together! With these turn of events, I don\’t think that the sugababes will last much longer, a couple of new releases that won\’t make the top 10, and they will fizzle out to be no more…

  38. how many more people want to come and go in the sugababes? eshh. but to be honest you could see it coming. they never look comfortable with each other anymore. jade ewen is a really good replacement, although i thought she was a solo artist? :/ – she\’d fit quite well.

  39. None of them are very good singers anyway, but Keisha – for a lead singer – was shockingly awful. Whenever I was unfortunate enough to catch them singing live on a TV show, I couldn\’t help cringe at the noise I was hearing. They sound terrible live and I don\’t understand why, after so many members coming and going, they are still carrying this thing on. They can\’t sing live! And even though Jade has pretty much vanished since Eurovision, being a Sugababe just doesn\’t seem fitting for that amazing voice she has.

  40. Its Sooooooooooo Out Of Order That They Kiked Her Out Coz She Was The Only Oringinal Suga Babe Left So I Dnt Think That The Should Be Called Suga Babes Nemore Just Like Errrrm The Babes Or Sumfing

  41. Who cares – they have had some great pop singles out, the industry is fickle & remember no one is bigger than the band, I hope this is not one of those Spice Girls moments where they all believed their own hype & tried to forge a solo career, where are they now with their solo careers ? Bring back Mutya at least she could write & sing …………

  42. do you reckon that now all original 3 members have left, that they\’ll join up and create another group!!! Imagine that…i wonder what they\’ll call themselves?

  43. As a professional singer myself, I do think it\’s odd that a band with no original Sugababes members in it are allowed to continue using that name, so can only assume that their record company owns the name. Bands do grow out of each other (it\’s a very intense relationship) and sometimes the best thing then to do is split, but it does seem a bit unfair that it\’s Keisha being asked to leave the "brand" – perhaps the other two/three should have been asked to form a different band instead. I don\’t think that Sugababes have ever been good performers, but they did release some great tracks – I must admit that I did prefer it when Keisha and Mutya were in the band though, so perhaps Mutya\’s suggestion about a reunion isn\’t such a bad idea especially when a number of other bands have been doing the same thing. Island Records – let the real Sugababes keep their name – who are these other people?

  44. Personelly i dont think they should be called the sugababes anymore because there is no original members now, so dont know how theyve got away with that, not really a fan of jade , didnt think much of her when she sung at this yrs eurovision but will give her a chance, but i do think that sugababes are not as good as they use to be….

  45. I totally agree that they are no longer the sugababes i was devestated when mutya left and now keisha too?? im sooo gutted the music will never sound the same without keishas unique voice and stunning features, jade doesnt even come close… 😦

  46. i think Mutya should rejoin the band shes an amazing singer and was also a very good solo artist. Mutya please go back to the Sugarbabes

  47. There will be only ever one sugarbabe band and thats how it first started original people not all the adding of others and leaving etc the very first band thats the sugarbabes for me this is when it should have finished like the spice girls quit all at once .

  48. Its like a commercial business man – Vodofone – BP – HSBC – they change their people – so why not the sugarbabes plc. !!! um!! ya !!

  49. it was all about the original sugababes line up all the way. and confusing why wud Jade join the band when she cudve had a good solo career, she was only just starting out!

  50. Keisha should still be there and i think whatever problems they were all having i think Heidi should of stuck with Keisha and not continued with Amelle and also i don\’t think they should still be calling themselfves Sugababes.How can they still think that they are sugababes with out Keisha when she is the sugababes?

  51. Can\’t keep up with them! Rather like fast food. Mass production of young teenies wanting fame, getting their songs written for them, told how to dress and how dance or move & pose. Just goes to show anyone can do it, you don\’t even need a good voice anymore because (like Kylie M.) they can make sure it doesn\’t sound out of key electronically.

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