Victoria looking thinner than ever

Victoria Beckham was a surprise guest at London Fashion Week yesterday, taking front row at the Burberry show. But it wasn’t her frock (from her own collection) that made headlines, it was her skinny frame.

The Daily Mail said Victoria “looked more gaunt than ever”, while the Daily Star went as far as saying the mum-of-three was “starving herself”. We don’t agree with that, but we do say that Posh is looking thinner than she has in years.

The fashionista sat next to newly-brunette Agyness Deyn in the front row at the Burberry show. Other celebs watching the action included Emma Watson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Liv Tyler, and Slumdog Millionaire couple Dev Patel and Frieda Pinto.

Afterwards, there was no doubt that Victoria was the guest of honour among all those A-listers, as stars including Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Pixie Geldof and Stella McCartney lined up to chat to her at the exclusive after-show dinner in Mayfair.

But one dinner Victoria didn’t make recently was a Spice Girls reunion dinner. The other four girls met in London recently to discuss the possibility of reforming for a second time, as Geri Halliwell revealed on ITV’s This Morning:

“Fundamentally we are friends first and foremost. We started out that way, that very strong friendship, and whatever happens afterwards is a bonus,” Geri said.

“We always talk about creative plans and possibilities, definitely. And yes, right now, we are gathering information and thinking about possibilities. But when you’re evolving a plan you don’t share it to the world until it’s concrete.”

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62 thoughts on “Victoria looking thinner than ever

  1. Do none of the media ever consider that their constant discussion of celebrities\’ every little weight fluctuation is probably a good deal of the reason why so many of them do this to themselves? Or is it easier to ignore the ethics because it makes a good headline?

  2. 3 comments shows how popular she is over here, I think the photo above looks horrible really emactiated, she looks as though she has just come out of Belsen. I really don\’t think this sends good messages to the young women out there who may use her as a role model. You can see all her bones sticking out above her bust and on her arms, do tell me does that look attractive?

  3. You would think considering that David takes Herbalife products for sports nutrition, that she would also have them for good nutrition. At least then she wouldn\’t look ill! Herbalife is great for all weight maintenance(Loss, gain and maintain) and sports nutrition. Want to know more? Email

  4. Has anyone concidered not listening to the media? i myself know when im really stressed, depressed etc….i lose my appetite. I can\’t eat!!! its a horrible feeling, i force burgers, fry ups u name it and im still slim. There is something else going on there so please think about it first.

  5. Whatever girls! you all know that deep down inside, you all want to weigh like she does. if i was given a guaranteed chance to be as small as her, i would take it. ALL girls want to be thin because that is what the world sees as beauty. Fact.

  6. instead of worrying about someone who says shes \’\’happy and healthy\’\’ why dnt we worry about something more important that we could actually do something about. no matter what we say were never going to change her, shes happy as she is. we spend our lives obsessing about a celebrity who has no importance in our lives,when we could but our minds to something more important.

  7. I think you girls that are having a go at each other are going for the 2 extremes. Why do you have to look like either Victoria Beckham or Beyonce?! Personally I think somewhere in the middle is perfect. Grace – you say it\’s a \’fact\’ that the world sees beauty as thinness and in the fashion world I have to agree with you. However this subject differs between men and women. What men want is a woman that\’s generally slim but with curves. It\’s only gay designers that prefer a stick thin body. Every straight man I know thinks Posh looks like a famine victim. And no I\’m not a bitter fat person as I\’m a size 10. I don\’t want to look like a famine victim but don\’t want to be big either. Slim with curves is the best look. If you\’re unsure ask any straight man (man NOT boy!) who he\’d rather sleep with, a Beyonce/Scarlett Johansson body or a Victoria Beckham one. There\’s your fact!

  8. Posh is mentally obsessed with the skinny look. Maybe she is also afraid of loosing her publicity if she put on extra weight, but she definitely looks likes she has a disorder and would need to watch how ageing it can be too.

  9. why are people so critical of others? leave the woman alone. you slag people if they\’re too fat, you slag them if they\’re too thin – hell – you even slag them when they\’re normal! would be boring if everyone was the same. have you even considered the posibility that she might be happy with who she is? i\’m sure if she is ill then her family are more than capable of helping her. how would you feel if you were her and had to read all your trash?

  10. victoria leads a very hectick life and its constantly keepin her not sure any woman wants to be stick thin including her but if she does wats it to us and who are we to stop her..i mean shes her own woman not even her hubby can say anything to her………….as for beyonce….i love her and i think both bey and scarlett johnson have amazin bodies but im happy with body is beautiful and i love it…its my temple….i look after it properly and do it right and every time i look into the mirror i cant help but fall in love with it even more!!!!women be happy and love ur body because if u walk into the room thinking your the queen…evrybody in that room will treat you like the queen…is all bout swagga

  11. Grace, girl, you are SICK! You\’d honestly would want to look like that given the choice? Let me tell you something honey, I\’vebeen that thin, and I felt like the ugliest girl in the world.Now I\’m a real woman, curves and all, and I know for sure that if the world\’s idea of beauty is to be a size 2, as I think Mrs Beckham is, well I\’d rather be curvy and ugly as hell in the "world\’s" eyes. True beauty isn\’t what you look like,it\’s how confident you feel, how you carry yourself. It\’s believing in yourself.If that sounds trite, so be it.

  12. I am a mental health nurse who primarily deals with individuals with eating disorders, it is quite obvious that this individual is suffering from a mental disorder. The media does not help with constantly criticising and judging women, Victoria is obviously a strong individual, but I cannot imagine as a women how I would cope being constantly scrutinised and being under a micrsoscope everyday. Many people with eating disorders tend to state that this is the one thing that they can control in their life, food intake and their weight. Maybe this is true for Victoria. And maybe we whould address how serious of an issue this is.

  13. To Grace who commented – please, just look at the picture. It\’s not beautiful. Why should women deny themselves food and the good things in life to look like a young boy? For who? Emily Brown and Sonia are right, we\’ve been fighting for equality in a still male dominated world for many decades, we don\’t need to starve ourselves in order to get noticed and be successful. If we are still doing it, then we need to change peoples perceptions and get on with our lives as we want it, not what the fashion designers and the media dictate. We may not care about Victoria, but it is an issue that needs consideration.

  14. i think she looks ace and its hard work keeping it up she isnt starvin her sen she works hard and just watches wot she eats i think she is bloody lovely xxx

  15. To be honest I don\’t really care how Victoria looks! how much/little she eats, aslong as she\’s fit and healthy is that enough? Obvioulsy not! The media, newspapers, magazines always want to grab onto a little bit of gossip to make money. If you seriously want to look like Victoria, maybe you should think about why she is that way. Maybe fast metabolism, not wanting to eat shed loads of food, Why don\’t people think about the things that maybe have more significance in our world…something other than the looks of a famous woman. Sorry I\’m not exactly a fan of her, but I just dont think a story like this is groundbreaking journalism!!

  16. Oh my God she looks TERRIBLE! Poor girl. Anyone who thinks this looks good needs to get help. Seriously. She obviously has an eating disorder…

  17. Grace, not everybody wants to look thin. I\’ve always been skinny (BMI tells me I\’m anorexic even though I eat about x4 more than all the other girls I know, and alot of it is fattening stuff), it\’s just the way I was born, and I hate it! I would love to be able to gain a good 5-10 pounds – maybe even more – but my fast metabolism gets in the way of that; that\’s what my GP said when I went to talk to her about it, and she also said that it doesn\’t matter about BMI so much, more about as long as you have a healthy balanced diet, you\’re fine. So, you can see that people who are skinny are not always suffering with eating disorders – weight loss can be down to stress and over work, and judging by Posh\’s career, I think it\’s highly likely that she could be stressed and overworking. People are always commenting on my skinny body, and it\’s the most irritating thing ever – people don\’t understand how it can be just as hurtful as saying someone\’s got abit chubbier recently etc. I personally agree with Shannon, the media blow all this eating disorder crap out of proportion, and there\’s way too much publicity surrounding it, and it makes people even more self concious of their size. As long as you eat the right amounts and kinds of foods, in my opinion, you\’re fine. If someone\’s deliberately not eating or making themselves puke up everything they do eat, yes, then you\’ve got an eating disorder. People shouldn\’t just go by a picture, such as the one above, although I must admit Posh does look exceedingly skinny there – her arms especially, they\’re even thinner than mine and that\’s saying something. So yeah, people need to think about things before judging.

  18. Victoria is an Aries woman, not to forget she is naturally a strong minded person. Nothing will stop her to do what she wants, I mean \’nothing\’ …and that is what I like! – Go Victoria! … do what you want and to hell everyone! .. (by the way, on the poorer side, I am an Aries too)

  19. Lizzie Pokscha – I\’m sorry you have to put up with that, it\’s not fair. Your GP is quite right, so long as your diet is healthy you\’re fine. Some people really do just have fast metabolisms.However, I have to say I doubt this is just metabolism in Victoria\’s case – reason not being tabloid reports but the fact that by her own admission she has polycystic ovarian syndrome. Polycystic ovaries make you put ON weight, not lose it. I have them myself, and trying to lose weight is a nightmare; it takes me three times as long and three times as much self denial as your average to lose the same amount of weight, and I can put it back on in a heartbeat without even having eaten that badly. I know everyone is different, but Victoria has admitted that when she did have eating problems early in the Spice Girls, the reason it wasn\’t visible was the PCOS keeping the weight on. I would love to believe she was just healthy with a fast metabolism, but PCOS is incurable and a life long condition. If its weight gain effects were strong enough to hide an eating disorder previously, I have to doubt it has so miraculously reversed itself in order to leave her looking like a skeleton. I\’m not saying she\’s purposely starving herself, of course I couldn\’t have any idea if she is or not, but I very doubt she\’s eating enough calories if she\’s managing to be that skinny while having a disorder that causes you to pile on weight.

  20. Shes just a stick on legs,orange,false tits,and a miserable face! no tits!she would be a boy! she doesnt set agod example to our young generation,its the years ahead of what she is doing her body…..when shes 50 shes gonna look 70 and crumbling inside under nourished for so many years.If she lived in the real world instead of worrying about an ounce of weight or what new hand,bag shes gonna spend thousands on.She has to much time on her hands,wouldnt we all like to just think about a new handbag and looks.Dont care about her……………

  21. Stop giving her the publicity she craves. The silly woman is starving herself to death – no thought of her beautiful three boys- its about time this crazy female started thinking of her family instead of herself and do something about her issues.

  22. if i looked like her my family would probably section me and force me to eat. theyd all be worried sick! Not only would i never want to look this thin but i also wouldnt be able to cope. food is the best thing ever! how boring to not enjoy it!

  23. Has anyone read about the abused babies on Plymouth… THAT¨s important. Let Ms Beckam do what she likes and sort out the sickies who harm society. she is only harming herself after all. David will look after the kiddies when she has starved herself to death…..who cares?????? there are more important issues

  24. Seems to me that she is nearly as dead as her brain ! Silly cow has nothing to offer and should be packed off to graze out of sight.

  25. Well said Mary ! There are more important things to deal with than Victoria Beckham. She is a waste of time and space.

  26. she looks fine- it\’s her choice whether to be ultra skinny. am not a fan as I cant think of anything worthwhile that she does when she could -but its her life and her wasted billions. so what if people are dying of starvation, being abused etc and could do with some help, when theres fashion and matchymatchy handbags and shoes.

  27. It looks like she\’s just walked out of the main gates of a Concentration Camp, this woman has Anorexia anyone who thinks different should seek help as well. And if anyone thinks she looks sexy, you need professional help, its so called celebrities like this poor excuse for a woman who stupid little girls look up to and end up trying to emulate them. David Beckham needs to get her sectioned ASAP.

  28. how can any1 think she looks good when your that thin your head does not shrink and it just makes you look all out of proportion. to me jordon looks the same skinny body holding up a massive head

  29. It may be that Victoria watches what she eats or has a high metabolism who am I to judge but this picture does show her looking painfully thin and skeleton like. I personally don\’t think it\’s attractive to be so thin but media & society to an extent puts pressure on women to look this way especially female celebrities as any visible inch of fat and women are labeld \’fat\’ \’chubby\’ or \’obese\’ the media is definitely to blame for this. The media should celebrate a woman looking like a woman and having curves instead of portraying a curvy woman to be \’fat\’ and i think this may be why many girls/women who are on a constant battle with there weight instead of enjoying food and been content with their appearance. Although at the end of the day it\’s Victoria\’s decision on how she looks and everyone is entitled to who they find attractive thin or fat.

  30. What on earth does Victoria think she is doing. For many young girls or women who looks up to her as a role model will think this is what beauty is about " bag of bones" is a very worrying concern for every mother. Please can her husband, friends, family memebers bring her back to "Earth". This is not normal. My partner is a Personal Trainer I know he can work with her to keep her fit at a normal lean and healthy weight. Vicky starving oneself is not the answer, you are going the same pathway as Geri. She show the light and listened to people who cared about her and got back to a normal lean healthy weight. If you can not afford the food bill, please call us and we are help. If David is playing away, you could see why. Be a better role model to world wide young women and to your three sons. Hulai

  31. I think she needs help – REAL SOON! Shes\’ just a skeleton. Can\’t see how she can live much longer in that condition!

  32. if that was my daughter i would have her shipped to the doctors. but because it is vb then its fashion. no wonder so many young girls develope serious eating disorders but the thing with ordinary people is their boobs would have shrunk to. hers are just the same giving her some sort of figure any1 else without the boob job would not look like that.

  33. I dont really give a flying f**k bout Victoria Beckham,she is a total waste of space,and obviously has too much money on her hands!.How about passing some of it over to the REAL people who are starving,and not through CHOICE!!..Bloody disgusting it is when so many kids are starving in this day and age!!..Obviously handbags and shoes are more important!!..

  34. I also agree she is a waste of space and too self centred and just cares about herself not her family,she should eat normally like the rest of us,enjoy her food and not worry about gaining a few extra pounds.infact she would look more attractive and it would suit her so come on posh listen and start eating before its too least if your not feding yourself then think about feeding the starving children in the poor compared to you but i bet im more charitable.

  35. I am so fed-up of reading about the likes of victoria, katie n kerry….these 3 women (n i use that word loosely for 2 of them) r boring the sock of me with their sad lives, n it is sad cause when u read about them its not really on a positive side – victoria starving herself, katie being an alcoholic slapper and kerry a snorting crackhead….all the money they ave they still make such boring headlines…..people should stop writing about them to show them that the public are not interested in the things they are doing as they dnt represent nothing……victoria shld look at herself n ask herself if starving is worth it, considering she has enough money to feed the starving children of the third world…..david shld go n get himself a real woman, that\’s not if he already has done so again….what does in see when he looks at victoria\’s body, a sexy woman, i think not…any man looking at a skeleton like her wld be really put of…..theirs nothing to hold or feel except skin n bone…….victoria if u think u look good in ur clothes or clothes in generally, let me tell u u look bloody ridiculous because u have no shape the clothes will always look wrong….so aving ur own label is all good n well but leave it to the real women out their to wear them……also instead of spending money on aving false tits spend money on eating food, n if she was eating she wldn\’t need fake tits cause she wld ave shape n her breasts wld ave grown as well….or furthermore just be happy with what ur blessed with…but as usual when people ave money they end up spending it on rubbish…..false tits, false lips, false this n false that….some of these so-called celebs make me sick n r not worth the general public wasting their time reading about them….put real people in the news worth reading about….not these sad arse bitches with more money than sense…….

  36. Debbie CI have just sat and read all the coments and agree with most of them, she looks disgusting and as a mother myself I would definatley be concerned if my daughters looked like her, there is so many more important things going on in the world so the tabloids should focus on more important issues, if she wants to walk round like a stick insect let her get on wth it. She is to much up her own arse anyway and she would not give a damm about more important issues why David ever married her is beyond me. Get a life Victoria

  37. Oh my god. I can\’t believe that so many people have come on here and slated this poor woman!! What the hell has she ever done to deserve all the flack that she gets? Its not her fault that there is world poverty, child abuse and all the other sad events that unfortunately are a daily occurance. Do you bunch of dim wits really believe this? I actually think that you\’re all sad and need to get a life instead of being jealous of other peoples!!!!

  38. its fkin disgusting how she can show herself of looking like that!! do u realise what young girls are goin through they all wanna be liuke that wich is sickning ! she a skeleton ,and gemma nuthin 2 do with jealousy wise the fk up , think of the younger generation on what its doin 2 them , i have a daughter with concerns myself for her , who would be jealous of that , better people 2 be jealous

  39. ye wel she should not be on any photos like that or online lookin likle that and id rather be the size i am and im curvy ,than that!

  40. Hmm well if everyone\’s had enough of boring celebs, it doesn\’t stop us writing in now does it? Personally, I don\’t think VB is a happy person, life would be stressful with a husband who knows he can get anyone he wants. I just hope the stress doesn\’t end up killing her (a heart attack), because she is not well by the look of her. She deserves a break, she\’s a good mother, keeps them out of the public eye as much as poss and obviously a good wife, putting up with his affairs.

  41. I feel sorry for VB. Some people are naturally thin, they eat and eat and can\’t put on weight BUT when she started out she was chubbier and had an ok figure (still on the thin side mind you). I am not suprised she looks like this. The woman obviously has issues. My only comment is her hubby should\’ve got his wife some bloody help ages ago!!!!

  42. this is to Gemma Cowey,i for one am NOT jealous of VB,never have or never will be,i may not have as much as she does,but thats irrelevant,not many ppl will have!..i would hate that lifestyle..i would that pressure!..i\’m quite happy plodding along,i have my kids,i have my health,and no money worries..that\’ll do me!!

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