Robbie: ‘Drugs nearly killed me’

Robbie Williams has spoken publicly for the first time about his stint in rehab in 2007. Rob checked himself into a rehab clinic in Arizona on his 33rd birthday, but has only now revealed the extent of his three-year addiction to antidepressants.

Speaking in the third person, the singer told The Sun: “Robbie Williams does not go into rehab just if his life gets a bit out of control. It was damn serious. Death had to knock on my door to help me with my decision.

“I have a self-destructive character but does this hold me back from being happy? No.”

Thankfully, the addition of girlfriend Ayda Field into his life seems to have mellowed the singer somewhat.

“She didn’t try to change me and, just like that, she changed me for the better,” Robbie said. “I’m in love with someone who returns this love as strongly. I’ve never experienced that. That’s what makes me so careful in this relationship. I don’t want to hurt Ayda.”

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28 thoughts on “Robbie: ‘Drugs nearly killed me’

  1. im interested, tickled pink youve reached that road of recovery, you were born to entertain…….your the greatest Robbie xxxx

  2. I\’m so glad you have found someone special to share your life, you will reflect happiness in your songs now. Good luck with your new release Rob.

  3. Robbie u r a wonderful entertainer, u have so much talent, and ofcourse people like yourself are self-destructive, having found a special person in your life u can trust will mature u and gain confidence of how worthy u r. Best Wishes Susan

  4. Aw damn it, why didn\’t those drugs try a little harder?I remember him during his drug phase, he was a right pie, what did he knock them back with, a side of fried lard? Lets face it, if anyone of us had to write and record and listen to the crap that he makes we\’d all need truck loads of anti depressants as well.

  5. No unkind comments from me robbie….love to hear you doing rat pack stuff again?????If not, anything you have to sing is fine with me!! best of good wishes to you

  6. Lots of people here seem to want to take a pop at the guy, say they don\’t like him, if thats the case how have thier comments appeared here? You may dislike him or his music but you can\’t resist taking a peek to see what he has to say, power of the media folks, it doesn\’t just court celebrity, stroke thier ego\’s then spit them out when they fall from grace, the public are just as pliable in its hands, they tell you who to love and who to hate, either way a reaction is sought and recieved and thats what makes us read their papers, log on to these sites and buy the glossy magazines. We are just as guilty of being lured into the darker seedy side of fame folks, the likes of Robbie Williams are for the most part loved by the public because they keep coming back, the guy is a survivor whatever you may think of him. If you don\’t want to know what he has to say, then don\’t read it let alone get all indignant when other people point out that your comments don\’t interest them. And Robbie, take a walk down memory lane with your lady, go back to your roots and remind yourself how far you have come and what you have achieved, I don\’t profess to be a big fan, but I have watched you grow up in the public eye, not an easy journey to make but you have and you have survived. Amanda

  7. Amanda, *sob* so emotional, Im sure if I\’d care enough to read all that you wrote I would completely disagree with it. However I did feel inspired. To go slit my throat. Thank you.

  8. what a piece of sh**t this f****kin pr**k isfeeling for sympathy off the public and now rejoining take thatwhen he had it all he was in your face and gloating about success and wealth and pubicly slagging off former band membersif drugs didnt kill him i wish somebody did, as other comments say on here say just sing or shut the f****k up

  9. I didn\’t expect you to live beyond the age of 32. Well done on recognising your problems and acting to sort your self out.Best wishes for the future, but please don\’t forget where you come from and who put you where you are now.

  10. rob best of luck . (a lost soul who has found his way.) you are only what we as the public have made you, we build you up ..only to knock you down again, like the (media) have done to so many celebrity,s.

  11. he Robbie , good for you, a new addition (grillfriend). when you are back in Holland mail me , than we go grazzy ok. i lost your fonenr. say hello to Ayda from me ok. Robbie take care your self. Robbie if you like, you can bring Ayda to,but you know. bey bey

  12. im a fan of robbie, my only falt is why did he tell the world? was it to plug his new song?good on him fighting his demons but why?

  13. god mot of u lot are hypocrites. if ur not interested then y the hell r u writin comments on here. have u got nufin else 2 do with ur pathetic little lives. i think robbies a wonderful entertainer. yea hes got problems so wat. he aint the only person in the world 2 b on drugs. half of britains teenagers r drug dealers. y shud he b singled out. as for gettin bk with take that lets see him at number 1 solo or him at number 1 with take that he gets fame both ways it not pathetic its very clever

  14. I love your single, it caught my breath, your spirit seems more alive and at peace. You are a transformed man and I am so happy for you, I would love to do an article about your spiritual life. You would be an inspiration to others who can have an insight to your victory. It will be amazeing.

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