Justin and Jessica: are they still together?

Some sources say they are, some say they aren’t – are one of Hollywood’s favourite young couples, still actually a couple?

It has been reported in American celebrity magazine Us Weekly that the hot pair have actually split, with a ‘pal’ also claiming that Justin was seen to be ‘on the hunt’ for a new woman at a recent event in New York.

However, another American site, People, have claimed that the pair are, in fact, still together. An insider has said; “They are still together. Any time they spend apart is because they’re working.”

The couple, who have been together for almost three years, have fallen prey to many rumours doing the rounds in the celeb world. It was reported a while back that Justin was going to propose, but it seemed clear that they were both just happy to be together, without an engagement.

Both of them have made solo public appearances recently, with Jessica turning up alone at the wrap party for her new film Valentine’s Day on September 22, and Justin partying without her in West Hollywood three days later. This has set tongues wagging that the pair are on their way to a break-up, or that it has already happened.

There are other rumours about Justin getting close to singer Rihanna, who he has worked with recently, but a source close to her has denied any romantic links.

So, are they still together? And if they are, will they last? They both have such hectic schedules and demanding jobs, and with the ‘honeymoon’ phase surely over, is it likely that they will make it into a third year together? 

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14 thoughts on “Justin and Jessica: are they still together?

  1. hi ur blogs r so good i read them all the time maybe u should do sum more filmy stuff like jennifer and her baue gettin close or taylor lutner……so leave me a note thnx!!!!!!!!!!! if u cant get my addi of this sos… gotta go love ur work keep writin

  2. who gives a damn about them when there are thousands of innocent people living in poverty and dying from starvation.

  3. Are the press just bored?They\’re two people who have to do a lot of travelling for their careers. If they\’re not attached at the hip, there\’s a very obvious reason which does not involve jumping to a conclusion in order to drum up drama where there is none. If they break up, you\’ll hear it from them. In the meantime, the tabloids need to mind their own business.

  4. I hope not. I like Justin but not her. I get the impression that she can be full of herself importance and hardened, where as Justin is just himself and not like that at all.

  5. I don\’t reckon they are a ‘real’ couple. I think she is being paid to be with him. Look at him! He was on Disneyland and he still looks like a college boy. Doesn\’t matter how many tattoos and cool black rappers his management set him up with he\’s still a boy in Clark Kent glasses. Look at him, seriously! I think JT\’s "team" set him up to try and look cool, so they get a lot of black rappers on his albums and make out that he hangs out with them (you seriously think they would have anything to do with a middle class, straight, white college kid). Then to break away from the Mickeymouse fan club even more, they set him up with some of Hollywood’s glamorous B grade actress\’s. She\’s probably finished her contract. Let’s face it, we are talking Hollywood where they specialise in creating stars. A few good looking people together looks more appealing than one on their own. She\’s probably dumped him, but to make him look a bad boy they will say he\’s dumping her, when probably it\’s her who is fed up of being with someone so gay!

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