Cheryl to mime on X Factor: reports

Cheryl Cole will perform her debut solo single on X Factor this weekend, but, according to reports, the Girls Aloud star won’t be singing live.

An X Factor spokesperson has confirmed the performance of Fight For This Love won’t be totally live: “Cheryl will be recording her music performance earlier in the day with a live studio audience to ensure she can fully continue with her judging commitments on The X Factor later that evening.”

This comes after Alexandra Burke was accused of lip-synching during her performance of Bad Boys on last week’s X Factor results show, while, just minutes, later, Robbie Williams clearly sang 100% live.

In my opinion, Alexandra seemed to be singing live (in some parts, at least) but over the top of a pre-recorded backing track. If Alexandra did mime, I’m sure it wasn’t her idea – the whole marketing campaign for Bad Boys is based around the dancing and the spectacle, more than the song itself. I have no doubt that when the time comes to promote Alexandra’s next single, thought to be the ballad Overcome, she will belt it out on telly without any need for a backing track.

As for Cheryl, her vocals aren’t as strong as protégé Alexandra’s, so I’m not surprised she’s decided to take the safe option and pre-record her performance. What do you think – should a judge on a live talent show, where all the contestants are made to sing 100% live, be allowed to lip-synch? Leave a comment below.

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62 thoughts on “Cheryl to mime on X Factor: reports

  1. If you\’ve watched all the shows, you do see in a few.. Cheryl says that she prob wouldn\’t have ever got to where she is, if she entered the talent show now. She knows she isn\’t amazing at singing! Cheryl would have been asked to make her own song as a soloist, other people within groups have done it, why not her? To make the money. I think shes a great judge, its not all about singing, she knows the business now after being in a group. Can Simon, Loui or Danii sing? I think not !! But everyone respects Simon\’s judgement.

  2. i dont think she should b miming i dont think anybody should b miming on any music programme people pay money to c them song they could play there records at home but when u c them live it should b live x

  3. cheryl should defo sing live coz she has got a great voice. if she does mime then thats up to her but shes still sung live too record it hasnt she, shes a great judge n has been in her career long enough now to judge other people. good luck to her whatever she decides to do it will still be fab to watch. gan on lass!!!!!!

  4. does she really have to sing live??? We all know she can sing and although they are professional they do a lot of dancing which can make them out of breath so give the girl a break and enjoy her fab new song she looks stunning who cares?

  5. dumb cow why she juging other peoples performances, if she cant sing live herself!so wat if she can really sing!at this show where she is a judge she should at least do it to be fair!shes a two face going on about kandy rain clothes yet she had the same dress on in brown!!!!!

  6. It\’s disgusting if she dare mime on a show we are supposed to believe is about "talent" you only have to listen to Girls Aloud to know that they are crap live singers…….it\’s just a money making scam – hope the papers shame her into singing "Live"It every sad person who phones in boycotte the show that night, they would soon smarten their act up ! you see !

  7. Is anyone reading the above article correctly? She is singing live but it wont be live on tv. She isnt miming (well we will see on the night). The performance has just been previously recorded that day with an audience and shown then during X Factor so she can concentrate on the judging. There does not say anything about miming. That is what the article says first, but read the press release. x

  8. I love the X factor and Cheryl Cole seems like a very sweet and friendly person. However I think it is insulting to all the contestants and all those out there with the gift and talent of music, for someone to mime on a live show trying to find the most talented singers! If Cheryl Cole cannot sing live, because her vocals aren\’t strong enough to do so, she simply shouldn\’t sing live and they should get someone that has a strong vocal to sing instead!! I am also appalled that Alexandra had to mime for most of her performance last week, and I doubt very much that was her decision – she has definitely got a strong enough vocal and an incredible talent!! She sang live in all her performances last year and danced! It seems to me as soon as you become famous you dont need to sing live on the X factor anymore!! Big up to Robbie who was fab and didnt sell out by miming!

  9. She\’s nothing but a coward. She knows she\’ll get ripped apart in the papers the next day if she even attempted to sing live. She owes all her fame to a talent show like this and can\’t even stand up and sing live for her fans, not that i am one, i might add! What a shame that she hasn\’t got the balls to do it. If Robbie can do it after all that time away, and he isn\’t the greatest singer either, so should she. Get a grip love, and remember where you came from, and who got you there.

  10. Sorry Maria I don\’t quite understand… "She is singing live but won\’t be live on TV". "She isn\’t miming" So what will she be doing on the night? Does anybody else understand this or is it me being thick? Please help

  11. Come on Cheryl get singing live, its not fair for you to pre-record when the contestants can\’t. If you\’re not upto the pressure maybe you are in the wrong job.

  12. Well if all the contestants have to sing 100% and Cheryl Calls herslef a Professional then she needs to act live a Professional and Sing LIVE. If She DOesnt it Proves That She Is Not As Goood As They Are Making Her Out Too Be! I Really Love The X Factor As It Gives a Chance To The People Who Are Gifted With Sich A Talent. It Seems Tooo Mee That Cheryl Iss To embarresed as Some Of The Singers On The Show Is Better Than Her

  13. Can\’t believe that a few of you are defending her saying it doesn\’t matter and she looks great and some even saying she can sing. She can\’t and is your fault that talentless nobodies like her, Jordan and the like make a great living out of being talentless. Some of the X factor contestants are talented and can sing. She should be ashamed to front up miming on this show of all shows.

  14. Cheryl should perform live otherwise shes teaching the contestants bad habits.I know shes more famous than others like alexandra and contestants but who does she think she is really ??? If they expect the contestants to sing live with nervs and things on their mind she should aswell she know 1 special !!!!

  15. she cant sing at all. she is as obnoxiuos as her husband, and way to big for her talentless boots! if she didnt look good, you would never have heard of her. totally talentless.

  16. its pointless !!! makes a mockery of the whole thing..another sad indication of how its all about looks!! theres no excuse at all !!

  17. I think it is absolutely terrible that Cheryl won\’t be singing live. How can you possibly sit in judgement of other people when you refuse to sing live yourself?? She has said that she is incredibly nervous. So? She is very happy to earn millions on the back of her "singing" career, you need to take the rough with the smooth and performing live on a talent show is something she should be putting herself through, otherwise her credibility is shot. It is obvious each passing year that the contestants on this show are more talented than the big stars. Robbie Williams actually admitted this last week-end. Chery should do the same.

  18. You don\’t need to be a singer to be a good judge of singing talent. However, Cheryl Cole is a singer and has made her name and reputation out of that. To be fair to her, I think she\’s acutely aware of her vocal short comings; her voice is weak and undistinctive, but she\’s not the first pop singer who can\’t actually sing and who has had her voice treated in the studio with multiple tracking and effects. How ironic that the least talented people on X Factor are the judges themselves, whose only skill, particulary in the case of Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell, is their abillity to make bucket loads of money manipulating the conveyor belt of sycophantic performers who snivel their way to Boot Camp every year.To sing or not to sing? It really doesn\’t matter.

  19. I think Cheryl\’s terrible vocals last year, when she did sing live, have really put her off. She was incredibly off key and Simon called her "pitchy" (understatement). She obviously cannot sing and this is exacerbated with nerves. She should not be performing at all, as this half measure is really showing her up. I just hope they fess up to the fact that it\’s pre-recorded, on Saturday night.

  20. Well don\’t you think she in the league of \’Black Box\’, Milli Vanilli who portrayed their acts as genuine…" If you can’t sing you shouldn’t be in that business. Clearly the convicted criminal hasn’t learnt her lesson of being honest.

  21. my personal opinion is that if someone is good enough to sell million of singles/albums then they should always sing live and not mime! when someone mimes to a pre-recorded song you have to ask yourself "how much has it been altered/enhanced to sound right?" i think cheryls\’ single is rubbish anyway and i suspect it has been enhanced to make her sound soooo much better than she really is! reminds me of victoria beckham, jordan etc etc telenless celebs greedy for more money!!!!!

  22. O.M.G…. Why does Cheryl\’s past have to always come up? The girl was cleared of any charges… get over it. And she CAN sing… thats why the PUBLIC rightly voted for her to be part of the WINNING group from Popstars: The Rivals! Ok… so she hasn\’t got the best vocal strength in the world but it\’s evident that she has talent! – and as for those of you saying \’How can you judge others singing when you can\’t sing yourself?\’ – I\’m not the best singer (i\’ll put my hands up before anyone) but I sit on a Saturday and Sunday eve and I could tell you out of the finalists can and can\’t sing…Some of you really don\’t make a fair point… lol… If you don\’t like it… DON\’T WATCH IT!Simples..x

  23. I think she should be singing live not part of it! but all of it sang live! Come on Cheryl you are a judge so stand up and be judged like the rest of us!

  24. cheryl has always had a self confidence and can overcome her fears if she has still any…its not fair if all the other contestants sing live and not her,even tho she has mentoring to domaybe another time she could lip synch but not on a live show i love her she is a greay woman!!!

  25. Richard G – there is only one reason Cheryl got into the final group and that’s because of how she looks! – she can not sing well. The whole group sang live last year and it was a joke! But this is most of the industry now – superficial wanabees, no real talent.

  26. Im a little shocked really. I respect Cheryl a lot for the person that she is and she clearly does have talent. However I feel it is a little hypocritical to be judging live performance when you wont perform live yourself. Unless is there some backing track stuff going on with the contestants, as last Saturday a couple of peformances certainly sounded that some pre-record was in place. If thats the case then go Cheryl !

  27. omg. why bother with such petty things when more serious events are happening all over the world. X Factor is an entertainment programme. The word being ENTERTAINMENT.

  28. Ive seen Cheryl live and she has got talent and can sing live! Shes GREAT weather she mimes or not!! I think she should do whats best for her!!!! xxxxx

  29. I don\’t think I have ever heard Cheryl sing in tune once. She was only selected in the show because she is extremely pretty. If I was her I would mime and keep the pretence up that she can actually sing.

  30. I shall turn over to a different channel while cheryl mimes. these stars are short changing us. when Robbie sang the atmosphere was electric. that was a performance. marilyn

  31. Ha Ha, what a farce, She should be made to sing live, only fair if they are making the contestants sing live. A good way to make it look like she can\’t sing. She should prove all the doubters wrong and sing live, or is she (and her record company!) too scared she\’ll make a fool of her self.Double standards but what do you expect from such a naff show that is only out to make money and exploit young people.

  32. she should be made to sing live but after the performance last year with Girls Aloud where she sang out of tune maybe she shouldnt risk it but on a live show miming will undermine her judging. Robbie was amazing last week live its a shame the doors broke and ruined his entrance

  33. Its totally disgraceful that anybody should be miming not to mention on a talent show. Robbie totally showed everybody how to do it, a much bigger star in my eyes than anyone that has ever been on that show and he sung live! I listened to Cheryl on radio 1 with chris moyles and she quite obviously told the presenters before the interview not to ask her directly if she would be miming or not, that again for me is disgraceful trying to cover it up as if we are all too naive to notice that she will be miming on sunday! I will never buy a record of someone that i have seen miming to a live performance.

  34. I think it is so unfair of a judge to mime and then expect to comment on live performances so does she not think how nervous the contestants are tooo…….

  35. I love u dearly Cheryl but miming its a total cop out your best singing 100% live like Robbie Williams did take it to some consideration and miming should be bad all together.

  36. I love Cheryl, but is you\’re gonna mime then there\’s no point singing on there at all!! You might aswell sing!!! Anyway i don\’t c y she\’s singing on x factor , she\’s a judge on there not a performer!!!


  38. Was so obvious that Alexandra was miming at one point her mouth closed but her vocal was still singing…caught out majorly…I dont think Cheryl has a great voice anyway, i seen her on a channel 4 chat show when she did the song with and she was live…and it was seriously a cringe moment – really really bad vocals…so for her to sing this song live…she would look very poor actually compared to the people on the xfactor that are filled with talent…

  39. total rubbish about Alexandra Burke…. she was not miming to that song…. she was singing it live…. the backing track included backing vocals that obviously she can\’t sing while singing the main vocal… this is why it looked as though she is miming…. and if anyone has any clue about sound engineering then you will be able to hear that she was singing live…. difficult to describe but you can hear the vocals looping back through the mic when someone is singing live but when it is not live it sounds just like listening to a CD….. Alexandra Burkes song rocked….. Girls Aloud are great love their style it suits them… the songs suit them whether you like them or not….but…… Cheryl solo though….. come on, you are gorgeous, but don\’t wimp out, sing live…. it\’s not fair to do that on a show you are judging live performances…… but to be honest Cheryls song fight for this love is rubbish…. the lyrics are rubbish and the video is rubbish…. come on the lyrics…. "are we sitting in reverse, it\’s just like we are going backwards…." ???? 2 lyrics saying the same thing is like explaining a Joke…. "driving fast but lets go slow, but what don\’t wanna do is crash noooo…." that lyric is so worn out how many songs have used that…… and sorry the video has her trying out her street dancing…. sorry but she is not cut out for street dancing the shots in the new video are lame shots of not much street dancing at all, just very simple moves that anyone can do, nothing impressive at all….. the styles she uses don\’t suit her…. she is gorgeous in her own style but she is no pussy cat doll which is sort of the style she seems to be trying…. come on Cheryl be yourself…. we loved you as you were, stick with the Girls Aloud image…. it works, tried and tested….. 🙂 xx

  40. come on its obvious cheryl can sing she went on a talent show a few years back ! she got thru didnt she?! so stop obsessing over if she can sing or not ! and even if alexandra burke was miming the song so what ! u cant expect her to sing and dance at the same time you run outta breath !she would get critisized if she sang badly now shes getting critisized for miming give the girl a break ! jeez.. 🙂

  41. at the end of the day she not just there to sing shes there to give a performance and i believe she will be much more entertaining with a good dance routine and bit of miming its not doing any one any harm just giving them a good time, and it seems to me that no matter what celebrities do these days its never right for any of you!

  42. leannewrote: Cheryl doesn\’t sing \’live\’ in the recording of the song does she? As far as I can tell there is some voice enhancement going on there, and her voice is possibly not strong enough to sing live on X Factor. Let\’s face it-Cheryl didn\’t get \’chosen\’ to be in Girls Aloud because she has a particularly great voice! I do think it\’s pretty ironic though that she judges others on their voice talents and is going to riducule herself by not singing live! It\’s madness! We all know Alexandra can sing-she proved it last year! I guess we\’ll just have to wait until Saturday to see…

  43. no way shes a hypocrit!!! how can she judge them live and take the cowardly route herself! ist this what she does for a living!!

  44. I wonder how many people who bashed Britney for miming last year and rubbished any explanations of \’she\’s there to give a performance, the dance routine\’s strenuous\’ etc. are now giving the same explanations for Cheryl this year and totally missing the irony?

  45. Oh, and I\’d like to know exactly why there was apparently enough time for Cheryl to perform with Girls Aloud last year and this year there\’s apparently not enough time to get her wardrobe changes etc. done? It takes no more time to do that solo than as a group, what\’s different now?Lip syncing in general doesn\’t especially bother me so long as I\’ve seen the act do live performances enough to know they can pull it off, but after the crap it caused last year and the fact that she\’s not just a guest performer she\’s a judge on this show… it seems like they have too many ready excuses for this beyond the old \’the dance routine is very high energy\’. I\’m guessing somebody knew this was going to bring Cheryl some flack. I guess we\’ll see on Sunday though, I\’ll reserve final judgment until then but in the meantime this just smells odd to me.

  46. I think the X Factor contestants are put under such scrutiny, Cheryl Cole as a proffesional should rise to that challenge and sing live! No excuses!!

  47. shes been ther n done that,she won signing live,so its up 2 her if she want 2 sing live or not,we all no she could pull it off as we seen her doin it on the same shows,i thinka lot of singers do that,but i would like 2 c her sing live,as robbie willams ws amazing last week,so was alexandra,but think robbie peform a better atomashere,wot ever cheryl does good on her x

  48. Mmmm – Having heard Cheryl sing live a couple of times in Girls Aloud, she was on both occasions by far the weakest of the girls and so it wouldn\’t surprise me if she wasn\’t singing live this evening. Having said that I have to agree with those who say that she should be singing live along with those she is mentoring!

  49. Samantha Carrington – You hit the nail on the head I totally agreeevery1 who is moaning are victims of the media\’s deliberate move to drive a witch hunt – sothey can sell their lovely "intelligent" papers – ho hum. P.S I thought the performance was great.

  50. i think cheryl is brillant and i would love her to do more on her own as you can hear her voice more as when she sings in a band you dont really get to hear her properly, i think that she should really have sang a bit of it live but there you go she has had alot on recently this week and seems pretty down as you can tell but what ever way she done a great perfomance and i think she showed a better perfomance than whitney!!

  51. I have to swallow a little humble pie and eat my hat…. I watched the X Factor performance and also watched the making of the Fight for this love video….. firstly let me say that the X Factor performance was brilliant even if some was miming…… at least she gave her best and sung some of it live given that she was dancing a lot and damn fine dancing too….. The video does not do Cheryls dancing Justice… seeing the amount of Dancing in the video shoot, I feel sorry for her because i don\’t think the final cut got the best bits of her dancing…. I felt the Michael Jackson vibe in the X Factor performance….. and I did not realise the Michael Jackson inspiration until watching the video shoot after watching the X Factor Performance. Cheryl did it proud brilliant performance…… I still don\’t like the song lyrically but i have to take back all the things i said about the dancing and going solo bit….. I feel the video for fight for this love is what really lets her down…. The director did great for Lady gaga but I think he lets Cheryl down. Cheryl Keep up the Michael Jackson vibe in your Performance and I think you are on to an absolute winner….. oh and i have to agree with amy below, Cheryl gave a much better performance than whitney by miles…..

  52. james, i am not long home from seeing PINK live in concert, and she danced, spun, turned upside down and she sang great fantastic, so sorry someone who is telling young people trying to get on in the industry that they have to sing live, but she will pre record and MIME is not right, she should have done what her boys had to do, to help show them how its done. As for Whitney everyone knows what she has done to herself, but she is trying to get back to normality give her a break even though she did do it to herself.

  53. lol my daughter insisted on watching this and i have to say that we both found it excrutiating to watch and a little embarrassing. cheryl can sing a little but her singing was never why she was chosen for Girls Aloud. she is a natural beauty and in the world of showbiz looks are all-important. lovely to look at and entertaining to watch but a little hypocrytical considering her job on the X Factor.

  54. hi cheryl its caitlin from msn i listen to your song fight for this love and great your my best fan ever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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