Sugababes Amelle in private clinic

Sugababes singer Amelle Berrabah is being treated for nervous exhaustion in a private clinic.

The band’s management has blamed Amelle’s ill health on the stresses of the last few months, which lead to founding member Keisha Buchanan being sacked from the Sugababes.

A statement on the group’s website said: "It seems that with all the recent events in the band right up to Jade joining us a few weeks ago, the stress over a period of months has unfortunately taken its toll on Amelle and she is now suffering from a severe bout of nervous exhaustion. For the next three weeks, Amelle will be staying at a private health clinic in Europe where she will be able to rest and recuperate under expert supervision."

Heidi Range and new member Jade Ewen both added their own messages to the above statement: "Both Amelle and I have been through a very traumatic time together in recent months and particularly over the past few weeks." Jade added: "We’re glad that Amelle is getting the right support now to help her return to work."

Amelle’s illness means two performances have been cancelled – one in Leeds and one on German television. The new Sugababes line-up had also been due to perform at the Scottish Royal Variety Performance last week, but pulled out due to "a number of legal issues to be finalised".

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19 thoughts on “Sugababes Amelle in private clinic

  1. As traumatic as being pushed out of the band you founded by somebody who only got famous because she got a fast track ticket in?No sympathy. I\’m sure nobody was blameless, but part of all this stress and drama is her own doing

  2. I used to like the sugababes when they were making the hits with Mutya. Since she left (as is always the case, the strongest singers always think they can make it solo) too many different changes in your line up and that edgy sound has gone. But you all look great and good luck Keisha in whatever you do next. I\’m sure you\’ll do really well, you come across as a beautiful person inside and out. Lol. XX

  3. Amelle had been through a lot worse like her ex-fiance and her sister\’s assault claim.she stood by him and tore her family apart.Now over a year later has had a No1 with T-Stryder and had been doing well,Keisha is no more and she needs to go to a clinic? This does not make sense.We all know what happens after celebs go to clinics right? Watch this space is all I will say.

  4. dont like the line up,they shldnt be called the sugababes its a farce no original members,think theyve had there day too many egos people thinkin there bigger than the band that amelle forgets the band made her she isnt the band

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