Katie Price’s ex-manager to take legal action

Recent claims made by Katie Price, that her ex-manager was having an affair with ex-husband Peter Andre during their marriage, have been vehemently denied by the other parties.

The glamour model appeared on The Graham Norton Show, and made some comments about ex-manager Claire Powell (pictured) and Andre that were slightly unsavoury. BBC bosses were forced to censor a lot of what was said, but Price has still managed to ruffle some feathers.  She claimed that her ex-husband had cheated on her with Powell and that their alleged ‘affair’ was part of the reason for the breakdown of her marriage.

It has been reported on Heatworld that Powell has fought back and threatened legal action: "This is a total lie. I’m seeing my lawyers now. No one can take what she says seriously. She has to find someone to blame for the marriage break-up. I am not that person."

Andre has also released an official statement, ending with a word of warning to his ex: “I have said once before that if anybody slanders my name I will not hesitate in taking legal action and that is exactly what both Claire and I will do." (Read the whole statement here.)

Katie’s recent comments are just another twist in the tale of the overly publicised divorce between her and Andre. We wait with baited breath to see what will happen next…

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100 thoughts on “Katie Price’s ex-manager to take legal action

  1. katie should stop trying to score points it just makes her look silly. Keep up the good work PETE and as long as the kids are ok you will be ok.

  2. it makes me so angry (iam onl 12) but she needs to think about the kids and thinking to marry before christmas that is just trying to make pete jelous she is a spoilt little brat trying to get some lime light + the only thing that made her famous is marrying pete and get her boobs made big.

  3. What a load of rubbish. Claire has been a shoulder for Pete,claire is someone that Pete trusts & can rely on. Good for Claire. All I can say about Katie is………. she needs to get on with her life now & stop looking to blame others for the break up of Her & Petes marriage, take a look at yourself Kate & reavaluate yourself.

  4. poor kiddies in this battle i dont belive that rubbish katie just go bk to ur cahefighter and share clothes fasion tips whatever

  5. sue her, she is so so sad and an angry ex wife who is frustrated because she cannot control you like the muppets in her life that she has now, legally put egg on her big smug public face, and demand an apology

  6. such a sad sad excuse for a woman she does not deserve those beautiful kids ……pete should be the full time parent give the bitch a taste of her own medicine

  7. katie shud really get on wiv her lyph she jus want pete bk so she\’ll sayntin to make pete look bad in da public eye…..luv u pete..

  8. this is absolutely ridiculous!!!this woman is so insecure she clearly can not have a proffesional/platonic relationship with anyone of the opposite sex apart from her gay!!!<BEST FRIENDS NO THREAT THERE.this woman will never fail to amaze me all i want to say is peter dear peter you continue to be a good father and let her sink herself.isnt it strange that pete has had the same management for some time yet katie continues to change hers!!!the womans insecurities are blatantly obvious for everyone to see she is a nasty bitter woman clearly struggling to move on i hope she gets the help she needs for the sake of those stunning children and to peter and claire i wish you both all the luck in the world as you clearly make a good professional team long may claire support you peter its lovely to have true friends katies allegations are simply hilarious i hope for her sake she stops making such a fool of herself ,her carreer is falling apart in front of her would just like to add she looked ridiculous on graham norton and once again made a complete fool of herself!!!poor woman what a pathetic way to act x chin up peter x x x

  9. Katie how long has Claire been Peters manager I think you need to stop trying to score points. If your as happy with Alex as you say you are why not just move on and behave like a decent human being. If and when Peter does find someone even if it is Claire why should you worry if your as happy as you say you are. You sound as if you have been touched by the green eyed monster.

  10. It amazes me how she can move another man in and allow her kids call him daddy so soon after their split! she really needs to get a grip on life and concentrate on her kids mental and emotional state of mind.pete is a lovely man and deserves better than that shallow cow!

  11. well all i need to say is katie needs to get a life she got with the nearest numpty to take her and her pathetic life on, the kids are lovely and is it any wonder when they have a gr8 dad like pete i wish my ex looked after his daughter as much as pete does with his kids, she will do whateva it takes to get herself in the papers she is not right in the head serious love get a life i used to think u were gr8 a mother wife carreer woman and with harvey needing extra love and attention thought she was gr8 but however this with what ur doing is not good get a life woman !!

  12. i thought kate was a nice girl till the split. i have seen her true colours nothing but a bitch and thats being nice she cant take the fact her marriage is broken (because of her) and never gunna be with pete again. all she thinks of is herself i feel sorry for her kids lovely kids shame they have a childish mum. pete fair play for you leaving her your better than her and your a brill dad to them kids and as for alex a ugly big nose prick that thinks hes nice

  13. When is she ever going to learn to shut up – no one is interested in what she says – no one believes her any more – as people have said she should get on with her own life with her new man and do us all a favour and disappear from the limelight for a while

  14. Bad Break Ups Can Bring The Worst Out In People, There Is Two People In This Break Up It Cant Be Blamed All On One Person! I Dont Think Anyone Can Comment On It Because No-one Knows The Full Story!! So Stop Talking Abou It!!!!!!!!! Get On With Your Own Lives!

  15. katie is hurting n is doing anything to get to pete, she can\’t help the place she is in at the moment – she\’s evidently heartbroken, i\’ve been there n i understand why she\’s doing what she\’s doing, however it isn\’t right but she can\’t help it!

  16. she really is very sad……sitting on Graham Norton looking absolutely awful like a drag queen and making lewd comments …and this is the woman who is being on a mother of the year shortlist sad

  17. Oh dear, there is truly nothing "ladylike" about this female. Will she never learn to keep her mouth shut? All she\’s doing is trying to score points. At some time in the future her children WILL find out about all this brouhaha and then what wil they think. As for being nominated for mother of the year…..well I\’m too much of a lady to say what I think about that. Well done to Pete who has retained some dignity. Hers went down the toilet when she started the slanging match. Personally, I think programme makers should NOT have her on shows.

  18. i feel katie needs to look at the bigger picture she keeps on telling us what a hard life she has had and she has just had to get on with it but has she realy does she realy have to make the children go through the same . i feel peter is a good father and is a real pleasure to watch with his family . i think alex will be another stop gap but how many more will follow come on katie get it sorted

  19. it pretty obvious that still feels some thing for her x but she still puts here foot in it when she is getting interviewed eg who call peoples liarers on national tv

  20. ha funny inuf when watched the what peter did next last wk i thought 2 myself i bet that claire fancies him u know when u can tell not saying that they did but who knows would b abit crap if he did cheat on her wth mumsy claire lol!

  21. She\’s just getting vindictive now – not to mention she\’s contradicting herself yet again. I don\’t know what this obsession is with destroying Peter\’s reputation, but if she thinks slagging him off is going to bring her more sympathy or stop people blaming herself she\’s badly misread the public. Pete\’s no angel, but she\’s just making herself look nastier and nastier and thus shedding a better light on him in the process.

  22. I can\’t believe she is going so low. Why can\’t she just leave pete to get on wth his life as he is doing so well now and I think he is a great dad I think she is just jealous and she trying to bring him down instead she just making herself look worse

  23. I am not surprised if he did have an affair with the ex manager how sweet and nice she looks compared with KP. I think that KP is just a bitch and the more she tries to put Pete down the more people like him and the more they hate her, Just crawl away into the woodwork katie dear where you belong along with all the rest of the nasty grubs and low life, you never know they might take some notice of you, you hateful woman. Oh!! how I wish she reads these comments then she would see how much she is disliked.

  24. linda:every time I pass to the news agent I egnore the front page of katies picture.its a waste of money to buy and read her stories.since I analised her stories from the beginning from the other person, i lost enterest to read about her. she\’s doing it to sale more money and to be being famouse over the top of her soul.

  25. The bitch is soooo desperate for any media attention that is will talk out of her ass to make head lines, im sooo glad pete got rid of the tramp he is better off with out her …..love you pete.. TEAM PETER ANDRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  26. kp showed the world the real katie on their fly on the wall series, she wanted all the attention and would put pete down at every chance, she didnt even show the slightest interest in pete\’s career it\’s all about her. she nothing more than a selfish , self-centred bitch. my hat off to pete as he has\’nt said a word about the problems that caused the splite least he has respect. TEAM PETE

  27. Seriously have you seen stateside have you seen how the manager is around pete com on there no spark without fire yeah!! She is like a bad smell around pete and who manager was she originallY!! Think about it Pete is not innocent his true colours shall shortly be revealed use will see

  28. Oh I WISH it were true. I think Claire is GORGEOUS. She would be great for Pete AND the kids. However, I doubt very much that it is true, and if it WERE true, no one will own up to it, not yet anyway. Time will tell.

  29. katie price is a selfish person in everyway i feel sorry for the kids within 2months she met up with a bloke and got her kids invoive with them thats bad they dont know if they are coming or going she should had taken time out to sort herself out and think o fthe kids and not herself

  30. The problem that silly little girl has is this – she never ever ever in her wildest dreams thought that Pete wud grow sum balls & actually leave her!! He surprised us all by doing it ! She will never ever ever get over that til the day she dies! She thowt he was so under her thumb & she cud not believe it when he walked!!!! Good on ya Peter! Please meet sum1 nice who u can have a gud life with – the problem tho yr new girlfriend will have is the demented ex!! who will neva go away & neva 4give u & stop bad-mouthin u! She is a cross 2 bear 4 the rest of yr life & thats a fact! i dont know what i wud do if i waz u – theres no answer 2 a sicko like Jordan! the miserable lying gutted dirty individual – she shud not even have the kids co shes despicable!!!! GO PETER!!!!xxxxx

  31. the fact that peter is more popular and since leaving you has made a name for himself (something that you always maintained he couldnt) must hurt what a shame we all feel so sorry for you NOT!!! get over yourself katie and stop bad mouthing him and except you screwed up big time

  32. I think Katie is still desprately in love with Peter, yes her behaviour at times is more than erratic but she has had such a hard time from the public and press alike where as Pete has had it quite easy and he can be full of himself and very self pitiying. He knew what he was getting into when he married her yo can\’t arry someone with the intention of changing them completely, you compromise and for mutual love you have you meet each other hlf way. Peter is probably a good person and so is Katie, we should b fair on both of them, Katie can be strong minded and needs t train herself tonot react immediately and digest what has been said before reacting she also needs to learn to be so self obssessed as does Peter. Peter still loves Katie and the most important fact is the childrenthat they both love, i truly believe they could have worked out their problems and achieved happiness. Marriages go through ups and downs and this was a down they could have worked through, they will both regret this soon, evenPeter nomatter how cocksure he is at present, Katie is running herself down trying hard not to be emotional as she thinks this makes her look weak. You both love each other you were good together you can find the love again bury the past and start a new future together because you belong together. write down what you like and love about each other and the things you don\’t like about each other and then accept the bad in each other just as you accept the good. Peter knows how to get public support and how to make people feel sorry for him too. They are both to blame as they were both equally jealous of each other and that is the first stage of married life, they did not give the marriage enough of a chance, Katie would be a new person if she got the chance to speak to Pete and she would never make the same mistakes because she knows what she stands to lose. It\’s never too late to swallow you pride Pete, you know you love her she loves you to, you should not care about anyone else and think about each other and the kids and if in your heart you truly truly feel there is no hpe then and only then call it a day…there is sill so much hope for you both. Pete you id need to make a stand but you went to far with not enough thought and katie did take te piss wit her big mouth. Both your actions since the split have been driven due to pressures of the media and living a marriage and a divorce via the media. Take some private time out the media will still be there when your ready to be back, forgive each other make new firm promises and live up to them…there is still love there…you both know there is which is why the hurt is so deep…you can get over this

  33. OMG Rehana you must really hate Peter if your begging him to take her back!!! Why would he wanna go back to that cheap, nasty, dirty little slag????

  34. Jordan is back! And not as popular as her ex – his reality show gets more ratings than hers – that must really hurt, seen as in the last series of K&P all she did was slag him off saying she was more famous and richer than him.I am curious thought why the management dumped her, after all, whatever the personal feelings here, she still is a cash cow…

  35. Why are they both so obsessed with reality shows. Less is more as they say. Getting a bit boring now although I think Pete has the right attitude to all that is going on. Katy needs to step back from the limelight and get on with her life.

  36. Ok I think Jordan is trashy and everything but I am on Katie\’s side as I think Pete is just too squeaky clean to be true. He plays into the medias hands way too much and thinks he is winning big time. Katie seems to be very hurt and I do believe she had deep feelings for him whereas I don\’t know about him. Look at how he reacted at the divorce. Also I expect he did cheat on her I wouldn\’t be suprised in the slightest. I am sorry but I think he is very manipulative and he is making a killing out of this whole divorce lucky him! No wonder he married her! She knows deep down he married her for the fame and money and that is why she is so hurt that\’s what I truly believe and that\’s why she quickly found a new man. I do feel very sorry for her. I know what it is like being a woman in the 21st century and it is not easy and men don\’t take women as seriously as they make out. I don\’t think he took her seriously and he is milking the public sympathy.

  37. its not squeaky clean when you want to keep the children out of the mud slinging! Also Katie dumbass Jordan has deeper feelings for her own self, scuse me but you do follow her pathetic life after Pete I guess, SHE is the one remarrying, hardly deep feelings there I am sure you will agree.LOL she was infamous, she made herself from screwing footballers and abondoning her child for holidays, lets be honest here, they both make money from the publicity but only one of them has publicity thats down right nasty, accusations of rape, cross dressing kinky sex with new fella, accusations TWICE of her husband doing firstly her married bridesmaid and now her manager. Just when is Katie gonna stop?? never because she always will have a story to tell. Its boring and needs to stop, but my guess is SHE will milk it because she CAN. I don\’t know how you can say Peter has probably had an affair cause you wouldn\’t be surprised if he hadn\’t, what a dumb statement to make! ~L~I know what its like being a woman in the 21st century, and its far from the picture she shows.Time to get on with it, she is as fake as the bits she has added over the years.

  38. Why do people hate celebrities so much? It\’s sad and pathetic I hate criminals and my anger goes out to them and people who have hurt me and not people who I don\’t even know and have never met. Cannot understand why people make celebrities into hate figures when they have done nothing to them and they don\’t even know them personally. Maybe people just want someone to loathe and a scapegoat for their darker feelings. People are strange creatures! lol

  39. Pete walked out on his wife and kids. Seemingly he refuses to communicate with her, he sings malicious songs about her in his reality show yet he seems to walk on water. Seems he can do no wrong in the eye of most of the public. If it wasn\’t for Katie we would have forgotten the name PA long ago. So take legal action against your ex wife you nit wit. It will just prove how concerned you are about your own feelings and reputation rather than about your kids. Stick and stones and all that. I think you would loose a lot of public support if you stooped so low as to take legal against the mother of your kids. Grow up. I think you have been extremely disrespectful to your ex wife.

  40. The only things that are important in this mess are the children, Peter is very dignified wether he is playing up to the cameras only he knows but i happen to think he is pretty genuine. He loves and dotes on his kids he is a VERY good dad, how dare Jordan mock the fact that he took the kids strawberry picking, does she really think that the only enjoyment kids have has to involve shed loads of money. I have kids and i seperated from thier dad after 23 years but we maintain a civil relationship and are friends, Katie Price seriously went down in my estimations when i saw the show they did in America and in front of the cameras belittled Peter about who was the most famous and how she earnt all the money, the only impression that i got from that was that she only feels better by belittling eveyone else just to make herself look better. Grow up Kate your a nasty little prima donna and while you have done very well for yourself in business you are fast becoming unpopular and for good reason. I believe that you are very hurt but its about time you realise that you played a very big part in the break down of your marriage you should have treated Pete as a partner and with respect because that is what marriage is about and you certainly didnt show him any respect. The marriage was all about YOU YOU YOU as is everything to do with your life. Unfortunately the public will follow your every move because you make sure that you are always in the spotlight but i for one will NOT ever watch your tv series because i think you are a joke, a spoilt attention seeker who doesnt know how to treat anyone with any decency because you are so far up your own arse you cant see whats good and decent. Its really quite sad that as a modern woman you cant be without a man for the sake of your kids and to get your own head straight that just shows a deep insecurity on your part so i guess your not such a modern woman as you make out if your so stupid and desperate that you have to bring another man into your kids lives as soon as you did, Alex is quite possibly an ok person and considering his profession you would think that he would have more spine because lets face it you just made him and the other fellas look completely ridiculous, what were you trying to prove? Did you just want the world to know that you can bend any man to your will because the impression that i have is that you can only bend the weaklings and thank god Peter decided that he was no longer going to be one of those weaklings. At the end of the day nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors as Pete so wisely stated in his song (by the way Pete thats a great album) and it is sad that a marriage involving kids has gone so publicly wrong but Katie you seriously need to get rid of your alter ego and you need to stop being a nasty twisted bitter bitch because the oh woe is me routine is wearing thin and the statement that you love your life now is just a crock of shit because you profess it too much you think that by saying it that it makes it true GROW UP KATIE PRICE and leave Pete alone so he can find true happiness with someone that he deserves. TEAM PETE all the way.

  41. I pity the children,they have only just had their mum n dad divorce and now we hear jordans gettin married?????? good god why the rush..what about morals and standards?? there appears to b none in jordans life.The kids wont know who their dad is,i pity them more and more.Everyone knows this has been just 1 BIG publicity stunt from start to finish…was there ANY love there in the first instance…prob not is my own personal thoughts…but pity the children.I remember watchin(sad i know)an episode of their tv escapade and in it the youngest son wet his pants as he was been potty trained n to my utter DISGUST andre said…he has just pissed his pants,wot have you done that for ur suppose to use toilet..i was bllody disgusted in what i heard come from his mouth…he is NOT the perfect person he wants everyone to believe he is..i for one think he is as bad as her but with jordan wot u see is wot u get…with andre he is very undercover and wants everyone to think he is perfect but infact he isnt…he is a sly man can everyone not see this???? personally i am sick of hearing about em n wishes the press n magazines would focus on sum REAL news not 2 immature supposed adults….it makes me sick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  42. i wish andre and claire would get a life katies only acting her usual self shes always said it like it is and been loud and in your face these two have just used this to their advantage to gain public support and publicity everyone knows jordans wot u see is wot u get in your face so why winge about her now pete and claire are sooooo sly and manipulating why cant people see it if it wasnt for jordan pete would be on his ar*e failing at his music and claire would still be putting in all the hours trying to make him famous but failing miserably. if jordans so bad how did she manage with harvey on her own exactly shes a great mum and deserves better than whats been dished out to her !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Once a prostitute always a prostitute.Money dont buy class,poor kids having to have a mum like that.I dont feel sorry for Pete,he should have nkown better before marriying that slag:he got what he deserves

  44. i wish andre would get with her she seems a fantastic person and so caring not like that ***** katie, now we have these shows on television you can clearly see what people are like and now i hate katie it has ruined her this show, but peter done you good hunny well done for screwin her over, all me love you and your family

  45. For some reason or other through my search I have landed on here. I cannot believe people are actually bothered about P & K! Why Why Why do you all give a damn????? Just don\’t watch the show\’s and if they don\’t have the viewers, hopefully they will stop broadcasting them!

  46. christine I couldn\’t agree more with you. What a load rubbish I\’m reading here, are people so stupid they don\’t see who is making money from all this?

  47. I can\’t believe Jordan is sinking soo low that she is actually accusing Claire and Pete of being at it. Both should sue her ass, who the hell does she think she is, she is a vulgar creature I can\’t believe ppl actually like her and think she is a good mum. She is not decent or respectable, she has no morals, she is thick and the dullest girl EVER. She aint even pretty. Who can\’t look half decent with fake hair, false eyelashes and false teeth…god get a life you ugly bitch and retire from our screens and magizines. I am so bored of you..and lov that Alec or whateva his name is is one ugly bast**d. where did you pick him up from the local zoo. PA is damn fine, i watched him on this morning last week presenting and thought he was really good, very natural and humble which is a genuine attribute unlike contrived Jordan. The guy has talent, he has a gorgeous voice, amazing looks and a body that any bloke would envy and to top it all he is genuine with a great honest personality. move on Pete the futures bright..the future is yours… we are watching……Kay

  48. Send jordan to a nursing home,she is a stupid,dirty coniving cow with no morals what so ever, her husband found her to be fake ,ugly ,cheap,and utterly dissgusting.who wouldn:d

  49. she knows what she has lost and she is realising alot now seeing pete, presenting and evrything ,he is doing so well and she never new what good she had in him, he even took on harvey, she is a disgrace and its a wonder how he ever let him treat him so bad anyway hes to good for her shes a disgrace and not a very good mother bringing a guy who dresses up as a woman and let him put her kids to bed that fast is sick shes a disgrace ….

  50. for all you katie pric haters pete married kate for the money and was nobody b4 he met kate and ask for that fat cow claire she needs to mind her own buissness and study in her own buissness instead of interfering in other ppl buissness about suing kate its all about money. you pair of greedy fucks, kate is a good mum. also pete aint as squeeky clean as he makes out to be, kate just carry on with your own life fuck em all, claire is jealouse of kp needs to go on a diet and stay out of ppl buisness kp was right there was 3 ppl in there marrage no wonder it didnt work and she can do better than pete he aint all that love debbie from preston

  51. Katie Price is a disgrace………needs to sit down and take a long hard look at how she is portraying herself to the public. She is so desperate to keep herself in the limelight and will go to any lengths to do so. and at anyones expense. Katie you are a poor example of a decent human being!

  52. i hate her she stinks like poo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she smells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. katie price has fought hard for fame maybe in a ( not decent) way but she\’s made it through muddy waters ie. bad relationships which led to harvey. she\’s brought him up and 2 other lovely babes with peters help. peter wasn\’t back on tv till he met katie and her big dosh…… wat a showoff. at least katie is down to earth where peter is on cloud nine. leave the lass alone she\’s no worse than anyone tryin to make a home for the kids.

  54. Katie needs to get a grip on life, if she is so in love with thiss alex bloke why the hell would she go out of her way to cause all this trouble for pete, i admire him for the dad he is he has an excellent bond with his children and thats how it should be not going out getting ur kit off, kids need stability. Team Pete i say all the way!!!!!!!

  55. peter u have to stop steppin over rich woman to make ur comeback !! get a grip man and stop being smarmy pants on tv cos its all just an act so we can all hate ur ex who u supposedly couldn live wi out!! but showed no remorse wen u left her, not even a second attempt at workin it out. well that just proves totally that u never truly loved her…. she was used and abused once again by a fame seekin male.

  56. Oh Katie, what your suggeting about Claire and Peter is just so laughable!!!! You would do well to remember it was Claire\’s fantastic role as your Manager/PR, that put you in the position you enjoyed for so long. Claire came along and turned the public perception of you around for the better, she made you a household name and people, for the first time, started to warm to you, rather than baulk at your cheapness. I find it very sad, but blatantley obvious why your attacking the very person who put you where you are, you KNOW your running out of idea\’s and YES it hurts that Claire has took sides with Pete. You must take long look at yourself and ask yourself why!! Claire has so obviously taken Pete\’s side because she is savvy, like the rest of us that viewed, what I feel was your own self destruction in the form of the Katie & Peter show, I feel ultimately she could see what anyone could see in the end, that being, what a horrible, sef-obsessed, bully you were to Peter, you may have felt you were gaining audiences because you feel reknown for your straight talking, but nobody who watched that programme could have failed to see that this is where your downfall began. I, and I\’m sure many of your previous fans, couldn\’t have failed to be insulted by you. None of us liked the fact you took your \’given\’ position for granted, you insulted us by assuming we would always put up with your foul behaviour, JUST because of where WE had put you. We live in modern times thank God and BULLIES won\’t be tolerated in any society. Peter has gained his public support simply based on how he has handled himself in the public eye, with his children and with his PRIDE. You would do well to stop all the name calling, blaming and absolutely embarrassing behaviour and take one real good look in the mirror! You have no one to blame but yourself, please don\’t try the victim buttons, the public really deserve so much more from you, please don\’t keep insulting us!!!!!

  57. I have just read Debbie Lee from Preston\’s coment bellow on Peter & Claire, Oh Deebie you\’r comments are that of a Bully. You do not have any class or decourum, your language and name calling is appauling and you should be ashamed of yourself. What kind of an up bringing have you had. You should be ashamed of yourself and put yourself on a show like Jeremy Kyle. Deebie you will never have class, Shame on you.

  58. I have just clicked on Debbie Lee\’s MSN and seen her comment\’s to others, oh Debbie your language is a disgrace a pure sisgrace, the way you speak to people is morally wrong, I am sure will in time have a seat on the Jermey Kyle Show because you cant publically have ajob?. who would employ a foul mouthed bully like you Debbie Lee.

  59. she\’s hurting thats why she\’s say these thing to annoy him but there noh need to say shes a bad mother went shes clearly nt.f any1 is heartbroken tae wuld understand lyk meh

  60. you r so nice peter hope you find true love one day you r better off without katie she does nothing but pick on you and put you down xxx

  61. kate was never good looking, pete is so sexy, put i am sick hearing about the two off them!!!!move on people lets here about real people. there is a war going on people geting killed, i cant wait till the day i bye a news paper, and there not in it,is this kate and pete shite ever going to end?????sooooooooooooooon

  62. if i feel sorry for anybody it\’s the kids,coz they have to grow up knowning that their mum was nothing but a cheap tart who would do anything to get publicity no matter who it hurt in the long run.if she had just kept quiet and showed abit of decency and respect towards herself then prehaps peter would of given her a second chance.she\’s messing the kids heads up by sleeping with different men and bringing them home to live. i don\’t really trust alex either,i think he is only using her to get famous.as soon as he gets noticed,he will dump her arse!!!.katie you are a mother of three,you are not eighteen anymore,you have responsibilties and partying at clubs or avin holidays in spain isn\’t one of them.you keep saying am not staying at home and eating hobnobs on the sofa.WHY NOT!!! every other mother does it.IT\’S CALLED BEING A GOOD MUM!!!! i am a mother of 4 and i know if i had a chance of partying or staying at home,i would stay at home knowing that my kids were safe in bed than getting drunk and putting other people down because of their own insecurities.I think pete should have full custody of the kids as he will give them a better upbringing. SHAME ON YOU JORDAN you have no one one to blame but yourself,and next time you sing whitney houston ( i have nothing ) downthe phone …. you are absoultely right….. you don\’t have nothing not even respect.

  63. She\’s a mum of three, but she\’s the one who\’s really started all this \’Team Price\’ or \’Team Andre\’ crap. Thank God those kids have Pete. He\’s been an absolute God send to her. Yes, Katie has been a good mum to Harvey, Junior and Princess, but Petes been a fantastic dad, even to Harvey who isn\’t his own. It must be very hard to take on someone elses child, especially one with Harveys disabilities. Pete was amazing to Katie throughout their relationship and she\’s thrown it all back in his face. Its terrible, she didn\’t deserve everything he gave her. I also can\’t believe the fact that she sold his dogs, that he left with her because the kids loved them. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. That just shows how petty she is, its pathetic. Just grow up Katie. Pete, thank your lucky stars you got out now.

  64. pete is not harveys dad.he should have full custody of his two kids but it just goes to show how one sided the law is in this countryi thought we were in the 21st century.its all bollocks the kids go to there mums atomatically if a dad can do just as good a job bringing up there kids and give them love and stability then it has to be 50 50 and if the kids are old enough then they should be able to decide for them selves there aint anything in this world a women can do more for there children than the father so in this case everyone knows pete would be better to bring up the kids.

  65. Katie is a very clever business woman, who calculates her every move before she acts, knowing exactly where it will get her. She clearly has no heart, and I disagree with some of the other posts on here saying that she is a good mum. I do not believe that she has ever been a good mum to her children, she simply passes them off on someone else to look after. Peter is a much nicer person than Katie, however he has only managed to relaunch his career due to his relationship with her! I think the kids would be much better off with their dad, and that she should just get on with her life now and leave Peter alone. I think the public have had more than enough of hearing about their little dramas!!

  66. Teammmm Andreee !!! i likee feel sorry forr Peteee… he is being put throughhh soo muchh and is keeping strong for the sake of his children… Pete has been there and looked after Harvey more than Katiee ever hasss and this was shown in State- Side… Katieee realllyy needs to get over herselff now because instead of gettin sympathyy of the public she is getting haters because i ceratinly hate herr !!! she reallly doess need to groww upp.. shes got herselff another man sooo why is she now interferring with Petes lifee if they are divorcedd… obviously she isnt happy with her cage- fighter boyfriend and clearly is still obsessed with Pete… well who wouldnt be..? Kattieee seriouslyy get over yourselfff… your a plasticcc !! and you ceratinly belong in the jungle with a character likee yourss !!! Teammm Andreee !!!!!!

  67. I feel sooo sorry for andre he took so much shit from katie he can do so much better than her i think i he should get full care of those kids he is a brill dad.I am so happy for him for kepping so strong for those lovley children of his i have never know a man like him to support those children what they have bean going though.Katie price needs to get over her self and stop thinking about her self she has children to think about now.PETE IF U READ THIS U GO FOR IT BABBY AND I AM ONE OF YOUR BIGEST FAN LOVE YOU ALWAYS.MISS ADELE ELLEN SHORTLAND.

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