Katie Price’s unusual book launch

Katie Price has hit the headlines again, by dressing her boyfriend up to look like her for the launch of her new book, Standing Out.

The glamour girl persuaded her cage-fighter boyfriend, Alex Reid, and three other male friends to dress up like her in one of the most unusual photo shoots that has ever taken place. The other (very obliging) men to take part in the stunt were her trainer Andrew Gould, her brother Danny and her friend Phil Turner. The mum-of-three dressed up too, in a Marylin Monroe style wig.

As shocking as this stunt might seem, it seems that Reid’s love of cross-dressing might be the catalyst for it. It was recently revealed that the 34-year-old is a fan of dressing up in women’s clothing.

When asked about the whole event, Price said: "This is all tongue-in-cheek, we’re all having a laugh and we really enjoyed it.”

Price has recently gained a lot of media attention due to her comments earlier this week about her ex-husband Peter Andre’s alleged affair with their manager, Claire Powell. Both Andre and Powell have denied her accusations and are said to be taking legal action.

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50 thoughts on “Katie Price’s unusual book launch

  1. For goodness sake i think we have all had enough of katie price, book launch, sex stories, etc etc, if she\’s such a brilliant mom maybe she should start thinking about what her children will think of her in a couple of years, gawd, she has enough money, enough \’stardom\’ so doesnt she think its time to be a stay at home mom instead of flaunting herself off as a cheap slag.

  2. What a truly hidious, unpleasant poor excuse of a woman she is. She looks exactly how she acts, like some cheap slapper. I feel for her poor children, with a dreadful woman like that for a mother – how very true that we can choose our friends, but not our family – poor little mites – At least their Father seems to be \’normal\’.

  3. at the end of the day no one knows what whent on she makes money by who she is and what she does who knows what peter was realy likes when he was wth her he knew what he was getting in 2 from the start u cant change people she has always been like it!

  4. It does\’nt matter why they broke up,everone can guesstimate and it seems that she is always giving reasons,in fact there is a different one every week.She uses everyone around her,that is obvious,but worst of all she is using hers and PETERS kids as weapons.BANG OUT OF ORDER KATIE ? JORDAN ? ALEX ? ROXANNE.

  5. What a complete farce he looks as cheap and ugly as she does. Some one has the audacity to put her up for Mother of the Year pleeeeeeeeeese they soon will be saying that King Herod should be Father of the Year.Why doesn\’t this female just dissapear up her own fake gold plated F—y I think she and that vain boy friend/girlfriend of her are complete TRASH.

  6. I wouldn\’t be suprised if Kate got into drugs or alcohol, like Kerry Katona. I feel sorry for Alex and Pete. She oviously still loves Pete, and hasnt got over the divorce. She\’s now making up any random story to hurt him and as she thinks \’the publc will feel sorry for her\’. But when truthfully all these storys are just turning the public against her. This book launch is just another publicity stunt. She\’s an idiot! No one likes her anymore, she should just shut up and live her life in private.

  7. dont dislike katie,shes good at making money,good with her kids,watched her tv show with pete that i enjoyed untill she started to bitch and start aguments with him and always turned it round to be petes fault.nobody knows what happened behind closed doors!she needs to stop all this crap shes putting in our faces esp this cross-dressing its sad and who gives a fck!

  8. lets see what she comes up next week, what idea she gets over the wkend. I feel sorry for alex he is doing, wearing what she likes…no future…

  9. Peter and Kate are the same, enjoying publicity, so it is unfair to blame Kate for everything, they used each other, it is their children who will suffer the most, they both need to realize this and keep quiet now.

  10. alex and jordon r just tramps look at him he makes me sick look at his bent nose and look at bucket fanny jordon ewwww get a life seriouly jordon just admit u love pete dirty girl.

  11. i think this is a stupid and silly stunt to try and take the public attention off pete too her, but it has back fire because all she has done is make herself and her partner look silly n horrible, she is a women of in her 30s and she is acting like a 16 year old. there is having fun and there is taking the piss, dont she fink ov her kids when she is doing this and dont she worry that her kids will see all this. she has dun nothing but slag off there father to the public and wonders why the public have started to dislike her and she is losing her fans. i also cant beieve that her partner of so many weeks has been tryin to stop pete\’s children speaking to him, who does he think he is they ar his kids and he nor jordan have the right to stop comtact and if this pettyness keeps happening the courts are gonna take pete\’s side for custody and i hope he wins to be honest he will have a proper and better up bringing being with a man who will giv them subility

  12. people are always giving jordan stick! has no1 realised she is no different to how she was before????she is a very flamboiant person! if you look back at all the things she has done in the past does it really suprise you as to the way she is now?come on she\’s jordan! its whats made her famous she may be a \’tramp\’ or whatever you wish to call her but guess what she\’s made a shit load of money doing this for the last 10years! you either lover her or you dont! i think she does still love pete but she doesnt know how to deal with it! media really dont help who knows what true and whats not its all bloody chinese whisper it all crap isnt! but if she wasnt making headlines for one thing or another WE WOULDNT HAVE ANYTHING TO READ OR COMPLAIN ABOUT!!!!!!

  13. peter must have known what he was getting into, marrying a page 3 girl. come on . . . its not as if someone like her is going to be the most dedicated and caring person in the world.

  14. I think this is absolutley supid stunt 2 pull. as if there aint enough shit about her new man dressin like a woman in the papers. i dnt think she loves him. i think she is still in love with peter n puttin on a big front 4 the papers n the cameras. i think deep down in side this woman would love 2 get bk with pete. this aint love. she is on the rebound n poor alex is gonna suffer. c,mon peter, Woop Woop!!!!

  15. Get this, big tits Jordan came to Newcastle on Saturday, turns out she can write words and has put them next to each other and say\’s it\’s a book called \’standing out\’ get the pun.. cor not arf woof,woof !!and did a signing at\’ Waterstones\’. Tri-sexual, cross dressing ugly mugged,cage fighting Alex Reid was there just in case phone threatened children looker afterer cake eating Peter Andre came to give her a Leona Lewis type book signing wallop round the head!! after her topless cavorting affair with top city banker Andre Pinto, which her trivestite cage fighting Scary mooshed phone threatening beau Alex Reid wants to talk to her about…there was a queue outside the shop right round the corner and 30,000 drunk Geordie football supporters all shouting\’ get yer tits out for the lads\’ ….. laugh not arf I nearly wet em.

  16. who actually cares??? you dont know her, i dont know her so why is everyone taking this like its a personal affront. its not. she can do what she want and she should be able to without a ton of bitchy girls insulting her. i dont particularly like her but then how could i, i dont know her! get a life and stop acting as if youre involved in the situation.

  17. Kate Price is nothing but a sla. What about the blue movie she made with Dane Bowers.Also if you take away the make-up, she is a real DOG!!! Peter Andre is better off without her.

  18. Katie Price has been nominated as mum of the year??? What the hell! How? Who by? And why? Please don\’t let her win! This just proves its all about the publicity and money! Doesn\’t it? It just seems that this is all one big joke! People will still buy the book and she will still make money by doing stunts like this so are we to blame as much as she is? Alex is just minging isn\’t he? As for Pete well ….. team Pete all the way! I agree about the make up! My husband says the same that she looks rough with out it!

  19. Well Katie has always been cheap, So why are we expecting better. I think she is getting what she really deserves! lol. She still loves Pete, but he would never have that dirty cheating tramp back! Go Pete, defo on your side> Goodluck with the albumn! And keep smiling your better of without the slapper! She always will be a selfish nasty evil slag! Asda well done for dropping her underwear, and the book stores, top selling her books. She takes the piss, bleeding all her fans dry. What Pricey wants Pricey gets lol, yeah right lol

  20. i love Katie Price/Jordan. I don\’t care what other people say. There are things she could do better and with more thought but I still think she seems like a great laugh and quite a nice person deep down. I don\’t care what people say to this comment by the way, everyone has their own opinion 🙂

  21. Jesus, that Jodrell\’s looking a bit ropey in that pic ain\’t she?? She\’d frighten a bleedin police horse in that garb!

  22. Your a very silly girl you had a lovely husband and you blew it, look what you have now a bloke who is a cross dresser ewwww how sad its time you grew up

  23. I hate that Katie & Peter have split & I think ifKatie is making wild accusation,s toward,s Pete & the Manager it is just her way of trying to hurt the people she feel,s betrayed by…I know Katie is a flirt & sometimes even looks like a bit of a slut the way she behave,s but I do not for one minute believe that gives Pete,s brother or anybody else for that matter to say they were embaraced by her Pete new what Katie was like when he got with her in the Jungle of coursehe had no Money or Fame at that time ..so should we believe even though she was an embaracement he married her anyway to help his career because that is what it is begining to look like & as far as I am concerned Pete used Katie to get his Fame back & as soon as he achieved that he walked out on her & their Kid,s…/he was willing to put up with all Katie,s flirting & childish antics for the past 4 years but as soon as he had an album being released & was employed to inteview on this morning as quick as a flash he turned his back on her…so forgive me if you disaprove but I am in Team Jordan Pete had nothing till he met her in simple words he was a has been ..so instead of allowing his stupid hanger oner of a brother slate his kid,s Mother the woman who put a roof over his head he should actually be Thanking her not Playing the poor wee injured soul …Sorry Pete you dont look that hurtto me…infact I never actually believed youreally cared about Jordan the way she does about you the only difference is you are sleeket & you know how to play the Public hat with being photographed cuddling your Mum o crying on TV & with your Kids while you sit & allow people around you to slate the womn who gave you back a decent life….so stop playing the injured wee puppy with your crocodile tears have the Guts to face Katie & explain to her face to face why you turned your back on her & your Kids as soon as you had your Fame back………GO KATIE….Get an Honest life Pete…….xx

  24. what is she doing ? i dont think she will ever be satisfied as long as she has a hole in her back side ! she has money, status ,3 lovely kids and a good family behind her. For goodness sake gracefuly step aside and enjoy what you have got , instead of rubbing every body up the wrong way cause you will be your own downfall which is very hard to watch !. you cant measure successs with money only with happiness do what you have to do quietly ,try it !

  25. What now for katie, adult movies with current cross dresser Alex, she can play the man and he the woman, why on earth are her family letting her do these things? they seem to be afraid of telling her a few home truths, she has no dignity at all.

  26. katie what will you tell your children when they ask "who is my daddy" another fling in the jungle will not bring happiness into their lives, you had it you binned it get a life girl after all children did not ask to be born.

  27. Grace, your command of the English Language is truly dreadful. Why type in the manner that you speak? There is little hope for the future of this country.

  28. why dont we forget about katie price and all the other so called celebs and remember all the people who fight to give us freedom

  29. i forgot to add all those brave men and women who have lost their lives for us maybe katie price alex reid etc.,should shut up and get out there and do their bit instead of trying to get publicity for themselves they make me sick

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