Jude Law’s baby finally revealed

Samantha Burke, the ex-lover of Jude Law, has finally revealed their new daughter to the world, despite Law never having met her.

Samantha Burke, an American model/actress, hit the headlines earlier this year when she announced she was pregnant with the illegitimate baby of Jude Law, after a brief relationship. He has now been proven via DNA testing that he is definitely the father of baby Sophia. Featured in the latest issue of Hello magazine, Burke shows off their new daughter, and admits that there have been no plans made (as yet) for Law to meet her.

"There are no plans for it to happen at the moment, but I know he’s busy,” she has said.

In the exclusive interview and photo shoot, Burke also reveals how emotional the birth was, and that she would definitely like Law to be involved in Sophia’s life; "I think of my relationship with my father, and I think it’s just as important as your relationship with your mother. I’m very hopeful that it’ll work out, for Sophia’s sake."

Burke has also hit back at claims that she is a gold-digger, saying; "It really hurt. People who know me will testify that I have never dated a guy for money."

So, should he make the effort to meet his new daughter, or is it best for the actor to stay out of her life altogether?

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23 thoughts on “Jude Law’s baby finally revealed

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  2. If you can see your daughter that would be great, as my son\’s father never see him, never sends a birthday or christmas card and to see my son so hurt it breaks my heart when OUR son has done nothing wrong or me. His father has three more children and even i don\’t understand what we did wrong. Do the best you can as when the children get older thats when things get bitter and I should no. All the best for you all and try to get all the other half children together as it\’s better to do this when the new child is so young then older so they can bond better as it will come natural.

  3. if he wants to see her, let him, never be the one to stand in the way of daddy and daughter relationship, but on the other hand if he doesn\’t want to be in her live then he should have no worries, that if you meet someone and they want to be her daddy, then law has no right to not agree, but either way he needs to pay for her, even if monies no object, with you being an actress, he should put x amount in to a bank account on certain special occassion ie easter, birthdays, christmas etc stump up school fee

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