Coleen and Wayne have baby boy

Coleen Rooney has given birth to a baby boy, nine days later than expected.

It has been reported by The Sun that Coleen went into labour earlier today, and gave birth to a boy at 2:20pm. A spokesman for the couple has said: "Mother and baby are both absolutely fine. Wayne and Coleen are thrilled with the wonderful addition to their family life."

The new parents have named their new addition Kai Wayne Rooney, Kai meaning ‘ocean’ in Hawaiian.

The young couple, who have been together since they were just 14 years old, married last year in a spectacular Italian wedding ceremony. The birth of their first child comes just over a year since they exchanged wedding vows.

New mum Coleen has been in the public eye for a few years now, with her own TV show, her book deals, her advertising campaigns and her own magazine column. However, just before she announced she was pregnant, she admitted she would love to be a full-time mum: "I would like to have a family – maybe three or four children – and I would be happy to be a full-time mum. I do enjoy my work but I’d be happy when we do have children to just get on with that."

Whatever happens to one of our favourite celeb couples, we wish them and Kai all the best!

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54 thoughts on “Coleen and Wayne have baby boy

  1. It will be just another spoilt brat like the Beckham brats, and it just hows what a selfish dog Rooney is by leaving to go and play football instead of stating at home with coleen where he should be, lets face it united have played and won a lot better without him because he is no good as a footballer he\’s like beckham a has been

  2. WHEN is a celebrity going to call it\’s offspring – something English and traditional? – Like James, Edward, William, John even. Now wouldn\’t that be different! Patricia Sinclair

  3. my 4 1/2 year old son is called kye and its a beautiful name… well done to the both of you. and english and traditional names like james edward ect: are just common and boring!

  4. WHEN did ones right to name their child what ever they wish get taken away….what buisness is it of anyone elses what origin the name has? Surely it is a personal decision to be made for personal reasons. People whom choose names like \’edward\’ etc choose them because they like them….not because someone else says so or because they are \’Traditional\’, Kai is a \’MODERN\’ name. Build a bridge and get over this please….

  5. filthy ur plain filth. who r u to slag scouse birds off? we have more class than the whole of noprth west. were 5yrs ahed in fashion and with naming our kids. get a grip!

  6. Picture of FilthygorgeousPicture of Filthygorgeous Filthygorg​eouswrote:Poor little bugger..can you imagine if it looks like him!! My mate has a Japanese Akita called Kai!! lol……….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  7. It was both of them I commented about…not just her.Yes Scousers are just oozing sophistication , walking around the Town Centre in their pajamas, velour track suits, Juicy Couture, shocking perma-tans, and rollers in their hair, just so they may bear a passing resemblance to some girlfriend of a two-bit sportsman. Class hmmmm….I think not. Like I said, no taste.

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