Katie Price’s bad luck continues

It’s fair to say Katie Price isn’t having a good week. She endured bushtucker trial after bushtucker trial in I’m A Celebrity, despite begging the public to give her a break, until it finally got too much and she quit.

During her time in the jungle, Katie endured being showered with 60,000 cockroaches, she burrowed through a tunnel filled with bugs, and attempted to eat a kangaroo anus and testicles, among other horrors. Faced with her seventh consecutive bushtucker trial, Katie gave up and left the jungle for the luxury of the nearby Versace Hotel.

But there were more dramas to come – in her live TV interview with Ant and Dec the following day, Katie announced she was no longer dating Alex Reid. “I’ve done a lot of reflecting,” she said. “I think it’s best I’m on my own, I just don’t want to be in a relationship. I hope we can remain friends.”

Katie admitted that memories from her first jungle visit in 2004, when she first met Peter Andre, may have contributed to her decision. "The whole place reminded me of Pete from the moment I woke up, the afternoon to the moment I went to sleep, every second it was Pete, Pete, Pete.”

And now a report in The Mirror states that Katie’s £30 million business empire isn’t growing at the expected rate. According to the newspaper, the model’s new children’s book range is selling poorly, with one book, Mermaids and Pirates: All Around, only selling 19 copies! The figures, from Neilsen Bookscan ratings, also reveal that the latest series of Perfect Ponies books has sold under 1,000 copies, compared with 26,000 for the series debut in 2007. Katie’s bed linen range is no longer being stocked in some stores, and her lingerie range for Asda is reportedly "under review”.

If eating worms and burrowing through cockroaches isn’t going to endear Katie to the British public, what will? 

Photos: Katie’s jungle adventure

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35 thoughts on “Katie Price’s bad luck continues

  1. Hey , Poor Katie, she Rocks….. she will jump back, now she\’s had her wake up call. The difference between now and 2007 is that nobody has any money, people aren\’t spending (including me) . Lets not single Katie out , lots of folks empires aren\’t growing at the theorised rate. Why do we always have to rip people down to make ourselves feel good?. Only the strong survive, and theres nothing weak about Katie Price (or her £30 million). Keep your head up girl, you should be proud.

  2. louise reed(Offline)wrote: I hope that her stint in the jungle has bought back the katie we love and aspire to. No one can help falling in and out of relationships, we all handle things in different ways. Lets just hope that she realizes that airing her dirty laundry in public give those that want to comment an all her bad choices a chance to have their say.. C`mon Katie brush ya self down and get back on your feet and be the girl who we all loved ! !

  3. wish the people would leave katie price alone the woman is hurting and acting brave when she s down stop putting the boot in i blame peter andre for this putting across his sob stories sad wimp he s too nice to be nice i hope the tables turn good luck katie don t bother with the wicked people in this country wonder if they are so perfecto ???

  4. Personally, I don\’t like her. But then again, Peter Andre isn\’t a saint either. No one really knows what these people are like underneath- and the tabloids get to chose what they print. It\’s all a political game. Which is sad. Though hearing some of the things.. Katie Price does seem a bit worse than Peter. But again, who are we to judge either way? Judgements of any kind based on what you read in the paper just means you\’re doing exactly what you are expected to do: take a side. All rather stupid.CVH

  5. If poor sad KP wasn\’t so fake it might be sad but wouldn\’t \’I\’m missing my kids so much\’ mean that you would fly straight home to be with them, to kiss and cuddle them cook their meals and generally be there for them. Where is she? still in the luxury hotel room for the next two weeks putting on more fake tan,painting those oh so perfect finger nails and puting on more black hair dye from a tube. Chatting on the phone to the magazine that she has done another deal with, who are the children with, Not their Mum. I rest my case.

  6. y feel sorry for her she put it on herself …. she should knw by now that she has to be carefull what she does .. im persanlly sick of hearing about her

  7. Personally, I was very shocked when Kate and Peter divorced. The truth did not come clear why they divorced. No one is saint in this world, so just they know the truth why they divorced. But, if the Kate was giving more attention to Pete and Pete was more tactful with Kate this family would remain together and happy as always they have been. Before divorcing they should work out for their relationship and they should stay just together as a nuclear family, not as an extended family. I think they did not spent time for theirselves and they were interesting more in the increasing the profit, not in developing their relationship. Anyway, Kate for you is not to late darling to decide for your life, firstly you have to love Kate and your children and you need some rest to go fare way from this country and give value to yourself because you are young and you have a long way to go on. Do not blame yoursef for nothing because everything is write from God to be done and you can not excape from it. Please do not listen people what they are saying about you and Pete, who knows, maybe one day Pete will come to you again, because he is going to understand his mistake. Just pray and be positive because very soon you going to have changes in your life in the good direction.

  8. Lumni\’ everthing is write from God\’, God gives us free will to do want we want to do in this life, thats why we make mistakes and from our mistakes we learn, or should learn. We are all responsible for ourselves and our actions thats the hard facts of life.

  9. Poor sad old Cow, things do sound dire for her, when lifes in the doldrums like that the best thing we can hope for the knackered mare is that one of her implants explodes in her sleep and finishes her off quickly.

  10. She has a 30 million business empire for starters, she\’s single, she has 3 beautiful children – stop feeling sorry for her I wouldnt be complaining! Some people dont know when they got it good. 350K just to do a few days in the jungle, at least she doesnt have to sit in an office everyday, listening to people bitch and moan about pointless things, worry about money, worry about getting her hair done or buying something new for a wedding! doesnt worry about affording a holiday!………. She can do what she bloody well likes Poor katie NOT :-/

  11. She seems like a horrible person, she\’s got a blessed life so she shouldn\’t complain so much, even if her business isn\’t selling as predicted she has enough in the bank never to need to work again. I think she should try doing something for others, some charity work or something, put her life in perspective a bit. Then maybe people would start to like her again. I think she needs some time alone away from the limelight, get back to the nice Katie she used to be, get some counselling for her issues and come to terms with how she has behaved and why people began to dislike her. Plus she shouldn\’t have complained about doing all the trials in the jungle, after all she got paid 6 times more than the others, she was only earning her fee!

  12. Sarah could comment however I think you give her too much credit, I believe she has always been a fame whore and willing to prostitute any part of her life for a fee. Its a shame for her children, they will always been financially fit but I worry about the psychological implications of her behaviour.

  13. 19 copies sold I think that is amazing considering the author. Perhaps she should write for adults and not children, maybe more of a magazine, one where you eventually have trouble opening the pages. 30 million empire, wow what is wrong with society when the likes of Jedward and Jordon can even developing an empire. In perspective the lads on the front line only get paid £15000, why are their lives worth so much less, its a crazy sad world we live in.

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