John and Edward get a makeover

It seems that John and Edward (more commonly referred to as Jedward) have grown up! 

Thanks to Grazia magazine, the 18-year-old ex-X Factor contestants have been treated to a makeover. Gone are the huge quiffs and suit/hi-top trainer combinations that we usually see them with. Instead, they have a sleek new image, complete with side partings, tailored suits and sunglasses.

In the space of weeks, Jedward have morphed from unknown, slightly off-key wannabes to international pop icons with fans ranging from David Cameron, Kelly Osbourne, Pixie Lott and Henry Holland, to Will Young and Agyness Deyn.

The boys are preparing their next move with speculation they’ll do everything from appearing in the next 118 advert to becoming the new Ant and Dec. They’re certainly in demand – last week, they had to charter a private helicopter to enable them to make all their public appearances around the UK.

"We love fashion," says Edward. "We don’t really wear specific designers as we can’t afford them. But when we were on the show it was more about us having a slick solid image that had impact rather than a label. We hardly ever wore T-shirts – only shirts with ties."

The boys are styled by Britain’s most influential male stylists Mark Anthony, Frank Strachan and Tom Stubbs in this week’s issue, on sale now.

What do you think of their new image? Hot, or not?

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100 thoughts on “John and Edward get a makeover

  1. what have they done wrong to you losers? stop hating, there 18 and within a year they will be more successful than all of you! LOL

  2. Jesus H. Christ!! Who gives a sh**t! If you are really interested in this sort of toss, do us a favour and go and kill yourself – cannon fodder!

  3. Josh:not sure what you think of as successful? What they have done to me is assault my ears, although as young boys I think people are too hard on them, you can\’t call everybody on this board losers. I am studying to be a psychologist and will actually be GOOD at my job…to me thats real success, not young kids who can\’t sing, can\’t dance and have no discernible talent trying to become singers. They will undoubtedly make some money but they will never have a sucessful single or album so how can you say they will be successful? They are basically a newer version of the cheeky girls and will fade once the next biggest thing coems along as they have no talent to fall back on

  4. To be perfectly honest, John and Edward have to start realizing that even the audience can do what they\’ve been doing on X Factor! I mean seriously! I\’M even better than them 🙂

  5. dont like it ! i love them and i think they should stick with there old look made them origanal !! please change it back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love them but its not them same !! CHANGE BACK NOW !!!!

  6. Ok Ok ! They look better i agree !I also agree it will not help them sing or dance but they could …………….i dont know ………………………MODEL!I agree that people are being hard on them and should just wish them the best!Please comment if you agree or disagree(no swearing-being hard on them!)

  7. Why would someone come and read something about people they don\’t like and then waste their time commenting? That seems awfully sad to me…

  8. NOOOO!!!!!! xox john & edward if u ever read this plz go bac to how u were !!!!! u were quite fit before but now u look like your on your way to stop a bad guy and save the world .. ahha lol .. plz go bac to how u were u dont look yourselfs 😦

  9. Oh no jedward i loved you both the way you were!!! Dont listen to some stupid magazine and get a makeover.. I thought you looked well fitt with the quiffs and high tops and neon colours but now you just look posh…. and it dosnt suit very got twins like you 2 please go back to the way you were i love you both still but the people who did your makeover from that pathetic magazine are mad in the head and you shouldnt of gone thru with it…. please go back to beein my john and edward and not 2 twins that look posh :\'( xx

  10. Your new look is too posh & unrecognisable :(I do think you look hot, but you we\’re so much cuter with the quiffs & you we\’re really unique.You look like mature adults (which, no offence..but you\’re not)Please go back to the old original style, it suited you more & that was the jedward we fell in love with!:D

  11. I\’m glad the quiffs are gone but the side parting is just ouch…they should just were it all ruffled! The suits are all right for a photo shoot but really, they can\’t be expected to not be teen boys and wear jeans and trainers (I know they\’re not really teens anymore but young men?!) They need to stay how they were known, casual, that was the look everyone fell in love with and that\’s the look they should keep. Don\’t go listening to some top designer have you seen the clothes some of the produce they\’re just hideous!

  12. dopey and dopier looked like a right pair of tossers during their stint on xfactor. no matter what they wear, or ,what they do,nothing will ever,ever alter the fact they are, and always will be a pair of w*****s.

  13. can we possibly have some sanity back into our lives.i get so incensed by a pair on bog trotting nobodies who have no talent whatsoever, and because of a so called talent show they get the publicity they have always craved for. out there in the big wide world there are countless of talented guys and girls who will never get the chance to show their talents of. yet these two self delude idiots seemed to have got into the fray. it\’s thoroughly disguting and immoral.

  14. It doesn\’t matter what they look like on the outside, they will always be tw@ts. A bunch of talentless teens who\’ve had their so called 15 mins of fame

  15. Eh…. -Sigh- When Will This Be Over… I\’ve Nothing Against Them, They\’re Really Nice Guys, But Its\’s Getting Boring… >.>

  16. go on guys!! yeaa ok they might be not that good at siing but least they have the guts to go up there perform !! n i didn\’t what them to winn but i don\’t think hey should have been boooed ! you can booo them when you\’ve sang and danced and been given cr*p to on the X Factor !! s go on lads !! x

  17. Some people might think im super wierd for saying this but I\’ve Relaized that Jedwards vocals are way better !!!!!!!! but I like their old hair better

  18. CRAZY CRAZY world we live in. I think fair play to them for milking what they can out of this fame thing, but what is wrong with the public. These guy can sing in tune, are average looking and dance like they have electrodes attached to their danglies, so why oh why are they getting all this attention. I dread the future Jedwars and Jordons, what is happening to society, the end is here!!!!

  19. omg that is no way jedward… b4 they left, they were just ugly goofball hedgehogs who couldnt sing. they still cant sing but they look AMAZING

  20. jason i agree totally thye cant dance at all but no need to b so immature how old r u? im 15 and i dont talk like that.

  21. Its an opinion and valid this constant flow of wannabees with no hint of talent is destroying society. They will be earning a fortune, let alone the cost of shipping them about. We are currently in a economic decline and half way through a war, does anyone else think the money to continue this charade could be better spent. Its a joke, unfortunately the joke is on us all.

  22. All the makeovers in the world won\’t alter the fact that the boys may be \’sweet\’ but they have no talent apart from unbelievable self-belief!… well somebody did a good job in \’building up self-esteem\’! This is all a joke! a sick one.

  23. I so agree with georgina. I hated John and Edward fopr sending lucy out (Who By the way lives by my house!!) but it was really unfair the way they were bood on by the crowd.My hearts really went out to them

  24. Nooo! Give us the old Jon and Edward back ! I loved their quiffs 😛 and their suit/hightops mix 😀 I just hope the fame doesn\’t go to their heads and they stay normal… well as normal as they could ever be 🙂 (it is a good thing) I lovvee themm 🙂 (if they read this… you are awsommeee!!!!)

  25. Oh no ! bring back the old John & Edward that we all know and love! the suits, big tainers and cool little quiffs…They dont need changing they are perfect as they are, thats why we all fell in love with them in the first place, they are unique !!p.s. John is so gorgeous & funny ,i just love him, he is going on my christmas list to santa this year that\’s for sure ;-D

  26. they look amazing and fair play to the lads as a fashion designer owner of fashion brand i would love to send john and edward some free items as they are good looking lads and i hope they do well now and in the futureTony knight

  27. i dont know they dont look so trendy, i dont think the sunglasses suit them. im interested in what will they end up doing in future.they wernt good singers on a singer contest show. more for child programme presenters i thought. so it will be interesting to see where they go in there careerers if anywhere.

  28. are they still here?!?!?!? they were crap on tv , n theyre still crap now!! n asfor celebrity fans , i highly doubt that , as they cant even sing or even dance properly!get off our screens n out of our news , thats all i can b bothered to say about them , im noyt nonna waste any more time on these guys , the public ill soon realise that theyre one shot ponies n forget they ever happened , but until then………. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  29. Ohhhh, for heavens sake!!!! Will you lot in the media STOP shoving these two talentless, tuneless twins down our throats at each and every opportunity you can! It\’s gotten worse than boring – it\’s now \’extremely\’ irritating! Incidentally, just how much influence do Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh have in the British media/pop industry? Far too much I fear. Let\’s be honest, (if that\’s possible on their/the medias part???), it\’s certainly not talent that\’s the reason for these two still being written about now is it!

  30. I Love Jedward!!! They Are Amazing And I Really Want To Meet Them. I Don\’t Like The New Style So Much Though…. I Liked The Suit- Hi Top Combination! It\’s WHAT I WEAR. I Love Jedward Because They Don\’t Care What All You Pathetic Haters Out There Are Saying. They Had Fun And They\’ll Keep Having Fun. If You Don\’t Care, Don\’t Read This Article! Simples!I LOVE JEDWARD

  31. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they cnt take there quiffs away they luk wel gawjus like tht ..people keep sayin tht they shudnt b on there coz its a singin contest coz they prat bowt wel no1 didnt say nethin bowt same difference they actd like kids so y take it owt on to two teens who jst want to ave fun so if ya dnt like it thn thts ur problem init nt theres…………..cnt wait to c them nxt yr………………..LUV ♥ JEDWARD MWAH XXXXX

  32. Sexy twins, what more could you wish for. It shows they ain\’t afraid to try new things though doesn\’t it. *Claps* the twins rock my socks so much i do like their older Quiff but they look so smart and epic in that pic. Let them do what they want!!

  33. They look smashing… Good for them!!!They should enjoy the opportunity to have as many publicity stunts as possible,I think that they would do really well on children\’s TV.

  34. Let\’s face it, it wouldn\’t take much to improve their appearance?!!!!!! I would like to see the back of them forever, but they do look a million times better than they did on x factor. (when grandad Louis was styling them?!!!!) I would like to see both them and Louis extinguished from the planet!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????

  35. I absolutely LOVE Jedward,, I always have done and I always will… I couldn;t be happier that they have got this makeover… From childish and cute to sophisticated and sexy– I wasn\’t complaining either way, though, to be honest… And I must borrow somebody\’s copy of that edition of Grazia!!

  36. Will people stop being retards about it? Just because YOU don\’t like them doesn\’t mean that other people can\’t like them,,

  37. Jedward Looked Awesome The Way They Were! ❤ I Saw Them In Chicago Rock And They Both Touched Me!! I Want Them To Go Back To Wearing Skinnies And Hi-Tops! 😦 XXXXX <3LOVEZZ YOUHH JEDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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