Katie Price and Jamie ‘Afro’ Archer?

It seems that Katie Price is enjoying being newly single, and is taking full advantage of it.

On a night out at top London club Mahiki, it has been reported in The Sun that the glamour model and I’m A Celebrity contestant made a beeline for ex-X Factor contestant Jamie Archer, where they drank together and ‘flirted’.

The rumours come less than two weeks after Katie publicly dumped her cage-fighter boyfriend Alex Reid, after she quit the I’m A Celeb jungle. It’s also slightly shocking to see rocker Jamie knocking back the booze with another woman, after he had allegedly been seeing Coco Lloyd from X Factor girl group, Kandy Rain.

Maybe they’re just friends, or maybe it’s something more? Stay tuned folks.

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48 thoughts on “Katie Price and Jamie ‘Afro’ Archer?

  1. whoooo! jamies a bad boy hanging with jordan. y is she hanging in clubs anyway shes 31 for gods sake shes much to old.

  2. to be honest i couldn\’t give a monkeys what jordan/katie does, it\’s all for publicity and to get her name in the news and jamie afro is hot at the moment. Peter andre was wise to get rid i wish him all the best for the future.

  3. Oh dear! Yet another way for her to keep in the public eye and make even more money! Maybe I should have a boob job then all my broken relationships would make me money lol… It does my head in hearing about her ongoing publicity stunts!!!!

  4. I think Jamies far to smart to get tied up with Katie Price. Shes a real waste of time. Shes lonely now it has become obvious to her at last that shes not going to get Pete back…hes so much better off without her…shes looking for company so guys beware!! With no brain and no morals either lets hope she emigrates leaving the kids with Pete and that we never see or here of her again!!! Keep away Alex she used you like she uses everyone – lucky escape for you mate!

  5. man she shouldbe at home looking after the kids anyway shows what a ripper she really is barely 2 weeks fro splitting with tha other plumb shes at it again

  6. just a old plastic tart that should know better by now ,if not for her sake let it be for the kids forget men for a while and spend some time with the kids they grow up so fast .

  7. why does it matter so much wot Katie is doin in her life there are plenty of people doing the same thing and its not an issue!! Coz u hav kids doesnt mean u have to stay indoors 24 hrs a day!! And re the comment of bein in a club at 31 is crazy it doesnt make a difference wot age!! Sum people seriously need to get a life!!

  8. I was going to leave a comment regarding Jamie and Jordan, but having read Tina Jane\’s comment, she has summed up exactly what I was going to say. Any man is far to good for this pathetic, shallow, sad excuse of a woman who is an appaulling example to teenage girls who aspire to be like her. God knows what we all have yet to come when her daughter grows up….let\’s hope Peter puts a stop to any ideas of fake breasts, botox and glamour model shots, because i\’m sure this self indulgent twirp will only be encouraging her!

  9. Who Cares!!!!! Why do we have to know so much about this person? Who decided she was interesting? Who decided that every paper or magazine has to have her plastic botox face and breasts all over it? Who decided that it needs to be interviewed? Who actually told someone that this useless ex-page 3 idiot of a woman is what we all want to know about??? Jesus Christ! Between reading about her and the poor guys she\’s chewed up along the way and publically humiliated and Kerry the fat useless dog Katona, it\’s a wonder that we have had time to know anything about anything else in the whole world! Reccession? What reccession, I been to busy reading about some plastic surgery addicted tart from Essex that loves pink! War! What war? I been to busy watching interviews with this dull awful skanky slut that used to get her norks out!WE DONT CARE WHO SHE SLEEPS WITH OR WHAT SHE HAD FOR BREAKFAST OR WHICH WAY SHE WIPES HER MOUTH AFTER SMOKING HER LATEST BOYFRIEND!!! WE DONT CARE!!!!!

  10. it does not matter who katie talks to or has a drink with the press media or corrupt people will have a sordid story to tell in their eyes this woman can do no right even if it is innocent shame on you all are you squeaky clean ??? eh

  11. Oh Dear Miss Plastic not so fantastic, only 19 comments you certainly are losing your touch, or maybe people are just fed up to the back teeth with you and your media pimping.

  12. At least now we all know where all yesterday\’s tv desperate celebs hang out, I didn\’t think there was a club big enough to get all these losers in the same place

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