Amy Winehouse back with Blake?

Just when we thought Amy Winehouse had got her life back together after her extended break in the Caribbean earlier this year, it seems she has gone back to her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, much to the disapproval of her family.

According to The Sun, Amy has reunited with Blake after they spent 36 hours together holed up in a flat in Sheffield. Blake, an outpatient at a nearby clinic, has not been popular with the singer’s family. Amy’s dad Mitch has not been quiet in expressing his distaste for their past union, and has blamed him for her infamous battle with drugs.

The couple divorced four months ago, but Blake’s mum Georgette has predicted they will re-marry: “He’ll be straight back with Amy in London. I know it won’t be long before I get a call from Blake saying, ‘Mum, I’m at the airport and we’re flying off to get married’."

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17 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse back with Blake?

  1. What is it with some female musicians that no matter how super talented when it comes to men and relationships even with all the warning signs slapping them in the face many times over they still offer themselves up again to be emotionally broken into little pieces and as a consequence their music suffers irreparable damage.The incredible talent of Amy Winehouse was at it\’s best before she got involved with this loser and I doubt that she will ever produce work of that quality again with or without him and if as rumoured she is seeing him again then I totally sympathize with her family who at least had reason to hope that with him out of her life she could get back into her music. What a waste.

  2. both of them are a waste of time space and oxygen, her family blame him for her getting mixed up with drugs, thats no ones fault but her own, it was her choice to take drugs, as with all junkie\’s they should be sent down for a long time to get them off the drugs. her old man has been reported as having heart problems all the stress she puts on him will end up killing him, no doubt she\’ll hit the bottle and drugs and blame it on losing her dad not the fact that she is responsible.

  3. Good luck to em, perhaps they will fly of on a honeymoon and take a nice cocktail………………., heres hoping. What a pair of wasters.

  4. this girl is a waste of time .both him and her are a pair of losers .sad junkie\’s ,honeymoon one day .devorce the next. then rip .ha ha ha ha ha ha !

  5. What a waste of space and our time having to read about these two, she is definatley on a suicide mission. Sorry but you\’d have thought that they both may have learn\’t the lesson that together they are no good for each other. Money has gone to her head and how he makes his I have still to learn or is he just spending hers. It\’s pantomime season perhaps they will just dissapear in a PUFF of smoke I do hope so.

  6. I enjoy Amy\’s music. Fielder-Civil will be the ruin of her. She must be a very wealthy woman. Does Fielder-Civil have his hooks in her because her money can finance his drugs.I remember how a partner locking on to Whitney Houston for drug money wrecked her career.

  7. their must be more news in the music world than this sad junkie, who appears to have no music talent and is hardly an example to the younger generations

  8. I sang Me and Mr Jones last night at karaoke and they wouldn\’t let me sing the F*******s is this? Instead the words were "What kind of Foolishness is this?" Not quite the same is it.

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