Peaches Geldof tweets car crash

Peaches Geldof escaped unscathed after the car she was in crashed after spinning out of control on an LA motorway.

The 20-year-old and friends were on their way to Disneyland in California and were apparently speeding, according to a post left on the star’s Twitter page moments before the accident. Peaches tweeted: “Speeding like I have never, ever witnessed before on the freeway – feel like I’m in a scary car chase video game.”

Moments later, the car skidded out of control across three lanes of traffic. Although the car suffered extensive damage, none of the passengers were seriously injured. Peaches even managed to add another tweet, saying: "Just actually experienced a full on car crash with the IDGAF crew. Wow, I guess we really don’t GAF.”

The driver of the car claimed her foot slipped off the pedal while driving due to their urgency to get to the theme park. After the accident, they carried on and made it to Disneyland as planned.

Although not physically injured, the incident definitely shook up the young star and her friends. Another tweet shortly after the crash revealed Peaches’ shock: "My last memories if we had all died following the epic crash – reading the NME, then screaming, clinging… what a way to go…"

We’re not sure if rushing to get to Disneyland is worth risking life and limb for. Let’s hope Peaches and co have learnt their lesson!

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76 thoughts on “Peaches Geldof tweets car crash

  1. Judging by the quotes, I cannot help but feel Peaches attitude to this is far too cavalier, I see no regard taken for anyone else on the road but themselves and having a laugh along the way wouldn\’t it have been fun if they\’d taken out a bus full of kids on their way? (The odds seem likely around thanks giving that kids would be headed to disney world) as they spun out of control? What a bunch of thoughtless idiots!

  2. Was really sad to read this, what a silly little girl driving the car. This type of stupid behaviour is the reason I try not to drive because of other people\’s bad driving, what would have happened if the girl driving has killed an innocent family which has happened recently in the UK. The people living in this "I\’m above the law" world need a good slap to bring them into reality and that included P.G.

  3. Frankly, IDGAF.But, how stupid do you have to be to plaster on the internet that you\’ve just been speeding following an accident?

  4. Sounds like, they didnt know where they were going!!! Its Disneyland, in Los Angeles and Disneyworld in Orlando…And since the drinking age in USA is 21, I am sure thats another law she has broken.

  5. Stupid, shallow, vacuous waste of space is the only way I can describe this girl, would she be quite so brash if her actions as she cut across 3 lanes of a highway had killed a family in each lane?! Probably not but I\’m inclined to think that she would jump on the "woe is me" bandwagon, dragging her parents/upbringing into it and courting sympathy in the process!! She\’s a pointless W*%&(*R with famous parents, that doesnt make her untouchable!!

  6. PEACHES GELDOF………… I for one am sick of hearing your name, Who are you? what do you do? apart from being the ugly, fat, spoilt daughter of Bob Geldof, who has frankly raised an oik. You are not funny, beautiful or clever as you think you are, nobody gives a shit about your pathetic antics or the antics of your idiotic prep school toff "friends" you are a disgrace, just like your slag of a mother do us all a favour & fuck off, better still DIE.

  7. I came on to add my comments but see it is unanimous…. everyone thinks she is an inconsiderate prat who doesn\’t give a toss about anyone else….and her \’friends\’ IDGAF Crew – who? – we DGAF about any of them either, just glad they didn\’t slaughter any innocents on their way and hope they get the book thrown at them!!….how were they allowed to carry on their way to Disney World and get there \’as planned\’ after causing such mayhem – shoulda been locked up and had the key thrown away….ah well, better luck next time!

  8. Its a miracle they didn\’t get themselves or anyone else killed. I hope the driver and all involved has learnt their lesson, accidents can happen at any speed so dont go out there tempting fate. As for Peaches, what the hell do you guys expect, its a normal reaction from any 20 year old. It\’s simple, when ya young ya do stoopid fings, ya take life for granted, ya think ya invincible and ya think ya gonna live for ever. The whole point of her tweets being reported on this site is to bring in visitors to vent their anger on someone they dont really know and thats exactly what\’s happened. Your mentality astounds me. Lady Diana was killed in a speeding car, was it her fault? If Peaches had been killed would it have served her right? So how can I compare Lady Di to Peaches? Easy, they are both Human Beings. Oness still alive, thank goodness and the other rests in peace.

  9. I\’m still trying to get my head around the original article referring to this vacuous piece of pond life as "…the young star…"

  10. Stupid cow ……………………………. she\’s her mothers daughter alright. Takes risk and doesn\’t give a toss about other poeple. The Daily Mail had the cheek to call her a socialite. What crap.

  11. well guess what peaches we wouldn\’t GAF if you had died either; but as with most accidents its normally some other poor unsuspecting bastard who gets caught up in another fuckheads stupid antics and dies as a result. so count yourself lucky. hopefully next time you\’ll get seriously injured; then see how truely funny it as you tweet with blood dripping on your blackberry

  12. I thought it was a tragic shame….. that she survived!!!!!! Why couldn\’t she have killed herself??? That would have given young people far more of a greater lesson!!! Now kids will think they can get away with doing the same thing and twitter it after!!! How f*** hilarious!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!! GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. It saddens me how our young people and especially young girls have such shoddy role models in the public eye these days; I work with young adults and the difference in the thinking between us – we grew up in the same area and there\’s only a 7 – 10 year difference – is astonishing. I think of the role models I had when I was younger – Anita Roddick being my favourite and I try to think of an accessible equivalent and I am stumped. Yet another stupid girl to added to the pile of stupid girls making a quick buck and failing to see the far reaching repurcusions of their stupid girl take on life. To compare this incident with Diana\’s death is laughable – Diana was a role model and contributed immensely to society and the car was speeding due to the outright harrassment of the media; Miss Peaches was speeding to get to Disney Land………………LOL. PG needs to Grow up. Being young is no excuse for being stupid; quite the opposite in fact. And you are no less accountable for your actions – you may THINK different but you shouldn\’t DO different especially where the law is concerned. So so boring – this also highlights how sad Twitter is. I wish people would please reading the drivel amd colluding with the over inflated self importance of these people who are no more special or important than any other person on this planet. Nuff said.

  14. What\’s even more sad about this, is the fact that this poor excuse for a human actually thinks that she is a " somebody ". Well, what can you expect when she comes from such retarded stock ! Like a lot of comments already, would she be a miss ?

  15. I felt compelled to comment and share my distress – that she survived! It\’s so nice to read that everyone feels the same about these \’so called\’ celebrities.

  16. Hi Peaches.For many years I have wanted to drive but couldn\’t afford to. Prior to my recent test, my friends were very impressed that I anticipated other drivers ahead of me are more likely the risk. Never be distracted by the music or the chatter in the car.. keep your eyes on the road. You\’ve a dad who I know will be glad to hug his angel… but please don\’t try to become one. Stephen and Judith Sillett (check out Kilshaw, Judith\’s former name)

  17. Peaches???? who in the blue hell is she if it was\’t for her dad. and reckless driving and bragging about it well that Pi***s me right off anyone else they would be a police enquiry. I mean they have the evidnce the stupid B***H was writing about it on twitter. ok……. Rant over

  18. Again these people have no thought for other peoples lives, if an accident had accured what a terrible waste of innocent lives, they should have been arrested and charged with reckless driving and endangerment,

  19. Oh look, another bunch of stupid retarted self obsessed tarts, posting they had a car crash moments after. Here\’s my message, GROW UP, ACT SENSIBLE, and for crists sake DRIVE RESPOSIBLY. F….ING IDIOTS!!! Should have died, that would make everyone happy.

  20. FFS She is such a f*cking retard, def takes after her mums side doesn\’t she. Like we expected anymore from her. Im Sorry Sir Bob, we have gallons and Gallons of respect for you but your offspring is a complete idiot. Sort her out before she and her mates hurt someone who does give a toss about life.

  21. Peaches even managed to add another tweet, saying: "Just actually experienced a full on car crash with the IDGAF crew. Wow, I guess we really don\’t GAF about endangering innocent peoples lives and behaving like complete morons.”

  22. Words escape me (well almost!) ! So totally irresponsible and not even a word of remorse too. She must have a deathwish. People in the public eye need to realise that their actions can and do influence other people – driving dangerously and endangering other people\’s lives is not glamorous it\’s sick.

  23. Why on earth have you described her as \’the young star\’? She is famous only for being the child of her parents, and has shown no talent whatsoever, other than being able to get herself publicity! She joins the ranks of the Jordans, Jades, Victorias et al whose every act, no matter how stupid or deplorable. is considered newsworthy. Arrogance and frivolity are hardly admirable qualities in anyone, so why should having a famous family exempt these morons from the general rule? The more attention you give them, the more they seek.

  24. what a stupid irresponsible child but then she loves the publicity and doesn\’t care about other people and that she could have killed innocent people with her stupidity

  25. Peaches Geldof is a Pathetic little Brat who needs to wake up and smell reality!!!…..there are enough young people dying in our world…..Iraq….Afghanistan…and elsewhere…..And frankly I am sick of hearing about her….I am so glad My daughters are not like her…..stupid Tart..

  26. Peaches Geldof, a silly name to match a silly girl, her dad is a savior to millions when he raised all that cash for the starving,she\’s been given another chance, I hope she has the good sense to use it, I hope daddy doesn\’t give her a new car for christmas, but I hope he tells her he loves her, and perhaps she will start being sensble and think of people less fortunate than her selfish self.

  27. what a load of really think she had a brush with death?a near miss?of course not,just another publicity stunt.something made up.\’We’re not sure if rushing to get to Disneyland is worth risking life and limb for\’yeah,well we\’re not sure it\’s even true

  28. If she were my daughter, I would feel so ashamed. No doubt her dad is. If there\’s any justice, they should be prosecuted for dangerous driving and she needs her arse kicked for her thoughtless comments.

  29. How come if any ofthe joe public had done this the police would of arrested them and they would of been charged, but oh no wait a minute this is in the god old USA the land of the free and the land of the mega rich who do what they want when they want. At tleast the police let her go to Disney land anybody else would of been arrested the police are as bad as she is

  30. talentless rich bitch has no idea of what life is really like, would she of put a tweet out if she had just killed a family peaches says "My last memories if we had all died following the epic crash – reading the NME, then screaming, clinging… what a way to go…"well at least they family died and not me." Vile creature she makes my blood boil she stands for all that is wrong with celebs.

  31. IDGAF Crew? I Dont Give A F*ck Crew? IDE. I Dont Either. Not about her or her stpidity. The car was extensively damaged but they could continue the journey? Don\’t forget the Tiger Woods crash whjere we learnt that you are NOT obliged to talk to the Police over there after a crash. Bizarre

  32. What an idiot!! Why is publicity given to talentless little rich girls like her – taking advantage of her father\’s fame to become famous herself! You can become famous these days with no apparent talent!! She needs to be taken in hand and be given a dose of reality! If her and her stupid IDGAF (FFS!!) friends want to kill themselves for an important meeting with Mickey Mouse fair enough – but they could\’ve endangered the lives of others!!

  33. Damn it why couldn\’t it have been a bad crash that you know at least smashed her hands up. At least then she wouldn\’t be able to type out any more crummmy articles or meaningless \’tweets\’. Im part of the DGAF group too, its just more focused on pathetic vermin like this talentless brat.

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