The biggest celebrity scandal of 2009

We asked you, our lovely celebrity followers, what you thought the biggest celebrity scandal of last year was, and you voted in your thousands!

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Michael Jackson’s shock death came out tops, with a whopping 68% of the votes. It might even be the biggest celeb scandal of the decade, let alone 2009.

Coming second, with 10% of the votes, was the death of reality TV star Jade Goody, and a close third with 9% was the rise of Susan Boyle. With a paltry total of 0%, Jude Law and his surprise baby came in last. It seems that you didn’t care too much for Mr Law’s big scandal of the year.

The Rihanna and Chris Brown saga and the rise of X Factor’s Jedward were also popular in 2009, but the deaths of Michael Jackson and our Jade Goody were clearly the most thought-about stories of the year.

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