Russell Brand and Katy Perry are engaged!

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for – our favourite new couple of 2009, Russell Brand and Katy Perry, have got engaged.

Their whirlwind romance has seen them take several holidays abroad, declare their love for each other via their Twitter accounts and Russell has even met Katy’s rather religious parents. And now the speedy couple, who have been together for only three and a half months, are getting married! According to reports, on New Year’s Eve, Russell popped the question to his American girlfriend, during a spiritual Indian ceremony.

The comedian and movie star sent a text message to The Sun newspaper verifying the rumours that they had taken the next step in their relationship: "It is true. Much love.” It was also reported by The Sun that Russsell had been shopping in London before their trip to Asia to buy Katy an engagement ring, and apparently told a friend: "Katy’s managed to tame me. This is it – I’m completely in love."

We wish them all the best, but do you think it’s too soon? Leave a comment below.

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62 thoughts on “Russell Brand and Katy Perry are engaged!

  1. Tommy i agree with you. He is so used to girls throwing themselves at him, that the first girl to say "I\’d like to get to know you first" is actually the one that has woken his emotional side up. British men are always attracted to the thought of American women but the reality of their cultural differences might be a shag too much. Good luck to them though.

  2. I think it\’s cute, its not really anyone else\’s buisnes to be honest, if they are in love and want to get married, it doesn\’t matter how long they have been together as long as they are happy, congratulations to them, much love

  3. Well I said yes to the big question after 5 days and was married 8 weeks later. So you don\’t have to be a celebrity. Congrats to them both and I hope they\’re be happy as me and my man are after 2 years.

  4. Good luck to you both i got married after four weeks and have been happily married for the last 37 years. Whats meant to be…..will be.

  5. i got engaged after being with my soon to be hubby after just 5 weeks…. and you know what i have never been happier!!! good luck to them i say xx

  6. Who\’s to say what\’s "too soon"? If they\’re in love and happy, that\’s all that matters… Good luck to them 🙂 x

  7. I got engaged after just 2 and a bit months (was first dating my fiance back in September too! Ooh, we\’re like the non-celeb version of Russ and Katy! lol). People have been quite cynical and saying \’it\’s a bit soon innit?\’, and yes, I probably would have joined them if I didn\’t know me…but I think you just \’know\’ when something and someone is meant to be. I\’ve now experienced true love, and I would have said \’yes\’ after just one day if I was asked…so no, it\’s not too soon at all. I wish them much luck and happiness :0)

  8. laughable really. they obviously deserve each other. 2 sorry ass losers. i would have thought she\’d have had a little more class, but obviously her self esteem is at a catastrophically very low point in her shallow life. she\’ll learn the hard way, and in a few months time it will be, poor Katie. she shouldn\’t have rushed it. I say, grow up girl and date a REAL man, not this punk ass, immature idiot, who only thinks about his holier than thou, self.

  9. i would hate to be in realonship when famous 1 because u want be in the realtionship in privatewont ya but i hope for the best for them congrat xx

  10. in my opinion i would say it is not to soon…. people can not help who they fall in love with… if this is just a publicity stunt then more fool them.. if its genuine then i wish them all the luck in the world… love and marriage should never have a time limit on it.. you can find your soul mate within the first few weeks… leave them alone and let them be happy. 😀

  11. tbh i dont think is too soon its obviously love at first sight and if there happy and i commited wll good on them !!and i wish them the best off luck in the ne year !

  12. If they were meant to be, then they were meant to be, irrespective of how long they have known each other… I know personally \’love at first sight\’ really can work… and also all you have to remember is to treat each and every day as if it is your first day all over again, and the first sight feeling will never fade… as long as you can stay in love with what first drew you together… All I can say is good luck and best wishes 🙂

  13. I\’ll give it 5 minutes. Who gives a sod anyway? Anyone who\’s bessie mates with Jonathon Ross has got to be a complete dork. SCR

  14. To be honest, I think it\’s sweet. They are probably my favourite couple of 2009/10 so I wish \’em good look. LOVE Katy Perry, my idol. LOVE Russell Brand, he\’s hilarious! 🙂

  15. I love this couple. I love Katy Perry and Russell Brand has grown on me. I hope they work out although a little part of me thinks that they won\’t in the long-term. It\’s all very quick, isn\’t it?

  16. I think its fabulous and Mr Gorgeous Brand deserves some happiness and Katie seems lovely….long term though….not too sure… all the best to them both ,big love mwah…mwah xx

  17. . . i have no idea who this woman is and her choice of husband is a bit suspect considering how he behaved on the tv.. however, at least he did not get her pregnant within 3 months like tom cruise did to his virginal katie

  18. Russel and katy have been together for a year now .not three and a half months! and tbh i think there made to be forever ♥

  19. yes far to soon , like all the others break up after a while .why get married ,the trend of the day is liveing to gether much sensible till you get to no one another very well ,then married ,

  20. awwh im really happy for themm! 🙂 but tbhh if yuu dont caree or "give a S***" why leave a comment the the 1st place.. stange people…

  21. I thinkk if theree in lovee andd they wannaaa get married theyy shudd, butt the question is – Is the marrige gonnaa lastt? x

  22. omg es an idiot i dnt think es tht funi i wudnt think tht there marriage wud last long bt there is anotha rumour tht they are expectin a baby azwel well gud luk to them…………………………

  23. My parents met on a blind date, with my father popping the question 4 days later. They will have been married 34 years this april. If Russel and Katy can handle the pressure of the press in their relationship too, then they will be happy for a long time. All the best to them.

  24. I dont think I\’m the only one that thinks this is a typical celebrity coupling, and is therefore doomed to a short shelf-life. They ahve only just started dating, but let them enjoy it while it lasts! So what if they\’re using each others profile, that\’s the nature of celebrity

  25. i cant believe it katy is one of my favorite girl singes ive ever heard and russell brand well hes just gorgus.Katy you\’ve done the best think ever thank you russel and katy

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