Lily Allen and Cheryl Cole’s feud explodes again

By guest blogger Daniel Marler

Cheryl Cole, X-Factor beauty and one of 2009’s biggest selling artists, branded her old rival Lily Allen as “a little girl” after she ‘took the p***’ out of her in a press interview, it was reported in The Sun.

The feud between the two is just the latest in the rise of female pop star spats, and this particular one seems to be taking a turn for the worse. It began after Cheryl’s infamous “chick with a d***” jibe, after which Lily hit back with some fairly cutting words.

Funnily enough, the two had never met until recently. The feud had been put on the back burner for some time, but when they finally met, it seemed they had agreed a truce, with Cheryl hugging her and saying, “nice to meet you” and Lily replying, “there is no beef”.

However, things reportedly got ugly again when Cheryl overheard Lily allegedly “taking the p***” in the press room. Cheryl simply said that she would be the bigger woman by saying “she’s a little girl but I’m a 26-year-old woman and I’m not at school anymore.”

We can’t help but wonder what will happen next between these two. Will they ever kiss and make up?


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14 thoughts on “Lily Allen and Cheryl Cole’s feud explodes again

  1. I dont see why lilly allen gets involved with cherl and calling her nasty names when shes done nothing rong, lilly is just scared that more people look up to cherl then they do to her, cherl know alot more then you do im afraid sweetheart.

  2. Cheryl Cole is amazing and her singing is great too. But as for Lily Allen well she doesn\’t sing, just talks, swears and chats crap…………

  3. Oh Dear! It seems to me the green eyed monster has spat her dummy out. Cheryl said the right response and she was the bigger woman and quite rightly said she had left that sort of behaviour in the school playground. That\’s all it is – Lily is obviously jealous of all the attention Cheryl has been getting – sad girl!

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