Dannii Minogue is pregnant

Danni Minogue has confirmed she is pregnant, choosing her Twitter page to announce the news to fans: "Woo hoo I’m going to be a mummy!"

The 38-year-old is due in July; it will be the first baby for her and her boyfriend, former rugby player Kris Smith, 31.

Dannii’s spokesperson confirmed the good news: "Dannii and Kris are very excited and can’t wait to start their family in 2010. Rumours and stories surfaced across the weekend about Dannii being pregnant and having already had her 12 week scan. These stories were incorrect. Dannii had her 12 week scan this week and was given the results today with the all clear to make an announcement.”

The news adds to speculation that Dannii may not return as an X Factor judge this year, amid reports Simon is keen to have weekly guest judges when the show returns in August.

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31 thoughts on “Dannii Minogue is pregnant

  1. well done dannii no one deserve happiness more then you and please try and do the x factor cause i don\’t think i could watch it without you . you are the best thing about the show

  2. Good luck to you both you will make a fantastic mum and you deserve it Danni we all love you lots of hugs and kisses. Grace

  3. Congratulations Danii and partner may he bring you heeps of endless joy i think it may be a boy . From Angela Shaw in England

  4. hope she is not coming back this year with her fake face & no talent, wonder though how she will menage to keep her surgery alive fake nose libs, fake boobs for the baby aww, botox..stay where u are

  5. Happy for them two and the baby but upset because she\’s not coming back to the x factor!PLEASE???Love her on the x factor, i think she\’s really geniune and I know this is a bit random but her outfits and hair styles were so much better than cheryl\’s thi syear!How many hair styles can a girl go through with that haircut??

  6. CONGRATULATIONS ! to you both you will be lovely parents so happy congrats to kylie shes goin to be an aunty may god bless u all lots love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Congratulations on getting pregnant. But when you or anyone else talks about your boyfriend Kris why don\’t they acknowledge that he is an ex Rugby "League" player from the "U.K" (not just an ex Rugby player?!) cos it makes a massive difference in the game (and World!) of Rugby, especially in Australia???!!!

  8. Congratulations Danni! & Kris xxx I really hope this year is your year, you look so radiantly happy and it is good to see that. Your child will be so lcky too having a beautiful Mother and Aunty! xxx Aaawh what a lovely story and great news xx GOOD LUCK< GOOD HEALTH TO YOU BOTH ALWAYS xxx

  9. congratulations to u both, hope to c u on x factor this year as i think u are really trueful and your clothes are really nice much nicer that cheryls good luck in the future

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