Ronaldo strips off for Armani ad

Hunky footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has taken the place of David Beckham in the new Armani advertising campaign.

The 24-year-old football star shows off his perfectly honed body in tiny Armani briefs for the designer ads. According to the Mirror, Armani have stated that Ronaldo has “the perfect physique” and is the “essence of youth”.

Ronaldo, who is world famous for not only his football skills but also his interesting fashion sense and his apparent 3,000 sit-ups a day, will be appearing on billboards and in magazines shortly, wearing nothing but these skimpy designer pants.

What do you think of the ad? We can’t help but find it a little bit stomach-churning, but that’s just us!

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81 thoughts on “Ronaldo strips off for Armani ad

  1. "stomach-churning" as in, it makes you sick that a fat tub of lard like yourself will never look as good as this no matter how hard you try?

  2. Ronaldo\’s bod\’s great, but I like David b\’s face. Our Cristiano\’s in good nick though and no mistake. Armani ads are GOOD!


  4. No sorry he has the body of a scrawny chicken, who wants to see somebody\’s skeleton, yuck!!! A man should be a man, give me James Martin, Ray Winston or Phillip Glenister anyday

  5. Good Lord, what a body! And what a treat. First Beckham and now Ronaldo, wow. Both gorgeous and I LOVE those toned bodies.

  6. are you all morons?thats not his body ,neither was it beckams last time,its all air brushed in.see em stip after the game n they look nothin like that.

  7. Total metro-sexual, poser, not what a man should be in my opinion. As a Royal Marine I will give him credit for the 3000 sit ups a day, however this extreme vanity is a sign of a flawed personality

  8. Umm…WOW! Always loved Ronaldo, for his football skills, and also his gorgeous looks! And guys… GROW UP if you think that isn\’t real…I\’ve been at a game and seen it myself 🙂 He is just GORGEOUS. Congratulations for geting the ad Ronaldo ❤

  9. Bring back the proper foot ballers these over paid models would be pop stars are so ego tistic , yea great pyshique hope he scores gaols to . Bet hes scared of rough tackles though , lol

  10. Always thought Ronaldo was a honey, but must say, after seeing this picture, I actually prefer him with his strip on- he may have a six pack, but looks positively scrawny !!!!!

  11. You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare. Either way I, don\’t wanna wake up from you, my guilty pleasure I ain\’t goin nowhere because u are so fine!!!!!! 😀 (Ronaldo is the best….I have loved him since he moved to Manchester United, from his football to his looks…always supported Ronaldo from the good times to the bad espacially after the 06 World Cup…but gutted when he left my team, but I wish him all the luck at Real Madrid..and one day I wish he will come back and play for Man.U again!!! Well done Ronaldo!!!! 😀

  12. Sadly as a photogrpaher of 50 years experience, thisi is not the best photo that Armani could have had taken of Ronaldo, the posing looks so stiff and static, the lighting does\’nt show his body or the product in the best light, the Beckham shots were better.

  13. Always loved to see Ronaldo with his shirt off on the pitch, but this pose does nothing for him. Becks is the best, he has a really sexy body one to die for. WOW

  14. Certainly better than Beckham with all those horrible tattoos…anyone who has to disfigure the body they were given has to have serious insecurity problems……from star to freak

  15. I absolutely love David Beckham, but i agree that anyone who puts tattoos on their body has ruined the skin they where born with and into. But Ronaldo???? That photo has been "doctored" and no one, not even him would do 3,000 sit ups per day!!! Reinstate a real man, Becks!! At least David has life experience, he has 3 beautiful sons and he is a very HANDS on dad!!

  16. Jealousy will get you nowhere. He is delicious and he can put his boots under my bed any day of the week. LOL. Not the best pose but that body is fantastic. I used to love watching the end of a football game, just to see him take off his shirt…….drool…….

  17. The picture shows a fit body, but I worry about the pose. No need for an 8 pac as suggested. He seems to get fit naturally. 3000 sit-ups are possible, and admirable. I have seen it. For me Beckham is better at the poses and charisma, but unless he has wisened up to making money by certain \’statements\’ like the tattoo, then so much of it is questionable. I would hesitate before slagging them, or making it obvious that one is taking sides. Saying something objective may be useful. Tommy.

  18. beautiful face and hot body no offence to beckham but english guys cant compete with foreign men ronaldo is the hottest guy on the planet 4sure

  19. anything that involves Ronaldo removing his clothes and being photographed will always meet with my approval…very easy on the eye!

  20. He\’s a good looking fella but he doesn\’t look real.He\’s not my idea of a real everyday normal man, I agree with a previous comment gay men will love this pic

  21. How great it is to see a male body that hasn\’t been disfigured by a load of tattoos. As for his physic, he puts a lot of footballers in the shade and certainly looks a damn sight better than Becks.

  22. I really think Ronaldo should put some weight on. Thats the worst body i\’ve ever seen. I hate the pants and the pose. The only bit I like is his face and hair. I feel sick even looking at this picture. 3,000 SIT UPS? YOU\’VE GOTTA BE JOKING! EVEN HIS LEGS LOOK HORRIBLE!!!

  23. Sorry, this does absolutely nothing for me whereas the Beckham one did and I bought the pants for my better half. He looks too effeminate.

  24. This is disgusting!! If i women had posed for an advertising campaign like this there would be outrage at the \’sexist\’ companies!!And there is nothing wrong with tattoos, they dont \’ruin\’ the body they are there for the person that has them to remember a moment in their lives!

  25. tbh did think ronaldoo was fitter thn beckham ..but aii look at this pic here nd it does nothing for him ..yyh beckham might have tattoo\’s but he is way better than ronaldoo …BRING BACK BECKS!!!! he\’s the only 1 that can do the armani ads phwoooar!! x

  26. Dayum, that\’s hot! So says the American. I might actually watch soccer (or football as you call it) just to see this guy.

  27. omg e is gawjus e is the fittest footballer tht like i woz dissappointd tht e left man united t e stil mi fave nd gd e is a sexi man……………..

  28. He looks terrible-wx-chested perma-tanned grinning unpleasant arsehole-a flaming ken doll has more sex apeal AND looks more manly. And women feel annoyed about being held up always to stick thin models. Surely it\’s equalled itself now with men being bombarded by the leering arrogant mugs and wincingly baby-smooth \’bodes\’ of the unsexy, unmanly-YES I SAID UNMANLY likes of David Beckham, Peter Andre, this loer andco. Enough already. And put it away you sexless arrogant git!

  29. He has a great body but I don\’t like his face even if he is from the same country as me , I don\’t have the hots for him. But he does the Job well!

  30. The thing is he is a footballer, not a model – what happened to football and the way it used to be? Now footballers are treated like celebrities and get paid ridiculous amounts of money for each game they play, they have modelling assignments, clothing lines and advert status on out TV\’s, they own not one car but several cars and houses – greed! Why don\’t they use some of their millions to even out our planet and look after the ppl who need help from the western hemisphere who seem to have far too much money to indulge themselves, their money could help save so many lifes? It\’s a disgrace – football isn\’t what it used to be!

  31. Obviously, there has been alot of airbrushing on this pix. Not impressed at all. He would be quite appealing tot he gay community which isn\’t a bad thing.

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