Posh offered £25m to design hotel

Victoria Beckham has reportedly been offered a whopping £25 million to help design a brand new luxury hotel.

The multi-tasking Mrs Beckham was offered the job personally by Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, after she met the Royal family last year, states The Mirror. The hotel will be located on the fashion-themed Isla Moda and Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld is also said to be involved.

Despite this amazing offer, the busy 35-year-old has said she might not accept it because she doesn’t have the time. However, if she does decide to take the job, Posh has apparently promised to be very hands-on and involved in the design process.

We’re not quite sure where Victoria would find the time; she already has a successful fashion label and three young boys to look after! Do you think she should do it?


28 thoughts on “Posh offered £25m to design hotel

  1. What qualifications does this woman have to warrant doing such a job??????? She\’s basically somebody who was in a pop band that happens to like designer fashion? She has no talent what so ever! I\’m sure there are hundreds more suitable interior/fashion designers in the world that are far better qualified to take on such a task and be worth the £25m its paying!

  2. Multi tasking!!!!!!!! She is the most clueless woman on this planet. If it wasn\’t for her husband, she\’ll be a despot. She can\’t sing and has the fashion sense of a DODO. It\’s a very great shame that she thinks she is an Icon!!!!Last note a very close friend of ours is on the Cruises Bodyguard Team (Ex Royal Marine). Told us when Queen Victoria got to the cruises mansion, both of them said quote "Oh God, clueless is here again".

  3. She might need to have some lettuce and lemon infused water before she begins…..What a waste of space she is!Think David actually knows it too…….

  4. I think she has said she \’might not accept it because she doesn\’t have the time\’ as an excuse – she knows that actually she\’s not up to the job. Hope it eventually goes to a properly trained and talented designer, not this vacuous waste of space.

  5. How about getting "normal" people to design a new hotel?? Can still use those who stay in luxury hotels but ones that not so high profile. Those people have more of a sense of reality than the likes of Posh!!

  6. So which talented designer will she be employing as her PA to do all the work for her ???? Posh is highly skilled though in some specialist subjects, ie – walking in high heels, pouting (I am now struggling to think of some more), oh and standing around in high heels whilst pouting at a photographer. Therefore it should be a breeze for her to design a new hotel …………….

  7. i doubt very much if there is a grain of truth in this story.The ruler of Dubai is not going to give £25 million to somebody who has no idea how to design such a huge piece of work as a hotel.

  8. So apparently the Sheik Mohammed wants vicky to design him a hotel ! Maybe thinking she could spice it up a bit. But is this realy what he wants, what he realy realy wants! I doubt it.

  9. I would love this job and would love the money that went with it, I have the same hotel designing experience as Victoria, which is absolutely none.

  10. As far as I can see her, there is no chance for her to do something like that. Anyway silly sheiks with lots of money…they just want a popular name on it, it is just nonsense. I wonder why she is not in the list of the most hated woman of England, she is already in US.

  11. what is wrong with you people that is why you do not not progress,what do you mean she has no talent,dont forget she gets these offers because of the way she present herself.Love or hate her Mrs Becks\’got class go Victoria go………

  12. she is pointless, talentless and terrible role model for young girls , She gets these offers because of who she married hotels , clothes line, perfume , please as if she personally does any of the work for them herself

  13. Victoria does\’nt say much in public, I like her, she\’s a good mum works hard and takes good care of her family despite her busy schedule, she could sit back and do nothing, whatever she does someone will pick holes in her. Let the girl do her own think and leave her be.

  14. Hands on, does that mean she will she will be undertaking an engineering analysis of the structure, surveying the ground to calculate the foundations required and producing plumbing and electrical installation diagrams. A Woman of many talents.

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