Brad and Angelina still together

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the most confusing couple in the world it seems, put on a united front last night and made everyone question: are they REALLY splitting up?

Last week, the press reported that the hot Hollywood couple were separating and had even seen lawyers to discuss splitting their assets and the custody of their six children.

However, Brad and Angelina surprised onlookers as they arrived at the Directors Guild of America Awards in LA on Sunday. Reports say the pair looked very loved-up and happy, making it hard for those break-up rumours to seem true.

But despite their surprise appearance at the event, there is still speculation the pair will split later this year.

Time will tell if Brangelina are coming to an end. How long will they keep us guessing for?!

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16 thoughts on “Brad and Angelina still together

  1. Why can\’t they just be left alone? Are we really so sad that we get enjoyment out of other peoples misery? Heaven forbid that a couple should be happy, it\’s just not normal. So lets hound them and wait for it to fall apart.

  2. I agree if it does come to an end it\’d be due to the pressure from the press and to be honest I think brad and angelina are a decent celebrity couple as far as they go these days.

  3. i really do feel bad for them, because they\’re constantly in the spotlight, but isn\’t this what they signed up for? they wanted to be famous which comes with the constant paparrazzi and the haters. still, i guess nobody deserves people putting their noses where it isnt wanted 😛 xxx

  4. does anyone really give a shit.? if they split.. they split.. if they dont, they dont.. WOW get over it you sad pathetic people who live for gossip.

  5. exactly my sentiments benn. Who gives a shit???? anyway they have to many kids to split up!!! surely they made this commitment to each other and all these kids with a lot of thought first? Good luck to them both whatever. let them get on with it its nobody elses business.

  6. Benn Allen- surely it\’s more sad and pathetic to take the time to read and post a comment on an article just so you can call people sad and pathetic! Now that REALLY takes the biscuit!!

  7. Another couple that I am so sick of hearing about – they both made their bed and now have a horde of children to think about before themselves – get a grip and sort it!!

  8. Why can\’t the press leave Brad and Angelina alone. Why would they be happy to see them break up. For goodness sake, they need to get a grip. I don\’t believe Brad would be so mad to go back to JA!!

  9. I think they must be very happy – I mean how can you manage that amount of kids on yr own!! One of them would keel over with exhaustion, it\’s hard looking after one! As much as speculation grows, they\’re likely to be together always I think, and I bet Brad keeps the beard so lots of women go off him..

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