Katie Price to marry Alex Reid

It’s official: Katie Price and Alex Reid have announced their engagement in OK! magazine.

Despite breaking-up with her cage-fighting boyfriend on TV when she left the I’m A Celebrity jungle in December, Katie has exclusively announced that they will marry later this year.

Alex, who won the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother, has seemingly changed public opinion about himself. He went into the Big Brother house to boos but came out on top, with Katie there to greet him.

The reality TV stars have given OK! magazine an exclusive interview, revealing their plans for the future. Katie said: “This year I will marry Alex and I’m going to have his kids… I’ll change [my name on] my passport, cheque book, everything. I want to be traditional, the way marriage is meant to be.”

Alex said: “I need Katie. I don’t need her for fame but I need her. It has been a fantastic start to the New Year and it’s going to be even more fantastic now this is happening.”

Video: Alex wins Celebrity Big Brother

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100 thoughts on “Katie Price to marry Alex Reid

  1. Would she have married him if he hadn\’t won CBB I doubt it very much. They really deserve each other. I just feel sorry for the children being in the middle of the media circus if not being in articles with Katie they are in the magazine with Pete. It is a real shame.

  2. Wow that\’s a surprise. Fancy Jordan changing her mind over marrying the tango coloured muscle man just because he won big brother. It must be true love after all. And here\’s me thinking she was a cheap, tacky, mercenary, publicity hungry slapper, with no morals and even fewer scruples. How wrong can you be about someone. Must dash out and buy a present!

  3. Good luck to him,anyone who gets dummped on live t.v after flying half way round the world deserves all they get.She is obviously doing what she does best,uses people for the lime light then disgards them at her will. In fact I think it is rediculous that these so called celebs use the marriege vows as some sort of cash insentive. As for changeing public oppinion on Alex,well my opinion is he is just another sucker in the line of suckers pulled in by Katie price AKA Jordan.

  4. Jordan is an absolute joke. How can anyone praise a woman who does such things as she does? (rita??) If it were a woman living round the corner from you having children to three different men and remarrying months after getting divorced would you be so impressed? I\’m sick of seeing her in the media. There\’s more important things to report on than Jordan\’s next victim and her ridiculous plans for her future. Sad, attention seeking girl.

  5. Why don\’t you people leave Katie alone, if you don\’t like her, don\’t read about her, turn your heads the other way. Stop slagging her off. Would you all like someone to do that to you or your family. Where you people in her marriage to Peter. It take two & let\’s not forget that if it was not for Katie, there would not be any Peter, so stop hating on her. I would like to see some of you get to where she is. Don\’t go judging, look at yourselves first. Peter aint not saint or this best dad you all are talking about. Guess what people Peter will not make it with out Katie. Stop hating because it aint getting you no where. You people are acting like she committed a crime. People get divorced so get used to it. She wont be the first & the last. So what is she re-marries what business is it to you all???

  6. i won £400 when i correctly predicted that katie and peter andre\’s marriege would\’nt last and i am now betting that if this marriage does go ahead it wont last more than 2yrs. katie does\’nt know what she wants and she\’s very insecure. alex is a fool to marry her, katie will treat him as badly as she treated peter. DONT DO IT ALEX, she humiliated you once when she dumped you on live tv and she\’ll do it again. park the bike up and leave it alone.

  7. she is only marring him to get back in the news A lex run for the hills she not made to be awife or a mother pete should gofor his children now they would be looked after better

  8. I Think Katie is sayin im changin my name 2 do it all rite is just totry and get at Peter, Only he know\’s he is better of with out her and he done the right thing and walked away from the evil cheap tart. She loves Pete still we all no and it wasn\’t that long ago she was askin him back and sorted a date for them both..Peter keep up your good work love u loads xxxx Katie get a lifeand stop dreamin like always..


  10. I thnk this is a calculated move on her part, to boost her popularity. He needs to move on and get away from her before she drags him down, like she did her first hisband.. DONT DO IT ALEX

  11. I\’m sick of marriage being made a mockery of …… these people are meant to be role models – is it any wonder our society is fekked up when people look up to these idiots? Bring back the days when we had proper celebrities and we only had to speculate about their lives … media nowadays is too intrusive and people like HER get headlines all the time. That\’s all I am saying, love or hate them you canny disagree that it\’s people like them who are destroying our culture.

  12. im sick too death of hearing about jordon (katie price) she just another attention seeker not happy unless she in paper ….lol this is just another big joke next year be another divorce you watch once the novelty wears off !!!!!!!!! again its the kids i feel sorry for more than anything ,,,,,, and peter is better off without her .he the better person too look after her kids .

  13. odear katie limelight off you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shame alex didnt take the advice of cbb stars more fool you alex and they say th women are bikes

  14. What a load of rubbish. Probably will break up again next week when limelight has gone down. I wouldn\’t touch either of them. He must be thick

  15. Don\’t do it Alex! Obviously she goes for the nice guys who are in the limelight to get publicity for herself, she\’ll break your heart!!

  16. omg people are so sad believing everything u read,and judgeing that poor woman just because that ball less cheeseball left her,peter used to be the butt of everyones jokes!,he used katie to make a comeback with music and hes failed that so far,hes crap,i think katie price is great,always have and will never change my mind about her,no matter what any1 says,and if u hate katie dont read about her,iam happy for her and alex,she deserves to be happy,and yes she dumped him but he sold a bloody story to the papers on her,what would u lot do?shes had so many ppl hurt her,no wonder shes the way she is,grow up,loads of ppl get divorced,life goes on,go katie xxxx

  17. sad realy, how desperate can a female get, think people read bnout her just to prove to themselves there is someone worse off than them

  18. Katie great you want a traditional wedding only problem is that this normally means you have to keep your knickers on when you see another man so looks like this marriage will fail too

  19. june just read ur mail and i totaly agree what bussines is it of our, so y the hell does she apear in every mag u buy on t v more than the adverts, i am surpirsed the lime light dont melt her inplants

  20. When will the media get it into their heads that the vast majority of us are sick to the back teeth of seeing/reading about this money grabbing manipulative woman. You have to hand it to her in one sense in that she has made a fortune out of plastic boobs and the skilful use of botox and continues to conive extortionate amounts of cash out of press and magazines so she can flaunt the results

  21. So flipping what! Katie needs to get a grip and learn about herself and be a proper mother before she launches herself into another marriage doomed to failure. Alex, she will do the same with you and she did with Peter, use your relationship as long as there is press coverage in it and then look for the next idiot when the interest starts waning. Katie is a businesswoman in her own right – yes she\’s loads of money, but her head is not screwed on emotionally – until she is in the right place mentally her life will not work for her or anyone else in it. Run for all you\’re worth Alex!

  22. give them a chance…alex had plenty of time to sort his head out on celebrity,and proved to viewers that there is depth to his character…he has not changed his mind about katie even though he will be aware a number of girls will be after him….katie must have felt something for him to go out with him..if it goes wrong all you doubters can say i told you so…i hope katie means what she says but only time will tell…how many people look back on their lives and think where was my head at choices they made…ii hope this is the right one for them and the most important people in katies life which are her children…

  23. Oh come on he is the LOVER OF HER LIFE, now that the other LOVE OF HER LIFE Has got on with his life.(Pete) Alex is just as bad as Jordon so don\’t waste your money on O.K.Mag and any other Mags with that mug on and she Will get the message that she IS NOT POPULAR.

  24. Katie is a disgusting human being. She basically wants to pop out children with every man she meets. She\’s already been knocked up by two different men, here comes number 3. We have the right to critisize her because she\’s a disgrace to the female population. She\’s the reason why men have no respect for women.

  25. omg this woman makes me mad sometimes.ok so she is a public figure but why does she have to splash everything all over the magazines.i used to have the upmost respect for her she had a hard time and i think peter bought out the best in katie because she became known as katice price the business woman,the author and mother instead of being known as jordan the slapper model.how can alex honestly know she loves him when she was with him within weeks of her marriage break up how can any woman who claimed to love her now ex husband say she truly loves another man he is just a rebound person and i truly believe if peter changed his mind she would dump alex like a shot i really don\’t think she knows what she wants except more money lining her pocket. her marriage break down her children the whoile shabang is a way just to get herself in the lime light if she truly wanted a relationship to work why do it in front of the entire public eye.

  26. I agree Janette people always slag her off but peter "nobody" Andre is a big girls blouse he used Kate to get back to his dreadful singing, now he wants to sell his story in a mag saying Kate was never his type, well what in gods name did he marry her for and have kids with her, hardly sounds like she wasn\’t his type doesn\’t it. As for her marrying again good for her,celebs do it all the time so why is she so different, Peter has stated that he wants to marry again to his supposed to be true soul mate the girl of his dreams, yes peter you sang about her before "oh oh oh Material girl i wanna be close to you" lets hope she makes him sign a confidentiality order so he cannot speak the bedroom talk to others we don\’t want another documentary.GIVE KATE A REST FIND SOMEONE IN YOUR OWN LIFE TO SLAG OFF PEOPLE, YOUR NOT ONLY HURTING HER BUT HER KIDS ASWELL.

  27. Who are any of you to judge them from what you read in the paper or see on the tele?? Behind closed doors is probably a completely different matter…and if its not well they will get over it,the kids will get over it and they will all move on with their life if it all goes wrong! People say that the celebs are making this dreadful culture that we live in today……this is the dreadful culture – slagging people off and hating them when you don\’t even know them. Good luck Katie and Alex, I\’m sure you won\’t need it though!


  29. GO KATIE! XXX I really laugh so whole heartedly when I read the negative comments on here about Katie. Haven\’t you ppl understood anything in life? Obviously not, otherwise you wouldn\’t be saying the things you are saying. EVERYONE, so I thought knows only too well these stories on Katie are a load of nonsense – THEY ARE NOT TRUE! The tabloid press seay this so ppl like you buy the papers, if they were to tell you what is really going on in Katie\’s life you wouldn\’t buy them would you? And for you ppl who knock Katie you should be ashamed of yourselves for believing they are ,as that is all you can base your venemous tongues and your theories on! Not unless you were actually in Katie\’s home or in Katie\’s head to know exactly what\’s going on – which YOU ARE NOT! So why don\’t you NEGATIVE ppl grow up! Why are you noattacking ALL the tabloids for lying to the general public? It\’s the tabloid press who are laughing all the way to the bank because of ppl like you who buy their papers and what\’s worse beliving in what they\’ve written on Katie lol! I bet you were praising Peter when he was in The News of The world Magazine, dripping with water with a host of naked women and Pete clenching the btm of one of them, and then for him to say "Ok, ok I love sex!" I suppose this is acceptable is it? If Katie had posed in a photo shoot like that you would have tortured the hell out of her – wouldn\’t you? One rule for one and a different rule for another heh? You negative ppl are so very sad, obviously the majority of you are girls and it is a well known fact you negative girls are the type who will let your partners off with anything because that\’s exactly what you have done with Peter, he was the one who left Katie whilst she was miscarrying his child, he was the one who rode on her back of fame to launch his record ablum and then dump her when it gooff the ground, everyone with a bit of savvy about them can see what\’s happened here. So I say GOOD LUCK to you both KATIE & ALEX good health and prosperity to you both ALWAYS. xxxxxxxx

  30. Actually Katie was impregnated by Dane as well but she had an abortion so Alex would be the fourth man to get her pregnant. My point is that humans are not animals, I mean why did she have to rush into having children so fast when she could live with them for a few years first then maybe she would have realised they\’re not compatible. It\’s sad some women have no brain.

  31. Mad Mad Mad!!! They havent known eachother for long far too quick to jump in and get married! i think they should wait a little while longer to see if they really are meant to be!

  32. Those poor children being subjected to this circus. The only way to stop this woman is to stop buying mags that feature her and for people to stop employing her. Its the only way she will get the message. Pete should apply for full custody of the children. What decent parent would take a stranger to her home after first meeting him. She had no idea what he was like and if he would endanger her children. Its scary


  34. as far as the newspapers are concerned yes they do print rubbish but the magazine deals are done by the person in question she was the one who agreed to do the deals and get mega money for it and as far as her marriage she was the one who rode the media rollercoaster about her miscarriage and her marraige failure. yea pete didn\’t have much of a career before he married katie but he made her a better person too because before she married him she was known as JORDAN not katie he bought out the better side of katie who doesn\’t have to take her clothes off to gain money.yes its very true we don\’t know what happens behind closed doors but we wouldn\’t even have the ammunition to critise her (or pete) if nothing was said to the media why do you think these things are done its to gain response and money

  35. well if she intends to get pregnant and give birth this year she need to get up the duff before the end of march.silly cow,i think pete should have his 2 children,so alex can not take his place in the father role…………………………TEAM ANDRE:)

  36. Alex get engaged if you must but wait at least a couple of years before you marry and I bet she won\’t be around by then, Jordan is very good at getting money she is no fool but don\’t let her make one of you.. you are a nice guy TOO nice for her.

  37. awwwwwwwwwwww im happy for them veryy big fan of katie of corse TEAM PRICEE ! ❤ but i like alex hes a nice guyy n will people stop criticizing shes done nothing at all to you !all she is doing is getting maried for gods sakee !love ya katiee and good look for the future x

  38. ohh n tbh all you ppl leaving negative comments are just pathetic im sure ther is someone who deserves all the bad comments like john terry etc !god makes me mad as all you do is judge her on what is said in the papers !well do you knw that the media makes hell of a lot of money on a bad story "made up" about katie, all they want to do is turn her fans against her etc well tbh YOU DONT KNOW HER so you can not judge her on what you see in the papers etc coz it a loads of SHIT

  39. Noone cares! Everyone\’s got their view. Milk it while you can if people are daft enough to buy newpapers and magazines good luck to them. One thing though, not sure what she does to these men but everyone of them including Gareth Gates has dumped her- thats gotta hurt 😦 lol.

  40. i think its so unfair on the kids they have already been through one marriage break up and will for sure go through another if they end up getting married!!! she needs t think about the children now not herself!! u don\’t see peter goin out and marrying the first girl he meets he loves his kids and that\’s all he cares about not the opposite sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. fantastic news, lov katie, lov alex, and yes i like peter andre also…but she has to move on?? and Im thrilled shes found this wonderful guy, and am sure he\’l make a fab stepdad whatever the negative "un-well-wishers" think!!! CONGRATULATIONS..(ps. if the baby news is true, or to be true this year…thats fab also) WISHIN U ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD & LOTS OF HAPPINESS AS A FAMILY XX

  42. my god shes vile, heres to another wreck of a bloke i a couple of years..that woman ONLY loves herself and money..used to respect her but ot anymore..hes lovey but very naive.

  43. If i was Alex\’s mother i would warn him against this creature,isn\’t this the samewoman who was going mad when Alex first went nto the house and said he was showing her up.As for ppl saying you can\’t believe all you read in the tabloids i quite agree, but did these same ppl not watch the reality show , every time she opened her mouth she put her foot in it , she treated Pete like dirt,and she will do the same to Alex,she can\’t help heself.I think Alex deserves better than this waste of space,but love is blind so thy say.Don\’t get me wrong ,when Katie first started her shows when she was a fresh faced gorgeous looking woman i thought she was lovely,but she got way too big for her boots.As for being mother of the year , wasn\’t Kerry Katona that as well,forgive me if i\’m wrong,but look at the hash she\’s made of her life.

  44. to all the people that congratlating her you need to think she needs to put her kid first not the first person she sticks her claws into the womans desperate for more media attention just explains everything there really don\’t it, i hope alex relises what he got his self into with that waste of space for a human being……………

  45. lifes too short for all this bitchin…leave her alone.If anything,it was Andre that was the leech !! She done good.And I am not a fella.I am a middle aged woman! Take no notice katie…you have a lot of admirers out there,but of course, good stuff dont sell papers!!

  46. Many people don\’t form opinions of Katie from what is said in the papers. Personally I\’ve (when been in hospital waiting rooms and the like) read the OK mags where she has had input of what is published and formed some of my opinions that way. The media does have some truth though. Photos don\’t give a full story but some more than clear of what going on. I\’ve always said that she has lost her grip of reality. Which is understandable when are two people (Jordan and Katie). She says one thing and then changes it to something very different. Makes it hard to know what is accurate!As a mum myself I am sometimes horrified at what actions she takes. She\’s recently had a marriage breakdown and should take it slowly with another relationship. When you have children you have to more cautious and not rush. I\’m a mum of one toddler and would never introduce a man as quick as she has done (no denying that as was all over papers with photos). I would also never have a child with another man – but that my personal belief and I don\’t slate anyone who does have children with different men.I really think that she needs to step back from being in press and assess her own life. She can afford to do so for a while even though some of her money is tied up – she still secure enough.I still say though that we can see where all this with Alex is heading. Maybe she will prove us all wrong??

  47. When will Mags,Daily newspapers,and TV,GET IT IN THERE HEADS we dont want to see Katie Price.Iv stoped buying or watching any thing to do with this vile horrid women….She\’s clinning to that simpleton Alex Read for MONEY,and becouse no one decent wants to know her.Just imagine the effect all this will have on her poor children….and she wants more…..shame on her.The love of Katie Price life is not Alex,or her children…….it\’s MONEY!MONEY!MONEY!

  48. Wake up Marie….she has staff to look after her kids,she only brings poor Harvey out when she wants people to feel sorry for her.who ever gave her mother of the year wants shooting….dont think she will get that this year..maybe idiot of the year.

  49. omg what am i reading, does alex forget wat katie done 2 him when she came out of the jungle!!made a complete fool (publicily)alex open ur eyes and get ur head out of ur ass!!sheonly with u for publisity now the public lyk u as she is stil hated!!i hope e wakes up before it is 2 late!!i wouldnt even intertain her r pee on her if she was on fire!!!pete hada lucky escape so alex u get out b4 its 2 late!!TEAM PETE ALL THE WAY .The way she speaks publicly about her relationship and sexife (lyk she done with pete on her 1st interview with pierce morgan), how humilating,if that was my daughter i would have a choice words to say(bet her mum is proud cuse i no my mum wouldnt b)

  50. no im not deluded m8t , im straight forward frank kimberly, you are surely a male but female jeans in you, you must be the one to watch on the corner of a street, gossip gossip ,gossip.okhe says that she says?????everyone has an entitlemant to free dome of speech and has a life. you are clearly a male version of a female 70 year old in a gossip cafe,

  51. How thick do you have to be to be a celebrity. As thick as these two. Hopefully the law courts will have some sort of opinion on people who use the family as a self promoting fundraiser in the absence of talent or an act. Use their own sex lives, it is clearly all they have but not the kids please. How poor is the media to use this stuff, of all the news that could be reported we get this working class trash.

  52. i think pete an katie are as bad as each other. both selling themselves to the papers. god pete was in the news of the world saying how katie was never the 1.WELL WHY MARRY AND HAVE KIDS WITH HER. They are both celebrity junkies , just give them a sniff of fame and they are crying to the papers not even thinkig of th effect it might have on the children. Alex should of dumped her on live tv and get himself a new woman who isnt fake + selfish

  53. She is jumping on the band wagon ,this is just another money maker 4 her, she thinks cos the public voted him cbb winner that she would be liked too.

  54. I heard jim carrey is in talks with alex he wants him to play his pal in dum and dumber 3. heard they had a quiet wedding no family just paparazzi scum and a film crew….just the normal things you have at a normal wedding…..p.s. is jordan starting to look a bit like Zelda from the terrahawks 🙂

  55. She is only going to stay with him for the money and because he won CBB. If he hadn\’t of won I reckon she\’d of dumped him for talking about her in the house etc etc

  56. alex ur a mug mate and for katie u r so selfish u r a dirty bitch when alex in bb u were putting about i went to school with alex and he ok and fuck nows how u won best mum of the yr coz u fucking aint there people out there give anything to see there kids who dnt do nuffin wrong social servies should be knocking on ur door and give pete the kids one word unfit

  57. i know wot u mean tara . she only used tht harvey to get on tv and make a few quid. if sum 1 offered her cash for the kids she wud take it. she a celebrity junkie.

  58. i am reallly really happy for alex and katie . i LOVE KATIE PRICE she has a cracking personality and she is a brilliant mum also she nows how to parrrrty .alex and katie make a lovley couple and alex is really good with the kids.people should leave them alone and let them get on with there lovley marrige and there children xxxxx

  59. How is Jordon going to have a baby ALex is firing blanks, thats what the papers are saying and he was with a girlfriend seven years and no condoms and she had no baby,so now Jordon thinks of adoption from hatli is the next issue in the papers to make her money,how can she even think of it two chilren at home do not see her now she is playing away all the time.

  60. Alex dump the bitch she is only with you to feed of your publicity ,she is scum who needs to learn how to be a parent instead of seeking publicity and showing her UGLY PLASTIC FACE EVERYWHERE ,she is useing alex and he his to dumb to see it , the kids should be given to pete where they would at least have some normality katie price your a disgrace

  61. Are you that desperate, Alex? The woman dumped you on live TV in front of millions, referring to your relationship as her being a \’prat\’ after her divorce and needing to smarten up her behaviour… before picking you back up again when it suited her and now all of a sudden wanting to marry you because your celebrity stock went up. From ditching you to suddenly wanting to marry you in the space of about two months – and all that\’s changed is winning a reality show. Does that callous humiliation not give you a hint that this woman really doesn\’t give a fig for your feelings?

  62. i think tht katie should be ashamed if herself we all have problems but we never ever act like she has.. n its about time she knew how bad she is?? but does she care??? err no not at all… alex must be mad to marry her she has only married him cos he won bb n she has got no where in here career since she split from peter….. we gd for u peter best move u eva made leavein her… u are much better of wi out her in your life she treat u like shit as well even on your tv programme she spoke to u like u was no one… she is now the nobody n she will always remain tht way now as well

  63. Jordan is the most selfish money grabber, ugly, fake, uncaring , unfriendly twit i have ever one. She has married the plonker cos he won cbb thinking she will b as popular as him. WRONG duck face , u will never b popular again. U will stay with him until u find someone else. U r not a caring mother at all cos ur poor kids will b ver y confused. U should put ur kids feeling first then ur own and Alex feel so sorry for u , cos u will b dumped again and she willbreak ur heart. Go and live abroad Jordan that a better solution.

  64. pete walking out on katie was the best thing eva, shes so stuck up her own arse, i wish pete all the luck in the world he would die for those kids, pity couldnt say the same about the tramp {katie}. as for having kids wiv alex, she cant look after the 3 she got now. get full custody PETE. i think ur a fantastic dad.

  65. I always wonder how people can pass judgement on people they dont even know?! Anyone posting on here would HATE people they have never met in their lives commenting on their marriage/relationship but yet see fit to do it to others. One word. Hypocritical.Katie- Good Luck to you.

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